My short bio: My name is Emily McKenna and I am the product developer at - a superhero cape company dedicated to fostering imagination through creative apparel. I am increasing the ability for cape customization and development of new products in house. Have something in mind? Let us create it for you!

My Proof: Reddit post via our social sites -

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Spartan2470781 karma

Did Edna Mode from the Incredibles hurt your sales?

everfanheroes292 karma

No. Never! :)

chrispiiiii155 karma

Any chance of having a cloak made? Particularly a cape with a hood on it?

everfanheroes108 karma

Absolutely! We are open to making anything. Email [email protected] and she can work through the details of what you might want and let you know what something like that would cost. I would love to make it for you!

IrrelevantLeprechaun4 karma

Are capes and cloaks the only things you guys make? What is the scope of the products you offer?

everfanheroes5 karma

We have not made cloaks yet, we just have recently had requests. We also have eye masks and power bands. We hope to have princess costumes in the near future.

SMB73141 karma

Hi Emily,

On a scale 1-10, how challenging would this design for a Destiny: Legends of Six Coyotes cloak be for a screen print? Next question is, what kind of resources would I need to provide to the screenprinter for this to be fabricated?

My wife and I are soon getting started on some Destiny cosplay and this cloak is one of my first hurdles.

everfanheroes63 karma

Please email [email protected]. We could make that, or a slightly altered version, work for a screen print. Areka would need an EPS file to create a mock-up, but get with her about cost first. :) Thank you!

SMB7330 karma

Thank you! Now I just have to figure out where to get a EPS file! :)

everfanheroes29 karma

A PDF file would work. If you are unable to find it, feel free to send Areka whatever you have and the art department might be able to help you out. Thanks!

airmanforce140 karma

Have you ever made a runescape skill cape? (It's a game)

everfanheroes62 karma

No we have not had this request.

ShayGoes2Work115 karma

Is there a big market for capes?

If so, more people need to see Edna E Mode's warning in The Incredibles. ;-) Just kidding!

everfanheroes127 karma

Very large market for capes! And we actually sell as many adult as we do for kids. And yes, Edna E Mode comes up often in our world of business. :)

FightForGlory65 karma

Hello Emily,

What does an average day look like for you?

everfanheroes99 karma

Hello! First I see what orders have come in from the day before and if they need any special customization, such as embroidery or sewing. I plan my day around those items and then using any down time to create new product. I recently created double-sided capes, which will be available on our site soon, and ones with ruffles on the border! We also work with a non-profit creating capes for children with CHD. I personalize each cape using our embroidery machine. I have a very fun and rewarding job. Thank you for your interest!

kardiamania38 karma

We ordered our son a heart hero cape last year for him while he was in the hospital. I can't express how much it actually means to us, and is such a great quality. So, thank you!

everfanheroes23 karma

Thank you for your comment! I hope it put a smile on his face :)

Soonbuddy44 karma

Hi Emily,

Give us an idea of how complex cape making can be. For example, one would want Superman's cape to flow and swish around majestically, while Batman's cape would make him an imposing and intimidating figure. How do you construct a cape to meet the image of the superhero?

jeffh453 karma

FYI, for the movie Superman, a number of capes were made, each with its own purpose. For instance, when one was given away for a charity auction, Christopher Reeve came up to the podium, saw it, and said "Ah, the Number 3 walking cape"

everfanheroes14 karma

I did not know that. Very cool.

everfanheroes38 karma

Hello! So far, we have not had any imposing or intimidating figures request a cape, although the challenge would be welcomed. So far, we have not had too complex of a request. Creating a double sided cape that "flowed" properly when worn and had an appealing edge has been the most complex so far. I am always thinking of different ways to create different "looks" for our capes - stay tuned!

An_Old_Sea_Captain27 karma

Do you always make your capes out of silk? When I think of a superhero cape I always imagined something more robust, silk seems like it would tear easily.

everfanheroes36 karma

It is polyester satin and does not tear easily. It is a wonderful, light material that allows for ultimate superhero acts and flows with ease. :)

Jawbreaker9322 karma

What's the craziest cape you've seen being made by you guys? Do you have a picture of it we can see?

everfanheroes35 karma

We had a request to do capes for a Naked Bike Race. The logo was two naked stick people on a bike. Funny logo, but a serious race!

It is not crazy, but we created completely custom capes for Weill-Cornell imaging center to give to pediatric patients going through MRI scans. It was a custom shirt with a cape that attached to the back and was removable during the scan. These are not something that was offered on the website, but we love created new and different items for our superhero customers.

ShacoOrFakeo28 karma

Can you please explain what a naked stick person looks like

everfanheroes67 karma

Anatomically correct stick figure.

everfanheroes13 karma

Here is a link to the Weill-Cornell cape I described in my original response.

ithinkmynameismoose21 karma

What's the most Evil (and not just dark colored and or sexy evil but really 'evil' looking) cape you've made?

everfanheroes16 karma

We have not had any requests to make any evil capes.

Munchen-Out18 karma

Does each member of your family have their own cape?

everfanheroes30 karma

Yes! And it has become such a fun gift to give to friends. The adults especially love them!

-claudine-18 karma

How do you find customers / advertise? What is the price range for a custom cape? How does the design process work? Do you always cut the cape from the same pattern, and vary the surface embellishments?

everfanheroes23 karma

We advertise on Google and use social media. Our prices vary per quantity - the more ordered, the cheaper each cape is. It is also cheaper to get a name embroidered on a cape (around $12) then it would be to purchase one screen print. You submit a request through our website or directly to [email protected] and she will let you know, based on the information provided, how much it would cost. You will have a choice of color and can mix and match colors in an order if you have more than one cape. We also sell accessories you can customize! Are capes are already cut, and have the same shape. However, if you are wanting a large quantity and wanting to adjust something on the pattern, we could probably work something out. We are open to requests and hope we are able to fulfill our customers needs. Thank you for your interest.

-Captain--Hindsight16 karma

Are you able to create cloaks too? More specifically, ones that make you invisible?

everfanheroes22 karma

Cloaks seem to be a popular request in this Reddit feed! We are open to anything, however, the invisible part would be up to your imagination.

kiki2314113 karma

What made you get into this field of work?

everfanheroes17 karma

I have always enjoyed sewing and creating as a hobby. I even give lessons. When I heard of this position coming available, I jumped at the opportunity to be able to make a living doing what I enjoyed doing in my spare time! And now my kids think I am extra cool because I make superhero capes :)

kiki231418 karma

Do you make the best Halloween costumes for your kids?

everfanheroes7 karma

We have a variety of capes and masks available at Through personalizing, any kid (or adult) could be their own superhero...the sky is the limit! We even have mini-capes available for their side-kick dolls or stuffed animals.

convoke28 karma

He meant YOUR kids... we get it, you have a website called

everfanheroes15 karma

I read that wrong! My apologies. Yes, I have made numerous costumes for my kids. My daughter particularly enjoys helping me make daily outfits and jewelry! I enjoy being able to create items for them, especially when they have a particular idea in mind and want to help.

Gamesaler11 karma

Are movie directors considering using your capes?

everfanheroes10 karma

So far we have not had any requests from movie directors, but would welcome them! We get orders from a quantity of one to in the thousands, so we are ready and willing to handle anything.

wreeum15 karma

Any lawyers using your capes?

everfanheroes39 karma

Yes, we have made capes for a law firm.

btcprox10 karma

Ever considered doing capes with special motion-triggered speakers embedded that play whoosh noises?

everfanheroes8 karma

That would certainly be cool, but currently is not something on our radar.

flippitus_floppitus7 karma

Very very cool! Sent you an email asking about delivery to the UK! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Do you deliver to the UK and, if so, how much?

everfanheroes5 karma

We have received your request. Thank you for your interest! Yes, we do deliver to the UK. Areka will be touching base with you shortly to let you know more about cost.

wb20014 karma

What was the most complicated cape design you have ever had to produce?

everfanheroes7 karma

We created something completely different for Weill-Cornell Imaging that entailed a custom shirt with detachable cape for pediatric patients going through MRI treatment. Complicated may not be the word to describe, but custom and unique to what we offer at would be more accurate. You can see the cape here -

DasXero2 karma

Could you make cloaks like Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist? Or from say, Star Wars?

everfanheroes2 karma

We are looking into that possibility since starting this reddit. Many people have asked a similar question.

GiantSquidd2 karma

Would you rather make one cape for a horse sized duck, or a hundred capes for duck sized horses?

...also, could you give a ballpark on a standard adult cape? Like say a superman cape for a 5'11" human... The one thing that really frustrates me about this kind of AMA from a creator is that you guys always seem so hesitant to give ballpark estimates which as a potential customer just makes me think it's probably too expensive so I'll look elsewhere or forget it altogether.

everfanheroes1 karma

Certainly not too expensive! Our adult plain capes are $10 and come in many different color options. We can add an embroidered name for an additional $12/cape. To add a custom screenprint logo or design, the cost gets much cheaper with higher quantities. For instance, it would drop dramatically starting at 25 capes. [email protected] can give you exact cost per quantity.

LadyBarbara2 karma

I work at a museum, and we regularly joke about having a "cape day" where we all wear capes to work. Our museum has no connection whatever to superheroes - it was a very grand hotel in a mining boom town run by an eccentric Frenchman - but even so, we'd love to do it! We keep meaning to craft our super personas - do you have any advice for us? What comes first - the origin story or the cape?

everfanheroes1 karma

You don't have to have a connection to superheores to do a theme day, week or month. If you have craft time for kids, you could create superhero mask, or purchase blank capes through us and kids could design there own cape! The staff could wear capes with the museum logo on the cape :) There is a great deal of opportunity! If you would like additional information on cost for a bulk order, just email [email protected] and she can get that to you pretty quickly. Sounds like you could have a lot of fun!

HMPoweredMan2 karma

Do you only do plastic capes? Or do you do leather or other materials such as cotton? Actually I wasn't able to find anything on your website other than the material of your t-shirts which also seem to be made of 100% plastic (polyester)

Edit: OK so it does look like your capes are all plastic only. (100% polyester satin) + velcro. Would you consider expanding to different materials?

everfanheroes2 karma

We use polyester satin.

redddit_rabbbit2 karma

Hi Emily, I actually just purchased a cape, but I was wondering what your usual turnaround looks like? My nephew's birthday is next week... Love your capes. This is a fantastic idea!

everfanheroes1 karma

Wonderful! Thank you for the order! Did you order through the website? If so, there should have been an estimated shipping date.

Crisspie131 karma

I love your concept! I think my whole family will be getting one for Christmas. How much time will you need to produce them so I can get them by Christmas?

everfanheroes1 karma

For most custom capes, we ask for 10 days to create the cape, plus shipping. Feel free to put a request in at or email [email protected]

namewastookagain1 karma

Do you work with PBS Sprout? Because your style of cape looks very similar to their "super sproutlet" capes.

everfanheroes1 karma

We do not. Thank you for sharing the information.

ksm61491 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Have you ever looked into doing capes from video game characters? For example Batman from the Arkham series? I'm interested in making one myself and was curious if you had ever taken on a project like that before.

everfanheroes1 karma

I have not done something like that yet.

eseehcsahi1 karma

Do people buy your capes/cloaks solely for costumes and cosplaying or do some people wear them like normal everyday clothing?

everfanheroes2 karma

We actually have just recently received requests for cosplay. Our most common request is for custom logos to be placed on capes for races, conferences, promotional uses, etc. The most recent large order is for the New York Super Week!

jeremythepope1 karma

Emily, this is brilliant! Am I correct in my feeling that Everfan is growing larger than the bookstore? Tell Scott I said hi! How many capes have you sold so far?

everfanheroes1 karma

Scott says "Hello!" The Bookshelf is doing fantastic, but yes, we are growing at a wonderful rate. As for how many sold, I am not sure. I am certainly kept busy with personalizing orders though!

CuvisTheConqueror1 karma

Welcome! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Have you ever done a cape that many of us might have seen (for example, something that was featured on TV or in a movie)? If so, can you share some insight into the design process, etc?

everfanheroes1 karma

We have not, or at least we have not seen it!

FiveMinFreedom1 karma

What's the weirdest order you've ever recieved? And have you ever declined an order?

everfanheroes1 karma

Capes for a Naked Bike Race with a logo of naked stick figures on bikes. No, as of yet, we have not declined an order for it's weirdness.

NotKoreanSpy1 karma

Any chance that you guys could ever do costume designs in the near future? The amount I'd give for a high quality Spider-Man costume is unreal.

everfanheroes1 karma

We hope to venture into the full costume world in the future, but as of now, we are not there yet.

unihelppls101 karma

What's the weirdest cape you have had to make?

everfanheroes1 karma

I have not had to make a weird cape yet. I know the office has had a request for a naked bike race. The logo was naked stick figures on bikes!

tse_epic1 karma

What inspired you to do this and have you ever seen a cape of yours in some form of media like a fanfilm or something?

everfanheroes1 karma

It was a wonderful, and FUN, opportunity to use my skills. No, not yet. Rachel Ray was recently presented one of our capes from a guest on her show.

jeffthechimp1 karma

Has someone wearing one of your capes ever helped fight crime?

everfanheroes2 karma

We like to think that everyone who orders a cape is helping fight crime or using it for good and not evil!

willDRAWforBOOBS1 karma

What is the profit margin on capes? After the initial cost of materials and shipping and everything, plus the time you spend on each one, 10 bucks sounds pretty slim.

everfanheroes1 karma

I am responsible for creating and designing capes, I do not have this immediate information.

Zanotaro1 karma

i need to know, how many batman/superman Capes/cowls have you made? hundreds? thousands? also do you ship to spain? because i really want a superman cape

everfanheroes1 karma

We do not have the licensing to create batman/superman capes using their logos. Yes, we can ship to Spain.

nmckinneytx1 karma

Emily, I noticed in your Facebook pictures you all did capes for either the City of Longview or for the Longview Library in Longview Texas (yeah that was a lot of Longviews) Do you know the reason for the capes for them? Born and raised in that town, was a take back to actually see it in a picture. And capes make everything better, I wish I had a IT cape! Thanks for doing the AMA and good luck with the business!

everfanheroes1 karma

Thank you! Yes, we provided capes to many libraries throughout the U.S. for their Summer Reading Programs themed "Every Hero Has A Story" It was so much fun to see how the kids and staff reacted at each library. Seems like it was a successful nationwide theme.

hirohimura-2 karma

Do you make higher quality capes that don't look like the the ones that are at six flags at buttload prices?

everfanheroes1 karma

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and our prices are very reasonable.