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When you won your claim against your friend, did your friend have to pay that amount or did someone else from the show pay for it?

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We built blanket forts and ate icecream.

Damn she really did lose a lot

but in all seriousness do you have to pay taxes on the settlement since the show is paying you and they paid you more than you were initially owed?

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Or it could mean the IRS hasn't looked at it. They still might, some years down the line.

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surprise mother fucker

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I make decent jokes.


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Were things different off camera?

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So you're back on good terms with her then?

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Hell no.

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What is your relationship with your friend like now?

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It's dead Jim

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Are you single?

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I'll make an exception for you, big boy.

But seriously I'm fucking winning the secret karma battle we have going and YOU KNOW IT.

And I also think it's cute that you posted this knowing you'd get downvoted to oblivion. Elephant shoe, loser. <3

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Downvoters, i believe this is the gal's husband.

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hahhah it is!

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As far as settlements are concerned, is it true that the show pays any and all winnings?

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What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Any interesting hobbies or activities?

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Is eating a hobby