Hey Reddit, I'm Corey Taylor. I'm the lead singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour, an actor, author, and released my new book today. Ask me anything!

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UPDATE: Hey Reddit - I've got to head out, it was great answering all your questions. Thank you for NOT making me hate you!

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FoIIowTheReaper329 karma

How often do you push your fingers into your eyes?

coreytaylorrock590 karma

Every day- it's the only thing that slowly stops the ache...

Zitbug222 karma

Acknowledge my existence?!

coreytaylorrock369 karma

Existence acknowledged.

Thickheartmom211 karma

Hello Corey! I have a little boy, Zak, who is 11 year old and absolutely loves your music. He received a heart transplant last year, on 8/31/14 and we are actually taking him to see Slipknot on 9/4/2015 here in Houston! He is so excited, and this music has helped him come through a really difficult time. Our website is Facebook.com/aheartforzak - is there any way we can get him to meet you? It would be absolutely wonderful! Or, at least, can Zak get a shoutout for being such a superfan? You guys are awesome, thank you for all you do!

coreytaylorrock323 karma

I'll see what I can do!

Blackjack__21171 karma

Hey Corey, have you seen the "Elders React to Slipknot" video??

coreytaylorrock309 karma

I have- it's fucking hilarious.

ImmaBeatThatAss144 karma

Hey, Corey.

I've gotta know... what is your preferred brand of laundry detergent? It's something that's been bugging me for years and I think your fans deserve an answer.

coreytaylorrock417 karma

You're absolutely right- the fans DO deserve to know how I keep my dingy metal clothes so fluffy and aromatic. Tide Pods are the most metal of all detergents.

HugoTheAngryToe116 karma

Can you put some new socks on? It smells bad down here. -Hugo

coreytaylorrock211 karma

Quiet, you- or I'll stuff you back in the studded Crocs again.

Snowmittromney96 karma

Hey Corey! Big fan. My questions:

  1. I have seen how relaxed you seem to be in interviews, acoustic shows, etc., and I have also seen how intense you are onstage with Slipknot. Is that intensity and anger something that's easy to put on with the mask and channel for a few hours and then be able to take it off and go home and relax? How has this changed, if at all, over the years?

  2. I have read about how Alice in Chains was/is a huge influence on you. I have also seen you do a number of shows with guitarist Jerry Cantrell. Would you ever consider exploring studio work with him?

  3. What inspires and motivates you to keep making music?

  4. Would you rather fight 100 duck sized Mick Thompson's or 1 Mick Thompson sized duck?

coreytaylorrock132 karma

1- The intensity and anger is always there, so it's really easy to tap into. I'm like the Hulk in The Avengers: I'm ALWAYS Angry. 2- I would record with Jerry Cantrell at the drop of a hat. Love that guy. 3- I would fight all ducks, at all times.

maelstrom19787 karma

What’s your favourite Slipknot or Stone Sour song that wasn’t released as a single?

coreytaylorrock142 karma

Slipknot: Disasterpiece Stone Sour: Home Again

guntis87 karma

Hey, Corey!
How was working with Tech N9ne? Is there any other rapper with whom you would like to work with?

coreytaylorrock126 karma

Working with Tech was awesome- so talented and such a great guy, one of my favorite people! As for other rappers, that's a long list: Dre, Em, Jay-Z, Public Enemy, Cube and Ice T come to mind!

Massabama74 karma

Hey Corey, what is the real reason that Joey Jordison is no longer with Slipknot? Slipknot announced that he left the band for personal reasons, but Joey himself said that he was fired and would have never left Slipknot on his own.

coreytaylorrock153 karma

We never said Joey left- we said we parted ways with him. That being said, out of respect to Joey, all I can say is that Joey's path was going in a different direction than ours. I wish him nothing but the best.

Myksee71 karma

Hello Corey. Just want to start off by saying that your music with both of your bands. Mainly Slipknot, has gotten, and continues to get me through rough times. Depression, heartbreak, sadness, and anger for over 15 years. It very well may have stopped me from hurting myself at some point.  Here is my tattoo commemorating it. Also this tattoo for the band and Paul

My question is, who would be on your "Mount Rushmore" of Heavy Metal artists? Whether it be singers, guitar, bass , or drum players. 

coreytaylorrock135 karma

Cliff Burton, Dio, Bonham, Randy Rhoads

tbos1367 karma

If you had to summarize your musical career in three of your songs, what would they be and why?

coreytaylorrock149 karma

Spit it out, Bother and Everything Ends. Because you should never take for granted the gifts that Life has given you.

dmac100352 karma

Any chance to see a Slipknot/Avenged Sevenfold tour? Or a Avenged Sevenfold/Stone Sour tour again? We all wanna see it!

coreytaylorrock38 karma

You never know!

IAmA_Dispatcher46 karma

Corey, thanks for doing this AMA! Great work on the the new album, there's some kickass tracks on there.

I want to give you a shout out for your sobriety. -How hard is it for you to maintain it being in the band you are in, are there temptations always surrounding you?

-Also, how are you able to manage your time between Slipknot and Stone Sour?

-What's your favorite song to perform live?

coreytaylorrock65 karma

Temptation can only get in if you let it. Once I decided I was going sober, that was it for me. Everything in my life is enough reinforcement to stay that way. -I don't sleep much haha. -Depends on the song...

coreytaylorneck46 karma

Hi Corey, what's up man!! Have been a fan since high school. Discovered Slipknot and Stone Sour thanks to my best friend back then.

  1. Wanted to ask you. Any advice on headbanging?? I get crazy headaches after just a few minutes, even though I stretch my neck slowly before and after.

  2. Do you have any movie projects coming up in 2015 ? (maybe Spiderman cameo?)

  3. What is the last country you visited?

coreytaylorrock66 karma

1- grow your hair longer and let it do the work for you. 2- I do indeed- I'm in Clown's movie 'Officer Downe'! 3- Holland.

JoeDeWaal43 karma

Are you guys (Slipknot) ever planning on coming to South Africa? You'll have a sold out show for sure

coreytaylorrock67 karma

Yes we are- next year sometime.

HyperMolecular42 karma

Hello Corey! Do you think Slipknot fans will ever see live performances of the songs I Am Hated, The Shape and Metabolic?

coreytaylorrock73 karma

Someday. Maybe sooner than you think...

keepinitwolfsince9141 karma

I can't believe I have this opportunity to talk to one of my biggest idols! Corey, I'm a HUGE fan of your work with both bands, your writing, and just you in general. you, and your work, are life changing, and if you truly take the time to read this... thank you. thank you for everything you've done for me, and all the other fans around the world. you've certainly impacted my life for the better in many ways and I don't know where I'd be if I hadn't found your music 8 years ago. Also, I have 3 questions for you.

  1. How did you rehab/change your vocal style between the Iowa/Vol. 3 Era?

  2. How do you approach your writing, both musically and in books?

  3. Do you pee in the shower?

coreytaylorrock115 karma

Thank you! 1- it wasn't so much about rehabbing, it was just about trying something different. Once I got that out of my system, I went back to the old way. 2- I go with my gut. Always the best option. 3- EVERYBODY pees in the shower. Anyone who doesn't is lying.

Dinomanic39 karma

Who or what are your non-musical influences?

If you could change anything about the music industry, what would it be?

coreytaylorrock146 karma

My non-musical influences are Hunter S. Thompson, Bill Hicks, Bruce Lee, Darth Vader and Snake Plissken. Bruce Campbell is pretty high up there too.

I'd give the music industry a soul.

jumpeduppantrygirl35 karma

How do you feel about the new bassist and drummer so far?

coreytaylorrock189 karma

They look good in spandex.

berserker20434 karma

Will Slipknot EVER be coming back to New Hampshire?

coreytaylorrock53 karma


jjmcderm805028 karma

Hey Corey,

Big fan! I moved to Iowa at a young age and lived there for about 16 years. I left for my career and have lived in a few other states in the Midwest. I often get challenged as to why I think Iowa and it's people are so great. I have plenty of answers but I was wondering what yours would be?

coreytaylorrock72 karma

Iowans don't get caught up in trends or bullshit. We try to keep it as real as possible. That's why I love it there.


Hey! What is your favorite lyric that you have written?

Also, what is your relationship with Jonathan Davis like?


coreytaylorrock33 karma

My favorite lyric? Hmmm... not sure I've written it yet. I've gotten close, but not there yet. JD is one of my good friends and brothers. One of my favorite people and singers.

DastardlyBastard_25 karma

Hey Corey. Huge fan, etc. Just thought you might like to know that I've got a journal from third grade where I wrote that my favorite band is Slipknot. So yes, Slipknot has been my favorite band since I was 8 years old (I'm 24 now). My questions for you:

  1. In your last reddit AMA you said that Snuff is your favorite song that you've written, but in a recent interview you said that All Hope Is Gone, the album that Snuff appeared on, is your least favorite Slipknot record. I was just wondering if you still consider Snuff your favorite, and if not, what song has taken its place as your favorite? If Snuff is still your favorite, what's your second favorite?

  2. At what point did you realize that Duality was going to be/is the huge hit that it is? Did you know that it was going to be such a huge hit when you were writing/recording it?

  3. What's your favorite Lamb of God song?

  4. I walk into your favorite restaurant and when the waiter asks me what I want I say "bring me the Corey Taylor." What restaurant is it, and assuming that the Corey Taylor is actually an item on the menu, what do they bring me? I.E. what is your favorite restaurant and if the Corey Taylor was an item on the menu what would it be?

Rock on, dude. Can't wait to see you guys with Lamb of God next month at Virginia Beach.

coreytaylorrock41 karma

1- Snuff's still one of my favorites, and there are some great songs on that album, but it was really hard to make so it has blurred my vision in a way. But I still love Snuff. 2- I NEVER knew Duality would be as big as it is haha. I knew it was a good song, but I never thought people would flock to it the way they have! Makes me proud and happy! 3- That could be the strangest question I've heard in minutes. Not sure if I should answer because it could incriminate me...

Mr_DaneG13 karma

What kind of input does Craig Jones put into the song writing/producing process

coreytaylorrock45 karma

Craig picks his spots, but he does a lot more than anyone can imagine. Without Craig, there would have been no 'Liberate'.

zombie81024 karma

Hi Corey! Are there any video games that you enjoy playing? Music and gaming are my big two passions and I’m always curious if you find time to play anything new or old, or care to for that matter. Thanks for your time, keep up the amazing stuff you’re doing, and it was a pleasure meeting you at Rock on The Range this year. Can’t wait for the Holmdel, NJ show! -Dan

coreytaylorrock43 karma

Video games? Not really anymore. I had a healthy Tiger Woods Golf addiction for a few years, but now I just watch Griff play. It's way more entertaining.

theshadowmoses24 karma

Hey Corey, at Download Festival there was a signing and I waited in line for 6 hours for it and I didn't get in because I didn't have enough money to buy the book :( I gave a women in line next to me a letter to give to you, did you get it? Thanks man

coreytaylorrock42 karma

I'm not sure- I got a lot of letters that day. But since I got a lot of letters that day, I'll say I think so!

scathethegeneration22 karma

Hey Corey, I've been a long time Slipknot fan since I was 13, and it has helped me overcome my depression and anxiety over the course of last year.

How does it feel getting all of that angst, rage and anxiety out into your music? And how would you deal with the anxiety/depression away from writing and performing/recording?

Much Love, Zack

coreytaylorrock53 karma

The release I get through the music is absolutely amazing. If I didn't have that, I don't think I'd be alive. Glad my music helps you too!

NegativeDevil20 karma

Hey Corey, huge fan here! Couple questions I hope you'll answer:

1) What's your opinion on the double concept album idea Clown's been talking about for Slipknot's next project? He says everyone's excited, but what's your opinion in particular? Any particular ideas or visions you've had? There's so much potential for awesomeness there with how artsy and experimental the band's gotten over the course of your career, and personally I think a concept album would be damn incredible. And to what degree has it been discussed?

2) What is/are your favorite song(s) on The Gray Chapter? Could be your favorite to listen to, your favorite to perform, the ones you enjoyed recording/writing the most, maybe a few in each of those categories?

3) I watched an interview recently where you said that it seemed like the bad weather was following you because of all of the rain you got during your European tour. I'll clarify for you that some omnipotent force is trying to tell you something: PLAY "IF RAIN IS WHAT YOU WANT". That song would be an incredible show finale (especially if it's raining at that particular time), either for before the encore, as the encore, or perhaps part of a double encore? Any way would be great. I'm really hoping the band considers playing it for the Summer's Last Stand tour. It would be fucking fantastic.

4) Any chance for rarities or never-played songs on upcoming tours? Maybe some songs like Metabolic, I Am Hated, Prosthetics, Snuff, Gehenna, Gematria, Skin Ticket, Gently, some others. Any thoughts on those songs in particular?

5) How does this picture make you feel? http://i.imgur.com/MkAwS9r.jpg

6) How long do people get to talk to you at your book-signing events? At the very least, I'm hoping to get a picture with you. Ideally, I'd like to also get to attempt to express the admiration I have for you and Slipknot in a bunch of stuttered fragments. At the very most, maybe we can go for some dinner and converse at length (My treat!) before heading into the studio to work on a song together (Your treat...? Maybe...? Studio time is expensive...).

7) Any advice for finding people who share a common artistic vision who may want to be in a band with me? Right now I write songs (I sing, play guitar and bass, and program drums) that I'd love to be able to put into a band if I ever got the right people together for my idea. Oh, and remember the name Skrik. If I do get that band together and we blow up big, that's the name. If you hear it, you should remember that one guy named NegativeDevil on Reddit who asked you way too many questions and tried way too hard to make you laugh in the process.

8) Fuck Ron. Fuck Ron.

9) Did I make you laugh at all...?

coreytaylorrock397 karma


cmmoore30719 karma

Out of all the masks youve had, which is your favorite? Can you give a best memory for each mask?

Love your music by the way!

coreytaylorrock31 karma

All my masks represent who I was in that moment. So I look on those masks as if they were memories. I'm fond of all of them. It'll be cool to see what the NEXT one looks like!

Yosam00218 karma

Hi Corey, nice to see you on Reddit!

I would just like to ask, what are your favorite and least favorite songs on .5:The Gray Chapter?

coreytaylorrock33 karma

I love em all.

iamjackfosho18 karma

What do you think of king 810 and what was it like touring with them?

coreytaylorrock22 karma

King 810 is a great young band. They are some of the coolest guys I've toured with and I can't wait to see how far they go.

guilty_34317 karma

Hey Corey. Big fan from New Zealand here. Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. I have a couple of questions. How do you feel about censorship? Have you written anything then decided it was too harsh? What are your lyrical limits? Thanks again for taking the time to do this.

coreytaylorrock69 karma

I cannot stand censorship. If you choose not to say certain things in certain ways, it's your right but when someone ELSE decides to they are going to think FOR you- with no idea what the CONTEXT was- there is nothing worse. And it's GETTING worse.

Frutol16 karma

Do you have any Slipknot song from any album that you never played live that you wish to play, and couldn't fit them on the playlists?

coreytaylorrock44 karma


maelstrom19714 karma

Have you reached a decision if the new drummer and bassist will become a permanent part of the band?

coreytaylorrock24 karma

Not yet

lovesoakedbullets14 karma

Corey! Huge fan here, I've been listening to the song you did with Tech N9ne, "Wither" and I really enjoy it! I also want to thank you for doing what you do despite all the negative criticism, because for those of us who enjoy your music, it really means a lot!

To my question then, if you could collaborate with any other singer/bands/artists, who would they be and why?

P.S. Do something with Eminem!

coreytaylorrock50 karma

There are a lot of people I'd love to work with- Eminem included!- at the moment no one comes to mind, but I'd love to do a tune with Clutch. One of my favorite bands. And Rival Sons- love them!

ccko101714 karma

Hi Corey, i wonder what's the sickest or weirdest thing you did on stage?

coreytaylorrock62 karma

Too weird to mention here. However, the strip tease I did in '03 is pretty high up there.

CaptainBane14 karma

When bowling for soup spoofed slipknot in their video for girls all the bad guys want, what was yours and the band's reaction? The video always makes me laugh.

coreytaylorrock25 karma

Love that vid- love that band

Ultrakilla13 karma

Hi.What do you think of band Blind Guardian?

coreytaylorrock22 karma

Pretty Good!

Shacophobia12 karma

Corey, saw you live in London on Halloween with Stone Sour when you guys were touring with Avenged Sevenfold. You guys came on after A7X and though they were good, the crowd just went crazy when they saw you in a fuckin tutu. You crazy motherfucker, we all loved it.

My question for you is with regards to Vermillion and Killpop. I see Killpop as an artistic descendant of Vermillion but most of my friends don't see it that way. When writing Killpop, did you have Vermillion in the back of your mind in terms of the sound and also the sort of message you wanted to get across?

coreytaylorrock27 karma

Killpop is about the music industry, so thematically I believe the 2 are very different. However I can see where people would compare.

cliche_phrase11 karma

Hey, Corey. I'm hiding in the bathroom at work so I have to make this quick. I've been clean from drugs and alcohol for four years now. Unfortunately, it took a prison sentence to get me there, and it was during this time that House of Gold and Bones was released. When I got out, I had no identity anymore. I was off drugs and had no idea who I was.

House of Gold and Bones, once I heard it, changed all that. Nothing has been more valuable to me and my recovery - and, actually, along with the Slipknot song 'Sulfur - than that album. So thank you for that.

What do you think of Kevin Smith and his movies? Have you listened to any of his podcasts?

Who are some of your favorite authors? Favorite books you can recommend

coreytaylorrock16 karma

I heart Kevin Smith. Congrats on the sobriety.

queenbsquig11 karma

Do you have any plans to release a solo album?

coreytaylorrock36 karma


Kayla122810 karma

how does it make you feel when fans tell you that your music has impacted their lives? Also what's your favorite tattoo that you have?

coreytaylorrock29 karma

I'm very humbled and proud that my music has helped so many people. I'll try my best to keep it up. Favorite Tat? Michael Jackson on the cover of 'Off The Wall'.

maelstrom19710 karma

Does Stone Sour have any new, original albums in the works? Super excited for the Burbank trilogy!

coreytaylorrock21 karma

SS is working on new material as we speak. And we can't wait to see everyone's reactions to the next batch of covers!

dropsoap29 karma

hey corey i'm from singapore and i'm a big fan of slipknot for a long time and i'm just wondering when are you guys coming back to singapore? it's been 10 years since you guys came here and i didn't get to go when you guys were here it's my dream to attend a slipknot i hope you guys can make a tour here before end of this year

coreytaylorrock25 karma

Hopefully soon- we're looking to book a SE Asia tour for early next year and Singapore will def be on there!

klopiti9 karma

Hey man! I love everything you do, just wondering are you ever going to record another spoken track like Omega or The Frozen? Cheers!

coreytaylorrock22 karma

Absolutely- maybe for the next SS album.

FrigidVengence9 karma

Hey Corey, I'm going to see Slipknot in NJ early August. It's gonna be my first time in the lawn, and I hear Slipknot's lawns can get pretty fucking crazy. Any advice?

coreytaylorrock43 karma

Wear a helmet and break-away pants.

LadyArya18 karma

Hey Corey! How do you feel Apple Music will affect the music industry?

coreytaylorrock27 karma

Probably about as much as Spotify has.

rowjah8 karma

hello corey when reach slipknot to mexico ???

coreytaylorrock21 karma


ColonelSquirrel7 karma

Hi Corey! It's an honor to even think that you're reading this. You're one of my inspirations, not only to become a better musician but as well a better person overall. That said, let's go to some questions!

1) How does it feel when people say that you changed their lives? Do you feel responsible for them, in a way?

2) How do you write songs? Usually, do you start with a random melody on the guitar, or with the lyrics before everything?

3) Are you excited for Rock In Rio this september?

4) Where is the craziest place to play?

5) I bet you get this question every time, but if you could give one advice to teenagers who are starting a band now, which one would be?

Thank you a lot for what you've been doing!

EDIT: Well, it's not everyday that you get rekt by Corey Taylor.... ;-;

coreytaylorrock32 karma


Andy21947 karma

Hey Corey. Will there be a Stone Sour tour in the next time in Germany? I've seen you back in 2012 in Oberhausen and it was so amazing. I hope to see you soon!

coreytaylorrock23 karma

Stone Sour will tour after we write/record the next album- sometime late next year. Germany will CERTAINLY be on the schedule!

JRT_9997 karma

Hey Corey. Do you think it would be physically possible to do a Slipknot show of 2h or 2,5h? Thank you in advance.

coreytaylorrock20 karma

For me? Absolutely. For you guys? Hmmm...

ban0nar0ma4 karma

Hey corey, big fan of yours here. Really appreciate you doing this ama! I have some questions to you:

  1. What do you like more; being a musician or being an author? What requires more creativity?

  2. How does your family stand to you being on tour half of the time? Do they like the things you do, especially with slipknot?

  3. Has your taste in music changed since you first put on the mask to record 'Slipknot'?

I would really love to read your answers :)

coreytaylorrock4 karma

1- both are challenges and I love em! Wouldn't trade it for the world! 2- luckily I can bring my family on tour with me now! 3- a little, but not really!

WordLetterCharacter4 karma

Hey Corey, big fan!

My question is, how different was the writing process of .5 The Gray Chapter without Paul and Joey around?

Thanks, and of course stay (sic)

coreytaylorrock12 karma

It was hard at first, but once we started going we couldn't stop.

Knurla3 karma

Hey Corey, huge fan here. Saw you with Slipknot at GMM in Belgium last month, you guys rocked! Thanks for the awesome show!

I know you're currently doing the Burbank trilogy, but are there any plans for new original Stone Sour material yet? Also, any chance of seeing a solo tour in Europe?

Thanks for your time, keep being such an awesome motherfucker!

coreytaylorrock8 karma

Yes we do! and yes we are!

scudsdoutmywiddly2 karma

Corey, over the years you have been my favorite musician of all time, from your work in Slipknot, Stone Sour, and even Audacious P. Your musical style, and the pure emotion you put into your music have always hit me real hard, and when shit goes wrong in my life, your music is usually my first choice to help keep me calm. On top of that you seem like a truly down to earth guy who hasn't lost his head from being famous. My buddy attested to that when he played Knotfest last year in San Bernardino on the smallest stage and said he saw you there off to the side showing approval, which is really cool because a lot of the big bands don't take the time to check out the little guys so much, let alone show that you're actually atleast somewhat into the music. I can't wait to see you and all the rest of Slipknot live in august with Lamb of God on long island, and ofcourse knotfest is going to be a blast. I would just like to thank you and let you know that your music has made an honest difference in my life. So now my question to you is how do you like touring with Jay on the drums? When I saw you live at Knotfest last year it seemed like there was good chemistry at the least, I was wondering how it is behind the stage seeing as how he's so young compared to the rest of the band, especially with him growing up on your music, like so many of your fans have.

coreytaylorrock10 karma

Jay is great- feels good to have him with the band and knowing him as long as I have, his excitement for the music is infectious!