My short bio: Hey reddit...Chris Tucker here, comedian, movie star, and currently running around the country talking about my new and first-ever standup special on Netflix. Ask me absolutely anything!

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EDIT 3:31 PM: Thanks everybody for your questions! See you around...

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shivan21614 karma

Hi Chris! What are your best and funniest memories from The Fifth Element shooting?

christucker_AMA1451 karma

Probably when Bruce Willis came up to me on the first day of shooting, looked at my outfit and said "do you know this could ruin your career?" Then Luc Besson yelled ACTION before I had a chance to quit, and I'm so glad he did.

reganomics08436 karma

Hey Chris, I am a big fan of your work, glad you're back. My question is, when you first met Jackie Chan, did you feel that you two would become good friends instantly, or was it something that developed over time? Thank you for doing this.

christucker_AMA1348 karma

It developed over time...Jackie used to give me gifts all the time, and I thought he was the nicest guy in the world. Then I realized he was getting it for free from China.

suaveitguy402 karma

What have you been up to the last few years, when not in the public eye?

christucker_AMA804 karma

When I'm not in the public eye I'm mostly traveling, seeing the world, spending time with my son.

DDRDiesel386 karma

Mr. Tucker-

I'm sure you get this a lot, but your acting career has helped me deal with something that would otherwise be very difficult, and I'd just like to say thanks.

My little brother loved Rush Hour when he was still with us, and would always choose to watch it over any other movie. He was still pretty young to understand the meaning of the line, but whenever I would come home he would greet me with "What's up, my brother?" (As that's how we told him to say the line). While the more adult themes were lost on him, he just loved watching for the slapstick-style comedy throughout the movie.

Unfortunately, he passed away in 2006 at the age of 9 due to massive heart failure. His biological mother did all kinds of drugs while pregnant, which led to a disorder we didn't know he had until it was too late. I don't look back and mourn him, I instead think of how happy he was watching you and Jackie Chan beat up "the bad guys".

I didn't really have any good questions, so I'll just fire this one off for you: Despite being known as primarily a comedian, would you like to take on any other more serious roles? Maybe a more down-to-earth character in a horror or drama role?

christucker_AMA552 karma

That means so much to me that you and your brother could enjoy my movies together. It's an honor to know that I made you guys laugh. That really inspires me to keep going, and also to try different things — more comedies and dramatic movies too.

Orphan_Babies363 karma

Chris, I was blown away by your work in Silver Linings Playbook.

Did you do any preparation or research for that role?

christucker_AMA429 karma

Oh definitely. I did a lot of research and, you know, thought about the character a lot to make sure I was doing it right. It was a different kind of role for me, and learning more about mental illness was interesting, it was very informative. Working with David O. Russell was a lot of fun too, and I loved working in Philadelphia.

1edgy3me307 karma

Who is allowed to touch your radio?

christucker_AMA559 karma


Noob_The_Legend274 karma

Are you focusing on stand up now over acting? I saw the netflix special and laughed my ass off. Thanks for all the laughs.

christucker_AMA367 karma

Definitely focusing on stand-up, as well as acting. Stand-up is my first love and I'll never stop doing it.

BoilerMaker11271 karma

Hi Chris! Been a big fan of yours since the mid-90s. Two questions:

  1. You got a broom I can borrow?

  2. What made you decide to link up with Netflix for your latest special?

christucker_AMA467 karma

  1. Nah, you won't give it back
  2. Netflix is the best place for it, the best way to get it out around the world.

Playstationgamer99208 karma

Would you be interested to star in any Marvel/DC movies, if so what role?

christucker_AMA312 karma

I would love to...not sure which role, any ideas?

suaveitguy206 karma

What are your favorite memories of MJ? How about the biggest misconceptions people have of him?

christucker_AMA373 karma

Doing the video and dancing with him was incredible. Also going to the movies with him...and riding in a car together listening to 50 Cent.

christucker_AMA379 karma

Also I remember Michael was dancing to "In Da Club" in the car.

seismicor204 karma

Are you still friends with Jackie Chan?

christucker_AMA360 karma

Yes. I'm trying to remember how to say "yes" in Chinese...I just saw him in Beijing. We had a great time!

MattBaster191 karma

Who is the funniest comedian in your opinion?

christucker_AMA345 karma

Richard Pryor and Eddie Murphy. And Robin Harris.

skoomaed168 karma

What's your favorite pair of shoes that you own?

christucker_AMA452 karma

Oh man I've got some nice shoes. I love these ones I'm wearing today

ajlposh154 karma

Thanks for doing this! What is your all-time favorite movie?

christucker_AMA234 karma

Oh man! There's a few. One of my top five would be "Scarface." Also "Cooley High." And all the Godfather movies. And Rocky 1, 2, and 3.

Tommyboy2124139 karma

Hi Chris! What's your favourite kind of pie?

christucker_AMA238 karma

Traditional apple pie.

seismicor99 karma

Would you rather fight one horse-sized duck, or a hundred duck-sized horses?

christucker_AMA302 karma

One horse-sized duck so I can run away in case it gets too tough without getting followed by a mob of duck-horses.

sierly_amalia291 karma

if you weren't an actor or a comedian, what would you want to be? :) and which one do you prefer: being an actor / comedian?

christucker_AMA123 karma

I never even thought about it, really. I'd probably want to run my own business. But really I only ever thought of doing this.

suaveitguy73 karma

Crowds give comedians a lot of energy, a lot of adrenaline. What's the disconnect like between the lack of that giant rush in your personal life and the theaters full of people when you work? Its gotta be a bit of a tough balancing act psychologically?

christucker_AMA93 karma

You just gotta adapt, you get used to it. You take it all in and you feed off of it.

shivan2153 karma

How do you prepare your stand-ups?

christucker_AMA90 karma

Lots of workshopping, going to comedy clubs and getting up on stage is how it comes together. I take a lot of stuff from my real life, just put it together and talk about it and see what happens.

merry72238 karma

What is your favorite line from any movie you have been in ?

Also , what's your favorite restaurant in ATL or in Georgia

christucker_AMA59 karma

There's so many good restaurants I can't pick a favorite...