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Just what I was thinking. You could always go with the "I swim/bike professionally. I'm very dedicated." explanation. BAM! Curiosity turns instantly into admiration.

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A better strategy would be to encourage others to play, thus increasing your monster win when the "inevitable" happens.


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Hi. Deal with classified stuff on occasion.

The key phrase here is "need to know." The shipping company will need to know the dimensions of the package and the weight. They will need to know if the item has any safety hazards (feuled, etc.) They do not need to know any the classified details of the contents that are not pertinent to shipping the item. E.g. description = satellite, not description = keyhole satellite #24A complete with cryptographic keys 1A, 2B, 3B.

If the weight of an item is classified, then its possible that a range of weights would not be classified, or that the flight crew is told the weight at the time of departure with instructions not to record it. This assumes the sender has already verified that the transportation method can accommodate the weight of the item to be transported.

Also, there are probably people working for FedEx who have different levels of security clearance, including approved systems/containers for storing the required paperwork and data for classified shipments.

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I can just see the waking nightmare now. Your curtains turn into a disembodied face coming closer to swallow you.

You jump out of bed and run to your desk, yelling "Wait! Wait! This is awesome! I gotta write this down!"

The face stops, looks a bit confused. Finally it says "Uh...OK...I guess." :-)

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Marian was more than just a singer. She was also involved with the civil rights movement. I recommend reading up on her biography.