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Is that Texas accent yours, or TT's? And when you guys record the episodes, are you alone or does the whole crew do it at the same time and play off each other?

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I'm a practicing clinician who has stopped taking medicaid and medicare patients entirely, because the government is such an untrustworthy business partner. For example, one time I moved my office five miles down the road and Medicare took over thirteen months to process my change of address, and held all of my claims in the meantime, resulting in a nonpayment situation for 20% of my patients for over a year. Another time during a routine Medicaid audit, the auditor said that my records were the best kept she had ever seen, asked me if she could use my packet as an educational tool for others, then charged me over twenty thousand dollars because they had changed the rules that year to require prior approval for a cpt code without telling anyone, and kept paying for that code. They then recouped the money for ALL my patients with that code for the entire year. My question is, with gravitation towards more medicaid and medicare funding of healthcare, what is to stop more clinicians from dropping out of these programs in ever-increasing numbers, leaving thousands of the most vulnerable people without any real options?