Thanks everybody! This was slightly less terrifying than I expected! Check out The Rumperbutts at the Los Feliz 3 in LA or on demand on the internets! Yay!

Josh has guest starred on House of Lies, Workaholics, and The Middle and has recurring roles on The Big Bang Theory and Maron. He was a series regular on the TBS comedy Glory Daze and is Big Head on the HBO series Silicon Valley. Josh was seen in the Fox film The Internship where he starred alongside Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn, and he is the voice of Steel in the upcoming feature Max Steel with Andy Garcia and Maria Bello. He plays the mysterious Richie in The Rumperbutts which opens TODAY!

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Squeenis23 karma

When you guys are shooting Silicon Valley, how badly does TJ Miller miss seeing his penis? For season 3, I can send him a couple pics of mine if he wants. Just one dude helping out another. Not a gay thing. Pass that on please, will ya?

JoshBrener18 karma

Great question. And a really generous offer. I'd definitely encourage you to send him lots of d-pics.

mindfucks21 karma

How involved is Mike Judge with Silicon Valley? I know he's the creator, but is he there much on a day-to-day while filming?

JoshBrener43 karma

Hey guys! Thanks for having me. I'm excited and also a little scared.

Mike is totally hands on with SV. He directs half of the episodes (Alec Berg directs the other half) and is involved with writing every episode. It's awesome... he'll give a note on set, and it sounds like Butthead is telling you what to do.

courtiebabe42013 karma

Hey Josh - what's been your favorite role to play so far? And what was it like to work with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson on the Internship? Any fun stories you can share from behind the scenes?

JoshBrener9 karma

Well, I gotta say the role in Rumberbutts (Richie) was a super fun one! I got to play a somewhat magical, somewhat perverted music nerd... and I got to play the drums with Mates of State, one of my favorite bands!

ismellliketuna11 karma

How different is Zach Woods from his Jared character and do all the guys do Beavis and ButtHead and King of the Hill impressions on set with Mike Judge ?

JoshBrener26 karma

Constant Beavis/KotH impressions. Constant. You'd think after 2 years, we'd be tired of it. We're not. Amanda Crew's Hank Hill is incredible.

Zach Woods is the smartest, funniest person alive. So, yeah, he and Jared are pretty much the same guy.

Bhippy10 karma

Are you ventriloquist? Because I can never tell if your mouth is open or not when you speak. Only question I have, other than that keep up the good work!

JoshBrener19 karma

Mike Judge records all the dialogue on the show, I'm just the worst at moving my mouth to make it look like I'm actually talking.

lula248810 karma

Who is your favorite bad-ass female character?

JoshBrener18 karma

Hermione Granger. She's a bad-ass, right?

cahaseler10 karma

What's The Rumperbutts about? Why should I go watch it?

JoshBrener12 karma

Jason and Kori (of Mates of State) play a husband-wife band (like in real life) who are going through a rough patch (not like in real life). They've sold out and started doing shows for kids in crazy furry costumes and given up on their dream of being musicians. Until a big weirdo (Josh Brener) comes to try to get them back on track.

Go watch it because it's fun and goofy and sweet and salty and the director will send you presents if you go see it.

Deezmeganutz10 karma

What's it like working with such a great cast of actors on Silicon Valley? BTW I love the show.

JoshBrener17 karma

Envy-inducing. They are all funny and talented and it makes me furious.

Thanks for watching/loving the show! You're nice!

Ellisj989 karma

Hi! What was your favourite moment whilst filming Silicon Valley?

JoshBrener23 karma

On an episode that hasn't aired yet, Thomas Middleditch and I are shooting a scene on the water. Out of nowhere, a giant sea lion jumped up out of the water and caught a fish. Some birds flew down and started trying to steal the fish from the sea lion. It was like a crazy safari nature video during Thomas's close-up. (Safaris happen in the ocean, right??)

Frajer8 karma

will Gavin ever realize that Big Head is an idiot?

JoshBrener30 karma

Oh man, I hope not.

I wonder if he'll ever realize that Bag Head is Big Head.

hannashap8 karma

Hey Josh!!

What's it like working with Maron on Maron? I think that show is pretty great.

JoshBrener16 karma

Don't let the gruff exterior fool you, Marc Maron is the sweetest man alive. And also a friggin genius. Like, he knows everything about everything. He's honestly super great. It makes me mad.

orangejulius7 karma

Do you work with mike judge much and if so what's he like to hang out with?

JoshBrener15 karma

All the time. He's on set pretty much every day, even for the episodes he doesn't direct. Hanging out with him is like standing in a backyard drinking beer at an accelerated rate.

skipperandmidge6 karma

Do you have any causes or charities you support and why?

JoshBrener12 karma

Great question! Yes! There's an after-school program in Hollywood called 9 Dots that gives underserved students in the area exposure to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. Kids learn to code and and build robots and do all sorts of cool stuff.

I also love A Purposeful Rescue and the Wildlife Waystation... because when people are dicks to animals, they try to make it better.

mindfucks5 karma

Did you guys spend any time in Silicon Valley for role research?

JoshBrener14 karma

We've been up there quite a bit, spent some time at Google and places like that. I recently got to go to SpaceX which was pretty much the awesomest thing that's ever happened to me. (I'm real real cool, guys.)

mindfucks5 karma

Yeah, I'm waiting for the Elon Musk character to show up on SV. He'll probably try to convince to team to angel invest in a rocket to pluto or something..

JoshBrener8 karma

I would totally invest in that rocket.

Thunderous-Swami4 karma

Hey man, great to see you on Reddit.

What's something we should all look forward to in "The Rumperbutts"?

JoshBrener6 karma

Incredible music!!! Mates of State are (is?) amazing! If you don't know their music, check them out... by watching Rumperbutts. Over and over and over and over again.

Burns2000Burns20004 karma

I see that THE RUMPERBUTTS is playing at the Los Feliz 3 in Los Angeles... If I am not in LA, where else can I see it? Thanks! And love SV and Maron!

JoshBrener5 karma

Find it on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo, Playstation, XBox, etc. etc. etc. It matters not HOW you find it, just THAT you find it! Find it! FIND IT!

JoshBrener7 karma

P.S. Find it.

hellojohnhellojohn3 karma

Josh! Big fan! If you were single and could date Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Cho Chang or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One Cho Chang, which Cho Chang would you date?

JoshBrener8 karma

Trick Question. Order of the Phoenix Cho Chang.

Squeenis3 karma

What's the funniest Dave Anthony moment you've ever witnessed? That guy is something else, huh?

JoshBrener7 karma

All of them. He's impossibly hilarious.

I do remember watching a gag reel with him after season 2 of Maron. Neither of us were in it, and he went on a tirade saying that it's proof of our professionalism and preparedness as actors. He had to be escorted out.

ADIDASects3 karma

Can we get you a catch phrase on Silicon Valley? Even if its something meek like a soft "boo-yah."

JoshBrener16 karma

Are we having FUN YET???

ImRichieDagger3 karma

Hi Josh! It seems like your story line on Silicon Valley is ramping up to something big. Are we going to be seeing more of you on the show?

JoshBrener12 karma

That'd be awesome... but I'm pretty sure that monkey is gonna steal all my screen time. Man, that monkey's good.

greynol53 karma

How did you get started in television? Is comedy your favorite genre to act in?

JoshBrener7 karma

Luck? I got cast in a short-lived show on TBS called Glory Daze. I was single-handedly responsible for its demise.

I'm told I have a face for comedy. And radio. And bank robberies.

GarcondePisse3 karma

Hi Josh. I thoroughly enjoy watching you on Silicon Valley and Maron. Seeing as how you're a Jewish man from Houston, how would you rate Kenny & Ziggy's versus LA's delicatessen's?

JoshBrener5 karma

Oh man I love Kenny & Ziggy's so much. This AMA is over, I need to go to Kenny & Ziggy's.

traunks3 karma

What path do I take it if I want to become a comedy writer? I feel like I could do it if I got on the right track but I don't know what track to get on. I know no one in comedy or showbiz.

JoshBrener7 karma

I have no idea, but if you find out, please tell me. I have a bunch of pretty crappy unfinished pilot scripts saved on my laptop. Anyone interested? Anyone??

Squeenis3 karma

Have you had the pleasure of hearing your co-stars Marc Maron and Kumail Nanjiani beef with each other on the Doug Loves Movies podcast? If they ever came to blows with one another, do you think they'd both swallow?

On a scale of 1-10 how strongly do you agree with the following statement: Josh Brener looks like the guy who looks like the male version of Lorde.?

Keep making awesome shit.

JoshBrener9 karma

I look exactly like Randy Marsh from South Park.

lulaalt3 karma

What food do you think you could eat every day for a year?

JoshBrener8 karma

Pizza from New Haven, CT.

jkblend2 karma

Josh, who is your favorite first cousin,and why?

JoshBrener2 karma

Really tough one. Hmm. Definitely someone on my dad's side.

JesusWasAUnicorn2 karma

I notice you have an ukulele. You good?

JoshBrener2 karma

Nope. Nope I'm not.

jvrodrig2 karma

Hi Josh! Two questions: (1) what's your "process" like?; (2) do you know the nifkin man?!?!?!?!?

JoshBrener5 karma

Hi jvrodrig, here's hoping you make it to Varsity rodrig at some point soon.

(1) Vocal warmups are very important to me. (2) Yes.

smross8182 karma

Never watched the show, but ill give it a shot. On a related note, what's your favorite tv show that you are not in?

JoshBrener5 karma

Thrones. I'm all about that Thrones.

skipperandmidge2 karma

Do you have a favorite kind of animal?

JoshBrener8 karma

Yes. And they should all be rescued from kill shelters.

Squeenis2 karma

Who do you got in this marry, fuck, kill?

Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen, Emilio Estevez.

JoshBrener9 karma

You marry President Bartlett, you have a threesome with Wild Thing and Gordon Bombay, and then you kill yourself because the rest of your life will never be as good as that threesome.


This movie looks really good, it kind've reminds me of that movie "Frank." My questions to you are 'how did you get into the entertainment industry? Who are some of your inspirations? And what was the Funnest part about filming this movie?'

JoshBrener4 karma

Great questions. Great username.

I don't know "Frank"... is it about Frank Costanza by any chance? I love Frank Costanza.

See above (or below... I can't figure this out) about my first TV job. After that, people were just stupid enough to keep hiring me. But they'll figure it out eventually.

Seinfeld and Simpsons were probably by biggest inspirations growing up. Nowadays, Seinfeld and Woody Allen. I also really like Seinfeld and Marc Brener's work.

Best part about filming was probably the pizza. We were in New Haven, CT and omg.

RandomGuyWithQues2 karma

Who would you say had the best lightbulb-related bits on the set of The Internship?

JoshBrener3 karma

Brian Schacter.

RandomGuyWithQues1 karma

dude sucks

JoshBrener3 karma

Nah, come on, he's alright.