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What's the worst that could happen if I handle some sort of fungus found in a typical British woodland? I'm guessing the most dangerous thing would be if I handled a fungus then ate something with my hands ... but how bad could it be?

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Do any of your capes contain safety mechanisms like tear-off collars to reduce supeheroing accidents?

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What physiological and neurological problems can make sleep unrestful? I have daytime sleepiness, and after ruling out various blood and autoimmune problems, I'm going to be spending a night in hospital having the respiratory side of my sleeping checked out, to see if the sleep I'm getting at night isn't helping me as much as it should. What are the next options? I'm aware mental health can control sleepiness, but what other causes might me and my doctor end up exploring?

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Where do your parents' talents and preferences lie? How did they handle teaching you subjects they lacked interest or competence in?

For example, if I were to teach a child, they'd get an awesome grounding in the sciences, maths, communication skills, and English literature. But I do not consider myself nearly knowledgeable or competent enough about history or languages to teach those subjects, and I'd do a poor job teaching them because I find them boring myself.