Hey guys, I'm Johnny Mundo. I've spent 10 years of my life traveling around the world in bedazzled tights, and now I'm here to answer your questions!

The season finale of LUCHA UNDERGROUND airs tonight at 8 PM ET / PST!

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Muscle_Squad85 karma

How cool has it been to see Joe Mercury on TV (almost) every Monday?

IamJohnnyMundo121 karma

Amazing, I've said in tons of interviews how awesome it is to see Joey on RAW again- one of the greatest minds for pro wrestling I had the privilege of working with

platetectonics360 karma

Did you get along with CM Punk?

IamJohnnyMundo116 karma

Que Pasa everyone! glad to be back on REDDIT-

CM Punk, yes! had some great times training & riding with him & Luke Gallows-

Looking forward to watching his UFC career

IamJohnnyMundo59 karma

Thank you all for hanging out with me for this AMA

Make sure to watch Ultima Lucha tonight! 8pm on the El Rey Network-

I'm proud to be working for Lucha Underground, and extremely proud of the match tonight vs. Alberto.

I started in this business because I loved watching it when I was a kid. Thank you all for being fans of wrestling, without you there would be no me… & no other wrestlers, or pro wrestling for that matter. I’m humbled & honored every time I have the opportunity to perform in front of you all-

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Johnny Mundo

dozzberries49 karma

Was Melina jealous of the bromance you and Miz had going?

IamJohnnyMundo79 karma


haha no, it sucked at the time when the rosters split & we couldn't ride together but Melina wasn't jealous of anything

Tgerks0745 karma

We all know you're the true face of Lucha Underground. How good did it feel to throw El Patron through Dario Cueto's office window??

IamJohnnyMundo82 karma

it. felt. amazing. he had it coming. I'm looking forward to looking him eye to eye tonight on the season finale of Lucha Underground & showing that culero why I am the face of Lucha Underground

KingCharles_38 karma

Hey Johnny! Thanks for doing the AMA. Anyways 2 questions.

  1. What is your favorite Wrestling memory?

  2. What is your favorite Wrestling match?

IamJohnnyMundo82 karma

Hiyo! damn, I hate always having to pick 'a favorite' memory or match … much easier to just remember a few great memories… Winning the IC title from Rey Mysterio in Cleveland, Throwing Alberto El Patron through the glass window of Dario Cueto's office, getting speared off the band stand by Puma in Lucha Underground, super kicking HHH on RAW, walking to the ring with Melina (every time), winning the Slammy for Tag Team of the year…

Patrazor37 karma

Are there currently active wrestlers you'd like to work with but haven't yet and if so, who?

IamJohnnyMundo90 karma

Fenix, Pentagon Jr, Kalisto, Neville, Balor, Bray Wyatt… those and them some

WWEHHH7035 karma

Would you ever return to WWE ?

IamJohnnyMundo129 karma

I really stoked about Lucha Underground right now

semishock30 karma

How has life been outside of WWE?

Obviously, your Lucha Underground work, but also just life outside of the travel and the demands of working for a big, publicly traded company like WWE?

IamJohnnyMundo57 karma

Working for Lucha Underground has been great, This is a group of passionate motivated people collaborating on a vision, Season 1 of lucha felt like working for a Start Up company vs working for a Large Cap company-

aside from that the time to work on my own projects has been really important to me- Acting, writing, producing… stuff in the entertainment industry has been great

Blee1024 karma

Who do you feel you have the best chemistry with in the ring over your career?

IamJohnnyMundo46 karma

Alberto El Patron, the matches we've been having in Lucha Underground have been taking my game to the next level

NorbitGorbit24 karma

what are the best and worst pranks you've seen pulled on fellow wrestlers and yourself?

IamJohnnyMundo65 karma

among the best & worst-

shit sauna. After a wrester leaves his room for a show someone sneaks in, takes a dump in the dudes shower & turns the heat all the way up in the room… when the guy gets back to his room…

platetectonics323 karma

would your finisher in the WWE ever bother you? You were such a good worker, but your finish would sometimes drive me nuts because it would look like it didn't hit half the time. But when it did, it looked great.

IamJohnnyMundo53 karma

Yes! I always cringe when I watch my old stuff especially when Starship Pain didn't look impactful- I've tuning up my wrestling in Lucha Underground, and that is one of the things I set out to change from day one

platetectonics322 karma

Who were some of the biggest bullies in the WWE locker room?

IamJohnnyMundo70 karma

damn, you want me to name names… haha- eventually I'll have to write a book-

a-Smooth-Criminal14 karma

If real Luchadores could transform into things such as Pinballs, Bulldozers, and so on like in the cartoon Mucha Lucha, what would you transform into for your signature Lucha move?

IamJohnnyMundo16 karma

Double Side Flip! aka Boone Bomb, one of the moves I use in the movie Boone the Bounty Hunter to knock out a top heel in the movie.

maybe call it the 'Canon Ball'

platetectonics310 karma

What was you most memorable match in the WWE?

IamJohnnyMundo31 karma

most memorable? grrrrrrr… so subjective-

For me, it changes all the time… now I'm thinking of the 1st ladder match I had vs. Jeff Hardy for the IC title, first ladder match I had & still one of my best

Ragnurp10 karma

What was your favorite place to go to in Louisville back when you were in OVW?

IamJohnnyMundo28 karma

Too many awesome restaurants to name, hitting the stony brook movie theatre with all the OVW roster & doing commentary on whatever movie we were watching...

Hambone45896 karma

Hello Mr. Hennigan! I have two questions. how difficult was the process of Tough Enough during the season you won and (if you've seen any of it) how does it compare to the current season of Tough Enough? Thanks for doing this AMA and putting smiles on people's faces.

IamJohnnyMundo24 karma

haha! smiles on faces or… maximum smilage as referred to by the body guys (Carlito & Masters)

Tough Enough was intense! This season of tough enough is too corporate- I feel like a smaller group of coaches would be better, too many chefs in the kitchen on this one…

captainpoopoo5 karma

Huge fan of all your characters John, looking forward to tonight against Alberto El Patron! I was wondering if you prefer having an open contract where you can make appearances in smaller promotions, or an exclusive contract where you can really build a character?

IamJohnnyMundo26 karma

Thank you! Johnny Mundo vs Alberto is going to steal the show tonight. Ultima Lucha could become an iconic event in the pro wrestling business, it's not often that a wrestler gets to be a part something like this.

I enjoy having an open contract, it keeps things constantly interesting, different crowds, different opponents, different promotions… a character in pro wrestling can be developed regardless of having an exclusive contract

homer625 karma

Hey bro, I'm glad you are back in the public eye. Your work on LU is excellent and its awesome to see someone leave the mainstream and actually come out looking stronger then before.

My question is what evolutions do you see coming in this business and what role do you hope to play? I ask as you seem like an innovator both in the ring and now how you present your personal brand....

IamJohnnyMundo26 karma

Great question, I think Lucha Underground is the evolution of the business- The 1 hour show format as opposed to the 3 hour RAW TV show is a great example of what I think is going to happen with wrestling- eventually an emphasis on quality is going to become increasingly important. I don't have 3 hours to spend watching wrestling, I fast forward through my DVR when I watch RAW… that eliminates the advantage of having a live show altogether.

There is something to be said about watching something live though…

I plan on being part of the amalgamation of wrestling and other forms of entertainment… TV, movies… etc… but everything in wrestling ultimately goes back to a connection that wrestlers build with people watching what happens when the bell rings.

SaveUsBatman3 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! You're having extremely great matches on Lucha Underground right now. I've always loved your style because I always saw it as "different". So thank you for the many years of entertainment!

What is your favorite match or matches to date?

IamJohnnyMundo18 karma

Thanks for watching Lucha!

Tonight is going to be epic-

my favorite match is my next match