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When you won your claim against your friend, did your friend have to pay that amount or did someone else from the show pay for it?

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What was the first thing you ate once you finished and didn't HAVE to eat one of those bars?

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2) My parents got me into this, to make myself useful.

I know you said English isn't your primary language but it sounds like your parents couldn't think of anything else you would be good at so they told you to do this so you wouldn't waste your life away. Is that what you intended to say?

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If you had to pick one thing to miss about prison, what would it be... that doesn't involve getting out.

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I had open heart surgry when I was a newborn(tricuspid valve had a hole in it and it wouldn't shut all the way either) and I'm 33. You can barely see my scar, aside from where no hair grows. Even when I shaved my chest a few years ago you still can't hardly tell it's there. I'm curious where you had surgry at(what country, state).