I’m Adam Scott, star and executive producer of the new comedy The Overnight, in select theaters now...

OK, with that out of the way, AMA!


Sorry I was on an iPad so everything took longer. It really is hard to do an AMA on an iPad.

I have to remember to bring my computer next time.

And Overnight - it's in New York and Los Angeles now, this friday it's going to be in more select cities, and on July 3, it's going to be just about everywhere. Go see it, I promise you'll like it.

Thank you very much.

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whoisjavier2059 karma

Hey Scott, I've been told I look like you. I'm a 19 year old man. And we all know your raw sexual charisma peaked during 1996, my birth year. So I guess what I'm saying is... Are you my dad?

Edit: Not posting pictures because #Nobama

_AdamScott2774 karma

Yes I am. Holy shit! Son!

AzBrah1625 karma

What was the funniest scene to film in Parks and Rec? So funny it needed multiple takes to finally complete?

_AdamScott2993 karma

When Amy told the eagleton people she would kill them in a deep threatening voice, you can see me break on camera

shadymcdonalds1498 karma

Are bonito fish big?

_AdamScott2433 karma

Well, they're a trophy fish, so yeah--they're pretty big.

tyler2891297 karma

What does Chris Pratt smell like?

_AdamScott3367 karma

A touchdown

tatersalad9111293 karma

If you had to have one of the parks and rec actors back you up in a good ol fashioned street fight, who would you pick?

_AdamScott2619 karma

Plaza, she's a maniac

chicknsandwich1057 karma

All of us want to know: When is the concert episode of U Talkin U2 to Me going to be released?

_AdamScott1021 karma

Sometime soon...haven't had time to record bc Scott is such a jerk.

Buxbaum89882 karma

Whose wedding did you and Paul Rudd get kicked out of?! Paul F Tompkins? Scott Auckerman? Brian Posehn? Am I close??

_AdamScott1111 karma

No you are not.

Bcrown807 karma

What are your thoughts on Tiger Woods and his steady decline as an elite golfer?

Edit: Should have asked what Tiger Woods smells like.

_AdamScott1958 karma

Yes. I don't care.

ShamAbram782 karma

Favorite episode of Party Down?

(side question: are we having fun yet?)

_AdamScott750 karma

Sweet 16 I think but haven't seen the show in a long while

Zakman4756 karma

Any chance of a Girl Meets World cameo? Griff was a way better bully than Harvey.

_AdamScott667 karma

I hope so!

AzBrah680 karma

We all know Ben Wyatt is a massive Game of Thrones fan.

Question is, are you – Adam Scott – a fan of the show as well? If so, who’s your favourite character?

_AdamScott1199 karma

Love it so much, cerci or j snow

dotcomse606 karma

When can we expect the Furious 7 How Did This Get Made?

_AdamScott609 karma

Yes soon I think

The_Trekspert590 karma

Hey Mr. Scott! Big fan of your work.

I waited all day for your AMA so I could ask you this.

  • What was it like being the helmsman of the Defiant in Star Trek: First Contact as well as sharing dialogue with Michael Dorn, (considering you and he were the only living bridge crew)?

  • Any stories from while you were on set?

  • How did you get the role? How did you react?

  • I also wouldn't be a proper Trekkie if I didn't ask if you were a Trekkie/fan before the role, and, if not, did the role turn you into one?

_AdamScott1432 karma

I have a question for you: are you a fan of Star Trek?

have_d_will_travel542 karma

I still can't believe you were in The Aviator. You rocked that 'stache, hombre. What was it like working on a Martin Scorsese flick?

_AdamScott895 karma

It was a total bummer just kidding it was the best, I remember every single moment will never forget it

Wayne_Bruce519 karma

How do you really feel about calzones?

_AdamScott1519 karma

Ambivalent but seeing how often they are now brought to me in restaurants I'd better drum up some feelings pretty fast

Schmetterlingus517 karma

Huge fan of you from Parks and Rec, such a great show.

My question is who is the most intimidating actor you have ever been around? As in making you star struck or just scared to mess up?

_AdamScott844 karma

Morgan Freeman

21andInvincible494 karma

Your house is on fire, holy shit! You have just enough time to run in there and grab ONE inanimate object. Don't worry, your loved ones and pets have already made it out safely. So what's the one thing you're going to save from that blazing inferno?

_AdamScott1948 karma

Art my kids have made. And my pile of cocaine.

rexington24478 karma

When did you lose your virginity and how?

_AdamScott1209 karma

16, very badly

pizzakari410 karma

What does Scott Aukerman smell like?

_AdamScott1373 karma

He smells stupid

way_fairy346 karma

Are we having fun yet?

_AdamScott585 karma

Yes this is very flattering and overwhelming, sorry I can't answer every single question. So many good ones

ihateadamscott310 karma

will The Overnight be in Charleston July 3rd? Also - have you ever listened to The Strokes? I don't actually hate you, by the way.

_AdamScott383 karma

Weird combo of q's. Yes I think so and yes I have listened to the Strokes.

cdclare1989249 karma

Hey Mr. Scott, big fan. I'm actually watching Parks and Rec right now. I'm stumped as to what I should have for supper tonight. Any ideas?

_AdamScott558 karma

Steak bro!

cirion5244 karma

I loved your list of 10 favorite R.E.M. songs. What's the likelihood of you and Scott doing a new UTU2TM-style podcast exploring R.E.M.'s discography?

_AdamScott707 karma

It would be difficult bc if anyone made jokes about rem it would hurt my feelings

SJ-Sharks244 karma

Adam Scott, I am a huge fan of yours. I need to ask you a very serious question:

In person are you more like Ben from Parks, or Henry from Party Down?

_AdamScott444 karma

Probably Henry? I think.

z0otsuitwyatt237 karma

Do you see you on a cameo for the next Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season? I think you would be great!

_AdamScott318 karma

Love that show

ThisMachineKILLS199 karma

What is that tan jacket you're always wearing in Parks and Rec? I want it

_AdamScott389 karma

Pretty sure it was from the gap!

irishstevenj198 karma

Can you think of anything as close to as bizarre in your entire career as U Talkin' U2 to Me? becoming the phenomenon it is?

_AdamScott307 karma

Phenomenon is far too strong a word but talking w Letterman about it was surreal

AllGoldGold196 karma

Did the power beard you had in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty make you physically stronger?

_AdamScott375 karma

Yes I lifted Stiller with the beard, both hands tied behind back

simonandabigail188 karma

Are you excited for the new Star Wars reboot?

_AdamScott676 karma

Can't waaaaaaaaiiiit holy shit

radxdenise186 karma

HI Adam! Will You Adopt Me ?

_AdamScott752 karma

No way bro

ricardoriky162 karma

Is there an entire video of you lip syncing to ice ice baby?

_AdamScott322 karma


Singh596135 karma

How do you balance work and family?

_AdamScott444 karma

With a balance beam

Antonton133 karma

Hi Adam, thanks for doing this!

What would be your advice to up-and-coming comedic writers and performers? What's something you did early in your career that you think most helped you get to where you are, and what's something you wish you had done differently?

_AdamScott319 karma

Start making stuff. You have a pretty great camera in your pocket, just make stuff with it. It'll suck for a while, then it'll get better and you can figure out if you want to do this w your life.

SlightlySadSofa110 karma

Do you play video games? If so whats your favourite? Btw big fan, looking forward to watch The Overnight :)

_AdamScott366 karma

Love playing minecraft w my boy

Purple76207108 karma

If you could only watch one movie and tv show for the rest of your life, what would they be?

_AdamScott278 karma

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Late Night w Letterman

xicedlemonteax108 karma

Hey Adam, huge fan, can't wait to see The Overnight! Really excited that you're doing an AMA on my birthday. I want to ask a few questions: 1) What inspired you to get into acting? 2) Is there a type of character you would like to play that you haven't done so before?

_AdamScott489 karma

Happy birthday Han Solo Han Solo

Teleia21102 karma

What was it like to work with a prosthetic penis in your new film?

_AdamScott267 karma


rhyno1593 karma

When can we expect The Overnight 2: The Overday?

_AdamScott147 karma

Not a terrible idea

pritikothari86 karma

What was it like working with Ben Stiller?

_AdamScott152 karma

So great, inspiring

Aiwendil9486 karma

Any TV show you're binge-watching now?

_AdamScott348 karma

Hannibal, Orange New Black

StevenSanders9021085 karma

Hi Adam! Are we having fun yet?

Your taste in music is fantastic. What new music are you listening to lately?

_AdamScott406 karma

Lord Huron, new Desparacidos,Nate ruess, new sufjan Stevens

paigedlane82 karma

have you finished this AMA yet?? am I too late??

_AdamScott195 karma


benferreri57 karma

Hi Adam, huge P&R fan. How often do unimportant extras (i.e., background people) start laughing/make another obstruction to ruin a take that was otherwise good?

_AdamScott145 karma

No they are pros

Purednuht56 karma

What's the deal with flight attendants these days?

_AdamScott118 karma

Jeez who knows. Had a very nice one today.

rhythm40937 karma

Hey Scott! Any advice for someone who just had their appendix removed? Thanks!

_AdamScott172 karma

Don't rub the wound with any kind of condiment no matter how delicious

lavenderparkinglots35 karma

Advice for actors/comedians?

_AdamScott102 karma

Stick w it, don't stop. i just didn't quit and eventually it worked out.

colin_morchrie32 karma

Hi Adam! How did you arrive to the name "Gettin' Rad" for your production company? And how did the logo come to be a tiger with sunglasses?

_AdamScott59 karma

Haha who knows. Sorry about that.

horriblegb28 karma

Hi Adam, First, I am a huge fan and pretty much just adore everything you are in, including TGEITH. I am also a huge fan of survivor, so I was wondering how long you have known Jeff Probst? I know you were at the finale one season, but have you ever thought about playing? Thanks!

_AdamScott67 karma

I have what I think is a sure fire strategy to win but part of what makes the show great is they never do lame stuff like a celebrity season etc

Aiwendil9414 karma

How would you describe The Overnight in three words?

_AdamScott79 karma

Please go see?

mothxr6 karma

What was it like to work with Taylor Schilling? Also, do you watch OINTB?

_AdamScott14 karma

She's the best best best