I'm off now. Thanks so much for all your questions, you've been great! Don't forget to watch Scope's comedy shorts and find out how to #EndTheAwkward.

My short bio:

I'm Alex Brooker.

You might know me from Channel 4's Friday night topical comedy show The Last Leg.

I have hand and arm disabilities and a prosthetic leg which I use for material on literally every show I do - so I thought it would be a good idea to team up with disability charity Scope and Channel 4 to make six short comedy films on awkwardness about disability.

Ask me anything! I’ll be back to answer your top questions at 12.30.

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Bigassbird124 karma

Hi Alex

Is it ok that when you were talking about wank socks on Friday that I spent far too long wondering if you experience difficulties masturbating?

Love the show. You should be very proud that you made John Cleese almost piss his pants laughing.

AlexBrooker206 karma

I didn't expect to cover this subject on here haha! Yeah I had a few tweets but put it this way - I have wide enough grip for the bottom of a bottle of beer and I'm not packing that sort of heat so I'm doing ok!

And yeah John loved my ISIS joke. I would say it's one of my highlights in this business to have made him laugh so much.

The_Kwyjibo112 karma

Hi Alex,

Do you think Josh ever feels left out because he has all his limbs?

AlexBrooker85 karma

Haha I'm sure he doesnt!

BookerTeaBag111 karma

Hi Alex, big fan of you and the show. Just wondering how did the show begin behind the scenes? How did Josh, Adam and yourself end up coming together?

AlexBrooker172 karma

Nice username. I was on the Paralympics to be a football reporter and only on the first Last Leg show to establish who I was because I was going to be reporting for them throughout the week. I did the first five minutes on the sofa with Adam, then Josh replaced me. The next day we were all put together from the start and we've been lucky enough to carry on doing the show.

claire230684 karma

Hi Alex! i'm coming to see the Last Leg from 'oop North on the 4th September. Fancy a Nandos?

AlexBrooker115 karma

There's one right round the corner from the studios. See you there.

BubbleLove9581 karma

Hey Alex thanks for doing the Ama. Who was your most memorable guest and why was it Carrie Fisher?

AlexBrooker107 karma

Hahaha. Carrie Fisher was brilliant. It was live and I found myself in a situation where Carrie Fisher is giving me a cuddle and I just had no idea what to do!

Cerveza8757 karma

Hi Alex,

You and the Last Leg team did an amazing job in "normalising" (for lack a better word) disabilities. I think it really helped change peoples perspective on the subject! So, on that sort of subject, will the last leg be featured in Rio?

Additionally, what are your plans for the rest of the summer?

Thanks :)

AlexBrooker72 karma

I hope we go to Rio! We have moved on so much as a show now and we have improved so to go and do a Paralympic show again would be brilliant. I really believe we can make some great shows out there. Plus I want to go to Brazil!

Last Leg will be taking up my time until the start of September and then I will see what other projects come up. Failing that just sit at home and play FIFA all day.

AlexBrooker52 karma

Hi everyone,

I'm off now. Thanks for all your questions about The Last Leg, End The Awkward, Arsenal, Nandos and voting socks etc! Please check out the What Not To Do videos here http://t.co/1ecDP4VPi1.

Once again thanks for your time.



P.S. The Last Leg is on every Friday at 10pm on Channel 4.

chewy198745 karma

Hi Alex, love the Last Leg I really believe it's the best show on TV at the minute! Has there ever been a comment or joke you've made on the show you really wished you hadn't? Planned or unplanned.

AlexBrooker72 karma

Thankyou! There's not many I've really regretted. I made one about the Royal Family and Princess Diana during the election shows which was a bit close to the bone but I just about got away with. On Friday I did one about a voting sock while talking about porn being found on parliamentary computers - which was a bit minging really. But you should see the stuff I decide not to say!!

CJ_Jones40 karma

Hi Alex, thanks for doing this AMA, big fan of the Last Leg and have attended a couple of recordings already.

How often do people ask you "Do you need a hand?" and is it particularly awkward?

Also, are you braced for the feedback from Adam's rant about Jeremy Cunt Hunt?

AlexBrooker63 karma

The recordings are good fun aren't they. I love doing a live show every week. Haha I've been introduced on stage with someone asking the audience to give me a big hand and didn't realise the connotation of what they'd said. Made for a good line for stand-up though! The rant on Hunt was brilliant. I just hope he starts to give the NHS the respect it deserves.

jurwin34 karma

Why did you want to get involved in Scope's campaign? Has anything super awkward ever happened to you?

AlexBrooker75 karma

I wanted to get involved because it's approaching a serious subject through humour - which is something I believe in. And because it isn't preachy or intended to shame people. Loads of awkward stuff has happened to me. I've kicked my leg off the back of a pedalo, been put in a canoe in a swimming lesson because it was assumed I couldn't swim and had numerous awkward hand shakes!

artysej32 karma

Hey Alex, huge fan of The Last Leg - it is the best of British political satire!

Who are your inspirations in regards to satire/telly/comedy?

AlexBrooker56 karma

Thankyou. I'm glad you like the show. In terms of telly - I loved Gavin and Stacey and League of Their Own so James Corden. In comedy, obviously Hills and Josh but I also love people like Micky Flanagan, Lee Mack. My favourite comedian is probably Frankie Boyle.

TOOSG27 karma

Who would be your favourite person to have as a guest on The Last Leg that hasn't already been on?

AlexBrooker54 karma

I would love to get Thierry Henry on because he's my hero. Or Justin Timberlake. I like it when we get big name actors on too.

marrioman1323 karma

Is there anywhere I can buy the bullshit button? What was your favourite end of show sketch?

AlexBrooker26 karma

I really enjoyed the sketch we did with Daniel Radcliffe. I don't know where you can buy the bullshit button. I wish I had got some on the market myself!

MachoDagger22 karma

Hey Alex, How was your school life? Being disabled I can imagine that it was tough, did it drive you towards comedy?

AlexBrooker85 karma

I was very lucky at school and didn't get bullied really. I had good mates all the way through who looked after me. To be honest with you I get more crap off bellends on Twitter than I ever did in school. Just a shame these people hide behind a keyboard.

arabbitt18 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA! Which episode of the last leg was your most favourite to film and why?

AlexBrooker48 karma

I would say that last week's with John Cleese was up there with my favourites. It was so chaotic and he was brilliant. Then other than that the ones with Nick Clegg because of the interview and Russell Crowe because I got to do a sketch with him. My favourite is the first ever one at the Paralympics because that five minutes on the sofa I did was the start of something which has changed my life completely.

raboolaconundrum16 karma

Sup Alex, love The Last Leg. How do you genuinely think Arsenal are going to get on this year in both the league and Europe? And how big of a role do you think the addition of Cech will have in any likely success?

AlexBrooker35 karma

I think we have a really good chance in the league if we can keep everyone fit and if Wenger brings in another player before the transfer window closes. I'd like to see us get another striker but I think we also need another powerful midfielder because if Coquelin gets injured we don't have similar cover. Arteta isn't mobile enough and then you look at Ramsey, Wilshere and Cazorla who are all great players in the middle but more attacking minded. I think Cech is an excellent signing. It's about time we had a top goalkeeper - it's been a long time coming.

HooksaN15 karma

Hi Alex! Thanks for doing an AMA, have always enjoyed you on TV on stuff like Buzzcocks and 8oo10Cats, and 'the last leg' is great.

Can you please, once and for all, clear up a common misconception that I'm always arguing with my friend about:

Are you, or are you not, in any way related to Charlie Brooker?

AlexBrooker25 karma

I am in no way related to Charlie Brooker. I'd like to be as successful as him one day though!

Duke117713 karma

Hi Alex!

Love the show - you three have a seriously awesome dynamic.

How did it start that Josh always gets "the pride of Dartmoor" and you get a brand new new (and usually hilarious) intro insult?

AlexBrooker29 karma

Ah thankyou. I really love doing it. Josh has had that intro right from the Paralympics. Until Dartmoor has someone to be more proud of he deserves it. And I just do ridiculous stuff every week which is a gift for Adam!

Loudat1112 karma

Hi Alex!

I only found out today that you went to Knatchbull and that you were originally from Ashford! I went to NKS also and was wondering who influenced your career path and also how easy was it for you to become a journalist and escape the Ashford environment?

Currently, I am a 21-year-old University of Kent student who wants to pursue a career in journalism!


AlexBrooker26 karma

Hi. I always wanted to be a football journalist from when I was 11. I just wanted to be paid to watch football. I liked some of the national journalists but when I went into the industry I quickly realised that there's a fair few of them that are complete tossers. I've seen more arrogance in a press room at a football club than I have in the whole of television.

But don't let that put you off journalism. It's such a great industry. I ended up moving from Ashford to go to university in Liverpool because my friend's family were from there and they just made me love the place before I'd even visited. Best decision I've ever made.

I can't believe they have girls at NKS now. Mental.

PhilJMarsh9 karma

Hi Alex, have you ever been awkward around a disabled person yourself? If so, what happened?

AlexBrooker36 karma

I've had it before when I've been talking to someone with cerebral palsy who had speech difficulties and I had to really concentrate to understand. I realised that my concentrating face just looked really odd. That was awkward.

_Mechanical_Turk9 karma

Hi Alex, Thanks for the AMA and your work with Scope - the ads are excellent. It seems like there is currently real momentum in the media to cast people with different disabilities in different roles, acting and performing, and not just where the disability is a feature. It's a great development and something the Last Leg played a big part in. Obviously disabled people are still under-represented on TV, do you think there are still any areas of the media where disabled actors/performers still don't get considered at all? What can we do about it?

AlexBrooker22 karma

I think there should be more disabled performers everywhere. It's funny you mention this because comedy acting is something I really want to get in but can't help but feel I wont get cast in anything unless it's a role that has to mention disability. It's frustrating.

Rockinghearse8 karma

You fancy a cheeky nandos?

AlexBrooker26 karma

Haha I've had a couple of ropey ones recently which has put me off it!

Rhain19997 karma

Hey Alex, thanks for doing this! I'm a huge fan.

Have you ever experienced an awkward moment while recording The Last Leg? Something that you knew would be controversial, or just awkward in general?

AlexBrooker41 karma

I felt a bit awkward during the Nick Clegg interview because I was giving him a hard time but in all honesty, I really liked the bloke. So that was difficult and when I came off set I felt like I had been unfair on him. We did a sketch with Daniel Radcliffe and when I met him for the first time I was dressed as Hermione. That was ridiculous: "Hi mate, I'm a huge fan - sorry I'm dressed as a schoolgirl."

jikkie6 karma

Hi Alex, I love the last leg - and those ads are proper cringe. Which bit made you made your toes curl the most?

AlexBrooker17 karma

In the nail bar when she starts talking about the Paralympics is pretty cringey. Then more of the hairdresser one made my single set of toes curl.

ScopeCharity6 karma

Which Channel 4 short film do you think is best/most cringe/gets the point across best?

AlexBrooker14 karma

I think the hairdresser one is the most cringey but my favourite is the job interview because I think the actress in it, Fran, is just so good - as is the manager.

f_assbender6 karma

What's the dumbest thing someone has ever asked you about living with your disability?

AlexBrooker25 karma

Somebody once asked if an animal made my hands like they were - which is ridiculous!

n0bodynose5 karma

Everyone can do a Josh Widdicombe impression. How's yours?

AlexBrooker18 karma

I did one in the final sketch from last Friday's show. I'd say it was average.

dandotcom3 karma

Hi Alex,

Have you had a guest on the show that has been genuinely offended?

Also -

How cheeky does a Nandos have to be before it is proper cheeky?


AlexBrooker17 karma

Thankfully we haven't really offended a guest so far - which is good news! Haha I'm not sure any Nandos is really that cheeky. I certainly don't feel cheeky when I'm on the toilet because I've struggled with the extra hot.

wilsonianuk3 karma

What was it like working on "The Jump"? And how pissed did you get?

AlexBrooker14 karma

I liked the people who I worked with on that show. I have contrasting opinions on the role I actually did on there.

emilysdadart3 karma

ALEX, pls help! for 5 years my 9 yrd ols daughter and i have been pushing our POSITIVE FUN ACTION PACKED DISABLED SUPERHEROES! BUT..we are still being ignored by tv..why? whats so scary about a positive role model thats accessible for all? we just need a champion in the industry, like you and last leg..exhausted dad needs help, pls, we can change the medias view! pls go ..http://www.departmentofability.com/ pls be our voice alex, we love last leg, pls

AlexBrooker10 karma

Hi mate. TV is such a difficult thing to get stuff onto. It's better now but there's still a long way to go. I just looked at the website and I love what you're doing. I don't see why there still has to be a situation where kids associate disability and deformity with the bad guy - like Hook.

DrUnnecessary3 karma

Hey Alex,

Big fan of show, hook me up with some tickets bro... ;)

When are you going to overthrow Adam Hills and run the show with Josh Widdicombe?

I've plenty of idea's on how to take him out if you need some advice.


AlexBrooker9 karma

Haha I have no immediate plans to stage a coup. Plus I couldn't do Hills' job - it's too much hard work!

Ja3e0 karma

How are you typing?

DrUnnecessary2 karma

Jedi Mind Powers.

AlexBrooker8 karma

I actually type very quickly. I've been using computers since I was young so I touch type at a very good speed - quicker than most.