Hi reddit. I'm Judy Gold, back again.

I co-starred on the season premiere of Louie and you might know me from The Jim Gaffigan Show, HBO, Comedy Central, TruTV, and also I've been a gay activist and have been working for marriage equality for the past 20 years.

I am the host of the podcast Kill Me Now. We host celebrities who come on and talk about what pisses them off the most.

Victoria's helping me out today on the phone. AMA!


Update: Well, thank you guys SO much for starting my day right. And please listen to my podcast, so we can all be pissed off together. http://judygold.com/podcast/

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DayOldTurkeySandwich10 karma

Do you still let Colin Quinn touch your breasts every time he sees you?

JudyGold7 karma

I have let him, recently. But they're really not what they used to be.

lula24885 karma

You die and go to heaven. You are allowed to view any statistic from your life that you want. What do you look at?

JudyGold9 karma

That's a good one.

Probably how many times I hugged my kids.

Tame_Impala_4 karma

For some reason unbeknownst to me, "Smoking Gun Presents: World's Dumbest" became one of my favorite shows to watch and unwind to. You were definitely my favorite and in my opinion funniest cast member. How did you get involved and how are your relationships with the other cast members?

JudyGold4 karma

First of all, I never saw the other cast members. Everything was done on a green screen. So everything was sort of taped separately, except with me and Brad. I just - the executive producer asked me to come in and do it, and I loved it.

And thank you!

mouseinthegrass4 karma

how often does lauren fuck up your coffee?

JudyGold7 karma

Lauren's pretty good about the coffee.

He forgets important things, like calling people back.

But sometimes my coffee is cold. He does not know how to make a good pot of coffee. He needs one of those automatic coffee-maker-brewing things.

He knows how to buy a nice bagel, I'll tell you that much!

SendIsraelisToTheSun3 karma

What in your profession do people think is easy but is actually difficult?

JudyGold3 karma

I think people think that we sit around all day, and only work the hour we're onstage.

And I also feel like people don't realize the amount of rejection that we have to deal with.

SendIsraelisToTheSun2 karma

Very true, the best jokes just seem like natural observations anyone could make in their daily lives, so people think they could easily make such jokes on stage, when in reality, you need to observe these things in a certain way which makes you unique and have a kickass delivery. I've heard Seinfeld talk in a Howard Stern interview about how a set can take 20 years to create.

JudyGold2 karma

Um, listen, thank you and what are you doing tonight?

[deleted]1 karma


JudyGold5 karma

OH my god. OK, I wasn't really serious about that.

uncultured_mamoswine3 karma

What's your favourite joke to tell?

JudyGold6 karma

My favorite joke - OH MY GOD.

That's a good one.

I think my all-time favorite joke would be my Anne Frank joke, about when I visited the Anne Frank house, and I imagined my family there.

BrokeInMichigan2 karma

Colin Quinn or Louie CK, who's funnier? On stage and in person? Also, which show was more fun to be on "Louie", or "Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn"?

(Sorry, I just wanted to fuck with ya a bit with these questions hehe, huge fan of yours since I first saw you on Tough Crowd years ago, and love your Podcast (: )

JudyGold3 karma

Do you honestly think that I'm going to answer that fucking question?

OH MY GOD. Just completely different, both. Immensely, immensely great experiences.

Aww, thank you! Let's get a pint together at that guy's bar.

BrokeInMichigan1 karma

LOL, Well I had to try <3 Love ya Judy, and thanks much for doing this AMA.

JudyGold4 karma

Ah! Love you back.

Frajer2 karma

How did you come up with the concept of your podcast?

JudyGold5 karma

Well, I'm always pissed off about something. And I didn't want to talk about the same - I don't want people to come on and tell the same stories they tell on every other podcast or radio / TV show - so I wanted to talk about something that people were passionate about, and people are REALLY passionate about things that piss them off. And I'm always pissed off, so...

sdsoldier7602 karma

How do you feel about the stigma womaen comics get?

JudyGold3 karma

I feel like women have it hard in every profession, except for teaching and nursing. But it's more of a reflection on the person who is creating the stigma than it is on the comic. And those people who have issues with female comics should go fuck themselves.

404House2 karma

What was your best time in your life?

JudyGold4 karma

Well, I hope I haven't experienced it yet. But thus far, best time? I think when I was a young mom, and I used to take the kids to the park, and we'd play baseball.

Gilb172 karma

Was Worlds Dumbest supposed to be really corny and lame on the jokes?

JudyGold5 karma

The network definitely had input about how risqué we could be.

I think you (whomever you are) would enjoy the stuff they didn't put on the air.

But you should also know that for the people that were not joke writers - like the Tonya Hardings and the people who weren't comedians on the show - had jokes written for them. So... yeah.

OhioMegi2 karma

Who would you really want to work with (living or dead?).

JudyGold4 karma

That is a good one.

That is a fucking good one!

Who would I wanna work with?

I think...I've worked with so many great people... I think I would like to... I'm gonna say the first person that comes to my mind is Eleanor Roosevelt. But I don't think she was that funny. So I'm gonna go with Fanny Brice.

She's what the movie FUNNY GIRL with Barbra Streisand was about. I probably would've loved to have worked with Eve Arden. They're all old fucking performers though.

It's so fucking annoying. There's so many people I wanna work with. But I've worked with so many people!

I know this is weird, but Angela Lansbury. I mean, she's so fucking amazing. And also, I'd like to work with the one trainer who can get you to lose like 30 pounds in a week.

Redditarama2 karma

Judy Gold , what was your take on Marc Maron interviewing the President?

JudyGold3 karma

I haven't listened to it yet. But I have to honestly say I was really shocked. I couldn't believe he got the fucking President. I mean... it made me love the President more. And then I guess the word I would be looking for is "jealous?"

Susannah1112 karma

When are you getting your own TV show?

JudyGold3 karma


Goddamnit already. I've been trying forever.

I guess when I'll be playing my grandmother?

AdvertisingDoosh2 karma

How was it having to be in the same room as Andy Dick when you were on The View?

JudyGold2 karma

I love Andy.

It was fine. He's funny. Pretty hilarious. You never know what you're gonna get with Andy, I'll tell you that much.

HereSirTakeMyUpvote2 karma

Fancy going to my local for a pint?

JudyGold2 karma


HereSirTakeMyUpvote1 karma

You buy Trans-atlantic air fare. A hotel & associated costs and ill buy you the beer 😅

JudyGold1 karma


How much is first class?

IKingJeremy1 karma

What inspired you to become a comedian?

JudyGold4 karma

Someone dared me to do it in college. And I did standup on the floor of my dorm, in the lobby.

And I never wanted to do anything else again.

tinke1011 karma

Good morning all!

Ms. Gold, you've just been offered your dream job. What would it be?

JudyGold0 karma

Oh god, what's my dream job?

I'd love to be a late-night talk show host. Really. I think I'm more late-night.

[deleted]1 karma


JudyGold2 karma

Well, check out my podcast (http://judygold.com/podcast/) if you really wanna know who I am.

dreadpiratewombat1 karma

Hi Judy, love what you do, you're a fantastic comedian.

Do you regard comedy acting as a different discipline than club comedy? Why or why not?

Separate question, who are some of your favourite road comics?

JudyGold1 karma


There's no fourth wall in a comedy club. There are also people drinking, and talking, and wait-people, you know, servers... they're completely different, one's scripted and one's not. You're saying other people's words, when you're acting. And you're being directed by other people.

Oh my god, SO many. I mean when I went on the road, it was... you know what's a treat, is being able to go on the road with other female comics. Because I've always been on the road with male comics, but when I get to work with Kathleen Madigan or Wendy Liebman, Cathy Ladman, that's a real treat.

hrashid881 karma

How is it working with Louis CK?

JudyGold3 karma

OH MY GOD, AMAZING. He's so smart. And an incredible director. And I've known him for almost 30 years. So it was just incredible. He's so - I just, I dunno - he really knows what he wants, and it's so satisfying when you can fulfill a director's vision. He's great.

hrashid881 karma

I love the fact that he can do his own humor. A lot of companies are scared to do certain humor because it's too "risqué". Then they try to shove their own brand of comedy and expect comedians to follow along. For example. Dave Chappelle and comedy central Aaron Mcgruder (creator or the boondocks). It's nice to see Louie doing his own brand of comedy than some board approved comedy.

JudyGold2 karma

It's amazing. You know, he does it himself. Look, I've been on many sitcoms on the networks, and it's not the artist's show. It's the network's show. So it is nice to see these places on the internet or networks, wherever, where artists can really, truly be true to their art.

cincgreen1 karma

Will truTV's World's Dumbest ever return? If not, why not? I loved you on World's Dumbest.

JudyGold2 karma

I have no idea. I have NO clue.

Thank you very much!

I wish. I really wish. It was a really fun, fun show to do. And I have no idea why the hell - I mean, people love it. I don't know what their problem is.

honeysnaps1 karma

What was it like on 2 Broke Girls?

JudyGold1 karma

OH MY GOD, so much fun! The creator of 2 Broke Girls has been a friend of mine since I was 22 years old. And I just loved it. Garrett Morris and Jennifer Coolidge. That was just such a treat to work with them. And Beth and Kat were amazing.

morningdrizzle1 karma

What's your creative process when creating a standup set? Do you have a specific routine? Do you write out your jokes? Where do you get your inspiration?

JudyGold3 karma

I actually always have a notebook with me. And whenever I have any idea - I don't care where I am - I will write it down immediately, otherwise I'll forget. And then I will look at all my stuff, before I go onstage, I have a list with the topic and specifics, it's like an outline, and I just do it onstage, and I'll bring them up onstage. You NEVER know. I could think something is hilarious, and then I get onstage and nothing. But I'm one of those comics who never stops trying the same joke if I think it's funny. It's hard for me to give it up, yeah.

anal_knight1 karma

I like your hair. What's the daily routine to keep them look good?

JudyGold0 karma

I only wash it twice a week.

And I don't towel-dry it. I just let it do its own thing.

Believe me, I have plenty of bad hair days.

morningdrizzle1 karma

What does it take to be a successful standup comedian? What advice would you give to a woman considering "trying it out"? Does funny in daily life, always translate to the stage?

JudyGold1 karma

Absolutely not.

It does not translate. The one thing you need to do, when you're a standup, is get onstage as MUCH as possible. You can sit and write jokes all day, but you can only learn to be onstage by being onstage.

ivke321 karma

Do you ever feel guilty because of some joke that was a bit inappropriate? And if so, is that joke out of your scenario in later performances?

JudyGold0 karma

I don't feel guilty about jokes. But I have had times where I'm like Oh, what are you guys celebrating? and they're like "Our mom just died last week, and we just wanted to have a laugh."

The other one that's really good - there was a guy once in the front row wearing sunglasses, and I was totally picking on him, and then I looked down and saw a cane and realized Oh my god, he's blind. And then I made fun of myself like, "I knew you were blind." And I made blind jokes. Like "I am blind to a LOT of things." But there are certain things you have to acknowledge. You can't just go "Oh, sorry!"

peppermizzle0 karma

I heard you on a podcast (it was WTF, I believe) and you said you were from Clark. I'm from Colonia! You talked about summers at the swim club -- was it Ashbrook by any chance?

JudyGold0 karma

It's either Ashbrook or Oakbrook. It mighta been!

Whichever one it was, I hated going there.

johnnynoname120 karma


I'm a waiter

I ask this in the most sincere, non anti Semitic way but why do jewish women do all those things they do when they are at a restaurant?

I mean with the sauce on the side and the steam this and no salt on that and the this and the that


JudyGold0 karma

Well, first of all, that is Anti-Semitic.

I think that I guess these women, Jewish or not, know exactly what they want. And they don't want someone choosing how much dressing to put on their salad. And they should be able to have it any way they want.

And yes, that is Anti-Semitic. You should ask every woman that does this if they're Jewish. And I guarantee you that they wouldn't all be - there'll be plenty of Christians that like their dressing on the side.

johnnynoname121 karma

couldn't you have just called me an "asshole"?

JudyGold3 karma

Yeah, but I'm trying out some new material.

johnnynoname122 karma

in spite of all of this, I still hope you get that sitcom where you slide down that curved lady side burn you used to have

JudyGold1 karma

Thank you. Me too!

niximer030 karma

I remember your guest appearance on 2 Broke Girls! Cronuts or cakefries?

JudyGold1 karma

Both really, really disgusting. I mean, they're just fried BREAD.

I'm going to go with a nice piece of Challah. Or a nice plain croissant over both of those things.

Plus, they were like sitting around, like they'd get 'em in the morning, and we'd shoot later, so they were not... They were good, but it's like Ugh, how many pieces of fried fucking bread can you eat?

americale_200 karma

Would you ever consider being a co host on the view?

JudyGold1 karma


Doodlehedz0 karma

Are the Republican candidates running for the upcoming presidential election a comedians gift from the gods? And who's your favorite?

JudyGold1 karma

Oh, they're all so terrific.

Definitely a gift.

I mean, the best one, the Chris Christie jokes will never end. Especially with that photo of him in a baseball uniform.

americale_200 karma

Would you ever do celebrity apprentice? You and Kathy Griffin would be great on that show once Donald Trump drops out of the race.

JudyGold0 karma

That one looks like a really tough one.

The thing that I have a problem with doing that show is that you have to raise so much money. I'm not good at asking people for money. I'm good at asking people to laugh, just not for money.

You know, I've done so many competition shows, and they're really anxiety-provoking! I already have fucking anxiety!

So maybe not. But never say never.

Nik_tortor-1 karma

What is your spirit animal?

JudyGold1 karma

The fuck is a spirit animal?

Probably a giraffe.

LoZ56-2 karma

With marriage equality being allowed by the courts, what do you think your activism will focus on next? (Thanks for that too, as someone who can get married anywhere as of Friday!)

JudyGold1 karma

There's still a lot of battles to be fought in states like Alabama, and Texas. A lot of these people aren't abiding by it. But I do think we need to focus on getting our leaders to make decision based on facts, science, and not the Bible, or their Bible. I think if people could trust their own thoughts, instead of reading that book, read a million books, and you could use that as a moral compass, FINE, but not as the basis for every moment you live and breathe. There's other evidence and facts. That really pisses me off, especially on the Supreme Court. I mean, you gotta remember, there were still 4 Justices that said just the most horrible things.

Aszczur-2 karma

Hi Judy, your my favorite female that comes on the Opie and Jimmy show, I was just wondering, Kill, Marry, Fuck. Jim Norton, Greg "Opie" Hughes, Sherrod Small?

JudyGold1 karma

Oh god. Well, I'd definitely marry Opie.

Oh my god, I don't know!

I mean, I'd have to fuck Sherrod. But I love Jim, I can't kill him. If I was going to kill Jim, it would have to be after he farted in my face like 12 fucking times, because all he does is fart.

torgorama-3 karma

What happened to the spit curl? Every time I hear you on Opie & Jim, I belt out "IT'S JUDY'S SHOOOOW!".

That's right, 20 year career and I latch on to one dumb joke you did about your hair in the 90's. What?

JudyGold1 karma

I don't know what the fuck I was thinking.

Well, it's long-gone, and it's never coming back. But i do love when people come up to me and sing "IT's JUDY'S SHOWWWWW!"

MikeMantis-4 karma

Hey Judy I love when you are on Opie & Jimmy!!! Before you became a comedian, who would you say were your 3 main comedic influences?!

JudyGold2 karma

Definitely Joan Rivers.

I'd say Richard Pryor. I love Phyllis Diller. And I love Toty Fields.