Run like the wind! Hide where you can! The Sharknado is back and this time, the entire east coast is in the eye of the storm. Shearing winds of teeth and death will ravage the Eastern Seaboard from Washington D.C. all the way down to Orlando, Florida.

Ask us about sharks, sharknados, or anything...

The reddit team is helping us do this live from NYC.

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edit: That's Ian under the handle u/ian_ziering

EDIT2: Thanks, everyone! We gotta run.

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buddahwannabe50 karma

I didn't see Sharknado 2. Will I miss the true message of Sharknado 3 if I see it?

Tara_Reid49 karma

I think you could watch all the sharknadoes and figure it out. It's nice to watch all of them but you realize real quick there's sharks flying in the sky in tornadoes, and we gotta find a way to save the world.

RedBulik41 karma


Tara_Reid87 karma

I dunno.

glitzyjan40 karma

How did you initially feel when you saw the movie before it became such a cult hit? Did you think...what the hell did I just do?

Tara_Reid90 karma

Absolutely. What are we doing?? You know what, it's a small TV one is ever gonna see it. Take the money and run.

speak2739 karma

Has anyone gotten hurt from all the sharks on set?

Tara_Reid53 karma

No, cuz there are no sharks there. They're all in CGI. They're fake.

mikegus1534 karma

Tara Reid, quick question, can I marry you? 20/M

Tara_Reid55 karma

Umm, I don't know you yet, so we'd have to get to know each other, but I am single so there's still hope.

Then I'd have to run it by u/ian_ziering first because he says I make the worst decisions.

radams500032 karma

Was there anything that was originally in the script but ended up too stupid for even Sharknado? If so, what was it?

Tara_Reid52 karma

Really, anything goes. There's really no rules for sharknado. if something makes no sense, well, it's sharkando. Of course it makes no sense.

DerekStu26 karma

Do you see the Sharknado trilogy enduring like Star Wars and Godfather? Will there be prequels?

Tara_Reid34 karma

Prequels? laughs

Great answer, Ian.

mkwise1324 karma

What is your favorite way you've killed a shark in any of the movies so far?

Tara_Reid56 karma

Mine would be on top of the Empire State Building when I whip out my saw hand.

DerekStu22 karma

Will there be a Sharknado video game?

Tara_Reid31 karma

Yes! There will be a sharknado video game, which I've heard, I don't know if there definitely will be one... but I've heard there's an app!

wigdogydog18 karma

Any thoughts on an America Pie/Sharknado cross over?

Tara_Reid20 karma

Now that would be awesome. Laughs. No, I don't see them coming together but if they could somehow manage it, why not?

cleantoe11 karma

Any fun stories you can share from being on the set of Sharknado 3?

Tara_Reid26 karma

Yeah, there are a whole bunch of em. The first funny moment was in this movie, compaerd to the other films, there's a lot of things that you have to say -- marketing wise -- it was difficult to say some of the things. One of them was about a certain phone, you had to make it natural, but it was so hard to do a commercial inside of the film you know, you're cringing saying it, but we managed to do it.

4alex69 karma

What's your favorite species of shark?

Tara_Reid13 karma

I'm gonna go with, because I've learned so much about it, is a whale shark. That's an inside joke.

Johnnycockseed9 karma

How many of the celebrities with cameos did you work with personally? (For example, Mark Cuban, Ann Coulter, Anthony Weiner, David Hasselhoff, etc.)

Of those celebrities, who was the best to work with? Who was the worst?

Tara_Reid13 karma

My favorite was Bo Derek, because she's just an icon.

Lycan4019 karma

Is it hard to take your roles in this movie as seriously as you would in other roles you've had in the past?

Tara_Reid19 karma

It's a different kind of humor than any other films I've done. You can't even put it in a category. It's not really a comedy, it's like a dram-edy, you have to play it serious even though you know everything is outrageous. You can't laugh, because it wouldn't be funny, so it's actually challenging.

voorhees2139 karma

Tara, what was Jeff Bridges like during the filming of The Big Lebowski? Also, what o you think of Dudeism?

Tara_Reid21 karma

I think ... The Dude abides.

(He'll know what that means)

malliabu8 karma

If there's a Sharknado 4 and the writers asked where you'd like to fight the Sharknado, where in the world would you choose?

Tara_Reid10 karma

Somewhere warm, because the last 3 sharknados for some reason have always turned out to be the coldest weather ever.

I would like to shoot somewhere really beautiful like Thailand or Australia. If it's in the summertime, we usually shoot in Jan/Feb, which would mean summer in Australia so it'd be perfect weather.

tehbantho8 karma

Tara. You can choose 1 actress to star as you in your bio pic. Who do you choose and why?

Tara_Reid26 karma

Wow. Umm.... Drew Barrymore. Because she's what inspired me to be an actress when I saw ET.

theArnoldFans17 karma

Aside from slaying sharks, how do you both stay in shape? What exercises do you do and do you have fitness role models?

Tara_Reid7 karma

Umm, Jane Fonda. She's a great fitness role-model. And how I stay in shape is I run around a lot. laughs

JustWookieeThings7 karma

Both of you rose to stardom as beautiful, young heartthrobs. I imagine aging can be tremendously stressful in a career so dependent on appearances. Sadly, we have often seen the Hollywood lifestyle break those without the will or constitution to survive the limelight. How have these pressures affected you on a psychological level and what do you do to stay grounded? Additionally, how has the process of redefining your career help you grow as a person (or vice versa)?

Tara_Reid7 karma

I think that, I started my career really young, I think I did my first movie at 6. I've been in about 46 films. As you get older and older, through each generation, you learn more and more from people. the older I get the more I learn from my experiences. I love to put them in my work. through good times and bad times can make you go to those places of different emotions. I use life in my acting.

references_games_7 karma

Hey guys! Wanted to start off by saying me and my friends watch Sharknado 1 and 2 at least twice a month together. Actually just finished watching the 2nd one just now. My question is, have you had any fan-encounters? If so, which was the funniest/weirdest one? Cheers!

Tara_Reid8 karma

Mine would be people sending me pictures of their dogs in shark costumes. That's crazy.

wefr59276 karma

Would you rather fight 100 great white shark sized penguins or 1 penguin sized great white shark?

Tara_Reid5 karma

Uhh, I would like to avoid both if I could, but it depends, if it was a fantasy shark, then I would definitely go with the 1 penguin sized great white shark.

bannibunny4 karma

If you could witness a tornado out of any animal besides a shark what would it be?

Tara_Reid9 karma

A mosquito-nado. Because I did a terminex commercial, we were making a parody of a sharknado, we made it a mosquito-nado and it was really funny.

dangergranger3 karma

If you could have any actor do cameo death seen who would it be and how would they die?

Tara_Reid4 karma

I would pick..... I don't know... this is a hard one... I would pick umm, I'll come back to that later.

dimplejuice3 karma

Tara- were you a fan of Beverly Hills 90210?

Tara_Reid9 karma

100% I loved Beverley Hills. Who didn't??

I auditioned for a guest spot. They told me no. laughs

They made a big mistake

ominous, joking voice

tenny_bear3 karma

Hi guys! Please excuse the fangirling!!! Did you guys expect all of the immediate love for this franchise of movies? And what was your favourite part of filming these movies?

Tara_Reid7 karma

I didn't expect the movie to be the sensation it'd be and become this cult film but when I started seeing how the fans were reacting to it, I started seeing all the love and I loved getting all that love.

Just being involved in something like that was amazing. I really enjoyed making this film as well. I made some really serious bonds. I love Ian, he's amazing. We've become really good friends our director Anthony is awesome. There's just a lot of love going on in this film.

FoodNostalgia3 karma

If you close your eyes and think of your childhood, what food comes to mind?

Do you have a recipe for that food you could share with us?

Is there a specific story or memory associated with the food?


Tara_Reid9 karma

Peanut butter and jelly... Nutella sandwiches...

Roblbc943 karma

If Sharknado could crossover with any other movie universe, which world would you want it to be in?

Ian_Ziering5 karma

I'm going to stretch it to a parallel universe. So the Sharnados will be inside out, we'll speak backwards, Fin's chainsaw will work backwards. Yeah, I'm going with that because. Because.

Tara_Reid5 karma

That makes perfect sense to me.

Tara_Reid4 karma

I guess I'd want it to be Out Of This World. Laughs

Another world! Like, out of this world. There has to be another world. I'm joking, but you know what I mean.

malliabu3 karma

You're making a shark sandwich, what do you put on it?

Tara_Reid5 karma

I've never ate shark, so I wouldn't exactly know what to put on it.

LKupf443 karma

Which superhero would you want to help you fight sharks?

Tara_Reid6 karma

Wonder Woman!

Noncensical2 karma

tara reid: what is the best way to take my girlfriend out to dinner, and when should i propose?

Tara_Reid3 karma

The best way to take your girlfriend out to dinner is obviously take her to her favorite restaurant and then, I've always thought it was pretty cool when -- it sounds so cheesy -- when the guy puts the ring in the champagne glass and they got to toast and she almost swallows it. I like that.

Dvotar2 karma

If you own a pet shark. What would you name it?

Ian_Ziering8 karma

Fin. Maybe I'll have two. Fin and Gill.

Tara_Reid3 karma

That's a good one.

Tara_Reid4 karma

I would name my pet shark, tiger. I don't know why. I just like tiger.

Remember in Annie, there was that song, with the dog named Tiger, starts singing that song. I don't know why but that just popped in my head.

tlyon22 karma

Hi Tara! My strange question of the day is aliens decide to trap you in a giant bubble which type do they put you in before taking you back to their spaceship? 1.soap bubble 2.bubble gum bubble 3.plastic bubble or 4.balloon

Tara_Reid5 karma

Ummm.... a soap bubble, because it looks rainbow-y.

Fleo19942 karma

What would you do if there really was a storm of sharks? Would you fight and save or run and be safe?

Tara_Reid4 karma

I would run and be safe, if I could. If I had to, I would fight for my life.

The problem is if you tried to get away from it, and like get in a plane, they can attack in the skies now. The only place they haven't attacked us yet is under-underground.