Short Bio: Hi guys! This is Daniel's sister, typing for Daniel. Daniel can, in fact, type with his toes. It might just be faster to respond to all of the comments by having me type for him. Plus, he gets to make his sister do all of his grunt work.

Here's proof:

I'm 20 years old, and I've been drumming since I was 11 years old. I was born without any arms. I am left-footed, and I do everything with my feet.

Ask me anything!

Link to a video:

More Proof:

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Somanatin14 karma

You look like you are having a blast! Especially that fun groovy beat on the floor tom during the chorus. What do you use to do the bass drum?

SaveMaggie20 karma

Thank you! There is no bass drum at the moment. We are still figuring out how I can use one. I'm limited with my head movement, because I have to keep my balance. But reddit had a ton of helpful suggestions that we're currently looking into.

SovietTr0llGuy8 karma

Do you have any advice for any aspiring musicians with disabilities?

SaveMaggie17 karma

It may sound cliche, but do whatever you're passionate about. It might take even a couple years to figure out how to do it, but who cares. If you are passionate enough about something, the solution will work itself out. Don't be discouraged if it takes you longer.

lpfff8 karma

Just saw the videos and boy am I impressed! Great work, man. Just wondering, do you have any other interests other than music? Cheers.

SaveMaggie13 karma

I'm into ultimate frisbee, soccer, baseball... I'm pretty much a sports junkie

AmbushDM55 karma

How do you participate in these sports? How do you throw a frisbee or hit a baseball?

SaveMaggie9 karma

I hold it between my toes and throw it similar to Captain America: instead of a back-hand looking throw, I throw it forward-footed, so to speak. I don't really play baseball, mostly watch it. I can throw the baseball around, but I don't bat.

huntean1177 karma

I imagine your foot hygiene is incredible.... do you wash your feet before you eat much like how people with hands wsh their hands?

SaveMaggie10 karma

Of course, I handle my food with my feet just like you, and I always wash my feet first.

IlCattivo916 karma

Pretty inspiring watching you drum. My question is how did you get over the fact that you weren't like the other kids growing up and how did you originally start drumming?

SaveMaggie15 karma

I never saw myself as being different. My family and the friends I surrounded myself with never treated me any differently. I was given the same opportunities as everyone else. I realized I couldn't do everything the same during moments as a kid when it came to things like the monkey bars or climbing the ladder on the playground. I just grew to accept that there were things I could not do, or I just had to take the time to find out how to do things differently.

I got into drumming after watching my cousin play and then seeing the movie "Drumline." My cousin introduced me when I was 5 years old with his kit. I started taking actual lessons from a friend when I was 11.

itsmemarke5 karma

When are you gonna upgrade those Sabian B8s?

*that is to say, your talent deserves better than entry level cymbals

SaveMaggie2 karma

Haha when I'm not broke.

JohnROCKER_495 karma

Outside of learning how to play the drums with your feet, what has been the hardest thing you've learned to do with them?

SaveMaggie13 karma

Showering and ultimately getting ready by myself. I was able to be fully independent around 12 years old. Eating was difficult growing up because I am Left-footed in every way except for eating. Once I switched feet it became extremely easy.

nihilance4 karma

How often do you have to put up with Def Leppard jokes and comparisons?

SaveMaggie8 karma

I never had to until this went viral! lol I've always admired and been inspired by Rick Allen, though.

Juubis4 karma

Hi! You are amazing with the drums! I do have a few questions for you :) What kind of other hobbies do you have, besides the drumming? Reading? Movies?

SaveMaggie7 karma

I am a huge comic book nerd. I love action films, comic book films (obviously), comedies like "Ted" and "Dumb and Dumber." I like video games, specifically Call of Duty.

thclvr18 karma

Dude you are a fucking legend. You said you like Call of Duty and I was just curious, can you play it? Or did you just mean you like to watch it?

SaveMaggie5 karma

I can play it. I suck at it, not because I play with my feet, just because I am really bad.

nitsuga11114 karma

What has been you most epic Halloween costume? Do you like to get creative with it?, It looks like you have a lot of potential being a zombie or something like that

SaveMaggie9 karma

My most creative was being "An Armless Guy." I've never really been into Halloween.

Big Sister here: not for lack of me trying. I've been trying to convince him to be one of Michonne's Pets from the Walking Dead. He's very boring.

TroyLucas4 karma

Impeccable sense of rhythm, Daniel. You must be thankful to your families' support, every day.

How much do you practice daily?

SaveMaggie2 karma

It depends on my school schedule, but roughly about an hour to two hours a day if I can fit it in.

fredlllll4 karma

im probably a bit late to the party. maybe you see this. can you move your toes seperately like people can move their fingers?

SaveMaggie3 karma

Only my big toe and my pinkie.

kyrbayn3 karma

Have you thought about trying out othermusical instruments?

SaveMaggie1 karma

Yes, I was thinking about maybe the piano.

unexpected623 karma

What happens when you meet someone for the first time, and they go to shake your hand? What would would you prefer someone to do if they were in this situation with you, or someone else with no arms/hands? Really inspiring stuff btw, rock on.

SaveMaggie4 karma

I normally just laugh it off and tell them "I don't have hands, so let's hug it out" or something. I would hope they feel it's ok to forget and go for the handshake. I won't be offended. I just want people to act normal. I don't want them to change how they would act just because of how I am. Just do you, man.

yungun3 karma

my friend has the same name as you!

What's your go-to party trick? An old teacher of mine had the no arms as well and would open up a can of soda and poor it. Thanks for doing this!

SaveMaggie3 karma

Hahaha I usually just make jokes about myself and being funny.

Infiniverse3 karma

Those are some sick beats man, what would you say is the hardest part of not having arms?

SaveMaggie8 karma

The hardest part is accepting that there will be things that I will just not be able to do, like mountain climbing. When I was a kid, I wanted to be an air force pilot, but I would not be able to enter the military.

SurpriseAnalProlapse3 karma

I know you already said that you eat by yourself with your feet, but how? (position and movement)

SaveMaggie3 karma

I think I'll do a video soon to show it. It's hard to explain.

DrMody3 karma

What made you decide to pursue drumming? What was your first experience at a drum set like?

SaveMaggie5 karma

My first experience was terrible. I didn't even know how to start. Once I figured out I could adjust it to suit a "left-footer," it became easier. I began by trying adapt to the set instead of adapting the set to me. Once I changed it, it became more enjoyable to play

A-Kenno2 karma

Awesome vid! You said you're a fan of football, who do you support?

SaveMaggie1 karma

I'm an LA Galaxy and an Arsenal fan.

SurpriseAnalProlapse2 karma

Where are you from?

SaveMaggie1 karma

Southern California

Ruff_Dog2 karma

I don't mean to be a dick, but as /u/AutoModerator warns us.. could you provide more proof? It's just a picture with a username on it. I could do that and pretend to be you if I hide my arms.

SaveMaggie5 karma

Provided another picture