My short bio: HEY! I am Lindsay Elyse! I have been cosplaying for over 10 years! I make costumes and travel the world attending gaming and comic conventions. I have judged costume contests, hosted panels, and have had the amazing opportunity to work with companies like Bethesda, 2K, MLG, and CAPCOM. In addition to cosplay, I am a partnered live streamer on Twitch! I've had over a million unique views and stream as my main job. Ask me anything!

My Proof:

ALL DONE! Thank you guys for all of your questions! I hope you enjoyed it!

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frosty_butthole12 karma

What one costume would you make if time and money weren't an issue? Also, what is your favorite cosplay?

lindsayelyse22 karma

Oh man, so so so many. I'd really like to make a new Master Chief suit, that thing is just too fun to wear. Or maybe Gypsy Danger!? Give me some armor any day! Favorite cosplay is my Cersei Lannister, I just love that thing.

bestbattle8 karma

How old are you? You look like about 25.

lindsayelyse14 karma

I'll be 24 in about 12 days :D

Skyrleik7 karma

Do you plan to keep doing this as your lifetime career?

lindsayelyse23 karma

Man, I would absolutely love to! Unfortunately I feel that there has to be some point in which it'll stop, so I'm hoping to make connections with all of the companies I love now so that when I can't parade around in costume anymore I'll have a job somewhere! LONG SENTENCE.

Razgrizacez5 karma

What is your favorite fan picture and why is it this?


lindsayelyse6 karma

<3 <3 <3 Oh Tristen! I do love this picture, it definitely is accurate to how I felt that day. Thanks for losing my bags, Delta :P

Deadpool20035 karma

If you could meet one actor who'd it be and why?

lindsayelyse11 karma

Harrison Ford. I just love him so much and I would cry forever.

dannyt715005 karma

What is your most favorite game of all time?

lindsayelyse24 karma


Gooddude082 karma

Do you have a favorite entry in the series? I love 2, but I hate the long intro scene with Roxas...

lindsayelyse3 karma

AHH I HATE THAT ALSO. I was so mad the whole time I just wanted to play Sora. My love belongs to both the original and 2, I like different things about both of them!

Rodetovenaar4 karma

Two questions: 1) Who's your favorite cosplayer besides yourself?

2) Do you like using foam or harder stuff like sintra more and why?

lindsayelyse8 karma

  1. Everyone. Anyone who can take a character that they hold dear in their hearts and bring it to life is my favorite cosplayer. Keep it up guys, I mean that so sincerely.
  2. FOAM. I can not STAND worbla, I feel like I can never get the thing to work. Foam is just easier and lighter and better. Haha! Sintra is okay, it just takes a long time to form and I'm impatient. But yeah, I had the most incredible foam-amorer ever come over for a week from Canada and teach me his godly ways, so foam is my life now. Henchmen Props and Cosplay. Go check him out, seriously.

bassboyjulio1824 karma

Hey Lindsay! You are my cosplaying crush! I've heard you say a couple times how important music is to you. I'm curious what your favourite band/artist is and also what your all time favourite album is?? Thanks for doing this AMA, love seeing what your next character will be!! - Julien Ps. I play guitar and would totally play Wonderwall for you. I wouldn't even miss a word.

lindsayelyse9 karma

YOURE MY WONDERWAAAAAALLLL. Hahaha that song is the worst. Anyways, my favorite band is this rad af group called Eluveitie. FOLK METAL. Just. Musical heaven.

bagogoodies1113 karma

It's a weird question, but I have to ask since I always see the Keyblade.

If(when) you get any more tattoos, what would be on the top of the list and why?

Also I watched one of your streams while I was at the office just the other week...I can't do that anymore. I can't recall what you said, but it made me laugh so heartily the whole floor could hear me. Totally worth it, thanks!

lindsayelyse3 karma

I'd really like to get Valar Morghulis somewhere! The only thing holding me back right now is that I don't know the placement I want yet. But that'll be happening pretty soon! :D HAHA that's wonderful! I'm glad <3

Onedrunkpanda3 karma

Bulbarsaur, Charmander or squirtle?

lindsayelyse5 karma

Hmm. Depends on the game! (When people ask this I always think of the video games) Haha I always have such a tough time choosing between Charmander and Squirtle (I hate bulbasaur sorry :P) SO YEAH UM I DONT KNOW. Too hard.

CherubCutestory3 karma

How tall are you?

lindsayelyse3 karma

5'9" or so!

DLeonetti553 karma

Hi Lindsay, I don't have any good ideas for questions, so I'll ask you this. How are you doing today?

lindsayelyse5 karma

HI DOM! I'm doing fabulously! I've had a billion cups of coffee so I can type really fast. How are you? :D

dannyt715003 karma

How does it feel waking up everyday, knowing that you are able to make a living off of cosplaying and streaming? That's one helluva dream job.

lindsayelyse9 karma

Oh man. I don't even know how to put this in words. I still can't actually believe it. It's the most unreal, incredible, thrilling feeling. I get to do the most important thing in my life all day every day. So many people out there support me and I just will never stop thanking all of you for letting me live this way.

pinkoromonkey3 karma

Would you rather drink Bud Light or eat a piece of rubber?

lindsayelyse9 karma


CkSned2 karma

Hey Lindsay, thanks for doing the AMA!

Got a few questions.

  1. What is your favourite video game of all time?

  2. I know you're a fan of Halo and play that pretty regularly (my favourite series btw, even got a halo tattoo) Which one is your favourite in the series? Also what would be your favourite map/gametype combo in Halo?

lindsayelyse9 karma

  1. Kingdom Hearts! It was the first game I really fell in love with, and I've been lucky enough to be able to grow up with it! I know a lot of you feel the same!
  2. Okay you're gonna hate me for saying this (you can forget it if you want and pretend I said something else) but Halo 4. NOW LET ME EXPLAIN BEFORE YOU LEAVE. I didn't get an Xbox until the night Halo 4 came out. Sure I played 1 and 2's campains on my PC, but I never did any matchmaking until Halo 4. So I know that game the best, I'm the best at it, and it just holds a special place because it was my first (lolol) I mean I'm sure I would like 2 better if I started on 2, blah blah but yeah it's Halo 4. Sorry not sorry. And I'm also not sorry that my favorite game/map is Haven Oddball. And all the Halo fans cried out in agony. :P

QuestforSouls2 karma

will you come to sweden sometime soon ? also are you singel ;)

lindsayelyse5 karma

I'll be in Sweden on September 10th! NärCon in Malmö! I'd love to meet you! :D And nope I'm married to Cloud Strife, he is best.

Liquidedust1 karma

You sure you got that right, I cannot see a NärCon in Malmö on that date . . .

lindsayelyse3 karma

I sure hope so, because I'll be there for it! Haha

DannysAPro2 karma

Do you only play games while you stream, or is there anything you're currently playing that you keep as a more personal experience?

lindsayelyse8 karma

DEFINITELY NOT. I play like... 15 hours of WoW a day. My favorite time to play WoW is in my bed with the lights off and a tv show on and NOT TALKING TO ANYONE. I love streaming, but man do I love just like casually playing a game.

CptnMalcomReynolds2 karma

Hey Lindsay, you're the bestest.

Will you marry me?

No but whats you're favorite band to jam to while playing games?

lindsayelyse4 karma

I've been really into Electro Swing lately! My playlist has got the best songs from Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace, and Tape Five! If you haven't listened to this stuff, do it it's insane!

Renekt0n2 karma

Is a Ciri (Witcher 3) cosplay a possibility in the future?

lindsayelyse4 karma

Possibly! I'm a firm believer of only cosplaying characters that I know and love, so I'd have to play Witcher 3 first before I'd consider it!

Jeanmarchp2 karma

What's the weirdest/Creepiest thing you have seen or has happened to you at a Convention?

lindsayelyse9 karma

You know, I've been pretty lucky. I haven't really had a ton of creepy things happen to me! KNOCKONWOOD. Its the internet that's creepy haha

Cat_borg2 karma

  1. What motivates you to cosplay?
  2. How long do you see your self cosplaying and playing games for a living?
  3. Do you play any TCG (Magic the gathering, Pokemon, Yugioh ect..)

lindsayelyse5 karma

  1. Deadlines. Haha! I am always so unmotivated. It takes something like "Hey you have to be at this event in 3 days you should probably make the thing" to get me out of bed to work. Self-employed working-at-home jobs are SO HARD when it comes to motivation.
  2. Hmm. That's hard to say! As long as humanly possible.
  3. Not physical cards! I was a beast at the YuGiOh video card games though! Reshef of Destruction MMM.

sandith7522 karma

Do you ever plan on coming to London? Also do you watch anime if so what is your favourite?

lindsayelyse2 karma

SOMEDAY! Favorite anime is Soul Eater! I also love No Game No Life, FMA, and Death Note!

captainsnowballz2 karma

Hey Lindsay!

How did you learn how to make the costumes you use for cosplaying? Do you find tutorials on how to do things or just make it up as you go along until it looks right?

lindsayelyse2 karma

A little bit of both! Youtube is your friend! I'm lucky to know a TON of talented people so that helps too! I've learned so much from late night cosplay crafting parties!

GiantWithDwarfism2 karma

What's your biggest fear?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Heights oh god. I can't even climb a ladder I'm not exaggerating. I can not climb to the top of a ladder.

Tazm02 karma

Who is your favorite mod?? :)

lindsayelyse5 karma

Definitely not that Tazm0 guy.

fett4evr2 karma

Any advice for someone looking to get more involved in csoplay? Where is the best place to get supplies and parts?

lindsayelyse8 karma

Honestly, Walmart! haha I don't know how, but the cosplay gods were kind to me and I can walk to a Michaels, a Hobby Lobby, a Walmart. I get EVERYTHING from those 3 places! EVA foam from walmart, paint and fabric from hobby lobby, and everything else from Michaels! As far as getting more involved, JUST DO IT. /endShia

Kingslyofthedesert2 karma

Hi Lindsay! 10 years of doing something you love is amazing. If you could what would you guess you would be doing ten years from now?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Sitting here, doing an AmA <3

Bloodmight2 karma

Do you have any plans to start streaming earlier in the day so EU people can watch without having their sleep schedules destroyed? :)

lindsayelyse2 karma

I did the other day! I streamed at like 3am so all you guys could come hang out! It was a blast, I'll definitely do it again

Zneezul2 karma

Which was the first videogame you ever played?

lindsayelyse7 karma

I'm pretty sure it was Life Force on the NES. It was the first game I ever loved, anyway! It's the most ridiculous side scrolling spaceship game and the bosses are super weird. One of the best soundtracks EVER.

tlenze2 karma

Has harassment at cons been getting better or worse overall? I've heard so many horror stories, but the last couple of years, I've been seeing more policies posted against it.

lindsayelyse4 karma

Luckily I haven't had any personal experiences with this. I mean I guess it's been getting worse, at least it's been more in the "news" lately, but that could also be tied to the fact that conventions are just BLOWING UP with people right now! The more people, the easier it is to get away with harassment unfortunately. But yeah, the people over at Cosplay is Not Consent are doing an amazing job getting the word out there, and hopefully it all comes to a stop in the future!

urbanizedoregon1 karma

What did you want to do in life before cosplay became a means to support your self?

lindsayelyse5 karma

Honestly, I wanted to game. I've ALWAYS just wanted to play video games. I'm so glad I've been able to get into it like this! But hmm I went to school for a lot of things, engineering, marine biology, computers. Ive always been into computers. I wanted to join the airforce for a while too because I'm just fascinated by flying. I don't know! I like a lot of stuff!

Cabbavic1 karma

Hey Lindsay! Is there anything you wish you could do that you haven't done yet? If so, why haven't you done it?

lindsayelyse4 karma


Aildaris1 karma

Hi Lindsay, as someone who has issues with making cosplays that involve leather, do you have any tips? My two "Goal" cosplays are Loki from the Avengers and the Cover Hunter of Bloodborne

lindsayelyse3 karma

I've never worked with real leather! I always use pleather type stuff and I just treat it like I would treat any fabric. I'd LOVE to learn leather though, it's gorgeous! ANYONE WANNA TEACH ME?

Sims4life1 karma

Dota 2 or LoL?

lindsayelyse3 karma


Jordanlamd1 karma

I had always wondering, Why are you so obsesse by mugs? :P

lindsayelyse3 karma

I REALLY LIKE COFFEE. And you put coffee in mugs.

atilaa1 karma

the most important question in life: cake or pie?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Pie. Key Lime pie.

1989TaylorSwift1 karma

You've made such a huge name for yourself these past few years. What's it like going from this nervous girl at her first convention, to becoming one of the most well known cosplayers in the world?

lindsayelyse4 karma

INSANE. Oh man so insane. I don't even know what happened. I'm still an unbelievably nervous girl at cons, but I've learned to suck it up now. Hahaha my heart still races during interviews and I have mini freak-outs before my panels. I'm so lucky to have had all of these experiences and I can't wait to keep going!

AskingUndead1 karma

How much time & effort do you take when creating a costume? And do you spend money on them also? They always end up looking great!

lindsayelyse3 karma

Depends on the costume! The more intense ones definitely take longer. And I like to think I put as much effort into all of them as I can!

Digital_Beagle1 karma

Where do your cosplays go after you're done using them? I'm familiar with some of your work, and I know that you have quite a wardrobe.

lindsayelyse3 karma

HAHA well. They go in a heap at the bottom of my closet. I'm terrible.

NecroGusto1 karma

Which game companies would you like to work for showing off new cosplay?

lindsayelyse2 karma

Square Enix. Please love me, Square. Please let me love you.

XxRedcowxX1 karma

Alright, firstly I just wanted to say HI,YOU ARE INCREDIBLE!!! Now I have seen many female cosplayers get extremely popular and blown up by the media and their fans, but not so much on the dude side. How's a guy to get popular from cosplay?

Also, SLCC?? Also also, more borderlands?? My favs

lindsayelyse5 karma

Be this guy. haha I DONT KNOW HOW TO DO A HYPERLINK I'M SORRY. I'm a lurker here. Haha just keep working at it! I got where I am because of hard work!

No plans for SLCC yet, you can email them to request me though! :D

atilaa1 karma

if you were stuck on a deserted island in the Bering Sea with a karaoke machine that only had enough power on it to play one final song, what song would you pick?

lindsayelyse5 karma

Final Countdown? I feel like it would be a good end of music song.

dtrinidad241 karma

How do you choose what Con you go to? Also is pax prime a Con you will be at this year?

lindsayelyse5 karma

I don't! You guys do! :D If you email them and they invite me, I'll go! Or I get hired. I don't attend a ton of conventions on my own dollar anymore because I get burned out really fast! Both mentally and financially! And yep, I'll be at PAX!

OmegaMat1 karma

How close are you from the Phoenix Metro? I live in Arizona and I was really happy when I saw you at PCC :') I have a really big crush on all your work and I look forward to seeing you next year and many to follow! :D

lindsayelyse2 karma

I'm by Chandler Mall! :D

JayOhh1 karma


Who is your favorite final fantasy character, and which one would you most like to cosplay?

BTW - Love your KH tattoo, probably the best one i've ever seen!

lindsayelyse3 karma

I love Cloud so much, I'd love to cosplay him. I was also a huge fan of Lulu from X when I was growing up, so maybe her too!? All of them?

Overruler1011 karma

How did you meet Jessica Nigri?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Phoenix Comicon! I was a blood elf and she was like HEY COME HERE and we took a picture and that was that! haha then we had some mutual friends and just hit it off!

DarkVi3tz1 karma

Hi Lindsay! Big Fan! I met you at Katsucon and you had honestly made my experience at my first Katsucon amazing! (I was Neo and I had also talked to you about some sub icons and also about helping you raiding and such! You were also one of my biggest reasons to going to Katsucon as you are my favorite cosplayer!).

Some questions!

  1. Do you plan to do any future vocal stuff or music related? Would you be interested in doing vocals for a house/edm track if you were ever offered to?

  2. Do you plan to return to Katsucon in 2016?

  3. Aside from helping that young talented Musician, do you plan to help any others up and coming musicians/artists?

  4. If you go to Katsucon next year, would you be going to the rave?? (I am a DJ with recent experience DJing at Otakon and would love to see you there at the rave if I am able to DJ at Katsucon)

lindsayelyse2 karma

HEY MAN!! How have you been!? <3 1. I would love to! I recorded a cover song a while back to help out a friend of mine with his kickstarter and I just had a blast! I've always secretly wanted to sing, but for now it's just in my car along with the radio! I'm horrified of singing in front of people! I drank a whole bottle of wine when I recorded Misery Business because I was so scared of the recorder person hearing me sing haha! 2. Possibly! Last year was pretty expensive, and FREEZING. We'll see! :D 3. Of course! I have deep personal ties with music, and if I like the stuff and think they've got talent I'll push for them! 4. Im so bad at dancing. haha!

theinfamouschinaman1 karma

what do you think your best skill is in your creation of costumes (stitching, prop making, etc.)? and what advice would you give to those who want to create screen/game accurate costumes?

lindsayelyse4 karma

I like to pride myself on attention to detail! I still feel like i have a lot to learn when it comes to making costumes, but at least all the lines are in the right place! As for advice, just get 10 million reference photos. The most angles you see the less likely you are to miss something! Detail is what separates a costume from being like a Party City halloween costume or a movie quality piece!

NOAHA2021 karma

What advice would you give to someone totally new to game streaming?

lindsayelyse2 karma

You've got to just keep going. You won't get where you want to be over night. I still get discouraged sometimes, but you've got to realize that you do it for you! You do it to share your experiences with others! And also "don't read the comments". People can be mean when you're starting out - well all the time really - and you've just gotta keep doing you!

LDM3121 karma

What limitations do you think female cosplayers face in their selection of characters?

Also if you could Rule 63 a male character who would you do?

lindsayelyse2 karma

A lot of costumes are incredibly revealing. Some cosplayers don't feel comfortable showing a ton of skin and that can make the decision process pretty hard! And I think my next rule 63 will be Cloud Strife! GIMME DAT SWORD.

Styx19921 karma

If you could re-create a single cosplay over again, without knowing the result, what cosplay would you do? Also, will you make a League of legends cosplay

lindsayelyse2 karma

If you're asking what costume would I make over and over as my skills get better (?) it would probably be a blood elf in WoW. They have so much detail and every time I make one I get closer and closer to how I'd like it to turn out! I've currently done a ton of LoL cosplays - Snowstorm Sivir, Pool Party Ahri, Syndra, Ezreal, Debonair Ezreal, Volibear, and a rave-style Poro!

UnknownAzn2121 karma

How does it feel doing what you love? Traveling across the world, going to Cons, and meeting new people must be tons of fun. Also how many mugs have you received so far ;) Thanks for doing the AMA!

lindsayelyse4 karma

Unreal. Completely and utterly unreal. And I'm not sure how many mugs I have, but it grows every week! Haha

Admiral_Amsterdam1 karma

Hey Lindsay!

Important questions here. Sora or Roxas?

lindsayelyse3 karma

SOOOOOOOOOORA. I kind of sort of hate Roxas.

ParagonForLife1 karma

Lindsay, I love your page! You breathe so much life into your costumes and photo shoots, thank you for sharing your work with us. If you could be the Queen of all cosplay conventions in the world for a day, what's the biggest change or improvement you would make?

Also, sushi or tacos?

lindsayelyse2 karma

THANK YOU! <3 Ooooh wow that's a good one. I don't know! Maybe change the way that props policies are. I mean I know they're good and they keep us safe and all that, but MAN. At NYCC last year they took away 50% of everyone's props. Like bros, a pen could be used as a weapon, please don't take away that person's foam Harley Quinn mallet. They worked hard on it and you've ruined everything. And that's a hockey stick, it's not dangerous. Haha! I'm not even sure how they would fix that. Maybe have all the props people be experienced prop makers/cosplayers so they'd know what was actually harmful? I'll work on it. haha

askpodo1 karma

If you could spend one day with any fictional character (from either video game or movie/series), who would you choose?

lindsayelyse5 karma

Chris Pratt as Starlord so I could make him love me. But it has to be Chris Pratt. That counts right because he's fictional when he's Starlord..? Please just give me Chris Pratt.

eelkire1 karma

Would you rather have endless tacos and pizza for the rest of your life or live in the Tron Universe?

lindsayelyse3 karma

ERIK PLEASE WHY. Tron though. Tron.

Equilibrium_EP1 karma

Hello Lindsay, What was your first console?

lindsayelyse3 karma


runningdude10001 karma

Who's your smash 4 main and why?

lindsayelyse2 karma

Let me just say I never play this game first of all. But when I do, I pick Lucario for no reason other than I love Lucario. I play it by mashing buttons because I have no idea what any of them do. Sometimes I win because I'm really good at mashing buttons.

immorta11 karma

Have you met Jessica Nigri? Are you guys mortal enemies?

lindsayelyse4 karma

She's my best friend and I love her to death.

Mitchzero1 karma

If you had to choose one ... You can play kingdom hearts but never watch Tron again orrr watch Tron but never play KH again which would you choose ?

lindsayelyse2 karma

Kingdom Hearts. Because Tron is in it. BAM.

SakiatoMakiato1 karma

Do you think crabs think fish can fly?

lindsayelyse4 karma


xNFR1 karma

Do you ever go to big festivals? (private) like tomorrowland defqon1 qontinent nature one?

lindsayelyse3 karma

Since I don't know what those are, I'm gonna guess no. Haha!

PandaNomz1 karma

if you did not do cosplays and if twitch did not follow through, what career would you pursue? Don't say Imma become a potato.

lindsayelyse3 karma

Mmmm potatoes. I'd probably try to write for a gaming site or something. I just love the industry and I'd find a way to weasel myself in somewhere.

matt_3291 karma

Hey there! Hope all is well! Been following you for a while and I'd have to say, I think you look amazing and I'm happy that you're also a KH fan! My question to you is: What do you think of Kingdom Hearts 3 so far and what are some worlds you'd like to see?

lindsayelyse2 karma

TEARS. NEVERENDING TEARS. I am so happy! It's been teased at us for years and I'm happy to have some proof that it's coming. I'm stoked to see the Tangled world for sure, and then of course I'd love Arendelle and some Star Wars/Marvel. I also was talking to someone the other day about a Treasure Planet world - HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE OH GOD.

Valhallen1141 karma

Nice work you've done, keep it up! Outside of gaming and cosplaying, are there any activities/ things you enjoy doing in your spare time?

lindsayelyse2 karma

I love running! I also love dance and archery! And ummm watching Netflix and eating.

lifeofthepanda1 karma

If video Games Or COSPLAY wouldnt excited What would you be doing right now?

lindsayelyse2 karma

Crying in my room. Haha

MatrixFireTits1 karma

What's your favorite Pokémon? Mine is vaporeon =)

lindsayelyse2 karma

Lucario/Ninetales/Articuno/Chandelure THERES SO MANY

Phlog1 karma

How do you style your doo?

As in, bleaching and toning process and styling it to be so fucking majestic.

I need dis.

lindsayelyse3 karma

LOLOL. I go to a hair wizard and she works her magic! I really don't know how it happens, I go in and be like HEY YOU MAKE ME A TARGARYEN and she does.

dannyt715001 karma

What convinced/determined you to become a cosplayer?

lindsayelyse4 karma

Meeting people. Hands down. I made so so so many friends when I started out and I just made more costumes so I had an excuse to go hang out with them at cons.

PYRO491 karma

What advice would you give to aspiring cosplayers?

lindsayelyse2 karma

Take criticism, but don't let it ruin you. Let it fuel you! Keep going, meet people, be professional in attitude!

OurLazarusProject1 karma

What is the ideal thing that you look for from a guy relationship wise? I'm trying to get back out there and would love any advice.

P.S. your cosplay is amazing!!

lindsayelyse7 karma

Support. I've definitely dated guys that weren't happy with my cosplaying or my gaming or my whatever. If you love the person, don't try to change them! They won't do it.

Javi_in_1080p1 karma

How do you feel about having your own subreddit?

lindsayelyse5 karma

ITS SO COOL AHHH. My dad found it actually, he texted me once and was like hey have you seen this and I was like WHAT