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Wow, that's really inspiring for me! I turn 26 next month and I would like big change in my life and I'm not even sure what that change is. I was forced to move back in with my parents a few years ago after I got a traumatic brain injury. I haven't had much motivation after I got off disability and make half as much money as I did before the accident. I knew it was possible to take a chance and succeed, but thanks for the motivation! What kind of work were you doing before you moved to LA?

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I have had a very hard time reinventing myself so far. When I first got off of disability I was so scared to get back to work that I actually applied for disability again. I'm very happy I got turned down because being productive has been a huge confidence builder for me. I do enjoy my job, besides the pay, which has made it easier to go back. I had no idea there are support groups for brain injury survivors, and I think that's great what you're doing! I googled for support groups in my area and of course there isn't a single one (I live in a rural area) but I did peak at a few online groups. Thanks!

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is this shot good enough to get me a guest spot on a hockey video?

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I remember searching my hometown on YouTube and a video of yours popped up and I had never heard of you before that. Anyway, I think you said you were visiting your girlfriend's (now wife?) family. Did you enjoy Gladstone? Have you been back since?