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Woah woah woah!

Are you telling me my horse lasagna might have had some old cow in it? I'm disgusted.

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Hi Alex,

Do you think Josh ever feels left out because he has all his limbs?

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Apologies if this has been answered, but what do you do with male calves? Are they packed up for breeding or used for veal?

Have you ever eaten a freshly born calf? (obviously once you have cooked it. Not raw like some sort of savage)

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I once sat next to you on the Oxford Tube. You were on the phone talking about urban exploring- or some such- and you had some photos on your laptop that I recognised. Then you opened Facebook and I saw your name. (I wasn't stalking, I couldn't help but see)

No question really, just I think your stuff is pretty cool.

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If you could have any rugby player in the world play for Fiji,who would you choose? (Preferably not someone of Pacific island descent as that's just cheating)