MURS here, independent rapper, signed to Strange Music. My new album 'Have A Nice Life' is out now!

On tour right now, let me see your faces -

Catch me on SKEETV tonight!!!! On Fuse!


UPDATE: Okay, everyone, I had a lot of fun talking to you, but I have to run to make this Meet & Greet for our show today. I appreciate your time and let's do this again soon! Oh and Have A Nice Life!

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Master_Blender35 karma

Hey murs, has coming to strange music changed you? And which rappers do you listen to?

TherealMURS31639 karma

I listen to E-40 Heavy D Fashawn Tyler the Creator Manolo Rose I love all types of rap Waka Flocka etc… Signing to Strange has broadened my horizons and given me limitless opportunities

Smile_U_On_Killa_Cam7 karma

It makes me so happy seeing you shout out E-40 and Waka! Hopefully this will inspire people skeptical of their work to give them a fair shake.

TherealMURS3167 karma

there's always hope ha!

TherealMURS31628 karma

Who has questions?

BalancetheRange15 karma

Another living legends album? Underbosses album?

TherealMURS31611 karma

no plans for those at the moment

Strangestmofo11 karma

Did you record anything with Mikey (Eyedea)? Also, could you annotate some lyrics on Rapgenius? I've transcribed half the album, your feedback could interest the community! This album's gold! STRANGE!

TherealMURS31621 karma

Eydea was the first RSE artist I recorded with and he erased the song by accident smh lol. Will get to RG soon to annotate. THANKS!

stillworkin17 karma

First, thanks! I've been a fan since 2004 upon hearing 3:16 and have seen you live in LA, Boston, etc.

  • Which songs of yours are you most proud of (feel free to list the reason, from technical writing skills, to emotional connection, to storytelling, etc)?
  • In some ways, your sounds/style seems to continue to evolve over the years (i.e., MayDay!); your new album reminds me a lot of the 3:16 days (I love all your music though). As an artist, it's hard for me to not compare my current work to my old stuff, from style, quality, etc, as I fear I'm not making enough progress. Do you ever have thoughts like this too?
  • I love 'The Worst' -- is it based on a true story? Also, thanks so much for "I Miss Mikey" He's the reason I discovered you. Saw him on HBO Blaze Battle in 2000, saw his rhymesayers shirt, which I looked up online and eventually discovered all of my favorite musicians, you included.

TherealMURS31613 karma

  • First Love I love it. Great hook beat and story

  • Yes I compare all of my work. I collab with so many different people because I'm trying to learn as much as I can and hone my craft. MUST GET BETTER

*The Worst is fictional and basically a cautionary tale to myself. I LOVE Mikey too and thanks for taking time to research our scene. Loved that battle

mask56715 karma

Any more Mursday albums planned?

TherealMURS31619 karma

Not at the moment. but who knows?! gotta give the ppl what they want

notoriousindigo13 karma

What do you feel are some key points that make up a dope MC, that perhaps aren't mentioned enough?

TherealMURS31655 karma

Being well read. I wish being educated was more valued. And not traditionally so to speak. I just wish rappers read more and traveled more. Being a fan of the "arts" would help the culture tremendously

taggert42013 karma

You still keep in touch with 9th Wonder? I am sad we won't get another Murs & 9th Wonder Album, but the final adventure was awesome!

TherealMURS31614 karma

yes I still talk to 9th from time to time and I love him dearly. Glad you enjoy or music

mask56713 karma

What did Roxy Reynolds taste like?

TherealMURS31633 karma

Like clean pussy

dav1dwh1te13 karma

Is Paid Dues going to return?

TherealMURS3168 karma

I don't believe so.

bruindexter12 karma

After the first Felt did you meet Christina?

TherealMURS3167 karma

NOOOOO! I sooooo want to!!!

fruitbowl710 karma

What was your favourite thing about making your MURSDAY album?

TherealMURS31617 karma

Having fun with the homies. Getting to fall in love with the "real" Miami.

WorldRunsOnLove10 karma

Any plans for another slug and murs album?

TherealMURS31619 karma

Not at the moment. Focusing on my solo career at this point.

pxystx_anon9 karma

Why did your mother name you MURS?

TherealMURS31625 karma

because she's dope AF!!!

GaryTheJerk9 karma

Whatuptho! Been a fan since the the mid '90s... Couple questions about freestyling:

Who are some of the best and some of the more notable rappers you've battled? Any battles that we may not know about (i.e. battles that were not on stage or radio, not recorded, etc.)

What are your thoughts on the current state of battle rapping? I'm mainly interested in your thoughts on the pre-written, prepared freestyles.


Bonus: Pic I took of you and some of the LL crew slangin' tapes outside Maritime Hall in 1998:

TherealMURS3165 karma

I've battled Slug and 2Mex. And I love where battle rap is going. It's extremely entertaining

HonestWill9 karma

One of my favorite features of yours was Pulp Fiction with People Under The Stairs. What was the inspiration behind this? Was there an actual stoner adventure that took place?

TherealMURS31612 karma

Pulp Fiction was one of two songs I recorded at Thes' house in one day when I hadn't slept between tours. just kicking it. All fiction.

tittycloud9 karma

I have a Blu Roc magazine/newsletter with you on the cover. When are you gonna be in the Northeast so you can sign it?

Fuck it I have an extra ticket to the Made In America festival, it's yours if you want it.

Also you should stop by /r/hiphopheads and say what's up.

TherealMURS3165 karma

I'm in the NorthEast now check for the Special Effects tour dates. Thanks for the offer.

mjst03248 karma

What was the inspiration for Animal Style? One of my favorite tracks of the past ten years, so powerful. Thank you so much for making that.

TherealMURS31612 karma

My inspiration was someone close to me being shamed because of their sexual orientation. And I wanted to let them know I supported them. Without putting them on the spot. It all worked out. YAY!

James007Bond8 karma

Who is currently your favourite musician?

Who would you recommend keeping an eye out for?

TherealMURS31617 karma

I LOVE Lenny Kravitz, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jack White. Alabama Shakes. Look out for Reverie from LA

cesarg697 karma

What up murs?! When do you plan on touring for have a nice life?

TherealMURS31614 karma

September 30th will kick of my headlining tour.

gaypat7 karma

Ok, do you remember eating French fries with me outside LA Underground in Albuquerque when you did the signing during the tech nine tour that was at sunshine theater?

TherealMURS3165 karma

A little bit. I remember that day. I'll need a moment or to see a face to fully recall recollect

Kanye-Blows7 karma

Big fan here.. What was it like working with slug? FELT was one of my favorite trio's ever. Come swing by HipHopHeads!

TherealMURS31614 karma

Working with Slug is like an excuse to hang with my big bro and bff. He's taught me so much about rapping and life

beenfloatin6 karma

Hey MURS! Big fan and stoked you are doing this. I have a few questions for you.

  1. What is the word on Felt 4?
  2. Who will be producing Felt 4? And why is it El-P?
  3. What is your favorite homemade meal?

Thanks! I'll check out the new record today.

TherealMURS3168 karma

Turkey meatloaf mashed potatoes and sucotash (lima beans and corn)

TheXtremeDino6 karma

What are your experiences with psychodellics?

TherealMURS31626 karma

only did shrooms once but had a great time. It involved Eligh breakdancing

bowlphish6 karma

Murs, you have been one of my favorite rappers since I heard you on Steve Berra's a day in the life in 411VM.

One of my favorite songs is Walk Like a Man. Was this based on events that happened to you?

TherealMURS3169 karma

yes Walk Like A Man was based on real events. combined and changed a bit to protect those involved

MagicSmokingDragon5 karma

Thoughts on Kevin Owens and the NXT brand overall?

TherealMURS3165 karma

Love what they're doing with NXT. Had a chance to watch Steen aka KO in PWG a couple times. love him! and what it says about independent "artists" self starters and the underground in general WE'RE ON THE RISE! Real talent and hard work pays off. Even if you don't fit the mainstream stereotypes. People just want good product

FingerMagnet5 karma

How was recording 8 bit baby with Skream?

TherealMURS31611 karma

It was fun. Never met him though. He still "owes" me a beat. Along with Dangermouse lol

Bookwormwood4 karma

Hey MURS! Thanks for doin this! Bought "End of the Beginning" at amoeba on a whim back in the day because of the cover and immediately jumped down the def jux/living legends rabbit hole soon after. Been hooked ever since and it opened me up to a lot of other amazing artists so thanks for that!

Someone once told me that you are/were a self proclaimed Juggalo, is this true?

TherealMURS3167 karma

Yes I am a big ICP fan and self proclaimed Juggalo. Thanks for taking that chance

IAmDaleGribble4 karma

Murs!! Thanks for doing this AMA, love your music. I can't get enough of your new song "I Miss Mikey". What's your best memory of Eyedea/Michael Larsen?

TherealMURS3169 karma

So many. One is him trying to tell EVERYONE ( Busta, Joe Buddens,etc…) on the Rock the Bells tour about Kimya Dawson. Also the last time I saw him and I gave him a record I got signed by Kimya for him and he gave me his book of poems he did with his grandmother. Who I met that same day

genericd114 karma

What has it been like since joining Strange Music and working with Tech?

Your new album is bangin BTW, congrats!

TherealMURS3167 karma

It's an honor and a privilege to be on Strange and to learn from Tech. I just listen and observe every day with him on tour. I am constantly inspired.

TheXtremeDino4 karma

What was working with Aesop Rock like? Is there more on the way?

TherealMURS3166 karma

Love working with Ace. And time will tell. Definitely would love to work with him more.

wombats884 karma

Hey Murs, love your stuff. Is walk like a man based on a true story?

TherealMURS3163 karma


kakaito4 karma

How come you aren't with Rhymesayers? Teaming up with strange is cool and all but I always thought you'd end up with Rhymesayers cause of the relationship with slug and all. Take care!

TherealMURS3163 karma

Idk just didn't happen that way. Love those guys though. PEACE!

jsaumer3 karma

MURS - I just recently got into your music, and my indy hip-hop collection is growing very quick. I LOVE IT! How do you see the future of indy hip-hop vs the big record labels?

TherealMURS3169 karma

I think "indie" is the future. Majors will always play a part. They may buy us all out eventually and adapt our model. j/k lol but not really

Ryanboulding3 karma

Hey Murs, Are you going to be on the new ¡MAYDAY! album? I love all the stuff you did with them. It's such a great combination. Congrats on your new album by the way!

TherealMURS3168 karma

YES I believe I have a song on the new MAYDAY album. It was originally for my album. It's awesome!

DoughDTCHollywood3 karma

In the song "Surprises" off Have a nice a Life what rapper did u put on paid dues that doesnt answer phone calls nowadays?

TherealMURS3163 karma

can't be that "asshole" but more than a couple

DaveDeeone4 karma


TherealMURS3163 karma


Ryansito3 karma

Hey Murs just want to start off saying I love your music and new album and how you stand out so well even on Strange; it's always nice for a refreshment of style in hip hop when most sounds pretty similar.

I'm always curious about the little idiosyncratic things that celebrities do that make them more relatable or human to me. Do you have any weird rituals or traditions that you do while in the both or when writing?

Oh and thank you for the compliment in Berkeley last year at a Mursday signing. I walked up and you said I needa to stop working out because I looked fine as i was. It was actually really fucking cool that someone who I've been listening to for a while to just dish out a compliment and be so genuine. And I just wanted to say that your smile is absolutely adorable and full of life which is almost a reflection of your music.

Have a great day Murs!

TherealMURS3164 karma

I like to walk read and watch movies when I'm writing. For example I watched A LOT of Adventure Time while writing and recording "The Final Adventure" Tarantino films are always inspiring to me. His dialog is unparalleled. I love smiling. Thanks! Hope you are happy and fit.

turkotheturko3 karma

Hey Murs cool to see you do a AMA. What album made the most impact on you and why?

TherealMURS3164 karma

I wish My Brother George was here by Del. Because he told stories about the average man. Strictly For My NIGGAZ by 2pac because I felt like he knew and understood my anger and everything I was feeling at the time

Maciek3003 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?

TherealMURS31612 karma

Duck sized horses. birds freak me out

bro-away-3 karma

Do you and that jawn still got a thing going on?

TherealMURS3164 karma

Not that Jawn but a new one lol

Johnnyb26303 karma

Hey murs love the new album keep it up. My question is which song was the hardest to write or preform emotionally?

TherealMURS3167 karma

Walk Like a Man was hard to write I cried and so was First Love. Both are "special" songs to do live

es843 karma

What's your favorite E-40 record and are you going to be doing any more collabs with 40 Water?

TherealMURS3164 karma

Element of Surprise album and $999,999+1 is my fav song. I want to rap with 40 everyday of my life fool!!! lol

DontForgetThisTime3 karma

Murs for president! Honestly though, you and People Under The Stairs are my favorite rappers and absolute best love acts I've experienced. Have you ever talked about doing anymore tracks with Thes One and Double K? Pulp fiction was killer. Or another 3MG album with Eligh and Scarub 😍

TherealMURS3163 karma

No plans on it at this time. but who knows. look for Scarub on the new Ghostface though!!! And 1Up on the new PUTS is AMAZEBALLZ!

mitchgoth3 karma

So I know that Mikey in 'I Miss Mikey' is Eyedea, but you reference three other names in the chorus of the song (I'd list the names off, but I don't want to spell them wrong), who were they?

TherealMURS3165 karma

Camu Tao dope musician from Ohio Walker Martin my mentor friend and a father figure Pooh my lil bro's best friend who passed during the recording of the album I believe it was the day we were recording "I Miss Mikey" I changed the chorus to put his name in. Thus why it doesn't rhyme

Amusabel3 karma

Who would you say was your favorite artist/producer to colaborate with?

TherealMURS3166 karma

Terrace Martin. We have so much fun together. But I do love all of "my" producers

qwerty-snowman3 karma

Murs! I saw you and Fashawn in Tallahassee last year and the show was great. Your chemistry with him on songs and on stage was awesome. Any plans to record another album with F?

TherealMURS3166 karma

No plans on that yet. But thanks! I think we do have an awesome chemistry. And I LOVE performing with him. s/o to Prof that was a fun tour. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did

Zakattack343 karma

How come Tech wasn't on your new album with you??

TherealMURS3165 karma

didn't have the right song

friendzone_empire3 karma

Who are the top 5 MCs you would like to work with?

TherealMURS3166 karma

Cube Q tip LL Juvie E 40

ItsDestinyBro3 karma

Have you listened to Camp Lo's new album? If so what do you think.

TherealMURS3163 karma

it's on my to do list along with Mic Mictlan and the new Kid Rock

mileycyrusqt3 karma

Hey murs, big fan of you and everyone from strange. I live in norway, and we rarely get any good rapper touring around here. I went to a tech and krizz concert in oslo a few years back, and i loved it (ended up getting a strange music tattoo after that). My question is: Will you guys do a tour in europe? I'm sure lots of people would love that :) thanks for doing this ama, and sorry for my poor english

TherealMURS3162 karma

Definitely working on a tour. I was just in EU. Hope to be back December or top of next year. Oslo work for you? Or Trondheim?

kidhumbeats3 karma

Is Shep the Hip Hop Mom your favorite Hip Hop Mom? Whats your favorite food she makes?

TherealMURS3163 karma

yes. and her quiche if i could still eat it

Llama_Oh_Llama3 karma

Hey Murs. Big fan, thanks for doing this AMA.

Do you miss having that hairdo?

TherealMURS3163 karma

not at all it served it's purpose and had it's time

KSMKxRAGEx3 karma

Any artists you want to feature with? Maybe something a little different than the style you do? Maybe someone from A$AP MOB? K-Dot or Brotha Lynch Hung. Still fairly new to your music but it's great.

Went to the special effects tour in Portland, OR. Let me just say you absolutely killed it along with Tech, Krizz "kaliiiiii baby!" Kaliko and out of the concerts I've gone to that this was my favorite. The amounts of energy was so incredible and I hope to see you guys come back. Really enjoyed your album, keep up the amazing work. #MursForPresident

TherealMURS3163 karma

Thanks! Portland was def a highlight of this run of shows. Would love to work with every one you mention. Kendrick and I have a couple of songs out there. "She needs me" remix with Dom Kennedy. and one he and I did with Warren G for 9th Wonder's album. Would love to work with A$AP anybody esp. Rocky maybe on a film and some music. His performance in the upcoming movie "Dope" is super dope!

CheesemanJB3 karma

Hey Murs. I am curious if you have one obstacle that you would have considered the "biggest" on your path to success, what would it be and how did you overcome it?

Thanks for your time

TherealMURS3167 karma

Hard to say because I've viewed every obstacle as a blessing. Lack of mainstream access radio and tv was hinderance early on but it made me concentrate and refine my live performance and that has continued to pay off in HUGE ways. I feel live performance is the essence of music

fruitbowl72 karma

Hi man!

Love your music!

Just wanted to know, what was the main inspiration behind 'Have a nice life', the songs and the cover?


TherealMURS3165 karma

Life in general was my inspiration. My family and friends as well. The cake was Bernz' idea. And the tux just "came to me". And the scenery was just myself and my good friend and legendary photographer Estevan Oriol. shooting the shit whilst shooting the shit

TherealMURS3163 karma

*shooting photos whilst shooting the shit

The_Moon_Is_On_Fire2 karma

What is your favorite Young Thug track?

I'm thinking you might be a Friend of Scotty type of person but then again Picacho is lowkey classic

TherealMURS3164 karma

Haven't really delved into Young Thug been thinking about buying the Barter though. Friend of Scotty, um I will research this immediately following the AMA

1-2_32 karma

When are you going to drop the hotest tape of all time?

TherealMURS3167 karma

I try to do so every year LOL

kettlesatk2 karma

Great show once again in philly last night! What flavor was the cake on the album cover?

TherealMURS3164 karma

yellow or white cake. sugar flavor lol

aaron78012 karma

Murs out of the following who would u rather work with: Tyler the creator, Mac miller, logic or earl sweatshirt?

TherealMURS3164 karma

All of them but Tyler if I HAD to choose. But Mac is always so cool to me when i see him. And I really dug his last album

DirtyElite2 karma

Murs, did you ever break bread with Rick Ross in Miami? Did he ever break you off some bread for using your beat?

TherealMURS3163 karma

No i don't own the beat. But would love to 'Break bread' with him. I love that he's getting healthy

Caesar_Hazard2 karma

What's your favorite album to drop in 2015 so far? What albums are you looking forward to?

TherealMURS3164 karma

Cherry Bomb. Alabama Shakes. Looking forward to Jay Rock

MujKvasir2 karma

What's your favourite song/album?

TherealMURS3165 karma

currently "Know Yourself" by Drake and "X" by Ed Sheeran it's all my wife has been playing in the car. But I love the new Deltron record

thamesironworks12 karma

Sup man, big fan, Just wanna ask, would there ever be a chance of you and Chino XL on a song together? You two would kill it

TherealMURS3163 karma

I am not opposed to it. He's a talented dude

RatedRforRichard2 karma

I want to rent a wombat. ..Where can I rent one? PS I Miss Mikey Too :(

TherealMURS3163 karma


jonnierios2 karma


Have gay/lesbian people reached out after Animal Style? what were their reactions?

TherealMURS3164 karma

Some gay/lesbian fans have reached out and told me how much the appreciate the song yes

OhMyLanta702 karma

Pumped to see you tonight! How many songs are you doing tonight in Buffalo, NY?

TherealMURS3163 karma

30 mins worth I lose count. see you soon!

onegallant2 karma

Hey Murs, love the new album. I'm a huge fan of Living Legends, Felt and your solo stuff. My "Murs is Better Than Your Favorite Rapper" has proven to be quite the conversation piece over the years.

Just a question that came to mind when listening to the new album, on "God's Gone Crazy" you say that "Without our belief than God don't exist" but on the new album you mention God throughout "Have a Nice Life". Have your attitudes towards religion shifted over the last few years or am I reading too far into the lyrics and seeing contradictions that aren't there?

TherealMURS3164 karma

No I've always believed in God. That line meant that faith is the key element when it comes to religion.

afcpepper2 karma

Hey murs! Where do you absolutely love to perform? Where would you never want to perform at again?!

TherealMURS3164 karma

I try not to make lists like that anymore. I wind up jinxing myself.

cesarg691 karma

Hey murs one more, Do you still plan on more "love and rockets" albums? I know it was supposed to be like a series, right? I'm still trying to find a copy of love and Rockets again since I got jacked for mine haha..

TherealMURS3161 karma

Love and Rockets series has been shelved for now as far as the title goes. But his is exactly where I wanted to go with part two. So you can say this is L&R 2 just with a different title

Dis4461 karma

Did you ever think that Have a Nice Life should of been longer? 14 songs is on the low side of album releases. Did you consider delaying it and adding more tracks?

TherealMURS3161 karma

I had about 45 tracks to choose from. 14 is a long album for me I usually do ten. These 14 felt like the right amount. I've been blessed too put out music with such frequency I try no to overload

ein_alptraum1 karma

I saw you in Ann Arbor a few years ago with Nocando. Any chance of you two coming through again?

TherealMURS3162 karma

I will be back this fall. Love that city. Can't speak for Nocan but I hope he comes through there soon!

Greederino1 karma

What inspired you to join Strange Music? Or was it Tech that contacted you personally?

What's the story behind getting Asa Akira to make an appearance on Okey Dog?

TherealMURS3166 karma

I felt they were the perfect fit as far as work ethic and creativity. I reached out to them this time they had reached out previously but the timing wasn't perfect. Asa is a long time friend I love her like a sister. The director randomly thought I should have asian grandkids and meet my asian wife at the end of the video. So when he was looking for an actress I suggested my "sister" of course

NessaLoves1 karma

First i Want to congratulate you on your new album! Amazing job!! And we'll my question for you is where in LA where the best places you like to hang out and have a drink with friend and some grub?

TherealMURS3161 karma

I love Roscoe's. Lucy's. My 2Cents. CJ's Cafe. Real Food Daily. Pizzanista.