Hey, it’s Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster here! You know, from Scharpling & Wurster and The Best Show!

Just so you know, Tom is going to mark his answers with a “TS” and Jon is going to mark his with a “JW” so you will know who is talking.

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dumbcuffs52 karma

Hey, can I ask you a question please?

You ever see Humble Pie, back in the day?

ScharplingAndWurster35 karma

TS: You know the answer to this.

BestShowDudio46 karma

Hi guys, big fan! So the nickname "Dudio," HOW GREAT IS THAT?!

ScharplingAndWurster29 karma

TS: It's pretty great, Dudio.

Don't you have a Doctor Who scarf to wash or something?

journemin29 karma

Hey, Tom. What's your favorite song of Greg's on Steven Universe?

ScharplingAndWurster41 karma

TS: There are a few Greg songs on an upcoming episode that stretched me to my vocal limit. You'll know them when you hear them!

da_fashion_expert29 karma

What has it been like watching the evolution of the AP Mike character?

ScharplingAndWurster30 karma

TS: Mike is amazing. He is a truly great guy and is always funny and always interesting. As underrated as they come. Buy his song over at bandcamp!

sexymafratelli28 karma

Tom, I get the feeling that this show is in some ways your center, your peace, and you do it because you must. Is there some truth to this?

As a side note, I want to thank you for being so candid and open during such a rough stretch in the early stages of the return of the Best Show. As avid listeners and longtime fans, I'm sure a lot of people take ownership of their place in Newbridge the same way all the old folks like to think they have a Summer home in Lake Weebogon, but I owe so much gratitude to you, the work that you do off-air and on, for breaking the 4th wall and speaking from the heart as Tom, Friend of Audience. I am sorry for your losses, encouraged by your triumphs, and impressed with your ability to remain unabashedly Tom. It's memorable glimpses of your fondness for your father, among other things, that gave us renewed attachment for a true labor of love. All the Best, my friend.

ScharplingAndWurster17 karma

TS: Thanks for this. The show is indeed a thing I feel I can't live without. And yeah, it was rough this year. The worst. But if you work on yourself and you have great people in your life, you can get through stuff to some degree. And while the losses outweigh the gains this year, I've also had some amazing moments that I truly appreciate.

gargamelsh21 karma

Hey guys!

I loved the "We're Newbridge, We're Comin To Getcha" Adult Swim Special you did last year because it combines the fantastic writing of The Best Show calls with Tom's directorial style. Any chance of more, or something similar to that happening or was that purely a one off thing?

ScharplingAndWurster23 karma

TS: I hope so. I would love to do more things like that. Shooting that infomercial was an all-time highlight. Tell Adult Swim to bring the boys back!

ScharplingAndWurster10 karma

JW: We very much hope to do more of that stuff.

Doctor_Leo_Marvin21 karma

Did Roy kill hitchbot? Maybe he thought it was Chappie?

ScharplingAndWurster47 karma

JW: Roy said: "He wuz actin' like he wuz better than us."

sexymafratelli21 karma

Hey guys. Happy that you're taking the time.

A lot of what we hear on the radio is your struggle as Tom the host to keep this little fledgling CB radio program on-air. Can you talk a little about the DIY aesthetic and the time that you put into getting the studio up and running, and what really makes a tangible difference to helping out the cause?

I can't always use Squarespace for my nonexistent business, and short of filling out surveymonkeys, buying your books off of twitter and downloads, is there anything else we can do to assist, promote, and help?

ScharplingAndWurster24 karma

TS: The best ways to support the show are to listen, buy shirts and the Scharpling & Wurster box set. I'm figuring out a way to accept donations without making it too gross for all parties. We will expand our net, so to speak!

tx12294518 karma

Jon and Tom,

Thank you very much for doing this. As I've listened to you two throughout the years, one of my favorite reoccurring moments is when Jon begins to break character and quickly recovers with an often reoccurring bit....my all time favorite of which involves spotting a cape-wearing mouse often seen sauntering across a windowsill. Where in the world did the seed for that bit come from?!? It's just so hysterically random! Thanks again!

ScharplingAndWurster28 karma

JW: I have no idea where that came from. I think it was the first thing I thought to say when I started laughing. My house is now decorated with mice in cape ornaments and paintings that people have sent.

ScharplingAndWurster17 karma

THANKS everyone for asking so many great questions. We appreciate the support and we're gonna keep rocking it! Come see us live! The Portland show sold out but there are tickets for SEATTLE, SAN FRANCISCO and LOS ANGELES! All ticket info available at www.stereolaffs.com/tour ! The BEST OF THE BEST SHOW box is available at www.numerogroup.com. An all-encompasing primer on all things Scharpling & Wurster. And The Best Show is live every Tuesday night! www.TheBestShow.net See you at the shows and talk soon!

flat1ander15 karma

Hey guys, any plans to have H. Jon Benjamin on the show for an interview soon? I'd love to hear you guys talk about some of the old characters that he did or see if he can pull some strings over there at Bob's Burgers for you Tom!

ScharplingAndWurster23 karma

TS: I love HJB and I will definitely work to have him on the show in the Immediate Future.

notmybongos15 karma

Does/did James really have a toupee?

ScharplingAndWurster20 karma

TS: Yes.

hatmoose14 karma

have y'all ever thought of setting up a patreon account for the best show? it's like an artist support platform where people commit a certain amount of money a month, like a subscription.

anecdotally, i've seen relatively small artists have pretty good success with it. it might be something you could look into. the way media can be funded is changing so much.

also, i guess i read the other day, somewhere, that tom is from dunellen. did you ever go to 8 on the break? they have cool pinball machines, and stuff


ScharplingAndWurster13 karma

TS: Yes, I spent a fair amount of time at 8 On The Break. I got picked on a lot there by older hoodlums. Someday I will exact my revenge!

CPIz14 karma

Tom, have you ever visited AP Mike at Massa's?

ScharplingAndWurster16 karma

TS: I went once. He wasn't working that night but Mike took me there (it was New Years Eve). It is a real place worth checking out if you find yourself in Bayonne.

corpus_crispy14 karma

For Tom -- I know you've touched on this before, but how much of your on air persona would you say is you and how much is an affected personality? You've talked before about your love of Morton Downey Jr. and I was wondering if you consciously sort of feed off his vitrol when dealing with bad callers. Also, I love Steve Universe so much -- how did you end up getting the role? Was rebecca sugar already a fan of the best show?

For Jon -- Do you have a favorite character to portray, and perhaps a favorite malapropism? How much ad libbing do you generally do during bits -- I imagine most of it must be scripted beforehand but sometimes it seems like you must be winging it a bit.

Also, to both, thank you so much for doing what you've done for so long. Having the show to listen to has helped me (especially recently) through a lot of hard times and binging on the box set always keeps me from going off the deep end.

PS: Please come to Philly soon?

ScharplingAndWurster25 karma

TS: I got the role on Steven Universe because SU creator Rebecca Sugar wrote it with me in mind. Or that what she says at least. I'm sure she asked someone like Bobby Slayton and he said no.

And the version of me on the radio is me in real life, but I am infinitely more patient in real life and never yell at anyone. So I get it out of my system three hours a week.

ScharplingAndWurster11 karma

JW: Off the top of my head my faves are: Roy, Darren and Zachary Brimstead. But there are a ton of one-offs that I've forgotten about that would probably fit in here too.

TheAlienDog14 karma

Tom and Jon! I have somehow been listening to you guys since almost the beginning, but I'm too shy to call in. Here are a bunch of questions for you.

1) Have you ever had one of your scripted calls just totally derail? How did you handle it? (For what it’s worth, I can’t think of a time that it’s been obvious to me, so if so, you obviously covered it well.)

2) Are there any ideas for calls that you’ve had to abandon because they were too incendiary/offensive/whatever? Any that you wish you could do, but won’t for one reason or another?

3) Jon, do you have any input into the parts of the show that aren’t your call-in parts? Also, which parts of you are your "call-in parts?"

4) Any dream guests, living or dead? Any that you wish could be a part of one of the calls?

5) Do you actually like to eat fudge?

6) If your car had two horns, what would they sound like?

The box set is spectacular -- I had high expectations, and you guys managed to surpass them (though to be fair, I also kind of expected that).

See you on your west coast tour, and thank you for all that you do!

ScharplingAndWurster15 karma


1) It happens. Sometimes I lose my place. Which is mortifying. But Jon covers my disasters well.

2) I think we can fit most concepts that we think are funny into a call. Sometimes it takes some twisting and turning but we can make it fit.

4) Not really. Anybody I haven't asked to be on the show is someone I'm scared to talk to.

5) We are calling a 15 year moratorium on all fudge references.

6) Mine would sound like two different CCR songs.

distresssignals12 karma

Have either of you ever met Spike? I'm assuming his show persona is an audio version of his Sims character but maybe one of you could confirm.

And will Gene Simmons ever call the show again? I'd think he'd have a few expand the brand ideas for AP Mike.

ScharplingAndWurster16 karma

TS: I have seen Spike in person from across a room. I did not speak to him because he split before I could approach him.

Louisvillainous12 karma

I'd like to just thank both of you for doing what you do. The Best Show has been there for me through some pretty dark times, and that means the world to me. Jon, you were an inspiration in my decision to get sober, which has completely turned my life around. I was able to make it to the Nashville show, and it was a total blast. I am super grateful for you guys and all the mirth and mayhem you've provided through the years.

What has been the most unexpected consequence of the show, for each of you?

ScharplingAndWurster14 karma

TS: One unexpected consequence is meeting and actually becoming real life friends with people I have admired. I cannot believe it sometimes.

ScharplingAndWurster13 karma

JW: Getting out of jail because the judge was a Darren fan.

CosmicCastoff10 karma

As you may know, 'Do the Right Thing' just got a street named after it.. (Do the Right Thing Way).. What movie would you guys rename a street after and why?

ScharplingAndWurster29 karma

JW: Carlito's Way Way

ScharplingAndWurster21 karma

TS: Repo Man Boulevard.

nuggetbb10 karma

Do either of you own yoga pants?

ScharplingAndWurster16 karma

JW: I do. They are in my bag right now. I wore them for years before realizing they were womens.

CPIz10 karma

Do you think you'll ever guest on Comedy Bang Bang again? I've been loving Tom's appearances on the Hollywood Handbook.

ScharplingAndWurster21 karma

TS: I would love to be on Comedy Bang Bang again. Glad you love the Hollywood Handbook things. That's my favorite show!

dicebourbon9 karma

Will you be bringing the live show to Minneapolis, Madison or Iowa City?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

JW: Hard to say. Would people come?

barry_jive9 karma

Tom, Does Gary have plans to do more episodes of One on One with Gary the Squirrel? The Andy Kindler episode was a real hoot. Thanks in advance for forwarding this question to him, and thanks for all the other great work you do.

ScharplingAndWurster14 karma

TS: Gary is hard at work at his new show MASTER CLASS WITH GARY THE SQUIRREL. It's the evolution of ONE ON ONE WITH GARY THE SQUIRREL, which was an evolution of COMEDIANS ARE NUTS WITH GARY THE SQUIRREL.

devtesla29 karma

I was hung up on after waiting three hours on hold. How do I learn to love again?

ScharplingAndWurster20 karma

TS: Hang in there, son. Tell Mike that Tom said you should get through because of this Reddit exchange.

SegaGenecyst9 karma

With the recurring themes (explosions, two horns etc.) and catchphrases, do you know in advance that you will do them repeatedly, or is it more like: that was good, let's do that more often?

ScharplingAndWurster28 karma

JW: I think it was purely accidental. I had a horn sound effect and I think I hit another one by accident. And then the concept of having two horns just took on a life of its own.

ScharplingAndWurster15 karma

JW: Sometimes that stuff is planned and sometimes they just happen. Like "Madder than a rattlesnake at a Thai wedding."

MacArthurParker8 karma

First off, looking forward to the LA show. I'll be there with my crisp untucked shirt on!

Tom: if you could dunk on anyone in history (basketball player, or not!) who would it be?

ScharplingAndWurster17 karma

TS: I would dunk on Alonzo Mourning.

SamSeriousStone8 karma


Now that you've been doing the Best Show for 6 months, how does it compare to the WFMU space? I know one thing you've said is at WFMU you were never given notes about content or anything, but I'm more wondering what it's like to actually have the freedom to have Jon drop some coarser language if needed, or have someone like Jack Black on and not have to dump them when they start cursing up a storm (which, by the way, was one of my favorite interviews ever).


In the past you guys have said that you generally throw something unplanned into the mix to try to get Tom to crack. Other than the second half of Kid EBay, what is your favorite one of these moments? Also, Did Tom know you were going to start playing Lazer Bean sound effects at the end of the Ross from Newbridge Tonight call? I play that clip whenever I need to cheer myself up and hearing Tom's laugh always does the trick.

As a fun side note, Jon threw a Tastykake that hit me directly in the face at the Gathering of the FOT some years back. Good times!

ScharplingAndWurster12 karma

TS: I enjoy having the freedom of the new show above all. We've got some pretty amazing equipment in our new set-up and it's liberating that it's all ours! I like not having to stop the show at midnight if I'm in the middle of something. Plus doing the Half Hour of Power is a luxury that was unavailable before. And yes, letting a guest or whoever curse now and again without worrying about the FCC is nice too.

NicholasTanek8 karma

JON: What do full-time indie rock musicians do for health insurance?

Does the label provide it?

ScharplingAndWurster11 karma

JW: I buy my own.

fap2thisusickpig8 karma

Is Philly Boy Roy based on an actual person either of you knew?

ScharplingAndWurster25 karma

JW: He is an amalgam of several real life people who I cannot name because they are all alive.

ColdPhone7 karma

Thanks for doing this! You two are certainly comedic heroes of mine and I loved seeing you two at your Chicago show.

Tom: Are you still keeping up with comics? What are some of your favorite books going right now?

Jon: What advice would you give to a band that's trying to get themselves out there?

Thanks again!

ScharplingAndWurster20 karma

JW: Put down those ukuleles.

ScharplingAndWurster10 karma

TS: I love BLACK SCIENCE, any and all Matt Fraction and Kelley Sue Deconnick (esp. BITCH PLANET!), WICKED & DIVINE, the better Marvel stuff.

ScharplingAndWurster5 karma

TS: I love BLACK SCIENCE, any and all Matt Fraction and Kelley Sue Deconnick (esp. BITCH PLANET!), WICKED & DIVINE, the better Marvel stuff.

brett3mcadams7 karma

I'm in Georgia, didn't know nothin bout WFMU or best show. Started listening to it as a podcast few months back. Do you love me or hate me for all that?

ScharplingAndWurster12 karma

TS: I love you.

SegaGenecyst7 karma

How long does it take to write the lists e.g. the 'sucks' list?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

JW: The lists that are creative, like the movie titles and things like that take a while. But the "sucks" list was literally just writing down whatever came into our heads for 20 minutes.

slender21127 karma

Hi! First off I want to say I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe, and I love Tom's character, Greg. But my question is for Jon.

When you voiced Marty in the show, were you kind of bummed out that your character was such a 'bad guy'? Or were you just happy to work with the show?

ScharplingAndWurster19 karma

JW: I'm a bad guy in real life so...

mitchzaavo7 karma

We haven't heard from the Gorch in a while... what has he been up to?

ScharplingAndWurster14 karma

JW: His Rascal overturned in Newark.

erifhtiwklaweriF7 karma

If a Newbridge theme/amusement park were ever to spring up, what kind of rides could park-goers expect to find?

ScharplingAndWurster26 karma

The Screaming Sheila

carloscarlson7 karma

Jon, do you listen to the rest of the show regularly?

ScharplingAndWurster15 karma

I do when I can. But often I have to go play a show right after my call.

pickaxebobby7 karma

Hi fellas - Do you two keep a Best Show "Bible" to retain all the myriad character arcs? Is canon important?

ScharplingAndWurster14 karma

JW: We should but we don't. I am constantly e-mailing our archivist Omar asking him these very questions.

irritatedusername7 karma

Hey Tom, what old-show caller do you miss the most?

Jon: do you ever drop your wallet for real?

ScharplingAndWurster12 karma

JW: Can't afford one.

xgreco7 karma

Tom- I've never been able to tell if you're a Spingsteen fan or not despite where you grew up. Are you?

ScharplingAndWurster17 karma

TS: I love The Boss. Especially BORN TO RUN and DARKNESS. But in the 80s his shadow was too large for anybody interested in non-Bruce music so we all learned to push back. But ultimately he is our father.

borntolose537 karma

Which character is most likely to actually murder Tom?

ScharplingAndWurster17 karma

JW: My money is on Roy Jr

RyanWest7 karma

Tom, what happened to that video you shot with Tony Sirico a few years back? Did it ever come out?

ScharplingAndWurster14 karma

TS: It did not! But someday I will tell the whole story. Remind me!

CountCrackula847 karma

How do you guys come up with some of the more "high concept" characters from the show? I get that Roy and Darren Ploppleton could have been shaped by people you've met, but what about folks like Timmy von Trimble and Andy from Lake Newbridge?

Also, has a character ever started out as a completely different sort of concept before being unleashed to threaten and aggravate Tom?

ScharplingAndWurster17 karma

JW: Often the characters DO get inspired by real-life situations. We start with some kernel of a real thing and then build it out. Timmy was Tom calling me up and saying "What if you called as a 2-inch man." And I said "And what if he's racist." Andy is one of my fave calls. That was just us batting around the idea of a a normal shooting the shit kind of call and the reveal is that the caller is a fish in a lake.

DrocT186 karma

This more for Tom since has more 'screen time' than Jon. What is your favorite part about working on Steven Universe? Tom, the songs and your character are amazing. I've listened to 'Like a Comet' so many times I love it. Jon, we need to see more of Marty because I love characters that aren't the worst people in the world but just enough for them to rub you the wrong way.

Thanks for taking time for your fans.

ScharplingAndWurster16 karma

TS: My favorite part of Steven Universe is that Rebecca & Co. are working HARD to build a real world with real character development. People grow and change on the show, unlike most shows (animated or otherwise). I'm always blown away by what they do. And I love how Greg reveals more about his past as time goes on.

Aunt_Harriet6 karma

Jon, how was your experience with Robert Pollard?

I love him but he seems like he could be difficult if you get on his bad side

ScharplingAndWurster12 karma

JW: What you said is true and I think he would agree with that. One of the greatest songwriters of our generation and it was a thrill to get to play with him and to play those great songs. He has always been a big S&W supporter and he is a good guy. And his hatred of the word "anyhoo" was the reason I started saying it so much on the show. Just to see if he would notice!

da_fashion_expert6 karma

If you had to spend a year on an island with a (real) Best Show caller, who would it be? The Blood Trail guy included, of course.

ScharplingAndWurster14 karma

TS: Probably Jason from Huntsville or Julie from Cincinnati.

mackromackro6 karma

Tom: One of my favorite recent Best Show moments was the Bowling Alley Confession call with a caller from Last Vegas involving her getting blocked by the Alphaville Twitter account, which spawned an amazing 80s New Wave a cappella vs. Dr. Who fantasy world you created.

So I'm wondering if you -- or Jon, of course - ever saw a most memorable 80s synth pop concert back in the day? If so, which was it?

ScharplingAndWurster7 karma

JW: I like rock bands. But I did see Duran Duran OPEN on this power bill in '82: Squeeze/Split Enz/Third World/Bush Tetras.

zackwag6 karma

You guys have such an encyclopedic knowledge of music and musicians, so I'd like to ask: Who's your favorite musician and what's your favorite album?

ScharplingAndWurster8 karma

JW: My fave LP is "London Calling" --fave musicians: Steve Nieve, Steve Jordan, Charley Drayton, Tommy Keene, all da Ramones..

AlabammyComet6 karma

Hello, Tom. Hello, Jon.

What personal and professional developments which have happened as a result of your work on "The Best Show" have been the most surprising?

ScharplingAndWurster22 karma

JW: One that just happened that cannot be spoken of for a while.

SegaGenecyst5 karma

What was it like getting to do the show for the first time in your own space after the transition from WFMU?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

TS: Freaky and nerve-wracking. It wouldn't have happened without people like Brendan McDonald, Jason Gore, Pat Byrne, Marcia Neumeier, Jeff Owens and SO MANY MORE helping bring the thing to life.

Frajer5 karma

do you feel like music and comedy naturally go together?

ScharplingAndWurster26 karma

JW: Like Kiss?

steakchucks5 karma

How would you spell Roy's "yeh"?

ScharplingAndWurster8 karma

JW: You nailed it.

monday1395 karma

Hey guys! Super excited you're doing this; thanks for your time.

  • Have y'all, while writing, ever disagreed on where to take a call or what would be funniest? How often do you start writing a call and then just give up on it/start over?

  • Has Jon ever nearly forgotten to call in? (Dude seems busy, after all.)

  • How much prep does Tom do for the parts of the show that aren't S&W calls? There seems to be a fair amount of prep for list type shows, eg #worst100 or even #ShowbizCrimes.

ScharplingAndWurster7 karma

TS: It is shocking how much Jon and I agree on what the funniest version of a call is. We will talk and each pitch things out and then one of us says the funniest thing and we know that's what we're gonna go with.

And I do prep all week on the show. Lots of administrative things to take care of in addition to non-S&W content!

SegaGenecyst5 karma

What things that happened in real life made you think 'this could have happened in Newbridge'?

ScharplingAndWurster13 karma

JW: It seems like more and more things are happening in the real wold that ALREADY happened in Newbridge.

lincoln_flynn835 karma

If you guys had your druthers, would you make a Newbridge movie? (P.S. I recently watched the Errol Morris's documentary Vernon, Florida, which is just a bunch of weird guys who live in the boonies being interviewed, and I thought, "I would like to see a movie like this called Newbridge, New Jersey.")

ScharplingAndWurster13 karma

TS: I would love to do some large version of Newbridge. We talk about all sorts of things. Something will happen. Hopefully sooner than later!

BillyMumphreys5 karma

Eggs, when will Cody's new show start with you as sidekick?

ScharplingAndWurster6 karma

TS: I'm waiting for Hayes and Sean to give us the green light. WolfCool has the show under serious consideration.

beavissimpson5 karma

I like how you're making the most of the show and putting out the content is different packages now - full show, gems, half hour of power, best calls.

Would you be a guest on Fred from Honolulu's new podcast?

ScharplingAndWurster10 karma

TS: Fred has a podcast? Seriously?


nadynu4 karma

One element I really enjoyed on TBS 1.0 was whenever a caller would bring up, Jon, and Tom would deny his existence and say something like "I don't what you're talking about." In TBS 2.0, Tom does not balk at a mention of Jon. How does Jon feel about this new era of mentions?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

JW: I think I deserve full respect now that I am 50.

colemania214 karma

Hey guys!

Tom and Jon -- What are your favorite beaches to visit in Jersey? And when are you playing a Philly gig?

ScharplingAndWurster4 karma

TS: I like Asbury Park or Seaside Heights, depending on how many fried Oreos I'm looking to eat that day.

NicholasTanek4 karma

Did MERLE ALLIN ever contact you regarding any of the GG ALLIN discussions on The Best Show?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

JW: No, and it is INSULTING.

colemania214 karma

When will Philly Boy Roy return to his homeland and perform in front of the Philly crowds?

ScharplingAndWurster10 karma

JW: Keep yer I's peeled.

feeln4u4 karma

Hi! Big fan. A question for Tom and a comment for Jon:

Tom: What's your favorite swear word? You're not in front of a microphone; this is a safe space.

Jon: Earlier this year I was at the gym doing squats (humblebrag) and I was listening to the recent(ish) episode where you called in and during the bit said something to the effect of, "I got in an unbridled fist fight with an entire tour group", at which point I came very close to collapsing beneath the weight of the bar on account of how much of a left hook that turn of phrase was to my funny bone. Just wanted to share.

PS: bring the live show to the Tampa Bay area someday! Fredricks from New Port Richey and I would be much oblidged.

ScharplingAndWurster11 karma

JW: You said "squats."

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

TS: I like the word that starts with an F.

SegaGenecyst4 karma

One of my favourite things is hearing you guys clearly trying with all your might to not laugh. Is that easier now because you have more practice, or harder because the calls are better?

ScharplingAndWurster4 karma

JW: It has actually gotten harder. I don't think we laughed until around 2009. Not sure why that was when it started but it has been a struggle since.

DeeDBoon4 karma

Tom when you made the decision to end the show on WFMU, did you have an plans to work with Jon again? Did the decision to bring it back have anything to do with people reacting to its absence, since no one is doing anything like TBS.

Personally that final show was one of the most moving pieces of media I've ever experienced. I'm very happy it came back.

ScharplingAndWurster6 karma

TS: Of course! Ending the show on WFMU was exactly that - bringing a version of what we do to a close to see what the future held. There was never any notion of us not doing what we do!

killwave4 karma

hi guys, long time fan.

Tom and Jon: when writing out Jon's call for the show, are you influenced by Best Show callers that might have done something annoying? asked another way, does the call-in segment of the show create material for Jon's calls?

Jon: what are some of your favorite places to buy 'fun' shirts? Favorite/go-to drum fill?

Tom: back when you were doing Low Times, I seem to recall a possibility of John MacLean interview that never seemed to transpire. Were you a fan of 6FS? Did you ever get to see them live? Any reason you can share why the interview didn't happen?

ScharplingAndWurster5 karma

JW: The first Pudge call was inspired by a run of very uninteresting callers who all said "I dunno" when Tom asked them what was going on. I get my shirts at Paul Smith in NYC/Robert James in NYC and a place called The Shirt Shop in Amsterdam.

ScharplingAndWurster4 karma

TS: The content for the calls can come from literally everywhere and anywhere. There have been moments on the show that have inspired calls.

And yeah, the 6FS interview didn't happen. I had to step away from Low Times to focus on bringing The Best Show back. It was a fun podcast to do though and I do miss it.

Croz3654 karma

Were there any particular songs that inspired the maddening number of characters in "rock n roll dreams will come through"?

ScharplingAndWurster7 karma

JW: The origin of that was discovering a real song by Jim Steinman called "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through," We thought it was the weirdest title and we decided to do our own version of it. To this day neither of us have heard his song.

david65914 karma

Favorite Sloan song?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

TS: Fading Into Obscurity or The Lines That Amend or Money City Maniacs or just about any of them. Sloan are a hit machine that gets a fraction of the credit they deserve.

ScharplingAndWurster5 karma

JW: Marquee and the Moon

hackle674 karma

Hi guys. Any plans to perform live in Austin, TX?

ScharplingAndWurster8 karma

JW: We very much hope to come there.

Hutch244 karma

How do I get unbanned from the FOT forum?

ScharplingAndWurster15 karma

TS: The first step is to admit what you did. You must've done SOMETHING wrong. What was it, son? We can get back on the same page if you just own up to it and promise not to do it again.

RobespierreY2K4 karma

Do you have a single favorite episode of Get A Life?

ScharplingAndWurster6 karma

TS: I think it's the one in which Chris buys a watch and it turns his wrist green. The guy eating the food at the counter of the store is one of the all-time funniest things ever.

jusmer4 karma

How did Tom and Gary the Squirrel meet?

Looking forward to seeing you guys in San Francisco! <3

ScharplingAndWurster10 karma

TS: He showed up at WFMU because he's friends with Vance. I am looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco too!

Is_it_really_art4 karma

Is Kid eBay dead?

ScharplingAndWurster4 karma

JW: I wonder...

WaitWhatYoureNuts4 karma

Jon, what song deserves a sequel?

ScharplingAndWurster4 karma

JW: "The Peppermint Twist" --did she meet him or not?

Cheese_is_a_Person3 karma

In some interview, Jon mentioned doing a call where he was totally unprepared. Out of curiosity, do you mind sharing which one that was?

ScharplingAndWurster5 karma

JW: It was a call in the summer of '13. I was at the beach for my parents' 50th anniversary and I just didn't have anything. Wasn't in the frame of mind to do a call but i did one and it just kind of never got rolling.

tipodecinta3 karma

Tom, did you bother to listen to Micky Dolenz's Greatest Hits LP yet?

ScharplingAndWurster6 karma

TS: Are you the one who sent it? It scared me when I saw how much it cost. If it was you, thank you!

I haven't listened yet. I will.

minivanhighway3 karma

I love the Best Show's relationship with music, and you guys are obviously both huge music fans. Tom has made a lot of his musical preferences known, and based on Jon's career, there is a lot of overlap in taste. But I've always been curious: are there any bands/music that one of you loves that the other hates?

What sorts of cultural things, even non-musical, are you completely at odds with each other?

ScharplingAndWurster5 karma

JW: The one that comes to mind is Led Zeppelin. I do like a few things but i am not a fan.

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

TS: Jon, just listen to this live version of "No Quarter" from '77 that I'm gonna Dropbox you and you will be converted.

SegaGenecyst3 karma

What's your favourite thing that each other has done on the show?

ScharplingAndWurster7 karma

JW: I like when talks to children.

sexymafratelli3 karma

We get a breakdown of how the SNL writers' room looks throughout the week. Short of rehashing all the interviews, and knowing that you meticulously plan out the calls with some wiggle room, how much active and passive prep goes into these calls?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

JW: Lots. They are very much written out. But there is always room for fun side roads to go down and mice with capes to laugh at.

Wetmang3 karma

Tom: Is it difficult to do Greg Universe's voice and is he the character you most identify with in the show?

ScharplingAndWurster9 karma

TS: Greg's voice is my voice so it's not too hard to do. And yeah, I identify with Greg and Amethyst the most.

SegaGenecyst3 karma

Jon: Do you find yourself using your catchprases in real life?

ScharplingAndWurster10 karma

JW: No, but I do get them shouted at me often. Which I do like.