I have appeared in some movies (Cat in the Hat, Santa Clause 2/3, the Happening, Harold, and Stuck In Love, etc) and my new movie, "Some Kind of Hate" will be out on September 18th! I also play in a band!!! Throw all of your hard hitting questions at me, so long as they are ONLY about my new movie!!! No crazy stuff, people!!! hehehehehe

EDIT: Someone asked for the trailer for SKOH. As requested: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/somekindofhate/

EDIT 2: Thanks so much, reddit! I had a great time answering your questions. Hope you had fun too. Go check out Some Kind of Hate if you like!!!! My Proof: https://twitter.com/Spencerbreslin/status/641304639850323972

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ImJakeThomas42 karma

Netflix and chill?

IamSpencerBreslin31 karma

wink wink

nkleszcz24 karma

I really liked Disney's The Kid. It was far better than it had any right to be. Care to share any anecdotes regarding the making of that film?

IamSpencerBreslin27 karma

I'm glad you liked it! People frequently approach me about that movie. At the time people didn't give it much of a chance, but it's seems like over time people have really connected with it. The message is kind of universal I suppose. In terms of anecdotes? When we were filming I would drive golf carts around the Warner Brothers lot, and break into Jon Turtletaub's trailer to steal his Dove Bars and Mug Root Beer. I was an excellent drive for a 7 year old!

Yserbius5 karma

Did no one at the time comment about you and Bruce Willis looked nothing alike, including eye color?

What do you remember about Bruce Willis, you were pretty young at the time.

IamSpencerBreslin14 karma

No one mentioned it... I think we could kinda be related.

I actually remember that shoot better than I should. Bruce was a great guy.

mandydemoo20 karma

Who was your favorite person on the SKOH set? WAS IT ME?

IamSpencerBreslin21 karma

I really disliked the producer Amanda. My favorite person was Hildy the Dog.

BabarsWife16 karma

So how did you/your family manage the money you were making. Was it "half goes in saving, half goes to Pokemon" like I do with my kids or what?

IamSpencerBreslin27 karma

They put all of it away until I was 18.

No_Please_Continue16 karma

Do you ever wish you could punch all those douchey little fucks that comment so much hatred on your sister's Instagram? Because I wish I could. Vile little shits.

IamSpencerBreslin29 karma

Yes.. They are fucking losers... I've said some awful things to them though, so that feels good. I like being a mean, protective older brother.

Arithered10 karma

You and Abbie have both been in the spotlight since childhood. Do you find there's a difference in the sort of crap you both have to deal with from strangers, the media, etc.?

IamSpencerBreslin23 karma

Hmmmm. Great question. We've had 99% positive dealings with anyone we've ever met who's approached us about our work. The media can suck sometimes, but whatever. It's their job to suck.

One time someone asked me for an autograph while I was taking a leak in the urinal of an Outback Steakhouse. That was super weird...

Arithered4 karma

Yeah...that doesn't really seem like the optimal spot for an autograph. O_O

I guess it's mostly just the Internet where people are awful to you, then. Can't have been easy being a kid during the era where things were just starting to snowball with the internet.

That's kind of a question?

IamSpencerBreslin11 karma

Totally. People used to troll my IMDb boards when I was a kid. It bothered me and kind of turned me off of the internet until I realized that they were fucking losers. Now I love the interwebz. It's useful and you can say stupid funny shit on it.

Arithered4 karma

We definitely live in an awful era as far as privacy but a pretty awesome era as far as random, ridiculously enjoyable interactions. Reddit is kind of both, imho. Anyway, thanks for answering all the Rampart shit I wanted to know.

IamSpencerBreslin10 karma

Thanx for keeping it ON TOPIC

IamSpencerBreslin4 karma


thecodenameduchess10 karma

How terrified were you of the Wind on set in The Happening?

And working with Marky Mark, how was that?

IamSpencerBreslin16 karma

I mean, I haven't really recovered. I'm still terrified of the wind... Mark is such a fucking boss.

thecodenameduchess5 karma

Also props on taking that shotgun blast like a bad ass.. You were sorely missed throughout the rest of the movie!

IamSpencerBreslin10 karma

Trivia: That shotgun scene took four fucking hours to shoot.

IamSpencerBreslin8 karma


thecodenameduchess6 karma

Also realised I could've asked did you feel good vibrations from working with Marky Mark? I'll ask one final question.

Who in the world of music has inspired you?

IamSpencerBreslin12 karma

This could go on forever.

OK. To name a few of my biggest influences.

Lou Reed, Bruce Springsteen, The Clash, Warren Zevon, Johnny Thunders, Bad Brains, Mink DeVille, Dion DiMucci, Big Star, The Hold Steady, The Replacements, and The Ramones.

thecodenameduchess5 karma

Warren Zevon and The Boss! Top notch, take care!

IamSpencerBreslin4 karma

Only the best! You take care as well, friend!

teachmehowtoduggan10 karma

Loved you in The Santa Claus 2 - is Tim Allen in real life as great as he seems?

IamSpencerBreslin8 karma

Thanks! And yeah, he really is.

SnerdMcGill9 karma

What was your experience during the fallout after the live action version of The Cat in the Hat prompted the estate of Dr. Seuss to never consent to allowing another live action version of any of his other works?

IamSpencerBreslin19 karma

I mean it didn't really affect me. I stand by that movie. It's a cool flick.

BitsyQY8 karma

Did you ever feel robbed of a normal childhood? Do you ever feel as though your parents made a decision that was wrong for you and do you resent them for that?

(edited for typo and grammar)

IamSpencerBreslin15 karma

I mean they were never super into the idea of me being an actor, but I had a great time. They pretty much allowed me to do it until I didn't want to anymore. That day never came. If a normal childhood is playing little league and getting into trouble with the neighborhood kids, I did plenty of that. I wouldn't change a thing.

BitsyQY8 karma

I bet having your parents support you, your decions, and not seeing you as a paycheck made life a bit easier. We've all seen the child actor stories that have ended poorly.

A young, teenage, neighbor has quickly risen to fame in the last few months. I find the loss of anonymity to be a bit unnerving and I'm just watching from the sidelines. Was that a huge issue for you? People knowing who you were but your having no clue who they were or what their agenda was?

IamSpencerBreslin12 karma

It was a little disconcerting at first, but I got used to it. Like I mentioned earlier, 99% of the fans I've met have been awesome and supportive. I really, really appreciate that.

And yeah, supportive parents are great. My dad has an amazing job, and my family lived off his paychecks, not mine or my sister's.

liarandathief8 karma

When you were on Law & Order, did you have any idea what your character was like? What did they tell you at the time?

IamSpencerBreslin13 karma

That was so long ago.. I don't remember much except that I accidentally kicked Benjamin Bratt in the nuts during my arrest scene. Also, RIP Jerry Orbach. What a tremendous talent.

lrsr6 karma

are you related to abigail breslin? if so, what did you think about the movie "little miss sunshine" ?

IamSpencerBreslin12 karma

She's my sister.. That movie is awesome??

Garizondyly8 karma

Are you asking us? I'm Ron Burgundy?

IamSpencerBreslin8 karma

yes? maybe?

samwise09125 karma

On a more personal level, what are your favorite films?

IamSpencerBreslin10 karma

2001 is my favorite movie of all time. This is such a tough question for me. I can post a list later on!


Can we talk about how good the movie "You Wish" was?

I mean, I LOVED that movie as a kid. Are there any movies of yours that people would talk about more?

IamSpencerBreslin9 karma

Thank you!!! I love that movie. Some of those Disney originals back in the day were really fun. Horse Sense? Uhhh, yeah! The Lawrence Bros were the kings of DC.

I wish people would talk about Harold more! That's probably the character I am most proud of. It was the biggest challenge for me as an actor. So many talented comedians in that movie.


The Lawrence Brothers were staples of my childhood. That was the height of DC.

Do you prefer sharp or mild cheddar?

IamSpencerBreslin5 karma

I like a good Irish Cheddar tbh

two_off5 karma

What other celebrity has given you advice that has really stuck with you?

IamSpencerBreslin10 karma

Every actor I've worked with has taught me something. It's been less an advice thing and more just watching them to see what they do. The best people are the talented mega stars who treat everyone from the top dogs to the low man on the totem pole with equal respect.

ad3835 karma

Honestly, what do you really think of 'The Happening'?

IamSpencerBreslin12 karma

I honestly think it's a pretty cool movie. I'm really not just saying that. I know it gets a lot flack, but come on... The fucking wind kills people in it!!!! My death scene was pretty dope as well.

Frajer4 karma

What was it like working with Bruce Willis?

IamSpencerBreslin8 karma

Bruce is such a gracious actor. When you're a mega star like him, you don't really need to pay attention to the kid on the set, but he always helped me hone my craft. When you're 7 it's great to have a veteran like Bruce show you the ropes.

partyanimaldan4 karma

Tim Allen or Bruce Willis??

IamSpencerBreslin4 karma

cant choose

electricmetaphor4 karma

why is layne montgomery the best?

IamSpencerBreslin6 karma

Cause he's a good writer and the saddest boy I've ever met!!!!!!!

Guitardude19954 karma

Dude, Teamo Supremo was awesome! I have good memories of watching it as a kid! My questions are:

  • What was it like voice acting as a kid for Disney?
  • Do you still keep in contact with any of the other actors (Either from Teamo Supremo or any other show/movie in general)?

IamSpencerBreslin5 karma

Glad you liked Teamo! That show was fun. Love doing voiceover work. It's a totally different form of acting than what I was used to.

I keep in contact with lots of the people I've worked with! In terms of the Teamo cast, we actually never acted together. Like we were never in the same room even. I did all of my recording from a studio in midtown Manhattan.

bpendz3 karma

I see you live in North Hollywood, me also. What do you do for fun around here. I am not a native (Maine). Being the same age as yourself how do/did you enjoy being in the spotlight? I am a SC fan but that was also before I grew a beard/joined the army and drank beer. Thanks for the AMA

IamSpencerBreslin3 karma

Lots of cool bars and restaurants in the valley/NoHo. Kings Head Tavern, Salsa and Beer, Jack's Classic Burgers, Tonga Hut. I could go on and on.

Also, thanks for your service! Really!!!

bpendz2 karma

Also can you point me to a trailer for your new movie? Whats the premise of it and where was it/is filmed?

IamSpencerBreslin4 karma

link is now in my bio!

Commando_Elite3 karma

What does your 10 year plan entail?

IamSpencerBreslin11 karma

Memorize the Jimmy Buffett songbook, make lots of cheese (money), see the Rangers win a Stanley Cup and... Netflix and chill...


I think you've come just about as close as your going to as far as seeing Rangers win a cup.

IamSpencerBreslin3 karma

yeah ok. the window is still open. hank is playing great. we didn't have zucc for most of the playoffs. young talent like Hayes and Miller are gonna break out even more this year. don't count them out.

chukcd3 karma

As a child actor, brining your career into adulthood, what advice would you give to an older actor (I'm 30) who is still trying to break into the scene?

IamSpencerBreslin6 karma

Don't doubt your abilities and don't listen to the naysayers of this world who are likely jealous that you are pursuing something you feel passionate about. The world needs really good artists.

chukcd2 karma

Thanks Spencer. As an actor, anyone supporting your goals is helpful. I've had a few friends become relatively successful in the business. Any suggestion on location? Where one could find more opportunities? I've heard LA and NYC aren't exactly the places to be anymore...

IamSpencerBreslin8 karma

I'm still a firm believer that New York and LA are the places to be. Films tend to shoot a lot in other places, but those cities are the heart of the industry. I'd love to see your work one day! Do you have a reel? I'm always happy to help in any way I can.

chukcd4 karma

Mind if I PM you on twitter when I get a reel together? Just that OFFER to help has empowered and encouraged me. Really thankful for the motivation! If you have any suggestions on LEGTIMATE places to find auditions without an agent, that would help LOADS!!! I'm always weary of auditions posted online for BIG movies or productions.

IamSpencerBreslin9 karma

PM on twitter. What's your username? I'll keep an eye out, and we can chat.

Raysb19953 karma

Do you wanna be my friend?

IamSpencerBreslin3 karma

yes i do

500milesification3 karma

Hey Spencer, thank you for all of your work in some of my favorite childhood films. Anyway:

-How was Bruce Willis to work with at such a young age?

-And who/what is your biggest musical influence?

IamSpencerBreslin5 karma

Bruce is great. Haven't seen him in a really long time. Total pro. Great actor. He was really good in the Kid, right??!

Lou, The Clash, The Boss.

500milesification2 karma

Man oh man, Lou is my God

IamSpencerBreslin1 karma


Nomisel2 karma

Do you regret cat in the hat?

IamSpencerBreslin6 karma

No regrets whatsoever

mitch_h_302 karma

What was it like on the set of The Cat in the Hat? what was it like working with Mike Meyers?

IamSpencerBreslin10 karma

That movie was fun to work on. Looking back on it, it was such a crazy, huge production. They would bring In N Out burger trucks to the studio on Fridays to whip up free Double Doubles for everyone. If you've never had a Double Double, you haven't lived a complete life.

Mike was super cool. When we were filming I came down with appendicitis. Earlier in the shoot, we made small talk about football. I am a die hard New York Jets fan, and Wayne Chrebet is my favorite Jet of all time. He remembered this conversation and while I was recovering in the hospital, he had a signed and framed No. 80 jersey delivered to my room. I still hang it proudly on my wall. Lets go Jets!!!

BigLebowskiBot5 karma

Those are good burgers, Walter.

IamSpencerBreslin12 karma

Shut the fuck up Donny.

Agonist852 karma

I know you said questions ONLY about the movie, but do you have any music of your band online or have any albums out? Also, what do you play in the band? What kind of music?

Also, tell me about Rampart and what's Woody like?

IamSpencerBreslin6 karma

Also, I play guitar and sing and write the stuff. If you hate it, I am mostly to blame.

IamSpencerBreslin6 karma

hahaha yeah, we do! I'd love to share it with you! You can check out our first single here! https://brokenmachine818.bandcamp.com/track/baby-wants-a-ride-home

jhurley982 karma

What was it like to work with Tim Allen?

IamSpencerBreslin8 karma

Tim's such cool guy. He's a legitimate genius. I hate saying that about actors because "everyone is a genius" yada, yada. But he really is. He's super knowledgable about a great many subjects, aside from being a true comedic talent. He's a super guy, and I would drop anything to work for him again.

dogpoopandbees1 karma

Whats the most you've ever weighed?

IamSpencerBreslin7 karma

A metric tonne

NorbitGorbit1 karma

do you know of examples of adults doing ADR and/or stunts for child actors? what's the weirdest/best you've seen?

IamSpencerBreslin5 karma

The great Deep Roy was a stunt double of mine on The Kid!

NorbitGorbit1 karma

Did he teach you any stunts or tricks?

IamSpencerBreslin1 karma

not really haha