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Are you saying that people with history of mental illness are excluded from attending these ceremonies?

PTSD has been a recognized mental illness since 1980. So it seems like a lot of Heroic Hearts Project participants would run into problems during screening?

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maybe if u are an ATHIEST

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Oh. wow...

The tragic incident occurred at the non-profit Canto Luz Centre for Research and Cultural Preservation, a retreat center outside the city of Puerto Maldonado in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon rainforest. I’m acquainted with two of the retreat’s co-founders, Mariya Garnet (whom I interviewed for this article) and Sara Mason (whom I interviewed for an earlier article on Reset)

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Yeah exactly. Lil B was just a dude with 200 Myspace pages full of Freestyles, what Clams Casino did was like getting on the ground floor as an investor, he either deliberately or accidentally picked a damn good person to send beats to.

I always figured the A$AP production was after the "I'm God" production though, and that Rocky and wanted beats because he was a fan of Lil B songs.

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For sure. It does look like she has some experience with accidents though...