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SGNash9 karma

What is the most bizarre message you've been asked to send ?

king_of_potato-15 karma

"Maria, I haven't pooped in 3 days. What do I do? Plz help"

Hurgurka2 karma

Have you received any requests that you have refused to send out? Can you give examples of the worst you've actually sent out?

king_of_potato-1 karma

We've only refused to send out 2 potatoes due to the message being a threat. The last thing we want is someone to feel in danger over a potato they receive in the mail

dustballer2 karma

I heard about you on the Bob and Tom show. Do you believe this is sustainable or understand this is just a fad?

king_of_potato2 karma

That's a great question. Who knows really, I honestly thought it would slow down after a month or two, but now its bigger than ever. We're hiring ambassadors in other countries to franchise our model out. Already launched in the UK, launching Australia, Canada and France next.

So if it is a fad, I'm going to ride it out as long as possible.

bdog2g25 karma

So if it is a fad, I'm going to ride it out as long as possible.


I honestly thought it would slow down after a month or two, but now its bigger than ever.

According to the data listed on the Flippa site it's fading.

Don't get me wrong it's still pretty damned good, but to say it's getting bigger than ever while you're trying to auction it off while the iron is hot is disingenuous.

king_of_potato-1 karma

Just playing the field and weighing my options. The data on the Flippa site doesn't have the August data (its in the description). We've done over $16,000 this month.

Hydrathefearful2 karma

Do you just buy the potatoes at a supermarket or do you have a personal supplier?

king_of_potato12 karma

We buy the highest quality of potato...from Wal-Mart.

noveltyacc342 karma

How did you manage to get featured in all those media stories?

king_of_potato-1 karma

I reached out to the local news, dressed up like a jackass and then suddenly all these other news outlets were showing it too. Currently talking with a national syndicated show for a segment appearance.

airpilk1 karma

Do you read any of the messages? If so what was the funniest one you saw?

king_of_potato5 karma

"The sex was decent. 6/10. You could have been more verbal." Sent from a girl to a guy...

Poor guy..

jackdaw_t_robot1 karma

How do you get the messages on the potato in the first place?

What's the best variety of potato for US mail?

king_of_potato-2 karma

We had to try a lot of different pens, sharpies, etc. We have settled now on the G-2 (10) pen. It's been great. They should sponsor us.

pockyhair1 karma

When are you going to go global? I'm from Britain and want to send potatoes to all my friends :)

ohfuckdood1 karma

Do prisons accept these? I would like to send one to my brother.

king_of_potato1 karma

Worth a shot?

Crentist_the-Dentist1 karma

What are your thoughts on the sheer numbers of downvotes on your responses in this thread?

king_of_potato1 karma

I'm not too concerned. Taters gonna tate.

I can understand the hate and the downvotes. But much like karma, it doesn't have any effect on my real life


I heard you're going to introduce Potato Prime soon. Can you tell us more about that?

king_of_potato0 karma

I love it. Potato Prime. Thats one I honestly haven't heard before

groutnation1 karma

What's your relationship like with the local post office?

king_of_potato3 karma

Pretty sure they hate me. I go to the post office every day after work and ship 100 potatoes at a time. (yes i have an actual job outside of mailing taters)

They've complained multiple times when I show up with baskets full.

"More potatoes...?" sigh

majesticafantasia1 karma

I bought 2 of your potatoes and was very satisfied with the results, so thanks for that! Since questions are required here goes: when are the mariners going to win the world series?

king_of_potato1 karma

Thanks for the support!

The Mariners are going to win the World Series in 2018.

iloveartichokes0 karma

where did the comments go?

king_of_potato-3 karma

Something is being weird with Reddit. Messaged the mods, and they are messaging the admins to fix

Riduculous0 karma

Did you encounter food and satefy shipping regulations when entering new markets? Or shipping a potato from US to other countries, were there any problems getting those shipping deals done and how did you overcome the barrier?

Also do you feel there might be activisits coming about talking about the wasting of potatos? I'm sure the potatoes are fine to cook, once skin is peeled.

Also if you plan on expanding to China or Hong Kong, I got a resume for you.

king_of_potato-1 karma

We don't ship international from the US. We've set up an ambassador program for those overseas who want to franchise our model and brand. They do all the potato writing and shipping to keep shipping costs low and realistic.

Corncoughguy-1 karma

Recently purchased one for my boss and had it sent to our work. Was extremely funny!

Now the question, how many people do you have writing on these potatoes? Thinking about you doing it alone just gives me nightmares of handcramps.

king_of_potato0 karma

First off thanks for the support! Glad you liked it.

We're just a two person team. My best friend's girlfriend has been killing it and actually writes on all the potatoes herself. I focus on marketing it, expanding to new countries and taking the taters to the post office. They hate us there.

LeKa34-1 karma

You literally broke reddit, how does this make you feel?

EDIT: in case you people didn't know, none of the comments showed for the first half an hour

king_of_potato0 karma

Feels bad man.