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king_of_potato12 karma

We buy the highest quality of potato...from Wal-Mart.

king_of_potato5 karma

"The sex was decent. 6/10. You could have been more verbal." Sent from a girl to a guy...

Poor guy..

king_of_potato3 karma

Pretty sure they hate me. I go to the post office every day after work and ship 100 potatoes at a time. (yes i have an actual job outside of mailing taters)

They've complained multiple times when I show up with baskets full.

"More potatoes...?" sigh

king_of_potato2 karma

That's a great question. Who knows really, I honestly thought it would slow down after a month or two, but now its bigger than ever. We're hiring ambassadors in other countries to franchise our model out. Already launched in the UK, launching Australia, Canada and France next.

So if it is a fad, I'm going to ride it out as long as possible.

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I think with having an idea, it's so important to actually execute on it. Too many people don't take action to even try to bring their idea to life.

So I had the idea, instantly grabbed my computer, built the website in an hour and started promoting.

You have to at least try. If you're going to fail, then fail fast and move onto the next thing. But you're not going to know if it will fail or succeed unless you try.