Chris Gethard - comedian, author, host of The Chris Gethard Show - making the jump to the Fusion network tonight! The Chris Gethard Show has been on public access for four years and tonight at 10PM we go up on cable.

It's been a really insane ride full of self-doubt and great times and technical difficulties and I'm so happy we made it. Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way!

Please check out for all the info you need and also to hang out in our chat room where there's a whole bunch of goons shooting the shit all the time.

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cyprocosmo57 karma

Would you rather fight 1000 infant sized yards or 1 yard sized infant?

chrisgethard25 karma

This is the best merging of Reddit culture and TCGS that I can imagine. Well done. Well fucking done.

Also I am intent on finding Yard Infant's mom. We must make it happen.

AnimobileAWS21 karma

will we see vacation jason in some capacity on the new show?

edit: plz

chrisgethard25 karma


e2kelso14 karma

How many butts should I eat?

chrisgethard20 karma

Take however many you eat NOW and add SOME.

That adds up to MORE. Eat MORE Butts.

connorratliff13 karma

Hi, Chris. I noticed that "Horse" from Horse & Bee appeared onscreen during the Good Morning America appearance today along with a Chyron emphasizing that Fusion is an ABC/Disney company. Do you think this was a subtle foreshadowing that Disney wants to bring Horse fully into the Disney fold? And if so, where does this leave Bee?

chrisgethard5 karma

Horse is dead. Long live Bee.

ATXCaitlin12 karma

I'm a dummy and refuse to Google this. Can we still stream the show some how? Or are we shit out of luck if we live in Texas, as we are with most things?

chrisgethard13 karma

You can watch on TV Thursdays at ten. Episodes go up on Apple TV, YouTube and I think maybe Spotify eight days later. (This is because of agreements with the cable carriers.) So yeah you can see the full episodes but not until next week. You can see lots of info on all this at

Annamaria5239 karma

This might be a great time to offer up another object clue...??

chrisgethard7 karma

Many undiscovered clues are out there.

jak5518 karma

Any chance you guys are going to archive the full live streams at all for new TCGS? Some of my favorite moments on Tuesday were during commercial breaks (aka Connors song and dance)

chrisgethard8 karma

We can't archive the full streams but we'll have tons of internet exclusives.

jak5512 karma

Good to know, thanks for answering! So excited for tonight (and see y'all at Rough Trade)

chrisgethard2 karma

Can't wait.

howlinforfallon8 karma

How does it feel to know you and the show have helped so many depressed kids out there carry on for a little longer, until things get ultimately better?

chrisgethard14 karma

Well, my goal was always to make comedy but the fact that a lot of people who needed the show found it and got that out of it is mind blowing and a huge honor. I don't take it lightly.

I felt that way for most of my life so I know how hard it can be. The core of the show comes out of my brain so I think maybe people in that mind state know I'm a guy who has been there.

One of the things I'm most proud of is that if someone seems sad or off or whatever, we're down to just let the laughs go and talk with them about it. I know it's not the funniest part of the show, but I just think that's the way to be a decent human being.

Argham7 karma

How is Rob Malone so good at dancing?

chrisgethard8 karma

He is a completely effortless human being in every way. He has no self-consciousness and just owns it. I learned all my dance moves from him.

samsaspeedy7 karma

Hi Chris, I love your show and your grassroots resilience! I wanted to ask, what was your experience on Park and Rec like? Also, can we get a TCGS and Eric Andre Show crossover episode?

chrisgethard4 karma

Parks and Rec was so fun, but I had that big scene with all those extras watching and I completely blanked on my lines. That had never happened to me before and it was TERRIFYING. It rattled me all day. I was so scared. Amy is a mentor and I didn't want to let her down.

I'd LOVE to have Eric on my show. Me and that guy have had a few wild times.

Martattack7 karma

What's the one thing that has happened during a show that scared you the most?

chrisgethard9 karma

We had an episode that ended with the studio audience being invited to come up and hit my bare ass with a flog. Everyone did it at an appropriate level and then one guy who I never saw before and never saw since came up and wailed on me HARD. He was just some dude who lingers around the public access station. Terrifying.

We also did a thing at SXSW called the Human Sundae where I sat in ice cream and it ended with me having frostbite and blisters all over my left arm.

ATXCaitlin6 karma

Proud to have tasted parts of your blisters via that sundae

chrisgethard2 karma

I am so sorry.

gerstevens7 karma

Hey man I hear you got a problem with me? LETS WRESTLE

chrisgethard7 karma

Open invitation for you to come on the show since 2011

gerstevens3 karma

Too busy with my man Gert Stevenson. We're comin Gethard. We're a comin!

chrisgethard2 karma

Looking forward to it.

gnarmageddon7 karma

Will Lamarcus Aldridge re-sign with the Portland Trailblazers this offseason and when can we expect a new fusion diaries entry/clue?

chrisgethard5 karma

I think Aldridge is out. He's the man, he doesn't want to be number 2 behind Lillard.

The clues are out there...

Laughterkey3 karma

Was the talk about Rowdy Roddy on HuffPoLive a clue? WE ARE DESPERATE FOR CLUES.

chrisgethard6 karma

Everything you need to know is out there.

sidekicksuicide7 karma

What's the first thing you wanted to purchase for the show after getting a budget for the first time?

chrisgethard23 karma

A Human Crane...

Taarguss6 karma

Hey Chris. I mentioned this to you in person after a show a few months ago, but I discovered TCGS while I was recovering from a brain surgery that left me deaf in one ear and in a really dark place and the show totally helped me get back on my feet. I sent you an email about it and you got back to me with a really nice note. It made my day. I like how accessible you and the show are. I guess what I'm asking is did anyone do something like that for you when you were younger that inspired this sort of easy, casual relationship with your fans? Where'd that come from?

chrisgethard18 karma

Oh shit! Atlantic City, right?

I went and saw the punk/hardcore band H2O in New Jersey when I was a kid and I was massively depressed. I hadn't figured out what my deal was yet and nobody had noticed, but I was way in the back corner of the venue just zoned out and in my own world, just in a really dark place. No one saw or cared, I was just another weird kid at a punk show.

Then Toby from H2O saw me, walked all the way across the venue, and asked me if I was ok. We had a little conversation.

He didn't have to do that. He was the man at that show in particular and also in general.

Meant a lot to me. Never forgot it. Try to emulate it.

Taarguss7 karma

Naw this was at Over the Eight in March I think. Either way, makes me happy that a lot of kids have similar experiences w you. You're doin the good work, man.

chrisgethard7 karma

Wait a second - this means I have had two conversations in an eerily short time span from people with very very similar stories. I thin that guy lost his sense of touch maybe now that I think about it. I have to link you guys up so you can be friends. Atlantic City guy, please get in touch.

I'm sorry I mixed it up! I promise you I remember that email exchange and my lack of manners is rooted in the extreme exhaustion I'm experiencing today. Please forgive me.

Adam_Sandler_Ref6 karma

Where is your favorite place to eat in NJ?

Where is your favorite place to get soda in NJ?

Can you get Speedy Ortiz or Krill on the show some time?

chrisgethard2 karma

1) Jimmy Buff's hot dogs.

2) There is Boylan's in every good Italian place in Jersey. It's the best. Boylan's Ginger Ale is one of the most underrated sodas in the world.

3) I'd love that!

AnimobileAWS6 karma

what prop are you blowing the most of your budget on?

chrisgethard20 karma

Oh, next week's show… I shouldn't spoil this. But we are spending most of our prop budget on a system where I can be suspended from the ceiling by ropes and swung around. Long time fans of the show should be able to figure out why.

Martattack11 karma


chrisgethard10 karma

You think I'm gonna let that one eat at me forever?

sidekicksuicide6 karma

Dream panel guest and dream musical guest?

chrisgethard16 karma

Right now?

Panel - Andy Kaufman reveals he's alive and announces it on our show

Musical guest - Smiths reunion

hamburgerstastegood6 karma

Who's got better hair, Jesse or Royce?

chrisgethard6 karma

JESSE, royce. Get back to work!

TheErikThein5 karma

Is there a possibility in the world that you could get Billy Zane on TCGS?

chrisgethard3 karma

I'd love to.

jeremysmiles5 karma

So I really want there to be an episode of TCGS where the cast is replaced by a group of parrots that are wearing earpieces. Then the human members of the cast are off in another room where they can see and hear what's going on. Each cast member has a microphone that only goes to the earpiece of their respective parrot. The goal of the episode is to communicate with the callers by talking into the microphone and getting the parrot to repeat what you're saying.

Can this ever happen?

I realize there's two major flaws: 1) What if the parrots hear other things and repeat that? You would have to somehow make sure the parrots can hear what's happening in the earpiece but I don't know how. 2) Do parrots actually repeat things that they hear humans say? I have no idea how parrots work

chrisgethard6 karma

This is a GREAT idea.

I do have to say if we hire animal wranglers I'd still love to let a full grown male lion roam freely around the studio. I tried to do that with public access but we couldn't get any animal trainers on board.

jeremysmiles4 karma

I never realized how badly I want to watch Murf in full gladiator armor fight a lion with a wiffle ball bat

chrisgethard3 karma

Me too

pooloftears5 karma

Any tips/tricks to getting the most out of public access studios (use/time/volunteers) like MNN in NYC?

chrisgethard5 karma

1) Clean up after yourself. Almost no one does. The studio would generally be cleaner when we left than when we arrived.

2) Be kind. A lot of people get on a high horse and treat the staff like shit. It's not right.

If you do those two things, people who run public access stations will really like you and go out of their way to help.

LookItsLex5 karma

Do you have any advice for someone about to create/run their own comedy show/webseries?

chrisgethard11 karma

Know that you ARE going to fail. You're going to fall on your face many times. It will not feel good. It will be embarrassing.

It is your job to just let that happen and then try again. The other side of the failure is where anything honest lives. Turn off the shame button in your brain and just get the work out into the world.

The things you think are going to hit hardest will not. The things that hit hardest are things you'll never be able to predict.

Lose well!

franchise7245 karma

Loved the first taping, going to be interesting to see how you cut all of that down to just a half an hour.

Was the first show indicative of a new direction for the show? Less/no characters? Was hoping to see some of Vacation Jason/Beast Masturbator/Hintmaster/etc.

chrisgethard9 karma

I want characters in there asap. I think we just have to get used to the half hour format first. Right now it feels a bit like a bronco that's trying to but us off. Once we tame it a bit I think we'll settle into even more of our old traditions.

seabass1775 karma

HYPOTHETICALLY does the set have any interesting repurposed pieces coming in?

chrisgethard5 karma

HYPOTHETICALLY maybe there is already something very recognizable hidden in the set and no one has noticed or called it out yet.

bogeyorangutan5 karma

How on earth did you figure out what to keep from the taping the other night?

chrisgethard8 karma

Oh believe me, we're still figuring it out. I just ran over here from the edit bay. But I think it's a tight show that people are gonna really dig.

TargetBlazer5 karma

Hey Chris, I sent you a message a while back talking about how your comedy helped both my girlfriend and I through a rough patch, and you responded with very kind and encouraging words, so thanks for that.

But seriously, if you were to really embrace Hollywood Gethard, what would you demand for your dressing room?

And assuming you continue to release stand up (loved the first album) will you try to get it on vinyl for dirty hipsters like me and probably most of your fan base?

chrisgethard6 karma

First off I hope you are feeling better!

Dressing room - glass bottle boutique cane sugar soda HOLLYWOOD GETHARD ALL DAY.

I think I'll always stick to vinyl just because I think it's cool to have and hold and makes it feel like much more of an accomplishment.

TargetBlazer2 karma

Don Giovanni did a great job with them, and the insert is probably my favorite on any album. I'll wait it out until TCGS blows up into a historical cultural phenomenon before I jump on the gravy train and sell it

chrisgethard2 karma

Good luck with that!

lukemiller6265 karma

what is your biggest fear in the switch to an edited show ?

chrisgethard6 karma

That someone will mandate that I have to wear a suit and tell monologue jokes.

anti-inverse4 karma

Which Republican Presidential candidate is your favorite?

chrisgethard6 karma

Oof. This is impossible for me to answer.

Maybe Ted Cruz just because his name sounds vaguely like a bad guy from an 80s movie.

RCKTS884 karma

Even though you have a good rapport with him, do you still find it intimidating like a listener to call into The Best Show/Tom Scharpling?

chrisgethard6 karma

Every time I call I have anxiety that I'm going to mess up and disappoint Tom. This is despite the fact that I consider him a dear friend and a true ally. I don't want to soil The Best Show.

inferi223 karma

So Chris does know the way it feels for all of us to call in to his show.

chrisgethard2 karma

Big time

Laughterkey4 karma

How long has it been since the last Drop Goblin incident?

chrisgethard4 karma

They're always lurking...

CatherineLinds4 karma

Hi, Chris! I called in to the public access show exactly one time, talked about my depression, and consider it a patent failure of a call (for which I apologize! A lot! I feel guilty!). But the show is still a huge part of my life. I guess my question is, what do you think motivates your desire to connect with people? I think it's easy to assume everyone wants to connect with people, but you go so far out of your way to find connection even in a platform that historically is not so conducive to that.

chrisgethard5 karma

No apologies! If you feel bad about a call, that means I failed as a host. I'm the one who is sorry.

People sometimes think it's notable that I go out of my way to listen and connect with people. I think that's sad. I think the real question is why do we behave across the board in a way where listening and kinds on a tv show come off as so notable?

I just try to be a good guy who listens to people. Feels like connecting and listening are just aspects of being a decent human being. I'm no hero and I'm not trying to lecture, but it just seems simple and right.

chrisgethard1 karma

No apologies! If you feel bad about a call, that means I failed as a host. I'm the one who is sorry.

People sometimes think it's notable that I go out of my way to listen and connect with people. I think that's sad. I think the real question is why do we behave across the board in a way where listening and kinds on a tv show come off as so notable?

I just try to be a good guy who listens to people. Feels like connecting and listening are just aspects of being a decent human being. I'm no hero and I'm not trying to lecture, but it just seems simple and right.

akdigitalism4 karma

Do you agree that you shouldn't have a full stomach before doing comedy in front of people?

chrisgethard6 karma

I think this depends. Bottom line - if you're a healthy person it doesn't matter. Having kale and stuff like that will never effect your comedy.

That being said, I think only maybe .01% of comedians are healthy eaters so by and large yeah, it's probably for the best if most comedians wait until after the show to show fried cheese in their face. *

  • This refers to me most of all.

Mutey11 karma

We should remember JD & Connor's Rules of Comedy, Rule 6: Eat a meal before and after every show.

chrisgethard7 karma

Those guys are both total weirdos, man.

sexymafratelli4 karma

Is the Greggulator's AV Club article about Carmen Sandiego in any way shape or form trying to get the Gethard name on our minds, or is it another fortuitous coincidence?

ETR: coat tail thunder stealing moment w/fortuitous coincidence.

chrisgethard3 karma

Neither! I was so psyched and surprised to see it yesterday. That story never gets old and having lived through it I remember that the episode aired like once every three days on PBS. It was so absurd that we knew it back then, even when we were little kids.

djbehar3 karma

What's your favorite kind of salad dressing?

chrisgethard6 karma

Oil and vinegar

Mutey3 karma

Have you ever been to or performed in the United Kingdom?

carouselprogression3 karma

I have been to the UK! I am from just north of Birmingham originally, but have actually just relocated to Cambridge! Where are you? I love TCGS and am British and am normal.

Mutey2 karma

I am currently in Birmingham about to relocate to Cambridge for a month. We should meet up and watch TCGS.

chrisgethard6 karma

This makes me so happy.

chrisgethard2 karma

No but I want to go VERY BADLY. I have been told the UK loves storytellers and I want to see if I can hang.

algernonrex3 karma

Hi Chris! Thank you for your show - it truly helped me pull myself out of a weird unpleasant shell I had been hiding in and helped me become a happier, less lonely and more authentic person.

What thoughts were running through your head during "Body don't stop?"

chrisgethard3 karma

Very happy to hear we helped! Thank you for telling me!

I couldn't believe it was happening. It's impossible for me to get nervous when our fans go nuts like that. They are like a suit of armor for me. I just try to keep up.

BeardleySmith3 karma

Hey Chris Gethard!

I lived in brooklyn for the last five years meeting lots of hilarious people and working with them to make funny videos and web series. Unfortunately we could never get people to watch them, and couldn't get any networks to look at them. I just moved back to maine in defeat one month ago after running out of money and not being able to say through rent hikes. Now I'm depressed, couch surfing in maine and feel like "making it in comedy" in not a thing for me despite UCB teachers and everyone saying they see it in me. I know you struggled and wanted to give up a lot (despite all your successes through UCB and despite all the awesome stuff you've been doing before this deal) so what would you say to me? Give up and deliver gelato around New England as a day job instead? -Random Noah

chrisgethard7 karma

Never give up.

Lick your wounds, recover, then get back to the fight.

Do not give up.

Taarguss3 karma

What was it like to see Alyssa go from a 15-year-old comedy nerd to being on a UCB team? That's a pretty fun heroes journey there.

chrisgethard2 karma

Makes me very happy and proud in a non-condescending way.

jeterderek3 karma

on twitter you posted a pic of your banner in the darkness, underneath what could hold the marquee of an iconic talk show?

chrisgethard3 karma

HMMMMMMM. That thing had a specific shape, huh?

RedFrogMario3 karma

Chris, I read your article on Talk House about becoming a punk and it reminds me of myself in a way. I love the interactive stuff you're doing with your comedy. I basically just want to compliment you forever. Two questions:

1) Is there an idea you have for your show that's just absolutely impossible to do?

2) Any chance you get DG to repress your comedy album? It hurts me that I don't own it.

chrisgethard7 karma

1) I have been told that no one on the staff is comfortable with me crucifying myself.

2) Ah, that was a limited thing! I'm sorry! I will tell you a secret - there is ONE record store in America that has copies. It is somewhere in Kansas. I am not kidding. Good luck.

jfarmzzz3 karma

have you recovered from jogging on Good Morning America yet?

chrisgethard2 karma

Nope. I'm sore and my head hurts.

prof_c3 karma

Chris!! I absolutely love TCGS, and your book is hilarious!

I know you're into music by some of the amazing bands that have appeared on TCGS, so what are some albums that have had the biggest influence on you?

chrisgethard4 karma

Thank you!

All time? Every single album by The Smiths, Vauxhall and I by Morrissey, Real Life Stories of Teenage Rebellion and Got Beat Up by Weston, Blue Album and Pinkerton, Nostalgic for Nothing by J Church, 24 Hour Revenge Therapy and Dear You (for an album that was reviled it sure holds up. Everyone was wrong about that.) Dorkrockcorkrod! CRUSH BOYFRIEND HEARTBREAK! Illmatic, 69 Love Songs, Aeroplane Under the Sea...

I could go on and on.

mjmcb3 karma

Chris, loved watching the taping the other day. Can you do a web exclusive of that ENTIRE song and dance party during the set change? That was the coolest thing I've ever seen

chrisgethard2 karma

Seems like people are really into that. Probably will make it happen!

thechop663 karma

Also, I feel like it would be weird if someone didn't ask: how are you?

chrisgethard2 karma

I tell ya - feeling good. Excited, nervous, but very genuinely can say that these have been the happiest five months of my life. I am lucky to live the life I get to live. I fought hard to get here and had to slog through some stuff but it was all worth it. I've met great people and done cool things and been interesting places. It's all in perspective right now because of the developments with the show and I just plan old am feeling good.

Also hoping the show succeeds because I have no safety net.

More importantly - how are YOU

Xzachtheman2 karma

Celery or raisins?

chrisgethard3 karma


smietanskii2 karma

Any chance for some more BDSM themed episodes?

Will the format of the show be changing now that you're on fusion?

chrisgethard4 karma

I really hope we have more BDSM episodes. I ain't got no problems with that as a submissive and low self-esteem male.

Show is now half an hour but I'm proud to say besides that I think we've only furthered the legacy of the public access show. I really don't think we've watered it down. I hope you feel the same!

coywizard2 karma

Will you come do your show at Station Theater in Houston, TX (and maybe we can also jam)? Plzzzzz. I'll buy you pizza and stuff.

chrisgethard2 karma

Probably can't bring the whole show out there but maybe I'll come do some stand up sometime.

Zijien2 karma


chrisgethard3 karma

For me? Not since 2001. But thanks!

conoresque2 karma

Favorite pro wrestlers and why?

chrisgethard8 karma

All time - Flair, Jake Roberts, Cactus Jack and specifically lately Piper. I actually went back and watched a ton of old Piper's Pit clips while preparing for TCGS on Fusion. I've become convinced that he's an absolute genius and is my dream guest for our talk show. Specifically, the quote "Just when they thought they had the answers, I changed the questions." That's so rad.

conoresque5 karma

Mick Foley is irrefutably the Chris Gethard of wrestling.

chrisgethard6 karma

That's high, high praise and I don't take it lightly.

Annamaria5232 karma

Are you planning to shoot a special based off your current stand up show? If so, what are some dream venues for you, whether they're standard spots or alternative locations? I don't know why but I'm seeing images of a boat. Getting some below-the-deck stories in Jaws kinda vibes.

chrisgethard3 karma

Boat sounds really rad. Don't know why!

I have always wanted to shoot a stand up special in one of the basement punk house venues in New Brunswick, NJ.

polkadotrobot2 karma

Hi Chris,

Been watching the show for a few years and it never fails to make me belly laugh. Thanks for being a cool, nice dude.

My very important question is: If you could have any superpower what would your superpower be?

chrisgethard3 karma

THANK YOU for watching.

Teleportation. Would make commuting so much easier. Always overlooked. The most utilitarian real world superpower.

the-tudge2 karma

why didn't u respond to my 9 page letter? jk <3


chrisgethard2 karma

I've re-read it multiple times. Still sorting out my feelings about it.

funnymann32 karma

Hi Chris! I read your book and it was hilarious and also very moving. I loved it. What is something you took away from the process of writing it?

chrisgethard3 karma

That you have to keep fighting. From my first draft of essays to publication was six years. People told me to give up, and people told me to massively change the whole topic of the book. I believed in those stories and thought they should exist. Fight, fight, fight. If you believe in it, don't take no for an answer. That's what I learned.

JulyDiaz2 karma

Hey Chris! What exactly happened when you realized that you had a good grasp on long form improv?

chrisgethard2 karma

Well… I don't know. One of the best things about long form is that by definition there is no ceiling. Any show could theoretically be the best show you ever have. It's part of why it's so addicting.

I took a class from Ian Roberts many moons ago and he told me I was funny. In my opinion he's the best improvisor of all time, so that was massively encouraging and made me keep going.

Pennwisedom2 karma

Since you're in The Stepfathers, and 10 years is roughly 10,000 years in Improv years. Do you think there's anything unique about the group that has kept it going for so long?

I couldn't come up with a good joke question. :(

chrisgethard3 karma

I have been on hiatus from the Steps for a few years now but I will be a Stepfather for life.

I think the main thing about the Stepfathers that keeps it going and keeps it good is that on our best nights we are exploring the show for the sake of the show, not for the laughs or for the validation of our egos.

SpruceWayne2 karma

How would you say The Human Fish's quest to understand the world of man has progressed over the years? Think he's getting the hang of it? I'm a relatively new fan, but it seems like maybe the world of man is a bit too much for him...

chrisgethard3 karma

Yeah I tell ya, the guy just can't seem to pick up on anything.

Giraffasaurus_Rex2 karma

Do you think you look more like early David Letterman or early Drew Carey?

chrisgethard5 karma

I can't figure out if that article is praising me or slamming me.


Hey Chris! Congrats on everything, I can't wait to see the new show.

Two questions:

1) Any update on the musical you and Jeff Rosenstock are writing?

2) Can we still send things to you for the set? I have a Michael Jordan toy basketball hoop that you told me was necessary to have on twitter, but I'm worried I missed the cut off.

chrisgethard2 karma

1) I haven't even told Jeff this but I recently broke through my writers' block on this and made a bunch of progress.

2) YES! Always.

oaklandisfun2 karma

Hi Chris, it's James (you know me as one of the few non-cast members to have ever attempted the human crane during my domination of the TCGS cast). I have several questions and choose to ask them publicly. Will you ever come back to SF Sketchfest? Can we expect to see you popping up in more comedy shows (like Broad City, for instance)? Will you write another book?

chrisgethard3 karma

I was so sad we had to miss Sketchfest this year but we were ramping up for production. I hope they'll have us back someday?

I don't know! I'd love to do more work but I also have less time now.

I have an idea for another book but have had frustrating writers' block with it.

Also happy anniversary to you and Alison and I don't think I've ever told you this but I think you are one of the kindest people I've met.

SeanBroney2 karma

Hey Chris!

I started watching your show around this time last year, and it helped me out a ton. I was feeling shitty a lot of the time, couldn't get a job, so I just watched TCGS, and it ultimately made me feel better. Just wanted to thank you for that. I know you get messages like this all the time, but I felt the need to let you know that you really helped me out.

On one of your final public access episodes you ended it with saying the next episode would be "Chris Gethard: Mind Freak!". Unfortunately, it didn't happen. Is there any chance we'll get to see this episode on Fusion?

chrisgethard2 karma

I hope you're feeling better and I'm glad we could help!

Criss Gethard Mind Freak would have been so wild! I'm mad it fell through. Probably won't happen on Fusion.

BethK7252 karma

How cool is it to work with Bethany Hall?!

chrisgethard2 karma

She's the best. One of my best friends. We've been all over the country together, both literally and emotionally.

jmchao2 karma

When's the next episode of Fizzy Boys coming out?

Also, have you listened to a whole 12 Hour Day?

chrisgethard4 karma

I have not listened to a whole 12 Hour Day, though I do love the show. They are DAUNTING. Please don't tell JD or Connor.

Don just got married and we are both insanely busy, but thank you for this reminder because I gotta re-connect with that lovable doof asap.

connorratliff10 karma

I've listened to Fizzy Boys, Chris. I think it's great!

chrisgethard6 karma

I'm so sorry, Connor.

adevilinmydna2 karma

How do you decide on musical guests for TCGS? You have a ton of sick punk bands and it makes me happy to see someone give bands like The Front Bottoms a larger or different kind of audience. Also, when you're out in LA filming @midnight in a few weeks, stop by The Meltdown with Jonah & Kumail. Best standup show in LA and I'm dying to see you there!

chrisgethard3 karma

I'd really love to do Meltdown! I hope I have time! Maybe I'll email those dudes and see if they'll have me. Thanks for the reminder!

Our music bookers are legit people that go to real shows at DIY venues and don't waste time dealing with publicists and booker types - they are on the ground and know who's in the trenches. They rule so hard.

SkiCaradhras1 karma

I read somewhere that Zach Galifianakis, Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay are producing the show! I'm curious what some of the differences between the public access and cable versions will be in terms of production and writing. Are Drew and Duke still head writers? Are they all in the same room shouting out ideas with Zach and Will Ferrell now?

chrisgethard3 karma

Yes that is true!

The big difference is the show is half an hour with commercials now. So we have to reshape our brains and how we've been used to doing things for four years.

Dru and Duke are still leading the brainstorming charge! They're joined from time to time by other geniuses such as Jo Firestone and Gary Richardson. We're lucky to have them.

Reingding131 karma

Would you be willing to do a show at DCM one year with performers who are all clean/sober recovering addicts and alcoholics?

chrisgethard2 karma

Theoretically yes, but if it means I have to stay up until 5:15 AM, no fucking way.

HarrisonFordFocus1 karma

Hey Chris! I fear that this is the worst forum for me to say this because it'll seem empathetic and attention-grabbing, but the show really helped me soothe some of the worst anxiety and depression I've ever had this past semester in college. I'm really looking forward to seeing TCGS continue to evolve and just get better and better, if only because I'm pretty sure it'll be there to help me through tough times. (And because it's rad as hell, of course.)

Okay, so if you could have any three guests on your show, alive or dead, that don't include Andy Kaufman, who would you have and what would you have them do?

chrisgethard2 karma

I am so happy the show made you happy during dark times. That's nice to hear.

Roddy Piper - would have him fight Murf Morrissey - would talk to him and hyperventilate and cry Ric Flair - would have him fight Murf

altf4exits1 karma

Hey Chris, was at the taping on Monday and I'll be jamming out tonight at Rough Trade.

I have no idea how television show tapings work so this might be a silly question, but taping on a Monday night and airing on a Wednesday night seems like an incredibly short amount of time to edit the show into the 20ish minutes that it will eventually become. Has this been a challenge for you and the rest of the crew?

Also, how exhausting has the press tour been for you? It seems like multiple times a day I'm seeing a new interview, podcast, blog involving you.

-The man dressed as a unicorn

chrisgethard2 karma

Tuesday to Thursday, first of all!

Our schedule is insane and almost impossible. Show airs at 10 PM and it's 2:30 and we haven't sent it to the network yet.

It is a bad idea to structure our schedule this way. But bad ideas are what I do!

The press tour has been very exhausting but really uplifting. A lot of these writers have seen the show and are doing their best to help us fight the good fight. Makes me feel very blessed.

alicelikesme1 karma

Any chance of an LA show this year? I promise to supply all the soda.

chrisgethard1 karma

Not sure! Maybe later in the year I'll make my way out there. We can go to GALCOS, aka my favorite place on earth.

DonaghCorby1 karma

When are you coming to Dublin man? Dublin wants Gethard.

chrisgethard2 karma

I REALLY want to get over to that part of the world pronto! My grandfather is also from Armagh and I know where his former village is so I want to go and check it out and connect with my history.

People tell me the Irish love storyteller comedians. I want to go test my mettle there.