Hi. My name is Lenny. I play Ben on the show Big Time in Hollywood FL, which is on Comedy Central. And I'm here to talk about ANYTHING you want - questions about life, love, breakfast and especially how you should all be binge-watching my show now that it's available at cc.com, Hulu, Amazon, your neighbor's house, and all digital platforms.

Or you can come to my house and watch it.

Victoria's helping me out today, AMA!

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Thanks everyone for your questions. I appreciate all the support for Big Time in Hollywood, FL. We're very much in the bubble as far as a season 2, so please tell your friends, your family, your dentist to watch the show, find the show, tweet about the show - #bigtimehollywoodseason2 - and hopefully we'll get to tell another amazing story for all of you!

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fixedcheerful21 karma

Hey Lenny, wanted to say that I really enjoyed season 1 of Big Time. It's one of the funniest shows I've seen in a while and I hope there's a second season.

On that topic, do you guys have any ideas for what might happen in season 2?

LennyJacobson19 karma

We do.

If you saw the finale, there is some evidence left behind that would indicate a possible direction that season 2 would go in - involving our dad, Allen, and possible legal issues that might come from that.

We've also kicked around a lot of random ideas as far as what Jack & Ben will get into next.

But most of 'em, Alex and Dan haven't shared with us yet. But I'm sure they will be just as dark and outrageous as season 1.


And feel free to tweet us anything you'd like to see happen in season 2 as well! We probably won't give you credit, but you'll enjoy it.

Hour_Man15 karma

Hey Lenny this is Justin the bass player for Bobby Jealousy we are hoping to make it out LA in a couple of weeks to play some shows. Will you be there to scream Rainbow with us?

LennyJacobson10 karma

If I'm in town.. Absolutely!!! What dates???

RyanJPaquette15 karma

What was your hardest and most fun scene to shoot on Big Time in Hollywood, FL?

LennyJacobson18 karma

The most difficult scene to shoot was - lemme think - let's do the most fun scene.

The most fun scene was the Thanksgiving dinner fight, because we shot it at about 2 AM, and Alex and I kept breaking as we were trying to insult each other at the dinner table, so we got the giggles (which no one else on-set seemed to find funny, cuz it was 2 AM in the morning). And then we had to choreograph a brawl using items from Thanksgiving dinner, jumping across the table, he hits me with a turkey leg, and then breaks a plate over my head. We did that about 4-5 times as well.

So that scene was - needless to say - a lot of fun to shoot. And then the most difficult scene - to be honest, because we had such a good time shooting the show, and filming, none of them were really difficult, because they were all so different and we just enjoyed working with each other so much that I don't think there was ever a time where we said "Oh god, this is too hard to do." We just got it done, whatever we needed.

God, that's such a horrible answer, but I can't think of anything that was difficult.

LennyJacobson12 karma

Although the scenes in the rehab, where I was screaming and running up and down the hallways and being pulled by my arms left me very sore and with no voice the next day.

RickSandmann9 karma

Is Rico as cool in real life as he seems?

LennyJacobson14 karma


First of all, his real name is Eli.

He is a 5 year old chimpanzee.

Who I think worked with us in about 4-5 episodes, and did a promo with us. So Alex Anfanger and I spent a lot of time with him. Alex has grown a somewhat unhealthy obsession with him. But yeah, he was amazing. He's so cute. I've never worked with an animal before. And he was so sweet and funny. We ended up wanting to spend more time with him than the other people who were on-set with us. It was pretty bad!

LionTamer87 karma

What is the most fun you've had while doing something illegal?

LennyJacobson12 karma

That's such an interesting question.

I'm trying to think of something illegal that was fun at the same time.

Can we come back to this?

LionTamer85 karma

Of course. Take your time.

LennyJacobson10 karma

Oh! This swimming pool that we grew up near, it was always closed past like 8 or 9 o'clock. And we had found a way to get in. So we spent a lot of time night-swimming and hanging out there when I was a teenager. I don't think anyone really cared, but technically we were trespassing. But I feel like the statute of limitations there has safely passed.

LionTamer83 karma

Everybody should experience something like this when they are younger. My friends and I would go pool-hopping (going from one person's pool to the next one throughout the neighborhood) and it was always good, harmless, illegal fun. Thanks for the story!

LennyJacobson4 karma

Oh, nice!

SuziQ4U6 karma

While you are one of the funniest guys on TV today, on your Periscopes you have also given hints to a more serious side - have you thought about or done any work with kids/teens going through difficult times?

LennyJacobson11 karma


Yes, actually, that's something I'm really interested in.

I lost a friend of mine to suicide when I was 18 years old. And he dealt with depression that started pretty early in his life - like back in grade school. And at the time, it wasn't talked about as much as it is now, and even today, I don't think that depression in teens & young adults is discussed enough.

So that's something I've taken a special interest in and want to do more with.

I've talked to people about this, but I would like to start a foundation in his name that specifically deals with depression in teens & young adults and the difficulties they go through with everyday life.

NorbitGorbit6 karma

what is the most hilarious inaccuracy you've seen posted on IMDB or wikipedia about yourself or another actor you know?

LennyJacobson13 karma

I'm so annoyed.

Actually, I don't have any inaccuracies I've found. I'm hoping to have more someday. Feel free to post some. The fact that I'm dating fill-in-the-blank, or I was up for the lead - the only one I ever saw was that i was the second choice to play Thor behind Chris Hemsworth.

But I started that myself.

JemoeE5 karma

Who are some of your favorite comedians?

(Also I really hope BigTime S2 is going to happen, I really loved S1)

LennyJacobson12 karma

Thank you so much for enjoying our show, and we also are hoping that we get to do a second season. We really need people to spread the word, and get as many people as they know to binge-watch, and use the hashtag #BigTimeHollywoodSeason2

So that way they know.

And as far as favorite comedians, growing up, my favorite comedic actor was John Belushi. I just always gravitated towards anything he's ever done. I've watched over and over again. My dog is named "Beloosh" after him. And then also Bill Murray, Gilda Radner... and more recent people, like Amy Poehler, and Bryan Cranston. And even though Bryan Cranston is more known for his drama lately, I'm putting him down ANYWAYS, so hopefully he'll see this and want to become my best friend.

Because he's probably my favorite actor working today.

MrSocko235 karma

Lenny! What's your favorite kind of sandwich (and please be specific on the bread)?

LennyJacobson8 karma

My favorite kind of sandwich is the Godmother Sandwich.

And you can get it in Santa Monica - it's from Bay Cities in Santa Monica (http://www.baycitiesitaliandeli.com).

I don't know what the bread is. It's absolutely the most amazing sandwich I've had in my life. I'm pretty sure the bread is made from unicorns.

manuisfunny5 karma

Have you heard Stephen Tobolowsky's podcast? It's pretty cool. Did you make puns from his name, like "Uh-oh, we're in Trobolowsky now."?

LennyJacobson6 karma

Someone deleted this question, but I enjoyed it, so I'm gonna repost my answer:

No, I've never made puns with his name, but I absolutely plan on doing so now. And yes I have heard his podcast. Actually working with Stephen is one of my favorite things EVER. He would definitely be on the list of people I've enjoyed working with so far, simply because he is one o the most kind and funny people I've ever met, and has an endless mind of stories and anecdotes from his many years of acting. I mean, the guy has a memory - he remembers EVERYTHING. Every day on set, we'd get a new story from the amazing life of Stephen Tobolowsky! He has like 200 something credits on IMDB. But honestly, I can't remember things that happened this morning, but he's a first-class storyteller (as you know if you've listened to The Tobolowsky Files).

manuisfunny3 karma

Sorry, I deleted it. I was afraid I'd get banned if someone would be like "Hey, this ain't the Stephen Tobolowsky AMA!"

LennyJacobson8 karma

Don't worry, I'll be doing a Stephen Tobolowsky AMA tomorrow.

coscorrodrift5 karma

Why did you get arrested back in '96?

LennyJacobson13 karma

As I said, my attorneys have told me not to speak about the situation.

Let's just say - the truth will come out. And I will be vindicated.

And all charges from that Dave & Buster's will be dropped.

ashisgrass5 karma

Who has been your favorite person to act with?

LennyJacobson21 karma

My favorite person to act with? God, that's such a hard question.

On BIG TIME, it was Cuba Gooding Jr. because he was just so good to us, and came in with such energy, gave us advice, and he's been around for so long - he won an Academy Award, and came in and worked with us, and he was so down-to-earth. And his belief in our show gave US more confidence. And then other than that, probably Edie Falco. Simply because she's kind of like a hero of mine, and someone I try to pattern my career after, with the way that she handles herself on-set and treats people on-set and the love of the work and the people she works with. Like, that's all she cares about. The work and the experience.

setflowing5 karma

What do you think of Periscope?

LennyJacobson6 karma

As many may know, I am slightly obsessed with Periscope. And for the reason that I talked about - the fans and stuff - I really like being able to have an immediate interaction with them, although sometimes from a safe distance (just kidding!).

But I love the idea of having a live feed that you can share with people and you, I think, it's just getting started with what people are going to be able to do with it - whether it's music, or talents that they have, or live coverage of events, possibly historical events or newsworthy events - and with our show, BIG TIME, we started using it early on after the episodes to be able to instantly talk to fans and get their feedback on how they felt about the show, and give them behind the scenes info or answer questions they had.

And that was a lot of fun.

Does that make sense?

manuisfunny5 karma

Was there anything you wanted to have in Big Time In Hollywood FL, but decided it was too intense?

LennyJacobson9 karma

Actually, one of the craziest things about BIG TIME is that they didn't say no to anything.

Every script - as the writers would turn it in - they expected for them to come back and say "Well, we're not really sure you can do that" and they never did.

So that's why, when you watch this season, you see all this crazy stuff, is because Comedy Central was really nice and never said "no" and let us do whatever we wanted. And thankfully the season came out exactly how Alex, Dan and the writers envisioned it.

ALTHOUGH we did wanna use - what are those boats - we did scout in Hollywood, Florida, and had wanted to do some action sequences with some Airboats we weren't able to do. But I do hope we are able to use them in season 2.

manuisfunny4 karma

Why did your Monkey Largo character's outfit remind me of Lindo Delroy?

LennyJacobson6 karma

Oh, the Russian Villain?

Oh, Boris the Russian Villain.

Actually, a funny story about that is - when that character was written, he was supposed to be Boris the Russian.

Hair, makeup and wardrobe all took that as meaning a different thing. And so basically the outfit you end up seeing me in is a combination of a bunch of things that have nothing to do with being a Russian villain, but they looked so good together we kept it and ran with it.

Including my really, really bad Russian accent.

CathyHolland4 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

LennyJacobson6 karma

Hopefully doing our 10th season of BIG TIME IN HOLLYWOOD, FL!

But actually, I would love to still be getting to work with amazing people and amazing jobs. And just doing hopefully more movies, and being able to possibly produce some of my own movies, and just being happy, healthy and working.

ZensRockets4 karma

What are some video games you play, if any?

LennyJacobson7 karma

I'm not actually a big, big gamer.

But when I was younger, I loved Sega Hockey, Madden, and I was a huge fan of Zelda.

setflowing4 karma

Does Mark Cuban smell like money?

LennyJacobson8 karma

No. He actually smells like inspiration.

(He told me to say that).

LennyJacobson6 karma

I did a commercial with him for Diet Mountain Dew that was directed by the late Tony Scott, who did TOP GUN, and DAYS OF THUNDER, and TRUE ROMANCE! And unfortunately that commercial was the last job he ever did, before he passed away.

And that is, to date, one of my favorite jobs ever , simply because I got to spend 3 days with Tony and he was one of the sweetest people I've ever met and worked with.

I was so lucky to get the chance to work with him. It was unbelievable. In 3 days, we made a nice little friendship, and I was devastated by his passing.

f6fhelldweller4 karma

Where you arrested in 1996?

LennyJacobson9 karma

Again, I can't discuss this. But needless to say, the prisons in Switzerland are very comfortable. No further comment.

ChuckieC4 karma

You and Alex Anfanger seem to have a very close relationship in the show. Now that you have completed your first season together do you consider yourself to be "close" friends with him? Is he someone you would call if a problem arose in your life and you needed someone to talk to?

LennyJacobson7 karma

Yes, he has actually become one of my really really close friends. Similar to the show, we have taken on a relationship like real brothers. We love each other like brothers. We fight like brothers. And he is absolutely someone that I have talked to about good or bad things. As is the same with Jon Bass and Dan Schimpf. We've become like our own little family over the two years of doing this show!

SuziQ4U4 karma

What is the craziest thing you either have done or would be willing to do for a fan?

LennyJacobson15 karma

The craziest thing was when Jon Bass (who plays Del on BIG TIME) and I - we found out that these 4 guys would have a pizza party to watch the show every week, so we got the number from them of a pizza place in their area, and we bought them pizza for the 3rd episode and had it delivered to them, and they wrote messages on the box on our behalf. I think they were in Michigan.

I pretty much would do anything that's legal in all 50 states. Or slightly-not-legal in all 50 states. I really do get a kick out of just interacting with people.

Because I'm a fan of so many shows and people myself I know how great it can feel , when people have done little things for me & I'm a fan of theirs, how that makes me feel, so I like to return the favor to the people I didn't make the deal... And never received the email.. enjoy OUR show as well, which is pretty great.

If that makes any sense.

PolarBearIcePop3 karma

Loved you on Nurse Jackie, what was your favorite episode of the series?

LennyJacobson3 karma

Hi, thanks.... You're very sweet.. Season 2 episode 12 was my favorite... With the "duck Sauce" & the "Watch Scene" ... I pretty much enjoyed every thing I got to do on Jackie to be honest!

coscorrodrift3 karma

Do you like cars? If so, what cars do you own and what is your dream one?

LennyJacobson3 karma

Actually, I'm not a big car guy. I think because living in LA, you drive so much, your cars are always getting dings and scratches on them, they're always dirty, because no one wants to wash their cat, you just want a car to get you from A to B where I can fit my dog in the back seat.

But if someone wants to give me a car from doing this reddit, I'll take a Range Rover. That would be great.

IKingJeremy3 karma

What motivated you to become an actor?

LennyJacobson11 karma

Actually, I didn't start acting until I was 27 years old.

I never went to school for it. Or really thought about doing it when I was younger. I basically just played sports. And then in my early 20's, I basically drank a lot of alcohol. And then I quit drinking and tried to focus on finding something I wanted to do with my life. And I had visited California, Los Angeles, and really loved it, so I decided (my girlfriend and I) to move out there. And acting was something I was going to give it a try. So I didn't go out there with a lot of expectations, but when I got to LA, I started doing improv, sketch comedy, and that's when I really fell in love with it and realized it was something I wanted to make a career of.

And then once I started getting some work after 4-5 years, I realized that this is the only thing I would really ever want to do. And I've been lucky enough to be able to do it for a living now!

BaconZetterburger5 karma

Wow, that's really inspiring for me! I turn 26 next month and I would like big change in my life and I'm not even sure what that change is. I was forced to move back in with my parents a few years ago after I got a traumatic brain injury. I haven't had much motivation after I got off disability and make half as much money as I did before the accident. I knew it was possible to take a chance and succeed, but thanks for the motivation! What kind of work were you doing before you moved to LA?

LennyJacobson5 karma

Little of this and that.. Waiting tables, sold furniture... Sorry to hear about the injury. Good luck with figuring out what direction to take next.. You have plenty of time.

LegendsNeverDie3 karma

I've read that the show is shot in LA. Do you guys have plans on filming in the real Hollywood, Fl?

LennyJacobson4 karma

We would've loved to shoot parts of season 1 in FL but it just wasn't possible ... IF we get a 2nd season there been some talk about doing some there... I would really like that.

The-Juggernaut2 karma

Was it hard to convince Cuba to join? Watched every episode of Big Time. Soooooooo funny

LennyJacobson1 karma

At first when Cuba heard he'd be playing himself he wasn't interested but after watching the pilot he met with dam & Alex , they told him everything that was going to happen and he was in!!! So great!!

liamquane2 karma

Hi what is the best thing that a director can do for you on set? :~)

LennyJacobson2 karma

Great question... All directors have different ways of working with Actors... I think the key is figuring out what works best for each person, some people need feedback, some need to be pushed , some just do their thing .. I like feedback and a freedom to find the scene.

acangiano2 karma

Hi Lenny,

thank you for doing this AMA. I have a couple of questions:

  1. In the last episode of the show, as aired on TV, the last thing we see is the leftover case files. However, I read a review of the episode online in which the reviewer mentioned watching Del successfully performing CPR on the main investigator. Was the reviewer pulling our legs or is it something that was simply not aired on TV for the general public to see?

  2. Of all the actors you interacted with on the set, who were the funniest (out of character)?

LennyJacobson1 karma

Glad you liked.. The very last scene with Del giving CPR to Zadorkan & him being alive was supposed to be aired but for some reason got cut.. Not sure why.. On demand has it... Could lead to a story line if we get a season 2 .

LennyJacobson2 karma

Someone asked if I ever listened to the Tobolowsky Files and made puns with his name on-set:

No, I've never made puns with his name, but I absolutely plan on doing so now.

And yes I have heard his podcast. Actually working with Stephen is one of my favorite things EVER. He would definitely be on the list of people I've enjoyed working with so far, simply because he is one o the most kind and funny people I've ever met, and has an endless mind of stories and anecdotes from his many years of acting. I mean, the guy has a memory - he remembers EVERYTHING. Every day on set, we'd get a new story from the amazing life of Stephen Tobolowsky!

He has like 200 something credits on IMDB.

But honestly, I can't remember things that happened this morning, but he's a first-class storyteller (as you know if you've listened to The Tobolowsky Files).

KarmaFollows2 karma

If you weren't an actor, what would you be?

LennyJacobson2 karma

Because I tried so many other things before acting it probably have to still be something in the industry ... Maybe casting or podcasting ... I love getting to talk about a bunch of different topics and interacting with people.

RNCaptain2 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how spicy should I make your eggs?

LennyJacobson4 karma

Maybe a 2 .,. I got a baby stomach. :) give me egg whites & avaccado & I'm good.

fatdogey1 karma

Funniest show of the year awesome job, also what's a round estimate for when season 2 will air?

LennyJacobson1 karma

Still waiting to hear in a 2nd season.. It's up in the air .. So we need people spreading the word & hash-tagging #BigTimeHollywoodSeason2. Thanks

zdeegee1 karma

Hey guys, I binged watch season 1 and loved it, looking forward to more.

How did you get Jason Alexander to agree to such a ruthless cameo?

LennyJacobson1 karma

Haha - we got lucky... He came in ready to play and some of the scene was written but he added a ton of the real dark & funny stuff including "Fuck Seinfeld"! So hilarious.

Soperos0 karma

Can someone who doesn't have cable watch your show?

LennyJacobson3 karma

Hulu, Amazon prime, iTunes. :)