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It was funny but it was way off. Anybody who follows me on my social media accounts knows that we have been hanging out all summer with our children. We've been going paintballing and had a good personal summer of brotherhood. We've been doing music so long together that we're just getting back to the friendship. The sketch was funny though. - Big

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Muh diack. - Big

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Yes! We have plans to do some experimenting with mixing up some Big verses with Phantogram beats. Big has already written a verse that is unreleased for "Black Out Days" and it would also be dope to hear Big rap on tracks like "When I'm Small". - Josh & Sarah

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Kate Bush - The Dreaming. - Big

It's A Wonderful Life - Sparklehorse. - Josh

Kid A - Radiohead. - Sarah

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Me and 'Dre were just discussing this over Labor Day. Stay tuned. - Big