Hey Reddit! Josh Helman here.

You may have seen me in movies - http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2890541/​ - shooting guns, crashing cars, getting kicked in the nuts​ by Tom Cruise, and for some reason always playing not-so-nice-guys: http://www.milkmade.com/articles/4038-Exclusive-Mad-Max-s-Josh-Helman-Is-Not-Your-Average-Villain

I'm also about to direct and act in my own little film with some friends, in which I'll play some pool, be relatively normal, and hopefully not get kicked in the nuts (but you never know!). Being my debut film as a director, I'm trying to not shit myself (The lovely folks at Bleeding Cool ran a little story about it recently: http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/06/22/mad-maxs-josh-helman-writes-about-directing-his-first-film/ ). My flick is called "Kate Can't Swim," and the best way I can describe it is if the Duplass Brothers and John Cassavetes had a baby that grew up watching Tarantino movies and then wrote a romantic drama. Read more about the film at our Kickstarter page - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/485368350/kate-cant-swim - if you want to ask anything about it, or just compliment me on how foxy my lady is (she's in it).

I'm a total film nerd, a true-blue dinky-di Aussie, servant/master to my two cats and obsessive coffee drinker. I am highly caffeinated as we speak. So there's that. Also, Gay Marriage is legal! Woo hoo!

Proof: https://twitter.com/JoshyHelman/status/614471378281099264

Ask Me Anything!

EDIT: Okay guys, I'm wrapping up now. Thanks for joining me! You were all great. EXCEPT FOR THAT ONE GUY.

If you want to keep abreast (hee-hee) of the film I'm making, the link is https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/485368350/kate-cant-swim . We sure would appreciate your support.

Thanks again for being a part of this! I had a great time. Have a spectacular day, and see you all soon!

Best, Josh

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GreasyOldMan415 karma

How amazing was it being in Mad Max? Was it a fun film to make?

edit to add: The final "Witness me" scene gave me chills, and still does. Just wanted to tell you that. Up there with one my personal "best death scenes ever".

JoshHelman520 karma

The most fun. Got some life-long friends out of it, got to ride on the bonnet of a car and shoot a gun, all the good stuff. And George Miller is such a sweetheart. I love that man to death.

And yeah - both "Witness Me" deaths were awesome. Morsov and Nux-y Wux-y. Bless their sweet little hearts.

spideyismywingman183 karma

Jesus, spoiler alert, Josh Helman...

JoshHelman403 karma

OOH! SPOILER ALERT. Sorry. I suck at this.

Sloth859277 karma

what did that silver spray paint taste like?

JoshHelman398 karma

Regrettably (SPOILER ALERT) I never used it in the film. I wish that I knew. I like to imagine it was some kind of food dye base, but who knows. It probably tasted like copper and corn syrup.

TittiesAndBacon247 karma

Josh, mad max ruled, can you describe the most "LOVELY DAY" that you've had in all of your acting career?

JoshHelman472 karma

When I got the call to say I had landed the role in The Pacific, I was almost broke, standing next to my dad, and at first I thought they were telling me that I had booked a KFC commercial. After we cleared that up, I sat down and couldn't speak for about 15 minutes. Then I called everyone I knew and ran around like a crazy person. It was a very lovely day.

kodya220 karma

How jacked was Hugh Jackman in real life?

JoshHelman920 karma

We're currently separated by the Pacific Ocean and I think I can still see his biceps

dongmin_lee180 karma

YaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY What a lovely DAY! I can talk to AMAZING GUY, Josh Helman! Thanks GOD! Hello Josh, I am your huge fan from south Korea and I appreciate that for doing this event Do you have any plans to visit South Korea? 조쉬 헬먼 사랑해요 ♥

JoshHelman146 karma

I would love to one day, and I'm sure I will, but I have no plans to yet. What's your favourite thing about South Korea?

caitdogg156 karma

What is your favorite memory in filming the awesome Mini-series 'The Pacific'?

JoshHelman347 karma

Boot Camp. 10 days of Marines yelling at us on 4 hours sleep a night and then finally bonding with the Marines when we all ate pizza and drank beer in our foxholes and cried. That's how the real military is, right? And Tom Hanks came in on day one and gave a big speech in which he said my character's name and I think I pooped a little.

I_Need_To_Go_To_Bed143 karma

Hi Josh! What's a role that you were really torn up about not getting, but looking back are glad you didn't?

JoshHelman612 karma

I think Kristen Stewart was the right choice for Twilight. But man I would have kissed the SHIT out of that Pattinson guy.

Cosmic__Perspective130 karma


JoshHelman308 karma

Mother! Phrasing!

spideyismywingman139 karma

Congratulations on Fury Road, it's pretty awesome. How does it feel to have a relatively minor part in a film that is getting such impressive reviews? I've often wondered if it makes people feel more distant from it, or almost like they have a more personal relationship with the project because they are less openly connected to it.

Also, how much impact do you think filming in more obscure locations had on the quality of the film?

JoshHelman165 karma

It feels incredible. More than anything, I just want to work with awesome people on awesome films, I really don’t care how big the role is. Each movie is a little family and I want to be in as many great families as possible. So I feel very connected to the good vibes of Fury Road. And yeah - shooting in Namibia was incredible. A film like this, being so visual, benefits so much from its locations. Wouldn’t have been the same without those amazing vistas.

spideyismywingman63 karma

Secondary question, give me a theory - how would the film have progressed differently if Slit had beaten Nux in the fight the steering wheel at the start?

JoshHelman172 karma

He would have peaced-out, driven to Xanadu and partied with Olivia Newton John. Probably.

zoompowko135 karma

Hey Josh, thanks for doing this AMA!

Will we be seeing you again in the X-men universe? Because you killed it as William Stryker!! And what is a fun fact about you? In mad max, during the scene where you were spitting nitro into the engine, were you really riding on the trunk of the car or was it special effects?

JoshHelman230 karma

Oh, I was strapped to that car. It was awesome. That was one of the best days on a set I've ever had. So much fun.

A fun fact about me? I can balance a chair on my chin.

robAK4796 karma

Would you rather fight a 100 tiny Danny Devitos or 1 horse sized Danny Devito?

JoshHelman590 karma

One horse sized Danny DeVito. That man deserves to be a giant for a day.

antoniocmf74 karma

Hey, youd did a great job on Mad Max. What was going on your mind when they told you was selected to play the role ?

JoshHelman248 karma


was basically it.

dongmin_lee70 karma

Josh Helman, is that you?

JoshHelman182 karma

I sure hope so, because otherwise I have been tragically misinformed.

awwwww_snap97 karma

Tragically misinformed or magically transformed?

JoshHelman149 karma

You, my friend, are a spoonerism superstar.

chuuckaduuck59 karma

What line have you said in a movie that you'd like to have as your catch phrase?

JoshHelman160 karma

Well there was an alternate line that McQuarrie whispered in my ear to try, more to make the crew laugh than anything else I think. It was in the scene outside where I was having the tete-a-tete with Reacher. So the line, "Shut your mouth, Sandy!" was almost "Shut your cock-holster, Sandy!" ... And that's the day that I fell in love with Chris McQuarrie. (Yes, a terrible line in real life. But a great line from an asshole's mouth in a movie.)

Best, Josh "Shut Your Cock-Holster" Helman

JoshHelman181 karma

This is not a very great catch-phrase, in retrospect.

agillette58 karma

Just wanted to get one in before it was all over. How fun was it doing this AMA?

Hugs and kisses. Let's get a drink soon.

JoshHelman93 karma

Yes let's. Tonight maybe? This is really fun! Do I sound like a complete neanderthal?

agillette53 karma

You're doing great.

JoshHelman98 karma

You're so sweet and handsome.

shehulk11150 karma

Really liked you in 'Jack Reacher'. What was it like to work with Christopher McQuarrie and Tom Cruise?

JoshHelman84 karma

AMAZING. Such generous guys. McQuarrie is a hero to me, he really is. That man's brain is incredible. I had the audacity (read: inexperience) to ask him if I could ad-lib a line. He didn't hesitate to say yes. I mean, the dude won an Oscar. For writing. What the fuck was I thinking? And then he laughed and I think it's in the movie now. I owe him everything, in a way.

david-saint-hubbins32 karma

Which line?

JoshHelman63 karma

The line in the bar right before Tom sighs and says, "Outside."

Shermzilla42 karma

Do you have a "most embarrassing Audition" story?

JoshHelman116 karma


I can't sing. Let's start there. For some reason, I got an audition for a film in which I had to sing. Normally you would sing a ballad or a show tune or something. I don't know, actually. But seeing as I knew I was going to bomb, I decided that I was going to sing The Superhero Song by Stephen Lynch. Spoiler Alert: it's filthy. Well, it gets to being filthy and mean after starting gentle and light.

Needless to say, I did not get that role.

Nhialor40 karma

What was your favourite role that you have had?

JoshHelman177 karma

Hard to top being cast as Joseph in the nativity play when I was 5. Had a mad crush on the girl playing Mary, too. Sadly, it never went further than me pushing her on the shoulder and running away giggling.

srsyrop38 karma

so as almost everyone knows by now Mad Max was a super awesome movie...but i just can't imagine you showing up to an audition looking like your character. how did that work? .. im assuming you actually had to audition for that role.

JoshHelman93 karma

I did audition. I was flown to Sydney and spent I think 5 hours doing various improvisations and small scenes with Nico Lathouris, one of the co-writers. I jumped around and screamed and behaved like an utter loon. But I loved it. Probably the most fun audition process I've ever had. And then a few days later my Aussie agent called to say that I'd been offered a role. Then I got to go into Kennedy Miller in Sydney, read the script, look at the thousands of story-boards, and geek out of my fucking mind.

stokerman3222 karma

That sounds like the best day ever! I couldn't even imagine the feeling of scoring that gig.

Did you go into the audition knowing that you would be doing improvisational scene work? Or did you you think it was going to be a typical reading? Also, have you had formal training in theater background? Or have you learned from mostly experience or specifically film acting? Very excited to see your career grow, and hope only the best man!

JoshHelman51 karma

Thanks, mate. I knew there was no script. So that made me free to play because I had no lines to screw up. It could all come from me. I had theatre training but also film training too at my university, QUT. It was a great place to learn. I was a terrible actor when I was there, though. Scared of my own shadow. I think they're all secretly surprised that I have a career now.

TheTrueFlexKavana36 karma

Why is your family's brand of mayonnaise superior to other brands of mayonnaise?

JoshHelman74 karma

The crack.

MiNombreEsBread35 karma

Hey Josh, great job in Mad Max!

You also fancy yourself a director, what's your dream project?

Also, I noticed you were in Jack Reacher. What did you think of Pittsburgh?

JoshHelman33 karma


I thought Pittsburgh was rad! I would like to go back and spend more time there. I hear they shot some of Nolan's Batman trilogy there, too. That's pretty awesome. I just played a character from Pittsburgh in a new Starz show called Flesh and Bone. I went back there for a few days to spend time in bars and talk to the locals. It was great.

As for a dream project as director, that's a tough one. Once I get Kate Can't Swim under my belt, I think I'll have a better idea. If it goes well, there's something I want to shoot next year with my buddy Badge (one of the best actors out there, in my opinion) if he's not shooting something. That boy's always working on something.

murphynatr32 karma

What have been the most challenging and most exciting things so far about making your first feature film?

Also, what does "true-blue dinky-di" mean?

JoshHelman48 karma

Well, fundraising is hard. We're crowd-funding through Kickstarter, and it's challenging to try and keep getting the word out without getting on people's nerves. It's tough to communicate why you believe in something to a group of people who don't necessarily care about it. I don't feel like I'm great at that, but my producers Sam and Jen are awesome. I try to stay out of the limelight, so putting myself out there in a way that is genuine but could be misconstrued as the opposite sucks. So hopefully we can raise the money, I'll make a strong debut, and next time we won't have to rely on the kindness of strangers (Tennessee!!).

The exciting thing, though, is that I get to make a movie! I've wanted to make movies since I was a kid. To me it's a great way to spend your life. I'm lucky that I get to be in them, and if I get to make them too then I'll consider myself the luckiest man alive. Unless they're shit. Then I'll probably be bummed.

JoshHelman47 karma

Also, True Blue and Dinky-Di (rhymes with Thinky Fly) mean "legitimate" or "true" or "real" in Aussie slang. They both mean the same thing. I just put them together. It's tautological, I know.

ramona24827 karma

HI!!! I absolutely LOVED Mad Max!!! My brother saw it three times and I saw it twice! You were amazing! What was it like filming in the desert!? And what is Tom Hardy like!?

JoshHelman46 karma

Tom is a genius. I don't know how he does what he does but he does it and it's awesome.

ramona24811 karma

wow! thanks for replying! I'm ecstatic! <3 I can't wait to see more of your work! What's your favorite movie/Tvshow!?!

JoshHelman45 karma

I'm loving Daredevil. My boy Toby Moore plays Wesley, and he KILLS it.

breakingbadfan9326 karma

What's the best advice that your parents ever gave you? Also, I'm very happy about Gay Marriage being legal, too. :)

JoshHelman89 karma

"Don't speak unless you have something to say." "Treat others how you would like to be treated." "Don't come in the bedroom if the door is shut."

dongmin_lee25 karma

Josh, How tall are you?

I think you are taller than 6' but I can't find exactly info

JoshHelman42 karma


futzi723 karma

Thanks for doing this! How was the atmosphere on the set of Mad Max? Any funny stories you are willing to share?

JoshHelman77 karma

It was testing sometimes, but only because it was a behemoth shoot in trying conditions. That being said, morale was always high and we had an amazing crew who brought their all. The stunt team on MM:FR deserves all of the accolades possible.

As for stories: One day I put on a sailor's cap in my Slit get-up and paraded around like I was in a musical. I found it funny?

girlsnotgray23 karma

Loved your character in The Pacific immensely!! (And also love your sporadic tumblr appearances when your interactions with fans leave us all in tears)

While filming The Pacific, how was your off-screen experience with James Badge Dale, Jacob Pitts, and Keith Nobbs? Any good stories to tell, and do you guys still keep in touch? Those scenes always brought great comic relief to the series and you all seemed to have good chemistry!

JoshHelman64 karma

Those men are all dead to me.

Okay, that's not true. They're all basically my best friends. If we were gay we'd never get out of bed together. I love them all and I hope if I go first that they'll all collaborate on a rap eulogy for me so I could die again with love and happiness.

imsosorryohmygoddd20 karma

Hello Mr.Helman!

So, trying to ask this as least awkwardly as I can. I moved to New York a little while ago for a Virtual Reality internship, just for the summer. I also really liked your work, and your character in Mad Max was one of my favorites.

I recently picked up the Mad Max comic books - and I had kind of assumed you lived in Australia? So imagine my surprise, when that very same day, I'm 99% sure I walked by you on the street. I kind of did a double take and made a weird, loud whale noise ... But being the shy girl that I am, I figured it would be rude to run after you and ask for you to sign them. ( And there was also that percent of uncertainty, because man wouldn't it be embarrassing if it wasn't you? HAHA. BOY this is sure getting awkward.)

So basically, my question is this: are you doing any public appearances in the city where you WOULD sign my comic books within the next week before I head home? Because that would be super cool.

( Or maybe you do live in Australia and I'm being delusional. Oh my god. )

JoshHelman29 karma

You are adorable. Sadly, I don't think that I will be doing anything, I have to leave the city in the next couple of days for work. Was it New York where you thought you saw me? It could have been some other almost-but-not-quite-handsome man.

sardu117 karma

Hey, I liked your character and how he harrassed Nux. How does it feel to be part of the best action movie in the past decade? Thanks.

JoshHelman52 karma

It feels awesome. Total dream come true. Especially as an Aussie. To be in Mad Max? Fugghedaboudit.

Tucana6616 karma

Great AMA! Love your responses!

How do you normally prepare for your roles?

JoshHelman22 karma

I try to read the script as many times as I can until the story is second nature to me. Then I can just focus on what I'm doing as a character, and what I'm really doing with my dialogue. I try to create as much back-story as I need to have a sense of why I'm after the things that I'm after and then I try to let it all go and play with the other actors.

Molotovit16 karma

Just watched the kickstarter video again for "Kate Can't Swim" (for the third or fourth time).

What draws you to the filmmaking style of the Duplass Brothers and Cassavetes and how do you feel it will influence you as a director and actor on your film?

JoshHelman19 karma

I love the way Cassavetes and the Duplass Brothers give their actors so much to work with. Cassavetes always scripted his films first, which I don't think the Duplass brothers always do, but despite that they both manage to create work that feels emotionally authentic. That's really what I'm interested in. Getting behind the façade.

errd2116 karma

Is Charlize Theron as beautiful in real life as she looks on camera?

JoshHelman28 karma

Yes. She's gorgeous. And hilarious.

jlolasaxton15 karma

Do you prefer acting in action films to other kinds of films? Or do you want to expand your repertoire? What's a role you've seen and thought- I'd be great for that!

JoshHelman31 karma

Seeing Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity made me want to be an actor. I had read and loved the books, but Damon is a VERY good actor, one of my favorites, and he created something so specific and unexpected in that character. It the complexity in characters that I love to explore. So whatever movies those characters come in.

rossvedder15 karma

Will you be growing a "between projects" beard leading up to Kate Can't Swim?

JoshHelman26 karma

I would hope one day to match the flaxen thicket of joy that is your beard, Ross. But alas, such miracles are not possible.

NoNoNidria14 karma

Oh gosh I hope I'm not too late -- Gotta tell you, Slit turned out to be one of my absolute favorite characters from Fury Road! And I think one of the most iconic moments is when Slit's hanging halfway off the hood of the Interceptor looking like he's absolutely having the time of his life in the final chase -- really kind of catches the crazy vibe of the film and the war boys.

That being said! What was going through your mind when you were shooting scenes that had you climbing over all those moving vehicles? I know some shots were movie magic'd to make them safer but were you actually throttling across the desert in scenes like the one when you're on the Interceptor ?

JoshHelman29 karma

I loved it. That lean wasn't scripted but the car wasn't going that fast and it felt like a good moment for some kind of orgasmic physical indulgence. I'm glad it made it into the movie, even for a second.

Most of the time I was just thinking, "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

bellegaudreau114 karma

Hi Josh! I just wanted to say that I really love your role of Stryker in Xmen. And you are my favorite out of all the actors that played Stryker. How did you get into position into playing the role?

JoshHelman22 karma

Flattering of you to say that. I think I would rather watch Brian Cox or Danny Huston, but I will accept the compliment anyway. Thank you!

I just got lucky. I auditioned for another role - Young Juggernaut - and got cast, and then they eliminated that role from the script. So I was out. Then they were looking for someone for Stryker and brought me back in to audition. I did, they thought I didn't suck, and the rest is history.

Jokerang14 karma

Who's your favorite actor/actress to work with and why?

JoshHelman64 karma

I've worked with Nick Hoult twice, and I would work with him on everything if I could. I think he's the bee's bollocks. He's just so goddamn sweet and he smells like freshly chopped wood. It's glorious.

Stringer7110 karma

Could you tel us about the makeup application process for Fury Road?

JoshHelman21 karma

I had two prosthetics artists, Sean Genders and Jess Reedy, who made me up every day. It took 2.5 hours. But I loved it. Sean and Jess are true masters and lovely to boot, so I couldn't have had it any better.

lazyfacejerk9 karma

When they put staples through your cheeks, how badly did it hurt?

On a more serious note, how awesome does it feel to be (just about) the most memorable face from the trailers? (where you're pointing ahead and grinning)

JoshHelman23 karma

I was pretty stoked about that, can't lie. It's totally surreal. That was my last shot on the movie, too - my last day on set. Very sad.

IAMA_Diggle9 karma

I hate the sight of you!
Why do I hate you?

JoshHelman56 karma

Get off the computer and go to sleep, Dad.

EmmaNyhus8 karma

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to try as an actor? I really want to try, but there isn't really any acting classes where I live so if you have any other tips. That'd be really helpful. :)

Ps, I loved you in X-men :)

Love Emma. :)

JoshHelman20 karma

It's a tough industry. There's a reason that people say, "If you can do anything else, do it." But the people who stick it out find a place. But the bottom line is, do it. Do it as much as you can. Learn from actors that you admire. And enjoy it! It's easy to forget to enjoy it, sometimes.

thepartyghost7 karma

Josh... who would you rather face in a muay thai fighting pit?

Joey Pantoliano or Michael Ironside?


JoshHelman18 karma

Joey Pants vs. Mikey Ironsides. Oh yes that is a good match-up, my friend. I say let them fight each other and then I'll fight the loser.

aadityaksin6 karma

When did the idea of "Kate cant Swim" came into your mind? Any funny incidents while filming the movie?

JoshHelman13 karma

It actually started as something I was going to shoot as a short, about an innocuous but somewhat irresponsible comment made between two couples that causes a different reaction in everyone and a changing of allegiances. Then the more that I thought about it, it started to suggest itself as something else, as a bigger idea, with a deeper history between these two women. So it went from there.

We haven't actually started filming yet - we're planning on starting in August if we can raise the money in time. We have 6 days left to raise $20,000. So we'll see. I'm hopeful.

J_Carro116 karma

What is the best part of directing your own film?

JoshHelman10 karma

Taking something from genesis to completion, and finding out what the movie wants itself to be. There comes a point where I just have to get out of the way and let it be what it wants to be. I know that sounds a bit hippy-dippy, but it's kinda true to me. You do the work first and then let it all come together.

http://www.bleedingcool.com/2015/06/22/mad-maxs-josh-helman-writes-about-directing-his-first-film/ this says it in a different way. It's scary but exciting.

Lovable_Fighter6 karma

Did you see the original Mad Max films before acting in Fury Roads? And how is George Miller? Crazy?

JoshHelman20 karma

George is SO SWEET. He's a gentle teddy bear of a man with a giant roiling jet-fueled circus playing 24/7 in his mind. You would never expect it from so soft-spoken and genial a man. I love him dearly.

SublimeCozen5 karma

What's your favorite place to eat in the world?

JoshHelman17 karma

Aussie Christmas lunch with my family. Best thing ever.

triggercini5 karma

Hey Josh, I was wondering how it was for you to work on your first lead role in your recently shot movie, Falling.

What was it like having your first lead role versus the supporting roles you've had in the past?

JoshHelman12 karma

It was challenging, but I was fortunate to be working with other great actors. When you have a good cast, then everyone lifts each other. Paul Sorvino worked on the film, and he said "You give me my performance, and I'll give you yours." I loved that quote of his. So true.

You just need more rest. I was working 12-14 hour days, and there was a lot of emotional stuff. But it was great to play a regular guy instead of a crazed lunatic. For once.

f6fhelldweller4 karma

You know I am a big fan of your work in the Pacific. It was sooo cool to see those miniseries they are the best miniseries I've ever seen. I read Leckies book and many others from the pacific and it really means a lot to me that you read this. What do you remember most from shooting the Pacific?

JoshHelman9 karma

Campfires on the beach with the cast on the weekends. Best time ever.

bellegaudreau14 karma

Where you already an Xmen fan wen you signed up for days of future past?

JoshHelman16 karma

I loved the movies but didn't know the comic books that well. Singer's movies were always my favourites. He and the writers brought the most heart to the characters.

walsh3033 karma

Can I crash at your house for awhile?

JoshHelman5 karma

Yeah but you have to water the cats and feed the plants.

fiddlestixxxxshit2 karma

Yo Josh! You're great man. What are your thoughs about Slit and Nux's relationship in Mad Max? Are they bros? Partners? Do they hate each other? Does Slit touch Nux's butt? Do you have any "headcannons" of the characters yourself?

ALSO. DUDE THOSE PANTS HAVE A LOT OF CRAP ON THEM, did any war-boys have accidents with their pants sliding right off? It seems like that would be an issue.

JoshHelman4 karma

Belts. The secret is good belts. Big commodity in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

And yes, we would touch each others butts all the time. Just not with our hands.

supersyaz2 karma

What the hell! I thought u were american. Surprised to find out that ure actually Australian. Haha. U did a great job on The Pacific. One of the best mini series ever produced. Must be an honor to work in those. How was it going from Australia to being in Hollywood?

JoshHelman2 karma

I am a fake American, it's true. But I've lived here for 5 years now, so I'm starting to blend in. Thanks for the kind word about The Pacific, too. I love that show. Band Of Brothers, too, is incredible.

Going from Australia to Hollywood is tough as shit. I borrowed money, I was broke, I worked under the table, but I never stopped trying to be better and I'm just lucky that someone believed in me. That's the thrust of it.

1__31 karma

I've always wondered, what's the best part about being famous? Free drinks? Strangers loving you the second you meat? The girls or gays?(whoo legalized)

JoshHelman2 karma

I don't really think I'm famous, and I kinda don't want to be. Sure, people give you free shit sometimes and that's awesome, but I would rather be able to have real interactions with people that weren't coloured by some preconceived notion. Can you imagine what it must be like to never leave the house because of that? That shit scares me, quite frankly.

Pickman1 karma

Hey man, I've loved everything in your career thus far so keep up the amazing work.

I'm curious, how often do people think you're David Keith's son? You guys have remarkably similar eyes.

JoshHelman4 karma

I've never got that before. A lot of people say Seann William Scott. Some people say Josh Hartnett. My mum thinks Matt Damon. I have gotten David Keith before. I'm flattered by all comparisons.

YNot19891 karma

Did everyone really give the V8 Salute to Hugh Keays-Byrne whenever he was on set?

JoshHelman4 karma

Yes. That happened. He WAS Joe.

Noimnotonacid1 karma

Hey josh, really like you in mad max. Just a quick question, that silver spray in the movie, that was supposed to give you super powers right?

JoshHelman2 karma

Actually, I think it gives you tetanus.

slavetothesiren1 karma

Do you still consider yourself an honorary member of Peath Company?

JoshHelman2 karma

If they'll still have me, then YES.