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GUYS, This has been an absolute treat. Thank you for all your time and questions. It really was fun! I could do this everyday if Reddit allowed me to. Thanks Reddit. Now without plugging it too much, try and watch IMPASTOR on July 15th at 10:30 on TVLAND. You won't be disappointed and it's not like anything you've ever seen on TVLAND. They are really taking a risk. much love and thanks for the continued support Rosenflamer

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MichaelRosenbaum442 karma

To all my friends and fans. Maybe this will answer a lot of questions. I didn't mind being bald for a few years. then i did. But then i realized once it grew back, i could be a different person and get more opportunities acting… like BUDDY from IMPASTOR. so thank god i was bald on Smallville. otherwise people would say Lex Luthor is playing a gay pastor? haha. although he sort of is. But bald is good. if you have a good head.

mrmoves20442 karma

Hi, Michael! Loved your portrayal of Lex in Smallville and thanks for doing this!

So my question is, if you were given three items to have being stuck and alone on an island, what would it be?

MichaelRosenbaum1523 karma

Jennifer Lawrence Emilia Clark Margot Robbie

GamingTatertot441 karma

And the award for "Most Unexpected Response" goes to...

MichaelRosenbaum462 karma


adarkfable177 karma

You are officially now the homie.

MichaelRosenbaum210 karma


DutchFan368 karma

Are you afraid of BEING TYPE CAST as a good looking actor that can deliver long monologues with Charismatic presence, splendid comedic timing, and serious steely looks ? Only to find out that very few characters are written to be that awesome ? :)

MichaelRosenbaum367 karma

i'm blushing. you're so damn sweet. if only millions thought that. haha

SaidJ4Jappy353 karma

As a former Lex Luthor yourself, what do you think about Jesse Eisenberg taking the role?

MichaelRosenbaum1386 karma

i'm supposed to say he'll be great. i'm supposed to not sound like a dick. But could i crush it, fuck yes. hahah

welshwordman262 karma

Thanks for coming back for the Smallville finale--that was a point of contention for a while. Was that a hard decision to make?

MichaelRosenbaum470 karma

yeah. i was done and thought show was too. but the fans wanted me back. that was reason enough to come back for one more.

MichaelRosenbaum248 karma

This is fun!!!!!! keep these questions coming. anyone offended yet?

MichaelRosenbaum207 karma


This has been an absolute treat. Thank you for all your time and questions. It really was fun! I could do this everyday if Reddit allowed me to. Thanks Reddit. Now without plugging it too much, try and watch IMPASTOR on July 15th at 10:30 on TVLAND. You won't be disappointed and it's not like anything you've ever seen on TVLAND. They are really taking a risk. much love and thanks for the continued support Rosenflamer

jj22etc169 karma

If you could play any role you wanted, what would it be?

MichaelRosenbaum463 karma

han solo. duh.

Beverleybutterfly85 karma

do you really think the fans could handle the sexiness of that?

MichaelRosenbaum169 karma

hmm. i think so?

RamsesThePigeon168 karma

What was the worst fart that you ever farted, and what happened during its aftermath?

MichaelRosenbaum471 karma

my brother was making out with a girl in my living room years ago and i walked by and farted. she was outraged. and he didn't talk to me for a month. it was deafening.

malugargula122 karma

Why the hell did you go there to fart? Lol

MichaelRosenbaum508 karma

he was making too much noise.

MichaelRosenbaum120 karma

Anyone have any questions about IMPASTOR? love answering anything but love talking about this new cast and the fun we had! Sara Rue, Mircea Monroe, Mike Kosinski, David Rasche are awesome. Sledgehammer Baby!!!!!!!!!

Homeyjosey114 karma

Do you think Paul Rudd and yourself look alike?

MichaelRosenbaum323 karma

he's cute. i'd do him. but i'm straight.

Barry_McKackiner114 karma

Big fan of yours! Got a couple questions:

  1. How long would it take to film smallville episodes?
  2. Do you think Lex would have been trustworthy of clark's secret if he had just been up front, and if Johnathan Kent hadn't been a massive Phallus to Lex in the early years?
  3. Are you still close with the cast? I know you were a big joker on set and there must have been some fun shenanigans between takes.

MichaelRosenbaum140 karma

10 day eps. yes not so much but all respect. tom closest with now. watch those bloopers baby. too much fun

lori_201599 karma

Hi Michael, I loved the Impastor pilot and I can't wait to see more! Any chance of getting Tom Welling to guest on Impastor? You have great chemistry with him and I would love to see you work together again.

MichaelRosenbaum176 karma

i killed him in episode 3 of Impastor. :)

The_bad_guy_31294 karma

Hey Michael, Sorority Boys was f**king hillarious. Also, you kind of look like Dane Cook, if Dane Cook were actually funny. Do you still live in the same "crib" from cribs?

MichaelRosenbaum71 karma

loved doing that movie. best times

Swagmaster_Frankfurt93 karma

Hey Michael, I loved your Jack doll from The Shining on Periscope!

My family and I owned every Smallville episode, I LOVED your Lex Luthor character. My dad is bald and every time you showed up on screen he would say, "you see that son, that's a mans haircut".

Anyways, would you consider playing the villain in another show? Thanks!

MichaelRosenbaum193 karma

i love playing villains, but playing buddy on impastor is the best. i get to make out with women, men, kill people, preach to people. all sorts of shit. and get to smoke pot. i do none of these things in real life. maybe.

DCComics5275 karma

Tell me, do you bleed?

MichaelRosenbaum102 karma

huh? yeah. i guess.

frankpdx73 karma

If it is not a huge pain, could you tell the first quick story about doing "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia?"

MichaelRosenbaum88 karma

rob mckellhany and i are old pals. he slept on my couch in ny for a while and then gave me one episode of his hit show. hahahaah. he's the best. grateful for being on that show. people love it. IMPASTOR you will really love too.

MsJessD464 karma

Hi Michael, thanks for doing this AMA. What's your best memories on the set of Smallville? Much love from France!!

MichaelRosenbaum123 karma

i just remember long days. very long days. and being cold and bald. but i loved my cast and crew and loved the show when it was at it's darkest.

WyattsMom7151164 karma

IMDb has Impastor listed with only 6 episodes, is that how many there are, or can we expect to see more?

MichaelRosenbaum115 karma

10 episodes starting on july 15th baby

Hall0fFunk59 karma

You play a pastor in Impator (and it's hilarious, can't wait for more) were/are you religious?

MichaelRosenbaum129 karma

you're awesome. i do play a pastor. a gay pastor. well, a guy who's pretending to be a gay pastor. i'm really excited about it. i'm not religious. but i do love the man above. or woman. or entity. i'm a believer.

lewarcher58 karma

Loved you in Poolhall Junkies, man. Any good stories about some of the legends in that movie (Steiger, Walken, Palminteri)?

MichaelRosenbaum53 karma

i'd have to tell you in person

ColossalFossil52 karma

So, how do we kill Superman?

MichaelRosenbaum107 karma

tell me

ramen21549 karma

Hey Michael! I was wondering what working with Jensen Ackles on Smallville was like? Any on set memories and do you guys still keep in touch? Thanks for taking the time to do an AMA! Best of luck to you :)

MichaelRosenbaum94 karma

i just remember him shaking his head at me a lot. like "this guy is nutty". but we loved each other

desiboyswag40 karma

Hey, Michael! As a recent Castle grad, you've been a huge role model to me, voicing my favorite super hero (The Flash) and being the best Lex Luthor to date. Do you have any pointers for anyone who is wanting to be a part of the film industry, a small part of it, who spawns from a small town like Newburgh, Indiana?

MichaelRosenbaum51 karma

do plays. anything. short films. take class. move to NY. work and work. just keep putting yourself out there and get better and better as an actor.

Kristina163036 karma

Hey Michael, I've seen\heard you in more than 20 different roles and I ALWAYS love your work. Thank you!! My only question is; are you happy?

MichaelRosenbaum68 karma

i love you too. Will you spread the word on IMPASTOR ON TVLAND starting july 15. Tv is so over saturated and this show shouldn't be missed. if you think it sucks, i will personally apologize to you on twitter.

DamonMartinMMA30 karma

What are your thoughts on Jesse Eisenberg's look for Lex Luthor and are you proud that most believe you were the definitive Lex Luthor in the history of Superman in TV/movies?

MichaelRosenbaum70 karma

i just felt like i kept it real. didn't hokey it up. did my job. happy with what i did. that's all i can say.

George_Hale25 karma

Hi Michael, what can i say, you're a big part of my puberty years(sounds messed up) and my teenage years too. I was 11 when Smallville started and i can safely say that your Lex is the second best villain in TV history(after the Cigarette Smoking Man) and yours is one of the best acting performances in the history of television.

Question: Do you think you'll ever get the chance to replay Lex? Not necessarily in a Superman film but in any context/situation? You played a young version of him and you could still play him now or in 15 years. I would love to see you becoming Lex once again one day.

MichaelRosenbaum80 karma

I'm sure one day, they'll get their heads out of their asses and ask me to play the part. hahaahha.

_420CakeDay24 karma

Are you still Jewish, or did you stop practicing?

MichaelRosenbaum94 karma

jew… ish. always in the blood but don't really practice. i like to mix it up. go to different churches and just get the best stuff from each religion. oh…. and not tell anyone what to believe in.

Chevisimo22 karma

Would you like to come to my wedding? My best man and I loved your performance in Smallville. It went a lil downhill without you.

MichaelRosenbaum57 karma

i don't want to upset your husband. or you. maybe he's want to marry me.

malugargula22 karma

How it was like working with Allison Mack?

MichaelRosenbaum44 karma

a joy. when she doesn't talk about opera. haha. love that girl

Eannsu20 karma

I loved the Onyx episode of Smallville because there were two of you. How did they do that?

MichaelRosenbaum39 karma

tough as hell . lot of work and emotion. physically exhausting but overall it came out wonderfully.

hotforbacon19 karma

I'm so excited for your new show.

What's your best Smallville memory?

MichaelRosenbaum68 karma

just messing with people everyday. hotforbacon? really? hahahah

malugargula18 karma

What's your fav thing about Buddy's personality?

MichaelRosenbaum31 karma

He's unpredictable, a fish out of water. He's sort of winging everything and i love that. fun to play. and i get to be physical. and make out with girls and dudes. haha

Jadealin16 karma

Hi Michael. I recently saw Back in the Day and thought it was quite an awesome, down to earth story. I know that you pulled a lot from your own life into the film, but I was wondering what exactly inspired you to write it? As an aspiring writer I was wondering what is it that makes you want to write and produce? Where do you find you pull inspiration from?

MichaelRosenbaum53 karma

i grew up in a small town and always had the dream of coming back one day and shooting a movie there. so, that's what i did. it was a dream. put all my friends in it and then 150K people illegally down loaded and we haven't made our money back. but it was all worth it. now if a 150K of you could just do it legally, that would be cool. but seriously it was awesome.

Gromphy15 karma

is there a script floating around somewhere for Poolhall Junkies 2?

MichaelRosenbaum18 karma

don't think so. damn it.

Pruitt7715 karma

Looking forward to IMPASTOR but I am curious how "blue" can you guys get on TVLand?

MichaelRosenbaum32 karma

BLUE!!!! we say cock and shit and do all sorts of fun stuff. but we aren't trying to be provocative. it's all very organic for lack of a better word.

TheRealAppleShow13 karma

I'm a huge fan of your work on Smallville and I loved Back in the Day! Since you've directed for film and television, which do you prefer?

MichaelRosenbaum28 karma

love directing. truly love it. i want to direct my next feature. anyone have any money? :)

LKool9813 karma

Really enjoyed the Impastor pilot. What can we expect from the rest of the season?

MichaelRosenbaum34 karma

You never know what's going to happen with each episode. Always a cliff hanger. I hope my character doesn't get killed off. :)))))) like someone from Game of Thrones who i won't mention but we all know who i'm talking about

MichaelRosenbaum26 karma

honestly i'm so proud of Impastor. i think you will be surprised by how funny and ridiculous and charming the show is. and the soundtrack and cinematography is dope. yes i said dope.

malugargula12 karma

Do you like videogames? If yes, what's your fav game?

MichaelRosenbaum35 karma

Donkey Kong rules. Castlevania

DCComics529 karma

Would you call yourself an inspiration to this generation of children?

MichaelRosenbaum31 karma

hahaha. NOOOOOOO. i think i'm a decent guy and an inspiration to some, and proof that dorky kids from indiana can make it, but there are a hell of a lot of people out there who are just saints. like my friend dax shepard says "my looks are a 6 and my personality is a 10… so i'm an 8". haha

hoosier749 karma

If you could play the lead role in a movie about any 80s musician, who would it be?

MichaelRosenbaum20 karma

I'd play MORRISSEY. good call assistant jess.

TheRealAppleShow7 karma

Are there any plans to work with your Smallville co-stars in the future?

MichaelRosenbaum12 karma

not as of now.

MichaelRosenbaum32 karma

i think tom and i should do something ridiculous.loved working with him

theFUZZ0087 karma

Thanks, from Rockville Centre. On IMPASTOR, Buddy seems to be even-more different than the previous characters you've created. Was it difficult to make such an out-there character grounded and honest?

MichaelRosenbaum10 karma

i always want to play characters who have a past and are struggling. buddy was a guy on the brink of ending his own life and call it divine intervention or just sheer luck, he ends up getting a second chance. i like complicated characters. and i just try to play everything as real as i can. sometimes it's hard to keep it grounded, but you have to find a way.

Lexi10207 karma

Out of all the characters you've played, who's your favorite and why?

MichaelRosenbaum21 karma

IMPASTOR…. the role of buddy is so diverse and i get to do physical comedy and i have a dark side. also lex was great.

RhavenHood6 karma

Who is your inspiration?

MichaelRosenbaum17 karma

my grandpa irv. he's a good man. family oriented. loves life. he's an inspiration.

hipsterhanna6 karma

If you had to shave your head for another role, would you do it?

MichaelRosenbaum18 karma

nah. probably not. would be distracting. oh there's lex again. haha

rebecca_wolff6 karma

I wanted to know: "Why the hell are you single?" And btw, I have a big crush on you ♡ You drives me crazy!

MichaelRosenbaum21 karma

i scare women off with all the toys in my office.

robinsky16 karma

What was it like working on Urban Legend?

MichaelRosenbaum13 karma

It was awesome. Love horror movies like nobody else. Maybe jon heder likes them almost as much as me. And i got to work with Robert England. yay

TheXanaduEmpress5 karma

Hi Michael, Good to see you here back again! Can't really ask you just ANYTHING 'coz it'd be against reddiquette' but ok...if you were to choose your favourite movie quote of all time, what would it be? Apart from 'Wendy, darling' :)

MichaelRosenbaum25 karma

"You have a rendezvous with my ass mother fucker"…. Clint Eastwood in the line of fire

LazyDreaming5 karma

Hello Michael!

Love the work you do in both film and TV! Two quick questions: What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? And What is your favorite horror movie? (Or top favorite horror films?) Thanks for coming back for this!

MichaelRosenbaum11 karma

vanilla tart yogurt. horror: Alien, Shining. Exorcist 3

patrialexandra5 karma

Which are the artists that yu admire as a comedian?

MichaelRosenbaum30 karma

loved Farley, dudley moore. love chevy chase, bill murray.

the BEST COMEDIAN on the planet right now is KRISTEN WIIG. PERIOD. no comparison. And Danny Mcbride.

The_Caucasian_Asian4 karma

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil", any great stories/memories you can share?

MichaelRosenbaum19 karma

going out to a bar with clint eastwood, cusack and spacey and just getting lit up was awesome. after a full day of shooting. was a dream.

Doug_4 karma

How were you approached about the role of Buddy Dobbs in Impastor?

MichaelRosenbaum8 karma

ERIC TANNENBAUM (FUNNY NAME RIGHT) AND I WORKED TOGETHER AND HE KEPT ASKING ME TO DO STUFF AND THIS PROJECT JUST CLICKED. FELT PERFECT FOR ME AND I GET TO PRODUCE AND REALLY BE A PART OF THIS. As an actor you don't have a lot of control, but when you get a chance to help make decisions, that's a great feeling.

darkonmist3 karma

So who would really win in a fight between Batman and Superman? In the perspective of Luthor.

Thanks for doing the AMA!

MichaelRosenbaum13 karma

tough one. and you're welcome. batman is cooler. and anyone can do his voice.

ovaltinejenkins883 karma

What do you enjoy more? Live acting or voice acting? You've been proficient in both, but which is your favorite and most satisfying?

Also, I got an autograph from you way back in 2008 at Dragoncon (for a friend's little sister's b-day) and I didn't really get to ask you a question about your post-Smallville life (the guy with you wanted the money for the autograph, the line behind me, and you looked pretty exhausted). My question was, how did it feel to finally let your hair grow back after you had left Smallville?

MichaelRosenbaum9 karma

live acting. love my hair.

mrmoves203 karma

Is it true that you torture your assistant by making her listen to Fergie's "Big Girls Don't Cry?"

I really loved your portrayal of Lex in Smallville and in my opinion you're the best live-action Lex

MichaelRosenbaum12 karma

tortured. we are listening to it now. she's trying to jump off the roof. thanks a ton

lori_20153 karma

Who is your favourite band and favourite concert?

MichaelRosenbaum12 karma

Chicago. going to see peter cetera soon. hell yes

FlyGuy_243 karma

Who will win the 2015 World Series and why is it the Mets?

MichaelRosenbaum9 karma

Man I love the mets. They torture me though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rebecca_wolff3 karma

What kind of women you like?

MichaelRosenbaum11 karma

cute, smart. funny. sexy. athletic.

DevotedToNeurosis3 karma

Huge fan!

I understand you wanted to get into some more comedy projects after smallville, but would you return to drama in the future?

Also, Breaking In being cancelled and getting no further Dutch is a crime against humanity.

MichaelRosenbaum10 karma

You guys will love IMPASTOR. not just saying that. really good writing, funny, edgy and just easy to watch. I love comedy and yes i would go back to drama for sure.

HeroOfTime223 karma

Hey Michael thank you for providing us with the best portrayal of Lex ever! What is your funniest story on the set of Smallville? P.S. My girlfriend is begging for a shoutout her name is Becca.

MichaelRosenbaum4 karma

beccccccccca in the house. watch the bloopers.

lori_20153 karma

Comedy or Drama?

MichaelRosenbaum9 karma

both. but love making people laugh

2Much2Na3 karma

Hey Michael!

I think you're hilarious and I want to see your comedic side more. Also, can you do your best Buffalo Bill impression for us?

MichaelRosenbaum13 karma

"oh wait. was she a great big fat person". buffalo bill

malugargula2 karma

How it was working with Charlize Theron? Is she that stunning in person too?

MichaelRosenbaum6 karma

amazing. holding her naked and trying to play a gay man was not easy

RamonaRidgewell2 karma

Hi Michael. What's your next charity event?

MichaelRosenbaum7 karma

always working with echoes of hope. look at their site and donate or help.

Doug_2 karma

I saw the Impastor sneak preview the other day and LOVED it! Wasn't sure about it going in but was was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it was. Anyway, you and the cast seem really close, does this help at all when you're on set?

Edit: Here's the trailer for the Impastor. I definitely recommend it!

MichaelRosenbaum5 karma

that's the thing and i thank you. if people watch it, they love it!!!! we just gotta get peeps to watch IMPASTOR. that's all. help a brother out.

adarkfable2 karma

Sups, Rosey! Who is your favorite stand up comedian?

MichaelRosenbaum14 karma

eddie murphy needs to come back and do stand up

Farhara1 karma

Sorority Boys was the shit dude! What was the best part about filming Smallville?

MichaelRosenbaum4 karma

you're the shit. loved sorority boys

GrimFeature1 karma

Holy shit you make me laugh dude. Your my kind of funny and I wanna see you in every comedy I watch. Loved you in Smallville too, sometimes I just wished Clark would be your mate and the show would just be superman and lex hanging out. I don't know what I'm talking about. Anyway I've gotta ask a question otherwise this will not work. Since you're very well known in the DC universe, your Flash is also one of my favourite things about Justice League, what are your thoughts on Marvel? And if given the chance what Marvel character would you like to play in the MCU? Thanks for doing this AMA, I'm real psyched to see your future works.

Edit: also I'm in Australia and stayed up till 5am to ask this question. Just kidding, I don't have time for sleep. Australians don't sleep.

MichaelRosenbaum4 karma

talk to my friend james gunn. haha. i did test for Guardians but they didn't want to cross dc and marvel or some shit. haha