Hi Reddit! This is Kelly and Erin from One World Conservation, and we’ll be helping voice actor, Polly Lou Livingston, do her first AMA here on Reddit. She is the voice of elephant, Tree Trunks, on Adventure Time on Cartoon Network, and she’s super excited to be participating in this with you all. We’ll be her typing fingers for today; Kelly is her elefriend and Erin is our Adventure Time overlord (also her elefriend).

*** Proof: http://i.imgur.com/KOhTddV.jpg **

We met back in 2009 when she came out to a protest for the San Antonio Zoo’s lone remaining elephant, Lucky, and have recently reconnected over our love of elephants and martians (we haven’t shown her Reddit’s logo yet, but she’s going to love it)! If you want to learn more about Lucky and how you can help, please check out our GoFundMe at gofundme.com/freeluckyfund. For a limited run, you can receive autographs or personalized letters from Polly Lou, herself, for donating!

For more information on Lucky’s situation, please visit our website. Woohoo elephants!

Otherwise, sit tight, and we’ll be working together to answer as many questions as we can, Tree Trunks related or otherwise! She’ll start answering at 5:30PM EDT on the dot. We’ll update the description when she’s ready to go. Please start sending in your questions!

UPDATE: She just got her tea and is sitting down ready to go! Bring on the questions!

UPDATE 2: Thank you everyone for the awesome questions! Polly was thrilled to answer them. Feel free to PM this account for more, and we might just check back in. Bye!

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ElZilcho3141524 karma

How good is your apple pie...for real?

pollyloulivingston25 karma

Finn and Jake, you know, they take care of me, and that's who I made the apple pie for. For REAL, Finn and Jake said they love me because my apple pie was the best apple pie in the universe.

Woowoe18 karma

How do you feel about TT's innuendo-filled dialogue?

pollyloulivingston36 karma

I don't even know what that means. (After explaining) It's fabulous.

Woowoe11 karma

Yes it is, Polly Lou. Yes it is.

pollyloulivingston22 karma

She gasped and said she hopes this isn't her children.

WobbuffetGB17 karma

Other than TT, who is your favourite character in Adventure Time?

pollyloulivingston38 karma

The pig. That's my husband.

leisurelykidneypunch15 karma

Is the voice of TT your normal speaking voice , and if so do people recognize your voice as Tree Trunks when your in your everyday life like at the grocery store or the bank?

pollyloulivingston30 karma

Yes. Every place. Especially at the mall and my butcher's at the grocery store.

superninjadillo12 karma

How are the other actors off-set? Is it a fun show to work on?

pollyloulivingston31 karma

They're wonderful to work with. I do it from San Antonio, Texas and they're in Hollywood, but we work together through technology. I talk to a machine and it goes to Hollywood and they direct me from Hollywood in a studio in San Antonio through earphones. So I do not know any of the characters personally. I can't hear what everyone else is saying, I only say my part from the script and they put it together with pictures.

Blazingbee9812 karma

Hello! I was wondering if your voice talent was recognized through you being friends with Bettie Ward (Pen's mother), and that's how you got to be the voice of Tree Trunks on the show? Thanks in advance!

pollyloulivingston23 karma

No, but I knew Pen when he was in high school and I met him through his mama. But he was the one who called me 20 years later and remembered my voice.

demedus10 karma

I'm making pasta tonight, but I can't decide on a tomato based pasta sauce or an alfredo. Which would you do?

I'm making penne noodles and throwing in some fresh veggies, if that sways it one way or another.

pollyloulivingston20 karma

Alfredo. There's no question.

Way_Moby9 karma

Other than Mr. Pig and Sweet Pea, which "Adventure Time" character do you think Tree Trunks would like to hang out with?

pollyloulivingston19 karma

I'm not scared when I'm with Finn and Jake because they take care of me, and they're so much fun.

polopolo54329 karma

As someone who has never seen the show, can you explain your character in a few words?

pollyloulivingston25 karma

Tree Trunks is a little green elephant who is in loveee with the pig, and you don't have to watch it to see how we're sooo in love. (Finn says I have hot buns.) And we just had a baby named Sweet Pea, so please watch!

polopolo54326 karma

Elephant and Pig love is the best type.

pollyloulivingston16 karma

(Laughs.) That's funny. Pig love...(laughs more).

MrBingleton8 karma

How do you think tree trunks feels about her son previously being a villain intent on destroying all life?

pollyloulivingston17 karma

(Gasps.) Weird. But I still love Sweet P.

Mistress_Mew8 karma

Does Polly and Tree Trunk share any common traits or interests?

pollyloulivingston22 karma

Tree Trunks and I loooveeee to be in love.

ThatSomeGaming8 karma

Does it shock you that a lot of your audience are young adults?

pollyloulivingston19 karma

No. It is for young adults. Not too young.

ThatSomeGaming7 karma

I didn't realise it was made for that demographic, my 6 year old brother loves it to bits.

pollyloulivingston14 karma

(She wants to know his name, so she can respond with a hello to him.)

ThatSomeGaming8 karma

His name's Angus, he probably won't understand how cool this is though :)

pollyloulivingston24 karma

Hello Angus, this is Tree Trunk. Keep watching me! I'll be thinking of you~! (:

Cameronrbk8 karma

How many takes do you have to do for Tree Trunks? The way she speaks is just so amazing and natural :)

pollyloulivingston18 karma

Well it is natural. There are very few takes.

polopolo54328 karma

Did you have any input into what Tree Trunks looks like?

pollyloulivingston34 karma

No. She was born that way.

Onefortyseven6 karma

What's your favourite pizza? Adventure Time rules!

pollyloulivingston15 karma

I don't like pizza. Sorrrry~! Tree Trunks says peanut pizza, though.

demedus6 karma

How did you get into voice acting? I am trying to break my way in but jobs are few and far between. Should I look into getting an agent or just go it alone?

pollyloulivingston13 karma

I was asked to do it by an old friend that originated the cartoon. Get an agent (or a friend). :)

bitwander5 karma

What adventure would you like to see TT embark on?

pollyloulivingston13 karma

I'm gonna have to think about that. (thinks deeply.) I'd like to go on a vacation to the elephant sanctuary with the pig and have someone babysit with Sweet Pea. We're tired.

MrBingleton5 karma

Are there any exciting episodes featuring your voice coming up? :)

pollyloulivingston14 karma


gigacannon5 karma

Do you wish you had been able to watch Adventure Time when you were a child?

pollyloulivingston13 karma

I was always scared of scary things.

HotBoxLaunchBox5 karma

Without spoiling anything of course, will we see something happen with Sweet P in the near future? Inevitable evil right there

pollyloulivingston12 karma

I can't tell, it's a secret. (whispers to us secretly.) Because I really don't know. (Normal voice) Just keep watching! ;)

ModieJullen5 karma

I waited all day for this and then I fell asleep I hope I'm not too late. Firstly I'd just like to say that you are my #1 favourite character :) treetrunks' cheerful and innocent attitude is just so cute!

So, my question. Which scene or episode that treetrunks is in would you say is your most favourite?

Thanks! ❤️

pollyloulivingston12 karma

When I baked the apple pie for Finn and Jake. And the next favorite is when the pig and I sing love songs to each other in the flower bed. (You like the word bed, don't you?)

Pandepon4 karma

How has being a part of one of the most popular cartoons today changed your life?

pollyloulivingston18 karma

It's absolutely made my life. I'm famous now. I love being famous. A lot.

sovietskaya4 karma

Hello, there! What's something you like to go with your tea?

pollyloulivingston12 karma

Huh... Now wait just a minute... (She wasn't sure how you knew she liked tea, so I had to explain. Ha.) Cake and cookies and peanuts and candy.

polopolo54324 karma

Where do you hope for Lucky to go if she leaves San Antonio?

pollyloulivingston11 karma

I talked to Lucky and she wants to go so bad to The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. She's lonesome and wants to go real bad. ~Tree Trunks (and Polly Lou)

polopolo54324 karma

Can't even begin to imagine what a tough life Lucky has had stuck in that enclosure there.

pollyloulivingston9 karma

That's true and be sure to tell all your friends about it. (You can watch this video to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cS6ScExaMNQ)

Frajer4 karma

if you could voice another character on Adventure Time who would you voice?

pollyloulivingston11 karma

I like me best. ;)

das_hep4 karma

Just curious as to what your set up is when you record yourself. Program? Mic? etc...

pollyloulivingston9 karma

Earphones and microphone in a studio in San Antonio, Texas, directed by people in Hollywood.

DirtyElite4 karma

What other animated shows do you like?

pollyloulivingston9 karma

Mickey Mouse.

GhotiStyx4 karma

Is that Texas accent yours, or TT's? And when you guys record the episodes, are you alone or does the whole crew do it at the same time and play off each other?

pollyloulivingston9 karma

I'm Tree Trunks, so it's both of ours. ;)

Other question already answered here: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/36jjc1/i_am_polly_lou_livingston_voice_actress_of_tree/crej9ks

JoshuMertens3 karma

Hey Tree Trunks i just wanna say ilove Adventure Time and i love you! You and Mr. pig take Care of Sweet P and always stay cute!!

So the question for tree trunks whats the best soup that you could recommend?

And for mspolly, how do you deal with the fame of being the voice for The cutest elephant in history?

pollyloulivingston8 karma

Peanut soup! (From Tree Trunks)

I love it more than aaaaanything in the wholeee world. (From Polly Lou).

PinballWizard_692 karma

Which Tree Trunks episode is your favorite?

pollyloulivingston5 karma

We just had this question answered a few comments up! (:

PinballWizard_693 karma

Ooops, I didn't think that comment would be posted so fast before me. Anyway; if Sweet P had never been dropped off at Tree Trunks and Mr. Pigs' home, would Tree Trunks really go through with the divorce?

pollyloulivingston8 karma

Sorry, that's just too personal. ;)

PinballWizard_693 karma

Also, @TreeTrunks, what was it like being Quartzion the Crystal Queen?

pollyloulivingston4 karma

It was scary fun!

alcashmoney-9 karma

But why Male Models?

pollyloulivingston6 karma

Say what?