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Is it weird that I work out exclusively to your music? I sometimes worry that someone is going to hear my wispy voiced piano music and chastise me publicly.... but then I'd hurt them so it ok.....

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Johnny exemplifies the modern era pro wrestler in this response. Great performer and really impressed with his growth in character over at LU. Miz is definitely the Janetty ;)

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Hey bro, I'm glad you are back in the public eye. Your work on LU is excellent and its awesome to see someone leave the mainstream and actually come out looking stronger then before.

My question is what evolutions do you see coming in this business and what role do you hope to play? I ask as you seem like an innovator both in the ring and now how you present your personal brand....

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Hey Lanny, when are you getting pro wrestlers back in the mix? Maybe just a weekly segment where Bret Hart shits on everything that sucks to our collective delight?