My short bio: My name is Amanda Smith and I am one of the first employees hired at Everfan - a superhero cape company dedicated to fostering imagination through creative apparel. I help run our many social media accounts and grow our relationships with hospitals and non-profits.

Everfan is growing by leaps and bounds and have hired 3 other employees since the beginning of the year.

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DarrenEdwards87 karma

How much did Edna cost the industry?

everfanheroes2 karma

As talented as she is, she has not cost the industry anything.

Bootstrapyourself13 karma

Interesting, I had never heard of your company before this AMA.

I assume you have a lot of first time customers but not as many repeat customers. As a small business how do you create more demand for your product when it's such a niche product?

Also I am curious about how you would decide what price to sell your product?

everfanheroes11 karma

Actually, for all of last month, 75.7% of our traffic came from new visitors to the site and 24.3% came from returning visitors.

Interesting enough, there is quite a demand for our custom cape line. We are able to create a custom cape using any logo, design or words. Companies love this product for conferences, awards, etc. It is a fun motivational tool that doubles as a great marketing tool when using the company logo. Groups hosting superhero themed races often take advantage of our custom line as well.

As for price, there are many factors - our cost, competitor pricing, handling time, etc.

Thank you for your interest!

everfanheroes1 karma

The founder was the first to use Reddit and we had such a great time and wonderful questions were sent his way - so, we decided I would tackle some more!

claireauriga6 karma

Do any of your capes contain safety mechanisms like tear-off collars to reduce supeheroing accidents?

everfanheroes1 karma

Good question! When wearing one of our capes - you play harder and believe more. Every cape has a Velcro fastener and can easily tear-off during any superheroing accident.

batter_me_silly6 karma

  1. Can I have a cape?
  2. Why won't you let me have a cape?

everfanheroes1 karma

Of course you can have a cape! Visit our website - a lot to choose from.

vericlas5 karma

You mention hospitals does that mean Everfan does things like free capes for kids with cancer and the like?

Interesting company idea especially with super heros being so hot right now. Sorry for the bland question.

everfanheroes1 karma

We have a matching program for hospitals to help provide them with capes. Many hospitals have chosen to use the capes for superhero events on the Pediatric floors, promotion outside of the hospital and most to brighten the days of kids going through treatments. Weill Cornell has given them to children going through MRI scans. A wonderful boost for kids needing a little extra superpower.

dragonfly19934 karma

how much is a cape?

everfanheroes1 karma

They range in price. We provide both youth and adult sizes and have blank capes, whimsical, personalized and can create a custom cape!

Gamion4 karma

What's your favorite cape?

everfanheroes3 karma

I am a University of Florida graduate, so my favorite cape is our UF Gator cape. Go Gators! I also am a fan of our Cupcake Queen whimsical line - who doesn't like cupcakes!

arminian2 karma

Have you heard of Union Coffee House in Dallas? They make capes for kids in the hospital.

everfanheroes1 karma

I have not, but will certainly look them up. There are many non-profits that make capes for children in need. Such a wonderful cause!

Hellmark2 karma

How heavy is the material you use?

everfanheroes2 karma

We use polyester satin for all of our capes.

Hellmark1 karma

Can a special order be made for pet sized capes?

everfanheroes2 karma

If it is a large breed (Shepherd, etc.) the youth size will fit them. If it is a miniature dog, we have tiny capes in the works to fit dolls that would be perfect!

Hellmark1 karma

Both of mine are somewhat in between. One is about 40lbs, and the other is 25lbs.

everfanheroes2 karma

Unfortunately, we do not currently have anything that would fit them. This is a great idea for the future. Thank you.

RoyalWithChee2 karma

Are you saying the capes my mom makes for me aren't good enough?

everfanheroes2 karma

Of course they are! Made with love.

CityKat9912 karma

I love capes, I often take one with me when I have to do in hospital stays because they just make everything seem awesome.

My question for you is, what got you started in the cape industry?

everfanheroes1 karma

I live in Thomasville, Ga. - a small south Georgia town. An opportunity came up to work with a fun company striving in our little downtown and I jumped at the opportunity! I am very thankful.

TheRealMyLegGuy2 karma

What age group makes up your largest customer demographic?

everfanheroes3 karma

Age 25-34

wenskalton1 karma

How do you put the superpowers in the cape?

everfanheroes1 karma

The superpowers are actually within the person wearing the cape. Our cape just fosters the imagination!

dreamer30821 karma

so you don't like the bath towel ive tied around my neck?

everfanheroes1 karma

I have used a bath towel many times and it is a great substitute!

TheGoonDude1 karma

This is an awesome product! My birthday is coming up, so I may buy one :) My one question is, have you considered going on Shark Tank? I feel like you would get some good advertising and maybe a deal.

everfanheroes1 karma

We look forward to helping you out with your birthday purchase! Shark Tank has crossed our minds, but I don't think we are in the ideal position yet to move forward. It is such a wonderful platform for small businesses and it will certainly stay on our radar. Thank you for the question and interest in our products.

thefreeze11 karma

How can we get custom logos on these?

everfanheroes1 karma

Simply visit our website and fill out the request form. We will contact you within 24 hours. You will just need to email us a file of the logo and we will create a mock-up.