My short bio: Been working for Red Sun Camels for over 7 years now. It's a family business so whenever people ask about my pets I say I own 2 dogs and 36 camels.

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BokPok216 karma

Were there any humps you had to get over when getting into the business?

Pumpedupkikx112 karma

You very funny man.

Pumpedupkikx195 karma

Just did some feeding.

Image 1: that's the over 30's camels. Who live out the back.

Image 2: that's there feed, which they get twice a day.

Image 3: muscles and me.

Polgb102 karma

Muscles looks like an 800kg lapdog.

Pumpedupkikx60 karma

Ahhaha that is exactly what he is!

simplequark38 karma

No question, just a thank you. I had a camel ride with your company on Cable Beach a few years ago, and it was a great experience. The camels were friendly and looked like they were being taken care of very well.

Pumpedupkikx21 karma

Thank you! I apprecaite it.

BrokenHuman11 karma

Gotta ask what do they eat? Regular Grass?

Pumpedupkikx24 karma

Hay is there main staple. They also get camel cubes every second day. (Very similar to dog biscuits)

drspankinya85 karma

when you see a lady with a camel toe do you think, that looks nothing like a camel toe?

Pumpedupkikx71 karma

Yeah I've always wondered that, I can understand to an extent, but yeah realistically a camels toe doesn't look all that similar to a camel toe.

Camelbeard64 karma

Do camels grow beards?

Pumpedupkikx60 karma

Yeah mate, some of them have these rough Curley ones, others have soft ones.

glas_iomproidh74 karma

So many questions about camels. 1. Do you laugh at people who ride them like a horse, or do you encourage it? 2. Do you use camel hair and camel urine as a tool? I've head they're useful creatures all around. 3. When they outgrow their usefulness as beasts of burden, do you eat them, or simply put them out to pasture? 4. Can you tell us about your favourite camel?

Pumpedupkikx188 karma

1: our camels only do walking, so realistically it doesn't matter how people ride them, in 7 years I've had one crazy Asian guy who jumped up in his seat, starting screaming while doing the titanic arms out hold me jack. Luckily he was on Ghan, who was an old and reliable camel who wouldn't have been scared if airhorn went of next to his ear. 2. Camel urine not really, although hair can be used to make jumpers and coats, we don't do that because when we saddle them up we want to be as quick as possible so there's no time to collect the hair when we brush them. 3: Our camels generally work till the age of 30, and are then retired, they spend there days out the back of our property, I'll take a photo for you soon as I'm going round to do there feed soon. 4. My favourite camels name is muscles (I'll take a photo of him soon), he is quite weird, he's super affectionate, when I'm doing feeds he follows me around trying to put his head on my shoulder, the thing that makes him weird is about 1 in 30 times when you stop scratching him he will kick you down for no reason. I think he does it in a kinda "don't leave me way" but unfortunate he doesn't realise he's 800kg

somebunnylovesyou40 karma

Camel hair is really popular* for knitting, one ball can go for 20+ dollars, just saying maybe it'd be worth it to look into selling the hair or getting someone to collect it?

*I say really popular like it's a hot ticket item, it just happens to be super soft and very warm, so it is considered a good yarn to splurge on if you're wanting to have a treat. ^

Pumpedupkikx34 karma

We do rides, it's what we do, to make use of the fur we would have to clean it and we just don't have the time.b

Pumpedupkikx4 karma

We do rides, it's what we do, to make use of the fur we would have to clean it and we just don't have the time.b

hoilst9 karma


Awesome name.

Pumpedupkikx43 karma

Named after the Ghan Railway, a railway between Adelaide and Darwin. They used camels to make it as the heat was too much for horses.

NetPotionNr99 karma

It is said horses are like 4 year olds, what age would you say camels are?

Pumpedupkikx10 karma

There like 9 year olds. We always say.

SirSourdough66 karma

Ok, I hate to be that guy, but I took a camel ride with my girlfriend in Broome two summers ago, and it was great - except that towards the end of our ride a mother and her young daughter were bucked from a camel in front of us, and I think the mother ended up being hurt fairly badly.

So I've got three questions:

How dangerous is riding camels?

As a rider, what should you do to minimize your chances of pissing off the camel and getting bucked?

If a camel starts to buck what should you do to stay on and try to calm the camel down?

Pumpedupkikx119 karma

I feared this.

Okay first things first I know about this incident although I wasn't working.

Muscles was the camel, he doesn't work anymore for this exact reason. About 1-30 camels never figure it out. In 15 years that incident was our only serious incident, so gives you an idea of how rare it is.

As a rider the best thing you can do is sit still really, if a camels gonna buck it's rarley the fault of the rider. It's either an internal issue for the camel or an external issue cares it (cars, dogs etc)

A camel will always stop bucking eventually, best way to hang on is to grip your bar and push your feet hard into the stirips, you'll only fall off if you lose a stirip.

An awful incident, but I'm glad to address why and how it happens, gives everyone a better idea.

DraftyDesert27732 karma

What ended up happening to her?

Pumpedupkikx90 karma

She was pregnant at the time, so we were majorly worried. Calling every month.

The baby was born healthy and happy which was fantastic to here. I can't even imagine the guilt the employee's of that day would have felt knowing they might have been the cause of a miscarriage.

static-klingon120 karma

Shouldn't pregnant women try and avoid horseback riding and camel riding? It seems unsafe.

SirSourdough16 karma

To be fair, the ride was super mellow otherwise. It seemed like a crazy fluke incident at the time as /u/pumpedupkikx said. Just one of those times that someone took a really small risk and didn't entirely get away with it.

Pumpedupkikx23 karma

We work 363 days a year (we get Christmas and Broome cup day off) with an average of 2 rides a day. Given the numbers one incident in 15 years in a minimal percentage.

Cr0okedFinger65 karma

I'm mainly a horseman but also work with cattle and both can be quite friendly and enjoy human contact. I've met a few llama's and they were not friendly. How are Camels? Do most of them enjoy being scratched and groomed in general or only a rare few?

Itroll4love47 karma

How did you get into this business? and how much money do you make? have you had camel meat? are Camels smart of dumb animals?

Pumpedupkikx97 karma

It's a family business, I was raised from a young age around camels. There my family.

There meat I have tried, it's like a leaner steak, nice enough.

All three company's in total turn over about a million overall. Although that isn't equally split, it's more like 40:40:20.

Camels are very intelligent, a great example of this is they are known to premeditate revenge. They will kick you one day and you'll think "what the fuck was that for!" Then you'll remember two weeks ago when they were being stubborn and you gave him a clip on the ear.

hateboss46 karma

I've heard that since Camels were brought to Australia (as they were not indigenous and are freaking awesome at traversing the hell hole that is the interior), they had managed to over time escape and mate and spur a huge wild population. So large in fact that there is a need to cull them. Some means are which sniping them from helicopters.

How do you feel about this practice and are your camels "rescues" in that sense?

Pumpedupkikx86 karma

Okay. It is hard to say this but the culling and exporting of these camels is a necessity. Camel populations jumped from 5000 to 1.5 million in 60 years. It was becoming such an issue that the death of these camels would have been a certainty as they would have eaten the landscape dry. The death of these camels is to acheive the life of others.

We certainly rescue! Our camel tiny was originally captured for consumption, the day of his slaughter we asked for there biggest camel to buy. They sold us Tiny 😊

TiBiDi44 karma

what's the wierdest camel fact you know?

Pumpedupkikx122 karma

Man I was waiting for this question.

Alright, so my favourite fact, is that a severely dehydrated camel, can drink upto 200 litres of water in 10 minutes! To put that into perspective for all those drinkers out there, that is a 30 case of beer in 30 seconds. 365ml's a second! Reason they can do this is unlike a human there blood cells are shaped oval, meaning they can swell up to 250% there size. Every time I take muscles to the pub it's like "yeah mate I'll get a pint for me and a keg for my mate" (joking btw)

The weirdest fact though, is again when a camel is serverly dehydrated, the urine turns into a honey like syrup to preserve a water.

2MuchPork41Fork35 karma

Thanks for signing up for Camel Facts. You will now receive fun daily facts about CAMELS!

Pumpedupkikx28 karma

Lay them on me. I dare you.

Beneneb15 karma

So you're telling me they drink 200kg (440lbs) of water in 10 minutes? I don't want to doubt you because you're the camel guy, that just sounds like a ridiculous amount of water.

Pumpedupkikx25 karma

It's because of there blood cells. They can hold 2x more then a humans, let alone there size!

biscaynebystander44 karma

Have you ever tricked tourists like the camel operators in Egypt, where you charge them before they get on and then charge them more when they want to get off?

Pumpedupkikx47 karma

We get this a bit, you can tell who they are too cause they aren't just evil eyeing the camel they evil eye YOU!

We don't do this, it's the most absurd thing I've ever heard, customers pay up front that's it.

frumperino41 karma

How smart are camels? Compared to say, horses or goats? I get that they're all individuals of course, but are some of the ones you have specifically curious, adventurous?

Pumpedupkikx104 karma

Omg, I could go on for days on this question. I'll try and keep it simple.

Camels are considered to be about as smart as a 9 year old kid, as hard as that might be to believe I can certainly see it. They premeditate revenge, they fake injures (kid you not, one camel faked an injury so bad for a year, we got a vet out and he told is the camel was absolutely fine, he still tries it on now and again.)

Mojavesunset40 karma

How difficult is it to handle camels, let alone 36? How much food and water do you go through feeding camels?

Pumpedupkikx152 karma

Each camel is a different individual and therefore we approach each camel differently. Examples.

Zara: she's a lead camel and is so good once we put her rope on she walks into her own spot and sits down.

Tiny: psycho in the mornings, will run at you, fuck you up, then spit on your dead corpse. Lovely and docile in the afternoon.

Muscles: doesn't work, try to put a rope on him and he kicks you down were you stand.

Ned: will look like he's trying to take your arm off, but the secret is to put your hand in his mouth, all he wants to do is suck your finger like a dummy.

seremnax40 karma

What's your opinion on Terry Pratchett's take on camels being hyper-intelligent beings who hate everything? :P

Pumpedupkikx43 karma

This made me laugh really hard, I can honestly say it wouldn't surprise me.

RyanIsFlyin40 karma

So when people are riding these camels and that's all they're doing, are they okay with it? I always see camels and elephants at fairs and carnivals just in a pretty small pen walking around in small circles and they seem so sad. But then again I'm not a camel expert and I don't know how you guys run your business. I've just always wondered! Thanks for doing this, interesting AMA

Pumpedupkikx104 karma

This has always been an argument employees get into as we care about them.

I don't have a source for this, but I'm 90% sure there was a study done showing that they actually feel like they have something to work for in life, gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. (I haven't worded this as well as I would have liked)

A definite example of why they are better of at work then in the wild is although they have to lift people. They walk 1/10 of the distance a day they would in the wild, they have daily food and water, and they live on average 10 whole years longer with us.

On top of this we also roster our camels to make sure the weaker ones are worked less. Our goal is to make sure our camels are as fat and happy as can be.

b_pony27 karma

Carriage horse driver, here. Working animals are content animals.

Pumpedupkikx29 karma

Thanks mate! Once camels are domesticated they need a goal in life, otherwise they get sad.

SGB1530 karma

  1. What the funniest thing one of your camels has ever done?
  2. What do you do with the camels when they die?
  3. What does camel taste like?
  4. How does one go about buying a camel? Do you breed them?

Pumpedupkikx56 karma

  1. When we clean out there water troughs they love to roll around in the puddle.
  2. Not something I feel comfortable talking about, sorry.
  3. Very similar to steak
  4. There are farms all over Australia, but if you buy one you need two. Can't be left alone. They get sad.

nmoline16 karma

Why are you uncomfortable talking about how you get rid of the body? Do you bury, incinerate, or do you sell them to some super secret group that does terrible things?

Pumpedupkikx77 karma

Well for one it's quite personal but I suppose the truth is better then suspicion.

When a camel dies, we dig a massive hole out the very back of our property. We then scoop the camel up in the Bobcat (piece of machinery, not a funeral directing feline) and bury him, place a placard. That's that. It's tough because they live for so long. 30-40 years makes it very easy to fall in love with them. I'll be the first to admit I openly weap for the loss of some.

lemonstitches3 karma

so u eat them?

Pumpedupkikx3 karma

Local butcher sells them.

Pumpedupkikx29 karma

I just wanted to thank everyone for there questions! Not only have you provided the staff with a few good laughs, you also have reminded me why I love my job. Keep the questions coming and I'll try my hardest to continue answering.

Try to check the thread for your question. Answered a few questions a few times.

It's beddie bye bye time in Australia, so if I don't answer straight away I'll be sure to get them when I wake up.

Keep Calm and Camel On.

sarautu5 karma

thanks so much for doing such a thorough AMA. You've been amazingly patient with variety of questions and repeat questions.

My favorite part was the picture with you and muscles. How much of the day can you go bare footed?

Pumpedupkikx9 karma

Haha funnily enough, I'm a bit strange in the fact I work all day bare foot. When I was younger I hated the feeling of thongs (flip flops, as to not cause a riot about a young boy wearing ladies underwear) and sand shoes were too hot! So I've always worked in bare feet.

My feet are getting to the stage were I don't feel rock when I step on them, I get blood blisters and will only really notice by the fact my step feels a bit uneven.

I've done the math, I've worked across Australia and half way back in bare feet! Which I'm quite proud of in a way. Always stuck to my guns, some call it prideful, my doctor calls it stupid, meh.

SpagattahNadle29 karma

What is a common misconception people have about camels? And do similar things go on in the camel tours industry as other animal industries, like the elephant tours?

Thanks for your time.

Pumpedupkikx30 karma

The spitting thing is the biggest one. Everyone thinks they spit. It's the most common question I get.

Castigated17 karma

My girlfriend is adamant that she got spat on by a camel as a child at a fete. What is your response to this?

Pumpedupkikx28 karma

Ahha if it was white and foamy my best guess would be the camel was already flustered and slobbering a bit and shook it's mouth and some might have flicked onto Her?

Either way, it's impossible for a camel to spit... So yeah. GG NO RE.

Spooky_Keller8 karma

Why can't they spit?

Pumpedupkikx17 karma

They just can't. Sorry I can't go into more detail.

Hoobleton29 karma

Do you control your camels mating? Are they neutered or anything or do you just get free baby camels once in a while?

Pumpedupkikx53 karma

All our boys get the snip, otherwise there extremely aggressive. It why all our camels are so calm.

tubadude27 karma

So do the females get the turkey baster, or do you buy new camels?

Pumpedupkikx16 karma

We buy them or capture them from the wild.

renstimpy26 karma

I heard that there was some drama going on between all the camel ride companies in Broome. I know there were issues the the local government only allowing one company to run, but I think that only lasted a season. What are each of the competing operators like these days?

Pumpedupkikx51 karma

Haha you have to be Australian to of heard of that.

Yeah I was in the centre of that, it involved our company and another, I won't get into too much detail as I would be here all night, but the generally themes were camel theft, serious arson (middle of the night everything caught fire, fire fighters said they couldn't even point out a direct cause of it, everything was equally lit and the man suspect took a flight out of town for that one night. "Suspicious don't ya think?") sexually explicit photos of our employees placed on the track we walk them down ( playing sick mind game)

That was bout 3 years ago. We ended up winning the case, got all our camels back and the guy who did it went to prison. He's out now working with camels in Alice.

EDIT: didn't see your last bit till now. All three company get along quite well, it's a very "stay out of our way and will stay out of yours" mindset.

hemlock_jackal32 karma

Jesus. That's enough material for a tv show. Camel Wars.

Pumpedupkikx21 karma

Yeah, took a serious toll on some people.

hemlock_jackal10 karma

Sounds like the struggle with horse thieves back in the day of the Far West in the US...

Pumpedupkikx17 karma

Ahahh it was different to that, the man who did it was a con artist, he befriended us, we truely trust this man. Then in the middle of the night spat in our faces by taking half the camels.

asherah21317 karma

Aww! Did you get the same camels back? That must've been heartbreaking to have them stolen :(

Pumpedupkikx66 karma

Oh yeah. Got them all back.

How sick is this right. The man who did it, faked the death of our best camel (Names issac after Issac Newton, camels generally take between 6 months to a year and a half to train, he took two weeks) and moved him down to his secret farm the day before who took the rest of them with him. We mourned this camel as you would any loved one so you can imagine the smile on our faces when we found out were he had moved all the camels and when we turned up the very first camel we saw.


Tears of joy honest to God when we saw him. It was like seeing a ghost.

Persephone301223 karma

Do you milk your female camels? I have read that people drink camel milk & eat the camel cheese.

Pumpedupkikx32 karma

You can, but we don't, like the hair thing we aren't interested, our girls work hard enough without having to also be milked.

hemlock_jackal23 karma

  • how intelligent are they?
  • how dangerous can they be if they want?
  • working with them, do you end up smelling like camel? :)

Pumpedupkikx26 karma

They are considered as smart as a 9 year old kid. Intelligent, but always looking to push the envelope

In all honesty, very. They are after all animal that weigh between 750kg-1T, can move up to speeds of 70km. And caught in the wrong position they could easily kill you. I've been kicked too many times to count and bitten once. The only time I have honestly felt threatend for my life was when muscles lost it and stomped me to the ground. He didn't keep going luckyily but if he had I think I would have died. Or at least been paralysed.

Yes, omg yes, and it sucks, my parents complain, my girlfriend complain's, takes a lot of scrubing.

hemlock_jackal21 karma


Thank you for answering this, I only noticed later that you had already answered the question about their intelligence.

As hard as your work sounds, I want you to know that many of us who have never worked in contact with nature and animals think that you guys are living a wonderful experience. Myself, I am a 41 years old italian guy who worked all his life in an office with computers... but I would be willing to at least try for once what it means to do some real, physical hard work that can maybe drain you physically but does not drain you psychologically... at least not as much as you can be drained when you work for years in a toxic office environment, where many co-workers are potential backstabbers who want your job... many of us would gladly take daily camel kicks over this misery, after a while!

Keep up the good work!

Pumpedupkikx32 karma

I get this once a day I reckon.

"Your job is amazing your so lucky"

I get it, I do, but there is so much you don't see, the ache of your legs after a 30km day, and you've been kicked, and half the customer's treated you like shit, and your so sick off it but you gotta put that smile on.

Some day I dream of an air conditioned office with a computer.

RobotCockRock21 karma

Do any of your customers ever try to smoke a Camel on a camel?

Pumpedupkikx68 karma

Before our ride starts we do a talk very similar to a airline. Every one does there's differently, mines goes like this.

"ALLLLLLRIIOGHTY guy if I could have your attention for one last time, three simples rule for everyone today, that is no smoking, no drinking alcohol and no jumping off!, sure you won't have a problem with the last one. If you look down and your knuckles are white your probably hanging on too tight, so relax, you are here to enjoy yourself after all. If you would like feel free to take your feet out of the stirips, some people find that more comfortable anyway And finally, if the camels find themselves in the water today you'll find a life jacket under your seat (it's a joke at the fact our talk sounds like a planes, there aren't any life jackets)

People get they can't smoke.

drspankinya20 karma

Do any of your camels ever ask you if you know what day it is?

Pumpedupkikx19 karma

Haha not yet! All though I'm sure some are starting to wonder when the weekend will come.

HowAboutShutUp20 karma

Setting aside appearances, what's really going on in this camel's mind in this video?

Pumpedupkikx43 karma

He's not happy. It's clear. A happy camel is a quiet one. My best guess? The camel hates affection and it can't do anything to stop the woman as it's tied down. Video made me sad..

JimminyFuckbucket19 karma

Camels sound like the greatest thing ever, I want like 50 of them.

Except, are camels dangerous?, have they/can they kill?

Pumpedupkikx26 karma

In all honesty, very. They are after all animal that weigh between 750kg-1T, can move up to speeds of 70km. And caught in the wrong position they could easily kill you. I've been kicked too many times to count and bitten once. The only time I have honestly felt threatend for my life was when muscles lost it and stomped me to the ground. He didn't keep going luckyily but if he had I think I would have died. Or at least been paralysed.

misstheasaurus19 karma

I went on a camel ride in Broome when I was 10. They walked us through a nude beach - the sight of those old wrinkly naked men scarred me for years. Was that your company?

Pumpedupkikx26 karma

Yes... We operate on the nude side. Depending how long ago that was come on down now. There's oldies but there's also European Backpacker. Your welcome.

Commando_Joe18 karma

What do you think of Camels as riding animals, training and lifestyle wise, as opposed to other animals? As in do you find them to be easily adaptable to the life style, comfortable with it, etc.

I know it's much more difficult to train an Elephant than say a horse (also somewhat controversial), so I wonder where Camels would fall compared to a horse, mule or elephant, and what your thoughts are on using non-working animals as riding animals.

Pumpedupkikx27 karma

Great Question, to answer it simply have you ever seen the movie "Laurence of Arabia"? The camels in that movie are just as well trained to be ridden as any horse. But it would have taken years of training to get a camel to such confidence and skill.

They have been used for 2000 years as riding animals, much like a horse it's in there natures.

GingerSchnitzel16 karma

Any worries about your camels carrying MERS?

Pumpedupkikx37 karma

Great thing about Australian camels is they were not originally from Australia, and so when they brought the first load of camels to Australia, none of them had any illness, due to this unlike Africa and the Middle East there are no diseases to affect them.

maddogtannen6915 karma

Is one called Alice?

Pumpedupkikx26 karma

Ahha, we have actually have two called Alice! One is named after the children song "Alice the Camel" and the other is named after the town "Alice Springs"

Chocku15 karma

First of all, Happy Cake Day!

What are the names of your camels?

Pumpedupkikx45 karma

I didn't even Realise! Thanks 😋

Alright we have 36 camels, I'll try to get them all.

Alice Alice 2 Muscles Lofty Felix Whitey Bazza Wangai Ned Burke Wills Zara Horris Lukey Xena Tiny (2nd biggest) Cloud Wun Jabby Tonku Seta Jerry Hall Coco Kabul Khan Rodney Bully (really sweet and shy) Mission Harley Archey Savannah Chris Wills Jacko Matilda

Pi-Roh7 karma

I really like Tonku for a camel name, really fits it well in my head heh.

I remember one time when I was around 8 or 9 that I rode a camel at a fair thing that was in a recreational park. Looking back it felt like the camel was 20 feet tall. Was pretty fun to ride it, even if it was just 5 loops around a small track. Still remember the camels name funnily enough, it was Suzie.

Pumpedupkikx18 karma

Haha Tonku is an interesting camel, really hard working, never complains, and looks generally docile, given half a chance he will take your hand off.

firsttimemidwife10 karma

I love how you know every camel's personality!

Pumpedupkikx26 karma

You know what your dogs personality is. It's also our job to know there stories.

smokinghorse13 karma

Ever had to cut one open and sleep inside to escape a sand storm?

Pumpedupkikx31 karma

I'm a camel man, not Bear Grylls.

SmellMyDildo9 karma

You haven't seen Star Wars, have you?

Pumpedupkikx16 karma

I'm not a massive fan, although I do know George Lucas used camels for the sound of wookies! Which is so cool IMO

Jahadaz12 karma

Where do you do this? I saw it extensively while in the Middle East but have yet to see it elsewhere.

Pumpedupkikx12 karma

Broome, Cable Beach in North Western Australia.

shaunc12 karma

Do you smoke, and if so, which brand?

How often do your camels spit on you?

Pumpedupkikx27 karma

Haha, I love this question, unfortunately Australia or at least my town doesn't sell camel cigarettes. So I'm a winfield blue man.

Camels don't spit, it's a really common myth and being in the same family as the llama I can understand why, but no. They don't, what they will do if really aggravated they will throw up on you.

We use to have a camel named Joe Camel, which is named after the mascot from camel cigarettes.

PillarOfWisdom12 karma

What country has the best and worst tourist? Thanks.

Pumpedupkikx36 karma

Best tourists? American, they seem so interested every time. It makes our day when the customer shows interest.

Worst: Generally Asians, mainly because when they travel in groups there is maybe one, two who speak English. So either you awkwardly hand gesture basic facts, or get them to translate down the train, which is quite ignorant of other customer, also when they do speak English they generally don't seem to care, like everything I say is a hoax. They are generally only interested in photos.

mokasra12 karma

Do camels cry?

Pumpedupkikx20 karma

Yeah, they will cry when there upset.

nignogpolliwog11 karma

What's the top speed of a camel, and have you ever tried to joust with these camels?

Pumpedupkikx12 karma

Top speed: 70km, but impossible to ride at those speed.

Race speed: 20-30km

acheron9311 karma

I am a Recreation Managament major with a concentration in Commercial Recreation and Tourism. What are some of the effects of the industry? Good or bad, social, economic, environmental, etc.

Pumpedupkikx20 karma

Ummm, okay, let me think.

Good : Camels live about 10 years longer in captivaty, cause of a constant source of food, water and veterinary care.

Environmentaly, the camels have very little impact on the beach life, and camels are considered a pest in Australia, so taking them out of the wild assists in that.

Vikram810 karma

Are you Pakalu Papito?

Pumpedupkikx6 karma

Nope.. Ahha

GrenGoodman9 karma

Do you buy the camels, or do you kidnap some of the wild ones in australia ?

Pumpedupkikx13 karma

It's a bit of a 50/50, sometimes it's just easier to buy trained camels. Although most of our newer camels are personally trained by us.

pogmo479 karma

Hi mate

fuck I love Broome, spent some time at cable beach resort and found 100 foils on the beach once!!

my question..

Are you the guys that went through some camel wars? a few operators having a fight over territory? who won?


Pumpedupkikx7 karma

That was my family. We won the case bout three years ago, I went into more detail a bit up the thread.

freshyrocks9 karma

Being red Camels, what do you think of blue Camels?

Pumpedupkikx13 karma

Haha I don't know if your trying to joke but there is a blue company called "Broome Camel Safari" and there our neighbours, nice enough.

freshyrocks7 karma

I live in Broome... was a very serious question. :P

Pumpedupkikx4 karma

Well first thing first, hope you enjoyed cup day today!

I still hold to my answer, there nice enough.

freshyrocks3 karma

I had work... :( Did you go?

Pumpedupkikx6 karma

I've been a bit ill, planned on going but knew if I went I would drink and if I drunk I'd get sick so I gave it a skip.

lemonstitches9 karma


Pumpedupkikx15 karma

Camels are really great at survival, it's kinda there thing. So we don't do anything to them really, no shoe's, no cutting teeth and nails, sometimes if they get a cut we will spray them with anti infected. But that's bout it. If they get a serious injury will do everything we can.

Sometimes worming.. But that happens every 2 years.

Sealyy8 karma

Can we see a picture of your camels?

Pumpedupkikx54 karma

Posted a few threw the thread, but here's a special one just for you!

And anyone else who see this..

murfi6 karma

Are you Pakalu Papito?

Pumpedupkikx9 karma

Still no..

Auralux_6 karma

How much can a camel carry weight wise? :)

Pumpedupkikx16 karma

We limit our camels to a maximum of 95kg per person to ensure the wellbeing.

A camel can carry 400-500kg comfortably, but only if loaded while standing.

The Australian record is 895kg, but unfortunatly the camel had a heart attack and died.

Auralux_4 karma

Thanks for the answer! Did you ever have to turn down a customer because of their weight? I imagine that to be very awkward for everybody involved.

Pumpedupkikx11 karma

When a customer books with us one of the first question we ask is "how much is the weight of you and your partner." If they try to lie to us and show up and we are suspicious, we retain the right to ask them to step on our scales, 99 cases out of 100 will be obviously correct. Some might consider it rude but it's about looking after our camels.

Laser_Camel5 karma

Do you think I could work there?

Pumpedupkikx18 karma

Your username! Love it!

All you can do is apply, it's a very sought after job though. And it is quite hard work. I'll walk anywhere between 100-200km a week at work. When I started working here again in December I weighed 95kg. 3 months later I weighed 63.

AltoSaxGuy1235 karma

How do you feel about the Gieco Hump Day commercials?

Pumpedupkikx8 karma

I've never seen it tbh, I live in quite a remote area of Australia so maybe we don't get it?

TrygveM4 karma

How much does a camel cost?

Pumpedupkikx6 karma

Untrained, anywhere between 200-2000 Trained, anywhere between 2000-20000

That is AUD, for anyone wanting to translate.

lilkimi4 karma

I heard camels lung can go out side on mating season, is it true?

356afan10 karma

It's not true. It's a pouch in their mouth that gets inflated.

Pumpedupkikx10 karma

This is the correct answer.

2Xinquiry4 karma

What happens to the camels when they're too old to work?

Pumpedupkikx4 karma

Answered that one above.

nmagod3 karma

Do you know Crazy Hassan?

Pumpedupkikx3 karma

No. I feel like I should though...

Twitchplayslife2 karma

It is on my bucket list to ride a camel drunk, without paying for said ride, in order to get to and from two destinations. Where and how would you recommend that I achieve this goal?

Pumpedupkikx9 karma

Come to it with us! You can't drink on the camels it's one of our three big rules (no smoking, no drinking, no jumping off)

But if you get wasted before hand and aren't too much trouble you'd be right as rain haha.

The without money thing is an issue... But if you came in the offseason there is a good chance you could sneak on... Wouldn't be easy though.

356afan2 karma

Are there any friendly camels? It always seems they are angry. I'm thinking it has to do with how they are treated.

kinjinsan2 karma

Two questions.

As a camel, how did you get a job as a tourism operator?

How do you type with those hooves?

Pumpedupkikx5 karma

It was quite easy, most people are impressed by a talking camel

Victoria's typing it up for me 😉