I am a member of The Satanic Temple Executive Ministry, a non-theistic religious organization that facilitates the communication and mobilization of politically aware Satanists and advocates for individual liberty. I'm also the Director of the Detroit Satanic Temple chapter (thesatanictempledetroit.com) and organizer of the Baphomet Unveiling this past Saturday the 25th - the largest Satanic event in history.

Verifing my identity: Website: http://thesatanictempledetroit.com/jex-blackmore-ama-on-july-28-2015-at-10-pm-edt/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JexBlackmore

UPDATE: It is past the midnight hour, my computer is turning into a broomstick and you people make me sick. Just kidding, this was a great experience. Thank you for all your questions, feel free to message me online if you have any further thoughts. Visit our website where you can find a wealth of information: http://thesatanictempledetroit.com/ HAIL SATAN

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loganallenwolf1127 karma

Whose genius idea was it to weed out protestors by having everyone in attendance sign a paper selling their souls to the devil? Did anyone actually leave at that point? Were there any other security protocols put in place that we may not have heard of?

JexBlackmore1336 karma

The contract was my idea. As far as I know nobody left. We had a decoy location that ticket holders had to first visit before receiving the secondary location - which was one of four intersections surrounding the venue. Attendees then had to find a "psychopomp" wearing a red scarf and recite the passphrase "as above," and wait for the response "so below". They were then led by foot to the actual venue.

suitedupforaction973 karma

What is the most annoying misconception you come across, about Satan? And would you like to clear it here?

JexBlackmore3111 karma

Most annoying misconception is that Satan is real. He's not.

No-name-only-number734 karma

Did you change your name to make it sound satanic ?

JexBlackmore1363 karma

I didn't change anything. I was born Satanic.

AimeeApril630 karma

Hi. :) Can you tell us a little about what Satanists believe in and what it means to be a Satanist?

JexBlackmore1151 karma

I cannot speak for all Satanists. There are many different understandings of Satanism and Satanic philosophy. That beings said, Satanism stands for individual sovereignty in the face of tyranny, and the pursuit of knowledge even when that knowledge is dangerous. We believe in the power of individual will, not the collective consciousness of the mindless masses.

CommunistDayCare556 karma

Which Detroit coney dog does the Satanic Temple endorse: Lafayette or American Coney Island?

JexBlackmore555 karma

We think all Coney islands should be endorsed equally.

sexrockandroll493 karma

Has your group ever thought about changing your name to avoid poor preconceived notions of what your organization is about?

JexBlackmore764 karma

We have no interest in changing who we are to comfort the superstitious. We are Satanists, therefore we belong to a Satanic organization.

DrUnnecessary326 karma

What would you consider the goals of Satanism? In realistic terms.

JexBlackmore688 karma

To empower individuals to challenge tyrannical systems.

01314150254 karma

If you found out a member threatened a theist or had violent extremist inclinations, what is your policy on that? And in extension, is there a standard of absolute honesty among members within the organization?

JexBlackmore491 karma

We have no tolerance for violent threats, racism, or misogyny within TST. I'm not sure I understand what you mean about absolute honesty. We respect our member's privacy and don't demand they indulge personal information or other content they are uncomfortable sharing.

EnergonSword251 karma

Where is your gift shop!?

crescin238 karma

What do you think of the Westboro Baptist Church?

MrPrawoJazdy233 karma

How many souls were sold to the devil last weekend? What do you say to devout Christians (who don't know how to google) who are totally 100% convinced you're in league with the actual devil?

JexBlackmore380 karma

Approximately 666-700 souls were sold to the Devil. To those Christians whose minds are enslaved by biblical mythology we say: Don't waste your prayers on us.

Tobacco-223 karma

Is it possible to have a wedding at your temple? Just yesterday, my girlfriend and I were having a conversation about marriage, and we both decided that if we ever opted to wed, we would want to tie the knot in a Satanic ceremony.

I've been meaning to call different organizations all day, but just haven't had the time. Imagine my excitement when I saw your AMA!

JexBlackmore351 karma

We are able to officiate weddings. Contact us if you decide to tie the knot.

Craig_the_Intern206 karma

What's an out-standing point of view that many people don't know about your group?

What practices do you have?

Does your status affect your relationships with other people?

JexBlackmore471 karma

(1) Everyone involved is incredibly sincere, as opposed to being trolls. (2) Activism as worship. (3) Being a spokesperson who receives death threats occasionally gets in the way of my social life - In fact, I'm currently yelling at my funny guy for not coming up with a funny response to this.

wonderllama146 karma

Is there still talk of moving the Baphomet statue to Arkansas, and if so how is that whole thing going? As a Little Rock native, I absolutely cannot wait to sit in his lap!

JexBlackmore261 karma

We are currently reviewing the process to submit a display on capitol grounds. We will move ahead as legally permitted. I hope you get a chance to sit upon the lap of Lucifer!

courtiebabe420115 karma

How did you get involved with The Satanic Temple and the religion?

JexBlackmore188 karma

I became a Satanist after my experience within the church, learning that the what's natural was often condoned as "sinful" or "satanic". I got involved with the Temple after interviewing Lucien about the Temple right after they announced the formation of the organization.

BushwickSpill94 karma

Do you enjoy the band Ghost?

JexBlackmore140 karma

I prefer Witch.

GirlGargoyle89 karma

A: Which movie do you feel most embodies the spirit of Satanism?

B: Which album?

JexBlackmore164 karma

A: Pink Flamingos B: Defenders of the Faith – Judas Priest

theeredgiant85 karma

Why do satanists and setians hate each other?

JexBlackmore339 karma

We got 99 problems and a Setian ain't one.

ShitsInPringlesCans81 karma

I met Anton LaVey in a book store in San Francisco quite a few years ago. Really nice guy. Read his book (The Satanic Bible) and it made a lot of good sense to me. Is the Satanic Temple part of or the same as the Satanic Church, and how close to LaVey's original ideas is it today?

JexBlackmore137 karma

We are not part of, nor do we endorse The Satanic Church. We find LaVey's ideas archaic. http://thesatanictempledetroit.com/about-us-2/

TIGit69 karma

Hey there, just wanted to say it was great meeting you and I loved the event. Everything was amazing and so well organized. I drove fourteen hours just to see it and it was worth it.

I was wondering about what must be done to start a chapter? I would love to begin one in Iowa.

~ Your wolfish friend

JexBlackmore76 karma

I'm glad you enjoyed the event! Was it you with the wolf mask? We are currently suspending the creation of new chapters - but stay tuned because we will announce new opportunities as they arise.

hseongmin66 karma

How do you feel about Doug Mesner's past as an advocate of "Might is Right" philosophy? On his Three Ring Radio show with Shane Bugbee they both often made racist, sexist and anti-Semitic jokes. On one occasion they referred to Adam Parfrey as a money grubbing k***. Do you think he changed his views since then and that he reformed?

JexBlackmore118 karma

I'm embarrassed by that interview and cannot speak for Doug, however, I can tell you that as an organization we do not support the Might is Right philosophy, and if for whatever reason Doug was to begin promoting those ideals I would not continue my involvement with the Temple.

orangejulius62 karma

What kind of involvement do you have with the legal challenges surrounding the 10 commandments at various courthouses and the potential placement of your statue?

What would you like to see happen with regards to religious symbols on state property?

What's your perspective with regards to the establishment clause?

JexBlackmore188 karma

(1) Our only involvement is in regards to our own attempt to install the Baphomet next to the 10 commandments statue in Oklahoma and wherever it goes next (hopefully Arkansas)

(2) We believe it's best that no displays of religion are promoted by our government. However, if there is to be any religious expression it is better that a plurality of beliefs are represented.

(3) The establishment clause should be upheld.

iGotDatDainbramage53 karma

Some say satanists are just our for attention.

What would you say to those people?

JexBlackmore168 karma


colonelpanic42042 karma

Hi Jex, Saw you on Let it Rip the other day. You held your own well but it seems at times like you're a little unpracticed in front of the cameras but I can totally understand that and I think you have a strong personality and it will come through consistently in time. My question is more organizational -- is TST moving forward with you more as the face of the organization over Lucien? Is Lucien still a part of TST, and if so has his role been diminished? I'm not a member but I'm what you would call an interested observer who has followed you guys for a few years and being supportive while thinking of joining.

Also - any plans to modernize your forums? They seem pretty dated frankly from a tech standpoint. Thanks for answering if you get the time - I know it's already been an hour.

JexBlackmore58 karma

I do not have any media training but I do my best to be as transparent, eloquent and sincere in interviews. I hope to improve over time. Both Lucien and I are spokespeople and we are both members of the Executive Ministry. I'm not in charge of our forums, but I'm sure if we had the resources to update, we would.

polot3831 karma

Do you ever get annoyed by people asking questions about satanism that a 2 minute google search would answer?

EDIT: Also, if religion were to change, like if people started treating Harry Potter like they do Christians today, would you change your organization to be "voldemortists"?

JexBlackmore45 karma

YES. and no - Our organization was not founded to oppose Christianity. We have affirmative beliefs as Satanists.

snowbrdr02031 karma

On a regular basis I see other religious groups set up at train stations or other public locations to pass out literature and to witness. Does your Ministry actively set up anywhere public in order to recruit or spread your word?

JexBlackmore66 karma

We have set up information booths in public locations. However, we do not proselytize or actively recruit.

maschine0116 karma

Why do you choose to worship something that by most other "religions" is considered bad? Even if all of it was real and God and Satan wear real... why would you lean towards something that represents hate anger darkness lies ect.

JexBlackmore42 karma

We do not believe that Satan represents hate, anger, lies, etc. We do not conform to the Judeo-Christian concepts of evil or God. We are Satanists and unapologetic. We have no interest in changing who we are to comfort the superstitious.

untumulted13 karma

What's the reason of life?

JexBlackmore51 karma

That's for you to determine.

Fatenoir12 karma

How was the Baphomet statue paid for?

JexBlackmore30 karma


smileedude8 karma


Isn't Satan a god that you worship? Or is it just about a culture that appeals to you and there are no beleifs?

JexBlackmore20 karma

No gods, no masters is our philosophy. Supernaturalism is not a prerequisite for sincerely held beliefs, of which we have many. Learn more here: http://thesatanictempledetroit.com/about-us-2/tenents/.

smileedude5 karma

I guess with no supernatural beliefs calling it a religon seems strange to me. It sounds like a fulfilling cultural lifestyle but no different from many other non religious identies such as psyraver, goth or starwars fanatic. These all have spiritual aspects and I identify myself as a hippy psyraver. But I find the term religious implies an actual belief in the supernatural you are gaining spirituality from.

Though this might be a nationality thing. I'm in Australia where there is no real reason to identify as a religon while in the US it seems like everyone must have a religious category assigned to them.

JexBlackmore16 karma

The idea that religion belongs to supernaturalists is backwards, and offensive. There are several other recognized Religions that are largely considered to be atheistic (Buddism for example). The metaphorical Satanic construct is no more arbitrary to us than are the deeply held beliefs that we actively advocate for. Are we supposed to believe that those who pledge submission to an ethereal supernatural deity hold to their values more deeply than we? Are we supposed to concede that only the superstitious are proper recipients of religious exemption and privilege? In fact, Satanism provides us all that a religion should, without a compulsory attachment to untenable items of faith-based belief: It provides a narrative structure by which we contextualize our lives and works. It provides a body of symbolism and religious practice — a sense of identity, culture, community, and shared values. Read more here: http://thesatanictempledetroit.com/about-us-2/

bludgeonerV7 karma

Do you actually believe in supernatural entities or is it all metaphorical/symbolic?

JexBlackmore35 karma

The Satanic Temple is a non-theistic religious organization dedicated to Satanic practice and the promotion of Satanic rights. We understand the Satanic figure as a symbol of man’s inherent nature, representative of the eternal rebel, enlightened inquiry and personal freedom rather than a supernatural deity or being. http://thesatanictempledetroit.com/about-us-2/

bamhurgerdeluxe4 karma

Thanks for doing this, this is super fascinating and I'm learning a ton. Let's say someone wanted to join your organization, right? How would you recommend they go about talking to their friends and family about this change? I can imagine you guys have quite the stigma despite you standing for pretty solid and upright things. But how would you advise someone on talking to loved ones about becoming/identifying as a Satanist?

JexBlackmore6 karma

Thank you for your question and support. I think it's best to come to the table with good information about what you believe and why. Remember, you do not have to be apologetic for your beliefs, but you can offer people an opportunity to understand.

Keithnida3 karma

What are the future plans for the statue? What's next for the chapter in Detroit?

JexBlackmore10 karma

Hopefully to move the statue to the Arkansas state capitol. Reproductive rights is one area we are focusing on in Detroit.

Imagineallthepeeps3 karma

What type of socioeconomic system do you support based on your satanic philosophies?

JexBlackmore5 karma

Personally, I support Anarcho-syndicalism. However, I don't speak for all.

oldnick133 karma

Hello! You say the statue unveiling was the "largest Satanic event in history", but I've covered media events in LA and back on 6/6/6 the Church of Satan held several public events that were on a similar scale. For example, their media arm, Radio Free Satan, held a sold-out "Satan's Rockin' 666 Eve" event which had between 700 to 800 attendees. Here are my sources: Time Magazine promo, LA Times, Warren Ellis on the event. Stanton LaVey, who at the time was affiliated with the Church of Satan, also held an event which included Danzig and Alkaline Trio, which sold out their venue and topped 800 attendees. Promo Source. This is not including the sold-out private event for the Church of Satan's own 666 Satanic High Mass and their recent Year 50 Conclave, both were invite only but peaked at several hundred verified Church of Satan members.

How did you come to the conclusion that the unveiling was the largest Satanic event in history? Were you aware of these other large scale events?

JexBlackmore6 karma

Yes. However, ours not only reached close to 800 attendees, it had a massive cultural impact and solidified the role of Satanism in public affairs. This wasn't just a party. It is a revolution.

kay_bizzle2 karma

What's the difference between atheistic and non-theistic? I'm atheist, but I like your organization's mission and ideals, so I'm thinking about coming to a meeting. Where are those held, by the way? I can't find any information on the website.

JexBlackmore2 karma

http://www.metrotimes.com/Blogs/archives/2015/07/03/the-satanic-temple-to-mt-were-not-atheists Contact us if you would like information regarding meetings. We do not publicly announce our private meetings for safety.

sessionVI2 karma

Where is the statue now?

JexBlackmore7 karma

Undisclosed location.

S-uperstitions2 karma

What can I do to support TST that doesn't enclose giving money?

JexBlackmore7 karma

You can volunteer with a local chapter, advocate for us online, start positive dialogues, challenge theocratic legislation.

perawr2 karma

Do you or a number of you have prejudice against Christians? Since your ideals and beliefs are very opposite and contradictory.

JexBlackmore28 karma

We do not judge those with whom we disagree, however we stand against those who unjustly force their beliefs upon others.

underthegod2 karma

How many cases/robes do you own? I honestly couldn't see myself owning no less than three.

JexBlackmore5 karma

What do you wear the other four days of the week?

ScottSEA1 karma

What makes your made up religion any different than every other made up religion?

JexBlackmore31 karma

Have you seen our T-shirts?

dv8man1 karma

How has being a "national spokesperson" affected your personal life and persuits? I mean you were already hot so it couldn't have hurt your personal life, but how has it affected or helped your professional goals or your pursuit of more knowledge?

JexBlackmore7 karma

I feel personally rewarded when fighting for a cause I sincerely believe in.

JackalKing1 karma

Who would win in a fight, Satan or Cthulhu?

JexBlackmore2 karma