Good morning, reddit! This is Patrick Stewart here to answer your questions. You may know me from X-Men, American Dad, Star Trek, or The Royal Shakespeare Company. You also may know me from my Twitter account @SirPatStew. I’m in a new show called Blunt Talk, which premieres this Saturday on Starz. If you’re curious, you can watch the first episode here:

P.S. I have a helper to assist me typing (I’m old). Ask Away!


UPDATE: It was mind blowing to see all of these questions. Thank you so much. This was a fun first AMA! See you later.

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xerxeslaw3366 karma

Hi Patrick! Frakes with a beard or cleanly shaven?

sirpatstew7119 karma

Frakes with a beard, preferable, because it tickles when you kiss him.

Davelbast3311 karma

Sir Patrick, I've read that you were born in Mirfield. As a fellow Yorkshireman, does your old accent ever pop out by mistake sometimes? Or has it completely disappeared after so many years away from God's Own Country?

sirpatstew5294 karma

Sithee, hearing my accent is like suppin' ot lead.

HoneyBadgerEXTREME3049 karma

What was it like seeing your decapitated head in Macbeth?

sirpatstew6871 karma

Don't be silly, I couldn't see my head. It was decapitated!

mondojay2747 karma

Whats the most accidentally funny thing you've done this week?

sirpatstew6648 karma

Nothing I do is accidentally funny. It is all pre-meditated and carefully planned and scheduled. And if you steal one of my funny ideas, I WILL sue you.

swear2pops2745 karma

Do you ever ride the subway in NYC? I'm pretty sure I saw you at Broadway-Lafayette once. I've been telling people that I saw you. Is it possible? Am I a liar? Thanks!

sirpatstew3944 karma

You are absolutely not a liar. I use the subway all the time and in London, the Underground. Broadway-Lafayette is one of my favorite stations!!!!!!!!!

DarthSunshine2659 karma

What's in your perfect sandwich?

sirpatstew4644 karma

Always, all my life, a favorite, thickly sliced Granny Smith apple on thick, heavily buttered white bread. Very healthy and yummy.

JaiOhBe1094 karma

...An apple sandwich? Is this a thing I've never heard of before?

NickTM1027 karma

It's not rare over here in Britain, but it is slightly uncommon. It really needs the addition of cheese to be perfect though.

sirpatstew3728 karma

Yes, that would be a different version of the apple sandwich, but it would have to be the strongest, grittiest, and sharpest cheddar.

the_tailor2639 karma

What's your secret to staying so young, looking so good, and having so much fun? TELL US PLEASE!

sirpatstew4277 karma

Well the great man Sigmund Freud said the most important things for a happy and long life were love and work and I've had a cornucopia of both.

denali422324 karma

If you had the ability to ask William Shakespeare one question, what would it be?

sirpatstew5099 karma

My question would be: Prove to me you're William Shakespeare.

DandyBanana2168 karma

Is there any project other than acting you've ever wanted to venture in to?

sirpatstew6056 karma

Yes! Deep-sea diving and mountaineering. There's something about going up and down that turns me on.

IwalkedTheDinosaur2090 karma

Who's the better kisser: Ian McKellen or Conan O'Brian?

What has been your favorite role to voice act?

sirpatstew4747 karma

Actually, it's Alan Cumming.

Deputy Director Avery Bullock on American Dad is my favorite role to voice act.

shivan212024 karma

What would you advise to Daniel Radcliffe who'd like to play Shakespeare in theatre?

sirpatstew3724 karma

Then Daniel should do it wherever and whenever he can. But I warn him, he could get hooked and wave goodbye to a lovely film career.

Tedd07081797 karma

How difficult was it to film this scene with Ricky Gervais for Extras without the two of you dying of laughter? Also have you ever thought of venturing into more comedic roles?

sirpatstew2321 karma

Not difficult at all because the script was brilliant, but impossibly difficult because Ricky giggled all the time and spoiled so many takes. If you googled him and me, you would have already seen that.

As for venturing into more comedic roles, see the link to my Facebook above to watch the first episode! BLUNT TALK.

offmana1554 karma

If you could find one rare artifact in the world what would it be and who would you give it to?

sirpatstew2949 karma

A Sonia Delaunay painting, which I would present to my wife for our imminent second wedding anniversary.

Dirtyseandotcom1454 karma

Sir, If you wouldn't mind telling us, what is your worst bad habit?

sirpatstew2703 karma

Slurping when I drink...anything.

M1L3N1306 karma

One of the few MUST-ASK questions for an Englishman.

What is your favorite Tea?

sirpatstew4117 karma

Easy. Yorkshire Gold. Any other kind of tea bag needs two bags. By the way, did you know that I am the man who introduced the concept of the double tea bag to the United States. Don't you think that deserves some recognition...A Medal of Honor? And invitation to the White House? Or my own seat on the next space shuttle?

dramaturgy1257 karma

I was sad to hear of Roger Rees’s death in July. I know you worked with him many years ago in the RSC (and in Robin Hood: Men in Tights, of course!) Could you share your favorite memory of him?

sirpatstew2635 karma

Dear Roger Rees saw a preview of my one-man show, A Christmas Carol, and told me I shouldn't act Scrooge. I should simply be him because Scrooge already lived inside me.

reckonerv21192 karma

How does it feel to be the coolest motherfucker alive?

sirpatstew1783 karma

Sunny, is that you?

ConquerorWM1185 karma

How did it feel to carry the Olympic Torch?

sirpatstew2288 karma

Unbelievably exciting. Unbelievable because I never expected it would happen to me and as an ex-athlete and huge fan of the Olympic Games, it was one of the best days of my life. And, I ended the day taking home the torch, but I seem to have mislaid it. If anybody knows where it is, please let the @SirPatStew team know.

falcopatomus1014 karma

If you HAD to have hair, what kind of hairstyle would you go with?

sirpatstew2808 karma

A mullet.

fyodorkafka989 karma

Sir Patrick Stewart, I must say it’s an honor to get the chance to speak with you. I was raised on The Next Generation, and I’d like to think the show imparted upon me a grand sense of imagination and wisdom. It’s often stated that “The Inner Light” or the “Caymen” episode, is one of your favorites. I was hoping you could briefly describe your feelings about that episode and what about it resonated with you? For the rest of my life, I’ll distinctly remember the scene where you hug the recorder after Riker leaves the room. Thank you for inspiring me, for teaching me so much through Jean-luc.

sirpatstew1740 karma

Well, the thing is, my favorite episode is "Inner Light." It was a beautiful script, which for me was almost entirely located away from the Enterprise - and it's crew! And because I was given the chance to perform what Picard would have been like if his life experience had been different. But another important reason is that I had a son in that episode who was played by my son, Daniel Stewart. And if you care to see how he has grown up, watch my new series Blunt Talk.

shotbyelisa963 karma

Sir Patrick,

My husband and I are huge fans. He doesn’t have a Reddit account, so I’m asking questions on behalf of both of us:

  • What is your drink of choice?

  • What is one of your favorite books you have read in the past year?

  • What is the best worst thing that has happened to you? (i.e. a blessing in disguise)

  • When is your next BFF date around NYC with Ian McKellen?

Thank you so much for sharing your talent and humor with the world!

Edit: My husband wanted me to say that his absolute favorite scene in Star Trek was when you played the Inner Light. He loved it so much that all he wanted for Christmas two years ago was a replica of the tin whistle. It inspired him to learn how to play music by ear, so he wanted me to tell you thank you.

sirpatstew1590 karma

  1. Favorite drink of choice is Oregon Pinot Noir.
  2. The letters of Vincent Van Gogh to his brother, Theo. Problem is, there are seven volumes and I've already been reading for two years.
  3. Best thing was meeting my wife, Sunny, and my soccer club, Huddersfield Town, failing to win a match so far this season was the worst.
  4. Nothing scheduled for NYC with my BFF. London, maybe.

tattooedjenny934 karma

First off, let me say that I really admire your work-you were so flawless as Professor Xavier and Picard, and so wholly charismatic and thoughtful in your acting.

My question is whether you have done/would consider narrating audiobooks? I'm an audiobook junkie, and absolutely adore your voice.

Thanks for the AMA! :-)

sirpatstew1514 karma

I have done, but many decades ago. I'm afraid it is too labour intensive for the present state of my career. Maybe once I'm in retirement...perish the thought.

MuxedoXenosaga741 karma

What do you consider to be the most fun you have had in your acting career?

Also, you are fantastic.

sirpatstew1304 karma

Easy. First season of Blunt Talk. For the 12 weeks of shooting, I remember nothing except laughing, which is a nice way to get through a working day, especially if it's 14 hours. Everyone in our cast is a comedian (or comedienne). They're funny on screen and they're funny off, which accounts for my comment about laughing. There's not much laughter when you're performing King Lear or Macbeth.

chernobog123637 karma

How would you describe your perfect Sunday?

sirpatstew1875 karma

If it was immediately followed by another perfect Sunday...and then another...and another.

hellablunted541 karma

What question would Walter Blunt ask Deputy Director Bullock?

sirpatstew1268 karma

Deputy Director, how did an Englishman come to work for the CIA and is it a good idea? And why haven't the other agents commented on the fact that you are English? Maybe they haven't noticed, in which case they're not smart enough to work for the CIA.

opcodezero525 karma

Hello, Sir Patrick! Looking forward to Blunt Talk premiering this week! What made you decide to take your first starring role in a comedy series like this?

sirpatstew772 karma

Because the invitation came from Seth MacFarlane and the writing and head of the creative team was executive producer and showrunner Jonathan Ames. Both brilliant and Walter's colorful character is a delicious creation of Ames.

ViridusTelum407 karma

Hello Sir Patrick!

I am a young actor who is currently engaged as Henry V, having developed a love for Shakespeare in the last few years.

As a man who has had a long career as a film and stage performer, do you have any advice on making the transition between film and stage?

Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment over the years!

sirpatstew738 karma

You're a lucky man to be playing Henry V. I played it in Manchester, England in 1963. How many of you saw it? If you're transitioning from film to stage, there's only one piece of advice: find a great voice coach.

bellegaudreau1370 karma

Hi Patrick! Im a huge fan of yours and I grew up watching the X-Men Films. What is the best thing about playing the role of Professor X?

sirpatstew831 karma

Great costumes in every film, but I loved my superhero costume and my flying chair in Days of Future Past. The chair actually levitated, but only a few inches.

osazuwa332 karma

I missed a performance you did with Judy Dench in 2002 in London. Showed up and it was sold out. One of my biggest regrets. Are you in any productions now? When is the next time someone can see you on stage?

sirpatstew595 karma

I'm sorry to say that you missed only one of the two occasions I have appeared on stage with Dame Judi. The other one was the farewell to the old auditorium in the Royal Shakespeare Theatre by dozens of actors, who had made that stage their home. This time, next year, Ian McKellen and I will be in rehearsals in London for Harold Pinter's great play, No Man's Land.

georgiimichael332 karma

What's your favorite cocktail, sir?

sirpatstew685 karma

A martini with Old Raj gin and very important, one olive. Who knew that you must never put an even number of olives in a martini glass. My son told me that martini drinkers are superstitious about even numbers of olives.

bekausisaidso328 karma

Sup Sir Patrick!!

What are some things on your bucket list?

sirpatstew752 karma

My father retired from the military as Regimental Sergeant Major of the British Parachute Regiment. He jumped into action three times. I don't care for the action part of it, but I would love to experience what he did of jumping and parachuting safely to the ground.

shivan21307 karma

Is it fun to voice-act with Seth MacFarlane?

sirpatstew662 karma

I'm sure it would be if he were there. He never is as I've always recorded in isolation. Maybe before the series wraps up, Stan and Avery could have a long cozy chat over a glass of malt whiskey.

wickit295 karma

Hi. Just wondering. do you still enjoy a curry in Petworth ? If so can you recommend a dish on the menu.

sirpatstew490 karma

I'm not sure I've ever been to Petworth. But as it's near Chichester where I have worked, you could be right and I've forgotten. Not surprising. I can't remember breakfast time.

nadavlufc239 karma

What do you think of Leeds United?

sirpatstew416 karma

You should ask my son Daniel that question. He is a dedicated fan. But, there was a time in the era of Jones, Hunter, Sprake and Lorrimer when I thought they were the best team in Europe.

inkdvenus110 karma

Do you have an actual manservant IRL? I can't figure out how you can fit so much awesome into your daily routine.

sirpatstew154 karma

I wish, but my experience of working with Adrian Scarborough, who plays my valet Harry in Blunt Talk, has spoiled me for anyone else no matter how good a job they might do. Adrian Scarborough is brilliant in Blunt Talk.