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with no sense of smell, doesn't that also mean no sense of taste?

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Ive been locked up a couple times, traffic warrants etc. In my experience, COs treat people like animals, laughing at disabled people, being extremely condescending, and personal. You feel that youre better than, or above the people you lock up?

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what do you do to keep yourself grounded, being that some people with intergalactic talent, influence, resources, hoes, hobos, etc. sometimes believe their own hype, and snuff it? (big up btw...no homophobe)

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Do you have any qualms with not wasting everyone's time with the glorified flapjack monkey routine, and get me some hot buttered griddle cakes, yay high, and syrup yay deep? Those are for eatin' Doc!

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What other animated shows do you like?