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Hi Chris! Been a big fan of yours since the mid-90s. Two questions:

  1. You got a broom I can borrow?

  2. What made you decide to link up with Netflix for your latest special?

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they're already trying to set it up as a "he's no angel" story.

This is so frustrating. I disagree with it in, say, the McKinney incident where they terrorized those kids at a pool party. But I get it. I can understand the basis of the spin in that manner. Sure, the cops showed up, and started to draw guns (luckily a level headed officer prevented that from happening), but regardless of context, the children were "unruly", so when that girl got confrontational with the cop and he proceeded to drag her, I get why the "back the blue" and "blue lives matter" people spin that as "she was no angel" in order to save face for the officer. To them, she was supposed to just sit there and take the abuse. Anything other than that was "disrespectful" to the officer, in their eyes.

But this Botham Jean shooting? A man minding his own business in his home gets him home invaded (at the end of the day, that's what it is. He did not give her permission to enter his home) and shot to death.....and they're trying to "he was no angel" him? At least with McKinney, it was relevant to the event (kids not adhering to orders from the officers). But taking something that has nothing to do with the circumstances of the shooting and using that to smear him?

Fuck these people. How about I go break into your home, shoot you in the face, and then find out you got into a fight in the 8th grade? "You were no angel".

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TIL /r/monkeyjesus exists

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But God is timeless and omnipresent. Why would he have to be “particular”? If he revealed himself to everyone at the same time, then there would be an objective truth to it. Because it was something that everyone saw and experienced.

But since he only revealed himself to Israel, you had people over in what is now modern day Central America who said “wtf are you talking about? God? That’s a lie. Quetzalcoatl is creator who revealed himself to us”, when Christians brought their message to that area; or people in what is modern day India who said “wtf are you talking about? God? That’s a lie. Brahma is the creator who revealed himself to us” when Christians brought their message to that area.

And all the beliefs are mutually exclusive. There’s absolutely no crossover, in order for it to be the “same God, just called a different name”.

And considering that God is also omniscient, he knew that his plan to only reveal himself to Israel would end up with the results that we saw through history. If his goal was to bring truth and love to the whole world, why go about it in such a counterintuitive way?

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I don't understand why people are completely ok with downvoting a WBC post to oblivion, but get all up in arms when we do it to Ann Coulter.

The only thing that separates the WBC and Ann Coulter is the fact that Ann Coulter doesn't protest stuff. They're both batshit insane and we shouldn't give either the platform to spew out their drivel