What's up reddit! My name is Soup, and you might know me as an emcee and musician on Jurassic 5.

Worldwide Jurassic 5 tour starts in just a few hours! Come get down with us! Dates and tickets here: https://www.facebook.com/Jurassic5/events

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I'm out! Thank you so much for the questions. Hopefully we can do this again soon. Later.

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dallacious17 karma

Can't wait to see you guys tonight in San Diego! Any chance you will perform "The Influence" or "Thin Line"?

Jurassic5Band23 karma

We will do both just for you!

Jurassic5Band15 karma

If you're close to a town that we're performing this year. Please come say "Hi!" to us.

TheChosenWaffle14 karma

Hey Soup, fell in love with you guys at the Coachella reunion show, then checked you out in S.F. and then last year at the Del Mar show. You guys consistently bring it, keep on doing what you do bro. Thanks for the tunes. Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Jurassic5Band16 karma

Thank you. You're putting me on the spot! It varies - Otis Redding, Al Green, Con-funk-shun, ‘oldies,’ etc.

Jurassic5Band14 karma

I'm out! Thank you so much for the questions. Hopefully we can do this again soon. Later.

Spostman13 karma

What's up man! I just Chali 2na and the Funk Hunters at WTFestival in Oregon. He performed some J5 stuff and it just wasn't the same... Do you guys ever plan on doing a joint performance? Also... got any extra tickets to your show in Seattle on Friday? ;)

Jurassic5Band23 karma

How many tickets do you need? Don't go overboard. No joint performances. J5 should be J5 and Chali 2na and the Funk Hunters should be the Funk Hunters.

Spostman13 karma

Haha that's fair.. I can get behind that.

WOW! Really? I was mostly joking but 1 or 2 would be more than generous... and very greatly appreciated! Either way, Thanks a bunch for the response! (And of course the awesome music...)

Jurassic5Band30 karma

Give me your full name and I will leave you two tickets at will-call.

Spostman11 karma

Oh man... thanks a ton! My name is REDACTED (Sam P) Let me you know if I can leave you any bud or anything in return! This is fuckin' awesome.

Jurassic5Band15 karma

I got you. All good, thanks though.

cahaseler13 karma

Craziest fan story?

Jurassic5Band25 karma

A girl was beat up by her boyfriend for making 'eyes' at me while onstage. He accused me of reciprocating her so called advances.

ZiggyZ31111 karma

HUGE FAN! Your lyrics are top notch sir! Ever think you guys might.make your way to Montana? Yes we are small, but we would love for you guys to come here!

Jurassic5Band10 karma

If you build it, we will come! Message us on FB and we will try to build a campaign for us to play in Montana. Thanks for your support!

Jurassic5Band12 karma

What's your favorite J5 track?

roddymcrodrod10 karma

Do you feel hip hop has changed for the better in your time?

Jurassic5Band32 karma

No. It's lost a lot of creativity and balance.

AbucadA9 karma

We ever gonna get a new J5 album?

Jurassic5Band11 karma

Still up in the air...

silverquest_289 karma

What was your best experience on stage?

Jurassic5Band16 karma

Having over 20,000 stay for your show and participate the whole time that we're on stage. It's an ill feeling.

TheChosenWaffle5 karma


Jurassic5Band9 karma

Yes, that's what I'm talking about.

teehill8 karma

Sup Soup! Love your rhythms, was wondering when creating your pieces do you find a rhythm first and match words to it? Just interested in your creative process...

Jurassic5Band8 karma

Somewhat. It varies with each track. Most of the time I take the words and see how I can manipulate them to sound fly over the music.

teehill5 karma

Makes sense; your stuff seems rhythmically diverse and that would explain it. It's all really cohesive, clever and fun.

Do you ever collaborate on the instrumental beat / backing to get your lyrics in place?

Jurassic5Band6 karma

Yeah, at times. I use different methods to bring out different vibes and feelings.

teehill4 karma

Thanks for answering! Appreciate it :)

I'm hopefully going to your show tomorrow in LA, really looking forward to it. I hope that the LA crowd isn't a bummer and connect with you guys.

Jurassic5Band5 karma

Me as well.

AphexTwinnn8 karma

What music do you listen to outside of hiphop?

Jurassic5Band14 karma

Old soul and classic hip-hop.

MaxPowerNz7 karma

Hey Soup, big fan from NZ here! J5 is one of my favorite groups! My question is this: what influenced your group to be more Message Rap than Gangsta Rap (e.g. a positive influence than glorifying Gangsta lifestyles)? Thanks for doin this!

Jurassic5Band10 karma

It's just we are. We don't look down on it, it's just not what we do. It wasn't a conscious effort to not do it. It's who we are.

Jurassic5Band6 karma

Last round of questions. I have to head out to the first show of our West Coast tour in San Diego.

cbway215 karma

I'll be there tonight!

Jurassic5Band10 karma

So will I. See you tonight!

mackey_5 karma

I was pretty bummed when Rock the Bells got cancelled last year, do you guys have any plans of coming back to NYC anytime soon?

Jurassic5Band8 karma

I was as well. We don't have any NYC shows in the works, but I would love to come back as soon as possible.

JJOzanne4 karma

Hey Soup, big fan, keep doing what you guys do - will see you guys in London this September! What is your favorite J5 album, and why?

Jurassic5Band9 karma

"Power in Numbers" because I felt that I shined more on that. See you in London!

DJ12494 karma

Who, if anyone, is your favorite out of the "New" hiphop artists? Also, keep up the awesome work man you guys are dope!

Jurassic5Band8 karma

Thank you first and foremost. I don't really listen to a lot of "new" hip-hop artists, but I like Joey Badass.

Senor_Tucan4 karma

Have you found out what the beef is with you being "hands-on" yet?

Jurassic5Band5 karma

Great question. I'm still looking....

DJ12494 karma

If you could collab with anyone who would it be and why?

Jurassic5Band8 karma

Larry Smith (R.I.P.) because Run DMC was my favorite group growing up and his beats just really bang.

teeba127914 karma

Besides Nu-Mark, who are some other producers you would love to work with? Keep makin' good music!

Jurassic5Band6 karma

I'm open. Whoever has something that I can vibe to is who I would love to work with - name or no name. Who said I like Nu-Mark?

teeba127915 karma

haha good luck on the tour man!

Jurassic5Band5 karma

Thank you.

lu-cas4 karma

J5 is big in Brazil. Any plans in touring here again?

Jurassic5Band6 karma

We will be in South America in November of THIS YEAR! Come down and don't play. Check our website for details.

spotiousone3 karma

What do you listen to when you're driving in your car?

Jurassic5Band4 karma

See above. :)

didierdoddsy2 karma

Saw you guys in Nottingham UK last year and you all signed my ticket after the gig. Was great to meet you all, have been a massive J5 fan for a long time. How do you guys like playing in the UK and how does you think gigs differ from the States?

Jurassic5Band6 karma

The UK gave us our start so we will always be grateful for your support. Our UK fans are always ready to party with us at each show. It's not about the branding of the group or all of the 'camera tricks' or the phoniness of it, which I love.

didierdoddsy2 karma

Thank you so much for replying it means a lot. When J5 are in town all anyone wants to do is party!!! Please keep the party going for many years to come!

Jurassic5Band5 karma

Thanks for the love. As long as my legs allow.

didierdoddsy2 karma

Good man! Also do you happen to remember what the song was that had you stumped at that show in Nottingham when you were asking the audience to shout out requests? I was in the middle of the crowd but couldn't hear what it was the guy shouted out, but you guys couldn't do it so dedicated him another song.

Jurassic5Band5 karma

It was probably our first single, "Unified Revolution."

spotiousone1 karma

How tall are you ?

Jurassic5Band1 karma


spotiousone1 karma

What time does the meet and greet event start tonight?

Jurassic5Band3 karma

Check your email. You should've received some sort of instructions. If not, message us on FB.