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I’m Arthur Darvill, I’ve starred as Rory Williams in Doctor Who, Reverend Paul Coates in Broadchurch and will be starring as Rip Hunter in the upcoming DC Legends of Tomorrow. I’ve also appeared on Broadway as Guy in the musical Once.

I’m Edward Tracy, director, writer and creator of BAFTA award winning Fonejacker and Facejacker. Other work includes directing music videos and collaborating with artists such as Banksy.

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daweis1449 karma

Hi Arthur,

In December 2013, I drunkenly called out to you while you were on your way to the bathroom at St Andrew's pub in NYC. Sorry about that. My friend didn't believe it was actually you and my drunken mind thought it was a good idea to yell at you.

My question is, can I still buy you that drink?

RattyBurvil503 karma

yes you can.

thank you

Martini please

UncleIroh626254 karma

Hi! This is for Arthur! Huge fan of your work on Doctor Who, and super excited for Legends! How does it feel to go from a Time Lord's companion to a time master in your own right, and what's the most exciting prospect of entering the wide world of DC comics?

RattyBurvil259 karma

I'm very excited to be entering that world! I think the shows they've got already are really good and the scale of this one is gonna be huge. I'm not really allowed to talk very much about it but... the little details I do know are really exciting and its definitely a new challenge and a new type of character for me to explore.

UncleIroh62692 karma

Thank you for answering! I can't tell you how much your era of Doctor Who means to me, it took a lot of effort to not write a paragraph of pure "geeking-out" and just get to the question.

Can't wait to see you on the screen again.

RattyBurvil103 karma

thank you

astrath228 karma

Did it ever bug you that Rory had an amazingly frequent habit of 'dying' and getting better? Did you ever say to the writers 'oh no not again'?

RattyBurvil366 karma

often . too too often

skulley202 karma

Is it difficult going out on public with such a bitchin' mustache knowing that it/you could make people pregnant by just being in their presence?

RattyBurvil506 karma

yes. the captcha screening was its first public outing and to be honest - people wouldn't leave me alone.

ive been doing a lot of porn recently so it seemed fitting.

skulley155 karma

If you showed up in a Doctor Who porn parody, just standing in the background or reading a few lines, it would really appeal to multiple fandoms. It would also be hysterical. Uh...I mean, I assume there is a Doctor Who porn parody. I've never seen it or anything...I...uh...read about it...yeah.

RattyBurvil373 karma

it's called Dr Screw.


natalievenom166 karma

Question for Arthur: You'll soon be back on the small screen as Rip Hunter in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Meanwhile, your former Doctor Who wife Karen is part of the Marvel Universe as Nebula. Where do you stand on the DC/Marvel divide? Or would you leap at the chance to be a part of both comic universes?

RattyBurvil239 karma

I think they are both great. i'm so excited to play a superhero - what i like about the DC world is that the heroes are generally underdogs - they are the lesser known - more interesting characters. I love the work Kazza is doing in Guardians - and im very excited about seeing the next movie

natalievenom155 karma

Arthur, Broadchurch has drawn a lot of ex-Doctor Who actors. Yourself, Olivia Colman, and David Tennant to name a few. Do you ever discuss the Who days with your co-stars?

Horrgs73 karma

Colman**, not to be a grammar nazi but don't want people to think you mean jenna coleman

RattyBurvil156 karma

Hey - we were all on Dr who at different times so the reminiscing was limited. we ended up all having such a good time together though. There was lots of other stuff to talk about

natalievenom130 karma

Arthur: Did you get to keep any mementos from Doctor Who? Such as parts of your centurion costume?

RattyBurvil435 karma

i stole some bits off the Tardis. a magnifying glass and a phone.

don't tell anyone

its my pension

MissLizzyBennet114 karma

How are you so awesome all of the time?

Also, thanks for your role in Doctor Who, it's one of my favorite shows and it (especially the seasons you were in) helped me through a super rough time

RattyBurvil209 karma

stop, please.

I'm so glad it helped you. Ive heard that from a lot of people - Dr who helping them through difficult times. As actors, we are such a small cog in the bigger machine - it is easy to forget how much it can mean to some people.

I hope you're having a less rough time. x

natalievenom89 karma

I read that Reverend Paul Coates was a part written with you in mind. How did you feel upon learning this?

RattyBurvil116 karma

Totally honoured. I am a massive fan of Chris's and have always said i would do ANYTHING that he writes. it was very humbling

rnbwpnt75 karma

Arthur --

First, thanks for years of fantastic entertainment!

A DW question: Rory Williams is a role you will never live down. It'll follow you wherever you go, and whatever you do. If you don't believe me, ask Katy Manning and William Russell. :-)

When you took the part of Rory, did anybody warn you before you signed the contract about us crazy fans? If so, what were you told?

RattyBurvil174 karma

wow. i thought there was someone following me here - was it you?

I did get warned - but - i think Dr who and Sci-fi in general appeals to quite an intelligent audience with a sense of humour so everyone i've met has been lovely - totally bonkers but lovely. i mean - really really bonkers

bertz198769 karma

To Arthur. How hot actually is Amy Pond?

RattyBurvil285 karma

37 degrees celcius

WesJohnson62 karma

I'm looking forward to seeing at AwesomeCon in DC at the end of the month. What is the strangest thing that ever happened to you at a convention?

RattyBurvil246 karma

A guy proposed to his girlfriend during a photo session with me. The photographer carried on taking photos with me standing awkwardly in between them. both of them in tears - me with my thumbs up. they invited me to the wedding.

Horrgs28 karma

Well, did you go or do you plan on sending a card or going?

clgoh61 karma

He's going to be in the cake.

RattyBurvil127 karma

yes. i'll be in the cake.

Horrgs55 karma

For Arthur -

Hi Arthur, I loved you in Doctor Who and I hope to start watching Broadchurch soon.

Few questions:

  1. What was it like being in Doctor Who?

  2. What episode, from your time on it, was your favorite episode of Doctor Who?

  3. What are your hobbies outside of acting?

RattyBurvil150 karma

  1. Bonkers, exciting and unexpected
  2. The pandorica opens/Big Bang - Eleventh Hour
  3. Arts and crafts - music - burning things

dig_dude40 karma

Arthur, what's your go-to sandwich?

RattyBurvil75 karma

i'm trying to do an international hotel survey of room service club sandwiches- the verdict is out at the moment - i'll let you know

If im at home - a cold chicken, stuffing, Lettuce, Brown bread and Marmite sandwich is the best. hands down

Phuka23 karma

Is stuffing in the UK the same as here in the US?

RattyBurvil61 karma

no. Paxo - get some imported. it is the food of the gods

natalievenom37 karma

Broadchurch season three has been commissioned. Would you like to see more of your character's past explored? Do you think Reverend Coates is hiding some dark secrets yet to come to light?

RattyBurvil34 karma

i would love to- i have no information about season 3 - i think everyone is quite busy at the moment but i think it is hapening - i know Chris (Chibnal) is very keen to do more and has more story in his brilliant head.

MadameFortressMommy37 karma

Hi Arthur! Who would win in a fight, Rip Hunter or Rory Williams?

RattyBurvil155 karma

Rip hunter knows martial arts. Rory Williams is the nicest guy in the universe.

I'm a strong believer in Kill them with kindness - i'm not sure if that works against a kick in the nuts

TRDoctor31 karma

Hey Arthur, loved you in Once, Doctor Who, Broadchurch and (soon to be) Legends of Tomorrow.

My question is: When are you going to sing again? I was pleasantly surprised upon hearing you in Once, so are you ever going to reprise "Guy" or do anything musical in the next few years?


RattyBurvil117 karma

i'm singing right now



jcorm1029 karma

I have a question for both of you. What is your favourite part of your job?

RattyBurvil150 karma

the money

RattyBurvil93 karma

no - its the challenge of being someone else and the variety - i never know where i'm going to be from week to week. I also get to work with the most amazing people

xXaoSs25 karma

Arthur: What is your favorite Rory scene?

RattyBurvil114 karma

When Rory Kinnear played Iago

Eyb0ss42025 karma

How did you get the role in legends of tomorrow?

RattyBurvil87 karma

i have no idea.

They sent me a load of comics of a guy who looks nothing like me and i said i'd do it.

I'm very VERY excited about it

daredevil201525 karma

Question for Arthur: May I ask why you have the name Ratty Burvil for this AMA?

RattyBurvil59 karma

no idea

Luthientinuviel8420 karma

I see a lot of posts here saying how doctor who helped them get through a hard time in their life. I feel the same way, the escape and wonder of the Doctor and the Tardis has oft helped me escape from my every day stresses and depression. Is it overwhelming for so many people to express this to you? I would feel like I wouldn't know what to say to people. Thank you Arthur. -Erin

RattyBurvil33 karma

you're welcome

stay strong

you're brilliant

knight1216720 karma

Hi Arthur, I loved you in Broadchurch and looking forward to see you enter the arrow/flash universe!

What's your favourite balloon animal to make?

Favourite Shakespeare role you've played?

RattyBurvil46 karma

What's your favourite balloon animal to make?

A tortoise!

shhteffanie19 karma

Hi Arthur!

Were you as shocked by the jury's verdict for Joe Miller as the audience was?

RattyBurvil25 karma

yes i was - what a brilliant piece of writing

TheKeav19 karma

Hi Arthur, Since you're part of the CW DC universe now, will you be singing any karaoke with The Flash?

RattyBurvil39 karma

oh i hope so

Spoolesbighairycock17 karma

What are your thoughts on Peter Capaldi's portrayal as the Doctor?

RattyBurvil55 karma

He is such a brilliant actor - I have only seen bits but he is brilliant. Also - Jenna is amazing, i love watching her in anything.

karithescaryfairy16 karma

Hi Arthur! Can I just begin by saying how great your moustache/facial hair/thing is. It's the epitome of coolness.

My real question is: Judging by your talent with guitar and your voice, what made you fall in love with music? And if you had to pick between music and acting, what would you choose?

RattyBurvil26 karma

thanks for the kind comments about my face- its for a job - i'm doing a film with Lenny Henry set in the 70's called Danny and the Human Zoo- we are filming in my home town of Birmingham which i'm loving.

My Dad is a musician so i grew up with a lot of music in the house - i was a rather obsessive child and only listened to Michael Jackson for 2 years then only listened to the Beatles for three years - i then broadened my taste. I couldn't pick but couldn't like without either

RattyBurvil17 karma

live without either*

Pritch10115 karma

Hi Arthur! i was lucky enough to see you at the National Theatre in Treasure Island, what advice would you give to young aspiring actors who are just leaving school?

RattyBurvil48 karma

Read- enjoy- be nice- be amongst like minded people- don't take yourself too seriously and take yourself very seriously in equal measure.

don't be a dick.

dejl2713 karma

How do you take your tea? And what brand do you drink?

RattyBurvil40 karma

strong, white, no sugar. PG tips every time (cue boxes and boxes of free tea)

geeked2410 karma

Hello Arthur, big fan of Rory here. In case you don't know yet, fans from ALL around the world are really delighted to have you in the DC-verse. That brings me to my question. Could you tell us about your experience with DC's other heroes so far? I mean as much as you can. Keep up the good work, Rory!

RattyBurvil27 karma

I really have only filmed the teaser trailer - in the middle of the night - extremely jet lagged so i haven't had much experience with them yet - everyone seems quite good at martial arts - i'm gonna need to get me some lessons.

geo_nerd59010 karma

This question is for both, and it'd be great to get a snippet from each: What inspired you guys to make a "steam punk" Londoner spy movie, and how has collaborating together been like for both of you?

RattyBurvil9 karma

It has been a great collaboration so far and i hope there will be more to come

mexirican710 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA!

Arthur, what do you enjoy most about acting? Have you ever came across a role that has impacted your life in a good/bad way?

RattyBurvil14 karma

i have no idea how to answer that - i think you learn something from every role - i try not to take my work home with me but sometimes its inevitable - i suppose its the same as anything - the pressure of performance is sometimes overwhelming and i can be a bit of a nightmare to live with if im starting a new project.

Lord_Parbr9 karma

Mr. Darvill, Rory is my favorite companion, and you played him very well. My question is, how did you prepare for the role of Rip Hunter?

RattyBurvil29 karma

i'm still preparing - i'm doing some gym time and learning to FIGHT. so WATCH OUT

KChakwas9 karma

Hey Arthur! First off, I just wanted to say I love your character in Doctor Who. My boyfriend and I just got to the episode with Hitler and River becoming River.

A question for you:

What was it like working with Matt and Karen? They seem like great people.

RattyBurvil28 karma

They are.

we are still great buddies

roofdrake8 karma

Arthur want to say thank you for being so kind to us and to the many people at the Las Vegas Comic Con in June. I have a two part question dealing with you attending these Comic Con.

  1. Have all you had any bad experience , such as an overzealous fan or that one who ask those technical Doctor Who questions?

  2. Ever had any Cos Play females dressed up as the "naughty" police officer Amy Pond and make pass at you? (This question is mostly for fun).

Again thank you for yor time at the Q&A at the Vegas Comic Con and can't wait to see you in Legends of Tomorrow.

RattyBurvil29 karma

which part of question 2 isn't for fun?

erinkay6418 karma

Hi! I am a huge fan. If you were an animal most representative of your personality what would you be and why?

RattyBurvil18 karma

A dog i'm very needy

Myren58206 karma

Arthur, how is prince phillip? Also, you have great taste in music.

RattyBurvil11 karma

he's real swell thanks- he ate some boiled egg this morning.

hiremenow226 karma

Mr. Darvill, do you find it difficult as an actor and a person when people recognize you as Rory, rather than your other roles?

Can't wait to see you in Denver!

RattyBurvil12 karma

See you in Denver. It actually doesn't happen that much - i've been quite lucky to be able to play a whole host of different roles

knight121676 karma

Hi Arthur, a couple of nice scenes in Broadchurch season 2 with Simone McAullay were cut from the show and put online, does it suck to have your work sacrificed in editing?

RattyBurvil8 karma

it is often the way - in tv and film you are at the mercy of the director/editor. it is something that is hard to get used to at first but you soon realise that it is more often than not because the story needs to be told in a more efficient way. Those scenes were great and i'm glad that we live in a day and age where people can watch them online.

Speaking of online - please go to we are colony to watch CAPTCHA.

krxsy5 karma

Hi guys! Where's your favourite place in London?

RattyBurvil7 karma

a wet bench at the back of a gallery -

2joker15 karma

For Arthur: what about the new project, Legends of Tomorrow, excites you the most?

RattyBurvil10 karma

The character is very different from anything i have done before - he is confident and in control. He's his own man and can look after himself

MyUnderstanding-1013 karma

Hi Arthur! I'm a huge fan if Doctir Who and Broadchurch as I am for the upcoming Legends. My question for you is, do you ever miss being on Doctor Who? And was it difficult leaving? (Wait. I might have another question hahaha) What is your favorite comfort food to eat after a long day of shooting? (Not a question but,) Have a really nice day!

RattyBurvil8 karma

i'll answer those backwards. I will. Thanks.


yes - it was difficult leaving - just because id worked with them all for so long.

Salt9003 karma

Arthur, would you ever consider doing more work on Broadway?

RattyBurvil5 karma

Absolutely - i just got back from NYC this morning and really miss it. If there is a way of moving me and my family over there at any point i think i will.

PirateAaron3 karma

Hi Arthur! I'll get right to the question.

You were listed on the wizard world comic con website as a guest in St Louis, MO for only a matter of hours. I'm attending next weekend with my girlfriend and she literally cried when I told her you were no longer listed as attending. Any chance that that might change?

Thanks! And excited about your role in the dc universe!

RattyBurvil6 karma

i'm so sorry about that - i was meant to come and my filming schedule changed. I love coming to conventions and am trying to do as many as possible,

I'm sure our paths will cross

AuthorAmyKNichols3 karma

Arthur, CAPTCHA looks amazing! You're such a versatile actor, moving easily from stage to television to the big screen. How did working with We Are Colony differ from your other acting experiences. Did it stretch you as an actor? Did you learn anything new? Thanks!

RattyBurvil4 karma

Thanks. The process was unlike anything i had done before - we shot all on green screen and Ed really knew the specific details he wanted to capture. I find it hard watching myself in anything but i loved watching this and seeing how the scale and detail in each shot was so brilliantly realised by Ed and the rest of the team.

karithescaryfairy3 karma

Do you think Rip Hunter and The Doctor would be good friends?

RattyBurvil7 karma

I don't think so - i don't think Rip has many friends - neither does the doctor

Stang272 karma

Hey man, thanks for the AMA! Love watching you in Doctor Who. What was your favorite part of being on doctor who? Favorite story/episode? Also what's your favorite ice cream?

RattyBurvil4 karma


Corydoran2 karma

Hi, Arthur.

  1. Have you ever read any fanfiction stories?
  2. Which movie has your favorite score?

Thanks a lot for doing this AMA. And thanks for doing P.S. Rory was my second favorite companion of all time and his departure was difficult for me. P.S. gave me the closure that I really needed.

RattyBurvil5 karma

  1. My best friend Cian Barry (look him up - he's disgusting looking) Read out some fan fiction in a bar in front of a director i wanted to work with - i've never worked with him - but have worked with Cian. Weird. My other best mate Richard Atwill i think writes the fan fiction

Ana_litsa2 karma

Hello Arthur ! Can I just tell you how much I adore you and that you made rory one of my favorite ever doctor who characters! My question is have you ever been to Texas? Also what are you most excited about on your upcoming work?

RattyBurvil8 karma

I have family in Texas - its great there.

GeneralRose2 karma

Arthur, I'm so happy to see you doing an AMA. Are there any special projects you'd like to work on in the future (Directing Documentaries or Fiction Based films, writing or music)?

Also, could I please have an autograph?

RattyBurvil13 karma

Here is a digital autograph


I would love to direct at some point in the future. I'm planning a few musical projects and (this is very hush hush) i have written a children's musical which is being produced at the end of the year (more info soon) there is so much i am writing an album and planning some short films.

fluffenstein0 karma

Arthur, 2 years ago I saw a production of Once on Broadway and I was just wondering why you never came out with the rest of the cast for autographs when it was over. Just too popular?

RattyBurvil2 karma

i'm so sorry - i usually did - i was probably being a dick that day