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Yea, I would say that.. but with mine I had a huge anxiety/panic attack. It was probably because I didn't have the right scale to measure out a does/hit and kind of just guessed at it. Looking back on it now though, it was a really enjoyable experience. As soon as I exhaled, my whole room went blue. My book shelves, desk, dresser, and everything were just solid blue blocks, then everything turned red and back to blue. Not to long after that I came too and could tell I was in my room but was still experiencing visuals. I was breathing really heavily and said to myself "when is this going to end?" Right after I said that, I seem to have blasted off again and had no idea where I was and can't really describe what I saw, but I know it wasn't the red and blue blocks. I also heard something talking, some type of being. Hearing the being or w/e it was seemed to calm be down because when I started to come to and realize where I was for the second time, I wasn't having a panic attack.

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Do prisons accept these? I would like to send one to my brother.