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Hello, Matt. Are there any skills or trades that you learned while preparing for your early roles that you can still do well today?

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You rode a mule near the end of The Return of the King. The mule has died. In a sailing accident.

Out of the animals you've never kept as pets, are there any that you would really, really like to have?

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Of the jobs you had prior to your election, which one do you think prepared you most for the responsibilities of a mayor?

Did you ever play Sim City when you were younger (or now, for that matter)?

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Hello, Dr. Rojas.

How do you think the Black Lives Matter movement will be viewed 25 years from now in the context of civil rights?

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This may or may not be related to the breakthrough you're working on (I know very little biology), but if two antigens share a similar physical trait but are otherwise dissimilar, is it possible to develop a vaccine that will create antibodies that target that specific trait?