(photo proof!)

We are so excited to answer your questions!!!!

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ElderCunningham22 karma

When are Garfunkel and Oates releasing their next album? I need more of your and Kate's music in my life.

TheBellecourtSisters23 karma

(R) We will release it as soon as possible. It's almost done and we are so proud of it! Thank you!

ImRichieDagger15 karma

Hi Natasha and Riki! I'm loving Another Period so far.

Natasha, I loved Coke Money. Do you have plans on releasing another special?

Riki, will Garfunkel & Oates tour on the east coast anytime soon?

TheBellecourtSisters25 karma

(N) Yes! My new special comes out Aug 22 on Comedy Central! It's called Live at Bimbos and I krump in it.

TheBellecourtSisters15 karma

(R) Garfunkel and Oates hopes to start touring again in the fall. Glad you like the show!

recc1414 karma

You two are some funny mofos. How much research was done for Another Period? Specifically the vulgarity of the times. I love how everyone just spits out their food, Natasha has perfected that, and that the servants aren't even looked at as people.

TheBellecourtSisters15 karma

(R) Thank you!! We did SOOOOO much research. We took a trip to Newport, Rhode Island and took tours of all the old mansions and read a ton of books about the time period.

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(N) I highly recommend a trip to Newport. There is nothing like it!

thlsisnotanexit14 karma

Any chance of Tubbin' With Tash coming back ?

TheBellecourtSisters25 karma

(N) Pig bottom really wants to put his Speedo back on so yes.

freshcutgrass13 karma

This question is for both of you, So, whats it like to be both funny AND hot?

TheBellecourtSisters43 karma

(N) Exhausting. There's a lot of money to count.

TheBellecourtSisters21 karma

(R) Ha thank you! Sometimes I don't feel like I'm either so I appreciate it.

jlindhome12 karma

Hi Rikki, I'm your second cousin, Jonathan Lindhome! I was talking with my grandmother the other day (Mary Joe Edinger), and she mentioned that we are related to you and that she remembers/knows some of your immediate family. Do you remember her? Anyway, I know we haven't been in touch, but nevertheless we're proud of all that you've accomplished and just wanted to say that here.

TheBellecourtSisters18 karma

(N) Hey PLEASE tell G-ma Mary Joe to pay me back the fifty bucks.

TheBellecourtSisters14 karma

(R) Hi! Thank you for saying hello! And thanks for being so nice!

OniTan10 karma

What happened to Tubbin with Tash?

Also, do people ever mix you up with Whitney Cummings?

TheBellecourtSisters26 karma

(N) We are going to do more Tubbin With Tash I was just afraid the neighbors thought we were shooting porn at my house. Eric Andre showed his asshole within 30 seconds of shooting.

JenkemPusher9 karma

Was the roast of JB fun?

TheBellecourtSisters21 karma

Yes! I got high with Snoop Dogg right after my set!

KingZ109 karma

Natasha, will you ever do another getting doug with high?

TheBellecourtSisters15 karma

(N) I'm afraid my future children will see the GIF of me coughing from my first bong inhale on that show so no.

HardAsIs8 karma

You're working with a pretty large group of gifted improvisers. How much of the show is actually scripted?

Also, the "ravishing culture" bit was gold.

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(N) oh thank you! The scripts were definitely written but we had so many amazing improvisers. Tom Lennon was born to improvise in 1902! Everything that came out of his mouth was hilarious. We had to let people improv a little. Brian Husky, Brett Gelman, David Wain, Michael Ian Black, Moshe Kasher - they all improvised things we ended up keeping.

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R) Most of the show is scripted because we had to shoot so quickly. But if we were lucky and had time, we left people improvise. They are just so funny and quick- Michael Ian Black, Brian Huskey, David Wain... we needed to let them improv.

PakiRambo18 karma

'tasha will you marry me?

TheBellecourtSisters18 karma

Do you have a boat?

PakiRambo13 karma

absolutely, i live on the beach in Karachi. Also I'm an open mic-er. so, yes?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(N) What is the boat made out of? (hint: teakwood is a good answer)

gorilla_eater8 karma

Natasha - You mentioned having a meditation routine on CBB recently. What sort do you do and how much do you think it helps with comedy?

Riki - Any chance of bringing back your podcast? It was one of my favorites.


TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(N) I do Buddhist meditation and chanting and also take Jewish classes!

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(R) Thank you! I really do want to bring back the podcast at some point. It was just so hard schedule wise to maintain.

randomrespondster8 karma

Most surprising comedic influence?

TheBellecourtSisters13 karma

(R) Eminem. His lyrics have influenced me so much.

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(N) Neil Simon

Sforza_UK8 karma

Natasha & Riki - I love the show, and I apologise for stealing it as I can't get it this side of the pond.

Natasha : You're so good at the Comedy Central Roasts, are there any jokes that you were too afraid to use?

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(R) Thank you so much! Hopefully it will come to England at some point.

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(N) We got some great reviews in English papers which made us all feel really cool.

daybeforetheday8 karma

Riki, if you fell pregnant would you be smug?

You guys are awesome, btw!

TheBellecourtSisters18 karma

(R) I feel like I would want to be smug but if I was, EVERYONE would call me on it. I painted myself into a corner with that song.

randomrespondster7 karma

Since AP is kind of a cross between Downton Abbey and the Kardashians, has there been any feedback from either of those shows?

TheBellecourtSisters26 karma

(N) I did watch a few episodes of the Kardashians in preparation and still trying to erase it from my memory.

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R) We haven't heard from either of those shows yet but would love to! We would love some Downton cameos on the show.

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(N) Mathew Crawley actually visited our set! Truly a highlight! Looking for the pic!

eztarget8967 karma

Which actor/actress would you want to work with on the show that you weren't able to get?

TheBellecourtSisters15 karma

(N) Danny McBride and Kathryn Hahn!

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R) So many! I would love to get Danny McBride, Seth Rogan or Steven Merchant. They would be perfect for this show.

CrosbyStan7 karma

Who are the top 5 current stand ups, in your opinion ?

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

Moshe Kasher, Tig, Bo Burnham, Chelsea Peretti, Jen Kirkman, Zach G are all people I love to watch.

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) That is such a hard question. I'm just going to go off the top of my head but reserve the right to change my mind at any moment. Tig Notaro, Louis CK, Anthony Jeselnik, Chris Rock, and of course Natasha Leggero.

irregularcog7 karma

Riki, are there any legal reasons why Garfunkel and Oates as a show couldn't be resurrected for a three-peat (HBO digital, then IFC) or even just a straight second season continuing from the IFC show on a new network or streaming service?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) We could definitely do another show. We are going to shoot a special first and then think about making another show or a movie.

frightattendant7 karma

If you guys ran into alternate universe male comic versions of yourselves, what would their names be and would you do them?

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(N) Johnny Bananas and No

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(R) Richard Lindhome and also no.

randomrespondster7 karma

Love the new show!

Just wondering why Hortense was re-cast?

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R)Sadly, Artemis had a scheduling conflict! We were very sad to lose her.

fyuck_yiu7 karma

Natasha, you killed it at the Bieber roast. Is he actually cool in person?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(N) I recently saw him in Italy and he was very thankful and effusive about the roast. I really think he loved it. Also he was very sweet and funny.

DaBake7 karma

Do you agree with comedians who apologize for jokes when certain groups get offended?

Amy Schumer was in a difficult situation, but the joke she made was 2 years old and no one was offended until she had a big movie coming out.

TheBellecourtSisters24 karma

(N) I don't believe in apologies even if I've hurt someone or stolen money from them.

VicariousHades46 karma

Are all/any of the jokes on AP improvised? Some of them certainly seem like it. How is working with Christina Hendricks?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) Most of them are scripted but there were quite a few improvised gems. Christina is amazing. She is so talented and so sweet. Her character takes a huge turn during the series.

franch6 karma

hi Riki! i have a few questions:

1) any chance of garfunkel and oates coming back in tv/video form? even on youtube or something?

2) can you pleeeeeease bring G&O to NYC?

3) how many people think your name is LINDHORNE rather than LINDHOME?

4) would you rather fight one hundred duck-sized kate micuccis or one kate micucci-sized duck?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) 1) We are making a special very soon and would love to make movie after that. 2) Definitely. As soon as we are back on the road. 3). Zero people 4) One kate micucci sized duck. I think I could take it.

Frajer6 karma

Do you think Beatrice and Lilian know their husbands are gay? Also just how many people in the house know about Beatrice and Frederick being lovers, it seems like a lot of people know and don't care?

TheBellecourtSisters15 karma

(N) Also every man in the show is gay. Me and Riki's revenge for playing prostitute characters written by men for the last decade.

TheBellecourtSisters13 karma

(R) I feel like pretty much everyone in the house knows about Beatrice and Frederick except for Dodo. She's too high on morphine. And everyone in the house knows our husbands are gay except us.

deaddogseye816 karma

Natasha, which celebrity do you want to roast the most?

TheBellecourtSisters16 karma

(N) Oprah!

stoog36 karma

Natasha, where is Tubbin With Tash? We're waiting.

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(N) We are bringing it back- me and Pigbottom got engaged.

Slow-moving-sloth5 karma

Hi Natasha, do you still carry around the Chihuahua in the service vest?

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(N) Yes and she has 2 friends now who are all surprisingly disabled/ service dogs also.

liamquane5 karma

What was it like working on Much Ado About Nothing? :~)

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) It was incredible. We shot it in 13 days in Joss' house and we all kept it a secret. I'm still friends with the cast!

Jdban5 karma

@Natasha - Did you like working on Ugly Americans? Is the show gone for good or will we get more? It was amazing.

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

I think that show is done but it was a very fun experience!

evs2125 karma

What are your thoughts on polyamorous relationships?

TheBellecourtSisters11 karma

(N) I think people should do whatever the fuck they want as long as they don't hurt people. That being said sounds hella stupid.

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R) I think whatever makes you happy is what you should do. As long as everyone is honest and wants to be there, it's great.

Kgb5295 karma

Weird question, but it is something I always wonder about everybody famous, except Adam Sandler. What's your favorite cereal?

TheBellecourtSisters14 karma

(R) Cinnamon toast crunch

Kgb5292 karma

Pairs well with Rumchata when hungover

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma


TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(N) Frosted Mini Wheats but eaten within 10 seconds of milk hitting them.

Jfitz4325 karma

Riki, is Phirman producing the new G&O album?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(R) Yes. We love working with Mike Phirman. We've also worked with Eban Schletter in the past but he was doing the score for Another Period.

Mike is such a talented producer and really gets our sense of humor.

VicariousHades45 karma

What are your favorite moments from AP so far?

I also can't let this opportunity fly by: Natasha, you are the portrait of a perfect woman. Mean-spirited, drop-dead sexy, and absolutely hilarious.

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(R) Lawn Boating was fun. Doing the procreation sex scene was also really fun.

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

My favorite AP moment was being called "Drop-dead sexy on a Reddit AMA.

son_vo5 karma

Riki! Can you please tell IFC to give Garfunkel and Oates another chance??

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R) Honestly, it was just a scheduling conflict. Kate and I did really well in the ratings. It was such a bummer that they chose to end it but we are going to continue to make things on our own.

SanAntonioBarracuda5 karma

Can you please name people you have seen naked and describe their bodies?

TheBellecourtSisters11 karma

(R) I've seen Michael Fassbender naked in the movie Shame and it was life changing.

Janie_Dough5 karma

How was in growing up in Rockford? Ever go back?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(N) Haven't gone back in a while. I think they hate me there because I make fun of it on talk shows. I think there were 10 shootings last week.

bb14jodineverforget4 karma

Help my servants are cleaning my emeralds with the ruby polish AS WE SPEAK! What do I do???

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

(N) ignore them and go on with your life.

muffint0p54 karma

As a child, what did Natasha want to be when she grew up?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) She definitely wanted to be an astronaut.

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(N) Actress/ trophy wife/ movie star

wee_man4 karma

Natasha, have you ever put your pussy on someone's sideburns?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(N) For sure

NotatHayboxo4 karma

What would be in your perfect sandwich?

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(R) Pretzel bread. Havarti cheese, turkey, olive oil and vinegar.

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

Cucumber and cream cheese. I also love Lobster salad.

suaveitguy4 karma

Do you enjoy listening to comics discuss the craft? Does it ring hollow sometimes?

TheBellecourtSisters10 karma

(N) I love it too! I just got a great book called Daily Rituals which goes into detail about the writing habits of some of the most successful writers. Ben Franklin would sit naked on a rocking chair for an hour in the morning with all the windows open in preparation to write.

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) I really do love it. Everyone has such a different process and I like learning what to do and what not to do. I did a whole podcast about it so it definitely doesn't ring hollow for me (unless they are holding back or not being honest)

irregularcog4 karma

Is there a consultant or something to check what the technology level or civil rights were at the time? Does comedy overrule the accuracy if the joke is funny enough?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) I do believe that comedy overrules accuracy but only to a certain point. We don't have any inventions on there that didn't exist or people that weren't alive at the time.

We don't have a consultant but we would check it all ourselves.

irregularcog4 karma

So...the bicycle powered dildo machine is a real thing?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) No. That was fake. But the finger contraption Chris Parnell wore is real.

HardAsIs4 karma

Natasha: You mentioned on a CBB podcast that your dream was to not do standup anymore. I assume you meant it would be a less grueling road schedule, but were there other reasons?

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

Well my real dream is to get out on a teakwood boat once a month

fugmie4 karma

Natasha, what was weirdest moment at the Beiber Roast?

Riki, why do you seem to have a knack for collaborating with shorter, Italian-American women?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(R) Short, Italian-American women are the funniest ones, obviously.

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

Weirdest moment is when Snoop offered me a joint right after my set. Only regret is that we didn't smoke it with Martha Stewart.

irregularcog4 karma

What's the weirdest thing that's been presented to for you to sign?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) A duck vibrator. That wins for sure.

son_vo4 karma

Riki, What's working with TJ Miller like?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) He's the best. He so astoundingly talented that I feel like there's no end to it. He's hilarious and sincere and I'm so lucky to have had him in Garfunkel and Oates.

randomrespondster4 karma

Is Beatrice secretly smart?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) Yes. For sure. I think Beatrice is a math genius and way smarter than Frederick but she's never been encouraged to show it.

bethanyp19944 karma

How much of Another Period is based on fact, and how much made up for comedic effect? PS: Please come to the UK at some point I need live Garfunkel & Oates/ Natasha's stand up in my life!

Edit: realised I'm an idiot and wrote fact twice!

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(R) So much of it is based on fact. In episode 5, one of our family members is appointed to be a Senator which was real. Freud diagnoses someone as homosexual, which was true. Cocaine wine is real!

puddingtime884 karma

What was it like to work with Tim & Eric? Do you have plans to collaborate with them again?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(N) Love them and I hear their new book is great!

Tim was awesome in the show and plays my love interest Hal Canrnegie

duchessofrogue4 karma

Can you talk about what it was like pitching this idea, how you came to the idea of focusing on a family like the Bellecourt's? I'm guessing Drunk History had an influence. Love both shows

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) Drunk History was definitely an influence. I saw the short that Jeremy Konner had made on Funny or Die and asked him to direct our Another Period short film. After we made the film, we wrote a script for the pilot and then pitched it. I think it was important to make the short so we could show people the tone.

RoughDraught4 karma

Both of you are hilarious and I really appreciate Another Period.

Are you as excited as I am for Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(N) YES!!!!!

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) Thank you! I am sooooooooooooooooooo excited for the new Wet Hot. We love David Wain and that movie.

cornystool4 karma

What happened to the 'Another Period' episodes on Hulu Plus? That's where I was watching and not it just has the pilot and no new episodes.

This has given me great sadness.

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

(N) you are right this IS sad. Looking into it

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

(R) I'm honestly not sure who is in charge of that stuff. If it were up to us, it would be on every platform. But you can watch it on the comedy central app or download episodes on iTunes.

savannavanna4 karma

I am into astrology and I was wondering if you knew your rising sign or time of birth?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) I'm a pisces. Not sure what time of day I was born.

brokenzion4104 karma

Natasha--were you actually drunk for the filming of Drunk History?

TheBellecourtSisters8 karma

(N) yes on champagne and tequila. I fell asleep in my wet swimsuit that night.

gasface4 karma

Will you go to prom with me?

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(R) I will go to prom with you in 1997

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(N) no.

suaveitguy3 karma

Kids in the Hall, or SCTV?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(R) Kids in the hall.

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

Catherine O'Hara!

logicatch3 karma

Rikki, I loved the Garfunkel & Oates show! Are there any upcoming G&O projects you can tell us about? New album anytime soon?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) Yes! We are planning to make a special very soon and are just finishing up our album. Thanks!!

suaveitguy3 karma

What are your favorite Simpsons characters?

TheBellecourtSisters12 karma

(N) I'm a Cartman gal

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) Lisa all the way.

makelikeanail3 karma

Hello Ladies! I am absolutely in LOVE with the show! It is by far the most unique comedy I have seen this year. I was wondering if you were planning to have a panel at NY comic con this fall?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) I'm not sure if we are doing a panel there but we would love to. We did San Diego Comic Con last weekend and it was a blast.

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(N) Oh my god there is a NEW YORK comicon???

jessepeay3 karma

Hey Riki, is it true that G&O composed Rainbow Connections? That tune sealed the deal on my admiration for G&O.

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) Yes we wrote that song. Thank you so much! We are super proud of it. It's one of our favorite song we've ever written.

djamescensored3 karma

What does Duncan Trussel smell like?

TheBellecourtSisters6 karma

(R) The ocean.

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

Beard oil and roses

philckd3 karma

Hi girls! Do you have a favorite sketch from the series? If you could go to one period in time, what would it be and why?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(R) I think my favorite sketch will always be the undressing scene in the pilot because we shot it years ago in the original short and it's the only thing that made it to the series.

Spoonsy3 karma

Will there be any opportunities for Gilded Age G&O content?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) Yes! Kate is actually in 3 episodes this season and we wrote two musical numbers for the show. One of the musical numbers is on the show tonight!

randomrespondster3 karma

On podcasts, you've both indicated that you love nice hotels. What's your fave hotel room luxury?

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(N) I like using 9 towels per bathing sesh.

TheBellecourtSisters7 karma

(R) Room service! It's the best thing ever.

8bitdemon3 karma

Hey Natasha & Riki! Really loving AP so far!! :D Since your show is a period piece and Paul F. Tompkins is so damn dapper, do you think that PFT can easily fit in the AP universe? If so, what do you guys think his character be like?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) We tried to get him for the first season but he was filming something else! But I agree, he is perfect for our show. If we make more, we definitely would love for him to be a part of it.

liamquane2 karma

Hi Miss. Lindhome Can I ask; What was it like working with Joss Whedon, what is he like as a director? :~)

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

(R) Joss is wonderful. He is kind, generous, hilarious and so creative. It was an amazing experience being able to work with him that I am very grateful for.

NotatHayboxo2 karma

Do celebrities binge watch Netflix like the rest of us?

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

(R) Yes! Binge watching is the best. I just binge watched Kimmy Schmidt and I loved it.

son_vo2 karma

Natasha, plan on taking your comedy on the road anytime soon? I'd love to see you on the lower east coast

TheBellecourtSisters9 karma

(N) what do you consider the lower east coast? I'm only performing in states with no abortion restrictions and a museum of modern art.

Gaparkkkk2 karma

If you had to defeat a man with just one hit,what would you do???

TheBellecourtSisters4 karma

(R) Eyeballs.

eccehomo9992 karma

For both: When you just want to be an audience member & laugh rather than work, who is your favorite comedian to go see live?

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) My favorite comedians to see live are Tig Notaro, Anthony Jeselnik, Tim Minchin and Bo Burnham.

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

Todd Barry!

Janie_Dough2 karma

Beatrice and Lilian are such amazing mothers. Do you think you will be as good of a mother as they are?

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

(R) God I hope so. Beatrice can't even recognize which children are hers and only says hi to them on Christmas.

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

(N) God I hope so

kyl32 karma

What's it like working with Dave Koechner? He seems like a silly man in the best way.

TheBellecourtSisters5 karma

(R) I LOVE Koechner! He is the nicest man and also SO GREAT in the part. He pops in and out throughout the season but he crushes every episode he's in.

Riggs772 karma

Natasha - Big fan! What's the story (if any) behind you being on Todd Berry's From Heaven Album?

TheBellecourtSisters3 karma

Ohhhh Todd Barry one of my faves too!!!

We just took the pic and it ended up on his album