Hello Reddit!

I am your normal office worker/wife/mom by day and a sultry phone actress by night. There seems to be some interest in this from the friends I've talked to so I thought you guys might be interested as well!

To give a little info about myself... I am 25 years old. I do have a standard day job. I have a husband of 3 years and a 1 year old daughter. I am in a polyamorous relationship and my girlfriend is actually the one who got me into phone entertainment. I work from home for a company that dispatches the calls to me.

I didn't know what would be good proof so I included a screenshot of what our dispatching/time reporting looks like.


I'm an open book, so AMA!

Edit: I guess I could also call this AMA "I'm a phone sex operator who got fired for doing an AMA. AMA!" Thank you to everyone for your great questions. Also thank you to those who suggested Niteflirt. I'm getting one set up as we speak. I really did enjoy working for the company I was working for but I do think I'm probably worth more than .30/min. This was a fun experience and definitely eye opening! Thanks guys!

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Cheapshades971985 karma

What are you wearing "Jake from State Farm"?

swankytacos1958 karma

Uh. khakis?

Frajer758 karma

who is your favorite customer and least favorite customer?

swankytacos1249 karma

My favorite customer is a guy in his early 40's who calls me pretty regularly. We usually talk for a while before we get down to sex and then when we do he is always really sweet about it. He has a great sense of humor and I think we'd actually make great friends IRL.

Least favorite customer isn't really a particular guy, more a type of guy, and I know them as soon as I get on the phone. He wants me to do crazy stuff and stick random objects in my orifices and then as soon as he gets close to finishing he just hangs up. These guys get the fake stuff. I'm not gonna get invested in someone who's going to hang up on me after 4 minutes.

MeloneFxcker450 karma

So you do get more involved than just talking with your average customer?

If so why doesn't just talking get the job done? can they tell?

swankytacos723 karma

I think they can tell the difference. Don't get me wrong, I still have to fake my orgasms usually even for my best clients because masturbating for an audience isn't the same as when you do it for yourself. But the general sounds of pleasure, using toys on myself etc. are usually real for my regulars.

Longrodrington674 karma

What are you wearing right now?

Heavy breathing

swankytacos725 karma

Well, /u/Longrodington, I'm glad you asked ;-)

I'm wearing a lacy red bra, a black tank top and some see-through red panties with a black satin bow on the back.

contrasupra91 karma

Out of curiosity, do you always give the same answer to this question, or do you switch it up? I imagine you get asked all the time and that the answer is always a lie.

swankytacos220 karma

The answer isn't always a lie, but it's usually at least made to sound sexier than it is.

Last night for instance, I had just got home from work and I logged in early expecting to have a little bit of time before I got a call. I take my shirt off and the phone rings. So when the guy asked me what I was wearing and I said "Red lacy bra, a black mini skirt, black tights and boots, it was the truth lol. Usually I can get a feel for the guy before we get to that point and I'll tailor my response to him. If he's looking for an innocent teen I'm wearing a little t shirt and some white cotton panties. If he wants a real dirty girl I'm wearing my crotchless thong panties etc.

matmat07747 karma

" <--- there it is guys, I found it.

swankytacos37 karma

Fuck it, you made me laugh too.

fkaradsheh492 karma

Do you ever get turned on by the interactions, or is it merely just work and a whole lot of acting?

swankytacos832 karma

A lot of it is acting, especially when the guys are kinda assholes about it. But I do get turned on by some of the conversations I have, usually with my regulars, and I have had actual orgasms on the phone.

nurdle457 karma

Do you have any men at your company who "play the part" of a woman? Many years ago I was a manager for a company that did phone sex - in an actual office building - and our best agent, by far, was a 6'5" black gay man. He could do a very feminine voice - in fact he had about a dozen different "personas." Part of my job was listening to his calls at random. Almost every night I would crack up listening to homophobic mouth breathers talking to him for 5 minutes and then hanging up when they got off. Not a single man ever detected that they were talking to another dude. Thousands of calls....not one.

Be careful what you say. You would be surprised what people can find out from the most innocuous things you say. Someone did show up at his house and he had to call the police. He told the guy, in his "straight voice" that he was "her" husband but the dude wouldn't leave because he was "in love."

swankytacos135 karma

That's pretty funny actually. I don't know if we have any men working for our company, since I work from home I don't interact with any of the other PSO's.

And yeah, I don't give out any information. I'm not trying to get any stalkers.

whaaaaaaatever432 karma

What's the strangest request you've received from a client over the phone? Like did he or she ask you to dirty talk in a different voices?

swankytacos898 karma

I get a lot of freaky stuff guys want to talk about but the strangest request I've ever had a guy ask me to do? That would probably be the guy who wanted me to make up a story for him. His rules were that he would give me a topic, I was allowed to ask 5 clarification questions, and then that was it and I had to come up with an erotic story for him on the spot. That was probably the one time I thought "I'm not getting paid enough for this."

ragnarmcryan283 karma

Can you tell the story on here?

swankytacos847 karma

He wanted me to tell him a story about a nun. But she wasn't into other women. She didn't have sex with any of the priests. She was a "good" Catholic. She had a dog, and she lived in downtown New Orleans. Those were the clarifications I got. So yeah, I think she ended up lovingly fucking her apartment maintenance guy.

Dustygrrl379 karma

How common are non-male callers? Are they much different from the male ones?

swankytacos553 karma

I've only had one female caller and she was with her boyfriend. They were both too shy to really talk to me so it was kinda lame.

Tenebraum346 karma

I'm really curious about this line of work, so please forgive the bundle of questions I'm about to ask you!

1)How do you get into an interesting job such as this?

2)How much is your weekly salary with this job compared to your other one?

3)What are the requirements to be a Sex Operator?

4)On a scale of boring to FREAKING AWESOME!, how do you feel about this job?

5)Have you had any REALLY crazy moment during any of your phone sex sessions?

swankytacos419 karma

Haha, np I don't mind the bundle of questions at all.

1) I did some searching online for pso companies. I applied to 2 that I felt seemed legit. I got a call a few weeks later and had a phone interview and they got me set up to start working the next night.

2) I get paid .30/min for time that I am actually on the phone. On a typical night I make $20-$60, I could make more if I wanted to stay logged on longer but I have my day job too. It pays a bit better than my day job but the money isn't guaranteed (some nights are just slow) so I won't be quitting my day job.

3) For my company at least...You have to be 18, have to have a land line phone, you have to have internet connection and AIM installed, you have to have a clear phone voice, and you have to be willing to take the taboo calls. We're not allowed to hang up because someone is freakier than we like.

4) It depends on the night. Most of the time I love it!

5) I've had people want to talk about crazy stuff, but nothing crazy has ever really happened.

alittlekink742 karma

$0.30/min is extremely low. Have you considered a site like NiteFlirt? You set your own prices and make 70% of what you charge. My phone-only lines are $2.49/min and I make $1.61/min from that.

Edit: your answer to #3 is disconcerting, too. Landlines and AIM are both old technology, and you should have the right to turn down any calls you are uncomfortable with.

alomjahajmola30 karma

Landlines are reliable though. Mobile phones are most certainly not.

swankytacos52 karma

The reason they give us is because they are more reliable. I feel like it also ensures I'm actually at home taking the calls and not trying to take a call in a bar bathroom or something

123fakerusty218 karma

Wait, AIM still exists?

swankytacos259 karma

Right?? I had no idea. It actually works pretty well.

someonethatiusedtobe54 karma

I wonder what the phone interview for a phone sex operation company is like

swankytacos53 karma

Haha not nearly as interesting as you'd think. It wasn't the backroom casting couch of phone sex. The lady pretty much just went through the contract with me, how they operate etc. She didn't ask me for any kind of demo, but she did ask me if I was comfortable with elements of bdsm, playing other ages, if I could do any accents, things like that.

Motttenrab268 karma

Do you have any go to lines to really get the customer excited?

swankytacos645 karma

Oh god, the second I mention anything in my ass they lose their goddamn minds.

macfearsome227 karma

How are you approaching raising your daughter while being in a poly relationship? I guess what I'm asking is if she'll have two mommies and a daddy, or one mom and dad and a close aunt or something.

I guess what I'm asking is better said as, are you in a three person relationship where you're all together, or is your girlfriend not also his?

Though, I guess I'm also asking how you will tackle that when your daughter asks why her friends don't have the same situation. I hope that's not too personal or unwarranted. I don't think you put your daughter in a bad place or anything, it's just unconventional and I'm curious

swankytacos377 karma

We are in a triad so yes, my girlfriend and husband are in a relationship as well. Right now my daughter is so young that our girlfriend is just like any other of our close friends. If things became more serious in the future, if we were to move in together, then she would be another mother figure in my daughter's life although I doubt she'd call her mommy. To the question of how we will tackle the "other peoples families are different" conversation, I guess we would say just that. Some families have 2 mommies, some have 2 daddies, some have 2 mommies and a daddy etc. I know that seems simplistic and it's something we will have to deal with but I'm hoping society continues to become more open-minded about these things and it doesn't turn out to be too much of an issue.

dieselxindustry225 karma

Do you ever actually do anything on your end physically or do you just talk and describe the the sex to the caller?

swankytacos333 karma

I find it easier usually to do the things I say I'm doing, rather than just faking it. So I guess I'm not actually a good actress. Like I mentioned in another comment, if I can tell the guy is going to just hang up in a couple of minutes I just give him some moany sounds but usually I do end up doing at least some of what I say I'm doing.

poisonivychick190 karma

How long does the average call last?

swankytacos307 karma

I'd say my average call is probably around the 20 minute mark. Of course I have some 3 hour calls and some 3 minute calls.

Jaylus160 karma

Have you ever recognised a caller from daytime work, or had a caller that's recognised you? Do you keep the sex phone work separate from your daytime life or are you open with everyone about it?

swankytacos262 karma

No, I'm in the midwest and most of my callers are from the east coast, that's where the company is based so maybe its advertised more heavily there, idk.

My friends and my sisters know about the phone sex but I haven't told my mom :S

snugiebum5149 karma

Could we probably get a sample of your voice?

And have you ever checked out /r/gonewildaudio ?

Retskcaj19188 karma

If you're good at something, never do it for free.

sisonp111 karma

Fine I'll pay the .30 cents

swankytacos52 karma

Nah, I'm pretty sure you pay like 1.99. I just make .30 off of it. You could pay me like .75 and then we both win.

Johnscats141 karma

Is the phone sex service AIM's only remaining user base?

I didn't realize AIM still existed...

swankytacos200 karma

You're telling me! Phone sex and AIM both seem pretty outdated but I guess they're keeping each other afloat?

mymassive120 karma

Have you considered live cam chat for a higher wage? It seems phone service is a dying medium

swankytacos150 karma

I've definitely considered it. It would be more of a time investment. If I ever decided to quit my job and do this full-time I would probably move to cams.

TBag_McDangles85 karma

Do you ACTUALLY masturbate/do whatever to yourself that the man asks, or do you just play along? Also, you said you were polyamorous but that you've got a girlfriend. Does your husband not mind you talking with other men that way?

swankytacos206 karma

My husband doesn't mind the talking, except that it interrupts our tv watching. He had to wait 40 minutes last night to resume the episode of Bates Motel we were watching. He likes the money though :-)

cheesybagel78 karma

What does your husband think about it?

Will you ever tell your kids?

swankytacos139 karma

My husband likes the extra money I'm bringing in. We're going on a cruise in January with it :) He isn't the jealous type and he knows that it's just a job. Sometimes when I tell a customer I'm married they'll ask me to have my husband eat me out/finger/fuck me and he likes when that happens lol. Sometimes he does it anyway and I just act like the moans are from me masturbating. Wow I seem to have got off track here...

I will tell my daughter someday when she's old enough to understand it. If I do one thing differently from my parents it's going to be that this is a sex positive household.

anthropolitis72 karma

Have you ever had a customer get mad at you because he thought you weren't genuinely into it or sounded fake?

swankytacos116 karma

I had a customer get mad at me because he said I was confusing him with another guy and he was mad I didn't remember him, but I take pretty detailed notes so that doesn't happen. I don't know why this guy suddenly decided to have another personality. Unless he's actually got multiple personalities, in which case I feel bad for him.

AquatikJustice68 karma

Okay, so story time and then a question.

Years ago (early- to mid- 90's), my parents got a phone bill that was something like $1200 one month. After they interrogated my 12 year old self, they found out that my 9 year old brother and his friend had been coming home from school for a week, calling a sex line and talking to the girl on the other end for an hour until me or my parents got home. The topic of conversation: pets and school. For an hour. Every day for a week. Needless to say, the charges were refunded and someone lost their freedom for a good long while.

How would you have handled that situation from the perspective of the lady on the other end of the line?

swankytacos41 karma

Haha, I like your brother's style. Well if I was pretty certain it was an actual child and not an adult who likes to pretend to be a little kid and talk about school and pets (I would believe any fetish at this point) I would probably tell the dispatcher about my suspicions and let them handle it. Unless the kid played a very convincing adult I doubt he'd even make it past the dispatchers to me in the first place.

demize3465 karma

What is competition like if any? Do you have to compete against other phone sex operators and worry about them stealing customers?

swankytacos149 karma

Right now we're pretty busy and it doesn't seem like there are a lot of girls. I'm kept too busy to worry about any of the other girls. Although I did have a customer tell me about how one of our girls did this elaborate humiliation scenario with him the other day that had him driving to wal mart to jerk off with the windows down. IF that really happened, then kudos to that girl. I'm not really into the humiliation scene.

findmenowbitch63 karma

Have you ever been super creeped out by a caller?

swankytacos155 karma

I've had some conversations with guys that I thought were creepy but there was only one so far that genuinely disturbed me. This guy wanted me to give him tips on how to seduce his 8 year old niece. I immediately looked him up on facebook (we are given their first and last names and he told me his age and city) and I looked through all of his posts and pictures. He does not appear to actually have an 8 year old niece, which makes me feel better, but it still freaked me out pretty bad.

saltinado59 karma

Hi! How do you balance having so little time for yourself? You work during the day, and you work at night, that sounds like a lot of work. Shoot, how do you find time to actually have sex with your husband and your girlfriend?

swankytacos111 karma

It's hard, I'll admit. The nice thing is that being a contracted employee they stress that they can't TELL you when to work. So if I want the night off I just send them a message saying I'm taking the night off. I don't usually work on the weekends unless I'm bored and want to make extra money (they are SUUUUPER busy on the weekends)

My typical schedule is spending the mornings with my daughter, then I take her to daycare and go to work until 7:30 pm. Come home and have dinner with my husband and our daughter, put her to bed, log in, then my husband and I hang out while I wait for calls. Usually we can manage to get in a little cuddle/sex/tv between calls. You're right though. I'm stretched pretty thin some days. My husband and girlfriend are amazing and supportive though.

kathiejo56 karma

I've been thinking of doing Web-Cam stuff but this sounds like something I would be better at (no looks! just sound sexy.)

How is the pay? Obviously it's your 2nd job so if it was your full time job, could you make a living off it?

swankytacos79 karma

You get more calls at night and on the weekend. If you were to do it during the weekdays I don't know how busy you'd be but I know you do still get some calls. The tricky thing about it is that you're kinda waiting around for calls. You can't really get into anything you can't quickly get out of. Web cams do pay a lot more and I've been thinking about getting into that, but the level of work goes up quite a bit too. I'd actually have to wear what I say I'm wearing lol.

DelarkArms55 karma

Do you avoid non sex related conversations?

If not Why, and how do you giude the conversation to something sexual.

If yes Why?

swankytacos85 karma

I wouldn't say that I avoid them, some guys just want to connect with a woman. I have found that USUALLY when a guy calls me and beats around the subject for a while it's because he's into something pretty dark and he's easing into it. So I'm always a little wary of someone who doesn't want to talk about sex until I know what's going on.

Sniffey30 karma

I've waited for this AMA way too long. What are you wearing baby? If it's an Aaron Rodgers jersey then I need your number right now!

Seriously though, I've seen alot of askreddits where women would quit not because of the awful guys but because of the regulars that would come to them be it a strip club, Webcam, or phone line because they were lonely and just wanted someone to talked to them like a normal person.

How do you deal with those type of people? Personally if I could do that kind of work I would, and I feel like I wouldn't have any feelings about it at all. It's just work. However I'm not in the position so I can't really say for sure, so no judgement passed either way.

But when you know someone isn't coming to you to just jack it real quick and they feel like they have some kind of connection or relationship with you how do you feel and cope with it?

swankytacos79 karma

An overwhelming amount of the guys I talk to fit into one of two categories. A) They are lonely and need some kind of connection. They need a woman to just laugh at their joke or listen while they talk. or B) They are into something that they can't ethically explore in any other way but with another consenting adult (incest, beastiality, etc.) Sometimes the guys fit into both categories lol.

It doesn't bother me to talk to the guys who want a connection. They tend to be a lot nicer than most. It's sad that talking to me is the highlight of their week for some of them but I'm glad I can fill that role for them. It makes me feel more like a human being and less like a human fleshlight.

duckacubed18 karma

Is the movie "For A Good Time....Call" accurate? (If you've seen it of course)

swankytacos14 karma

I've never seen this but I might give it a watch!

WoodEwe15 karma

Do you ever get asked to "meet" and, if so, how do you handle it?

swankytacos32 karma

I have a regular who gave me his email address, but contacting a customer outside of the phone line is strictly forbidden. Not that I would want to anyway, I'm happy keeping the relationship professional. Anyway, at the end of every call he says "I might not be able to call back. Do you still have my email address?" and I say "I have your e-mail address. If I don't hear from you again I may email you someday." But we both know I'm not going to email him like we both know he's going to call again.

Monkeymack7 karma

When you say polyamorous does that mean your husband is only supportive of the phone sex? Or is it completely open? I'm just curious how that relationship works

swankytacos11 karma

No, we are polyamorous. We are both dating the same woman right now. I have dated other men in the past. If he wanted to date other women right now in addition to the woman we're with, I would be fine with that. Right now our spare time is pretty limited so we're not pursuing additional relationships. We're pretty happy at the moment with each other and our girlfriend.