Helloah. I'm Noel Gallagher. Let's get pretentious.

My new album with High Flying Birds, Chasing Yesterday, was released in March. You can get it on iTunes and Amazon. And we're kicking off our tour on May 3rd, starting in Toronto, with more information on tour dates to be found here: http://www.noelgallagher.com/

Victoria's assisting me in person today.


Edit I'd like to say to the NGHFB massive - thank you for all your questions. It's been a fucking pleasure.

I will see you somewhere down the road.

Keep buying the merchandise. My wife's shoe collection depends on it.


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Noel-Gallagher845 karma

Someone asked if I would ever be on Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld:

In a heartbeat.

I would fucking pay my own AIRFARE to do that.

I'm a HUUUGE fan of Jerry Seinfeld. HUGE.

Choobaccacabra606 karma

Noel, I wrote an entire screenplay for the Oasis movie. I think you were joking about it with a journalist, but I still wrote a feature-length script and it's fucking gold. Care to take a read?

Noel-Gallagher550 karma


Noel-Gallagher849 karma

You can send it to my management address, which is Number 54 Linhope Street, London, NW1 6 HL.

Ask for Ray.

laughs evilly

-steamedhams409 karma

Do you ever get tired of those idiots who yell "Slide Away!" at your concerts?

If so, I'm sorry in advance for Monday night.

Noel-Gallagher433 karma


Yes. I do.

Noel-Gallagher544 karma

I accept your groveling apology.

And I still won't be playin' it.

state_from_jakefarm383 karma

Hi Noel,

Your'e commentary on all of Oasis's music videos is possibly the best thing on Youtube and one of the funniest things ever.

So I'm hoping that your stance on videos hasn't changed so we'll see some High Flying Birds commentary down the road. Right?

Also, if you play "All around the world" at the Sony Center on Monday I will dedicate a shrine to you in my closet

Noel-Gallagher254 karma

Oh yeah. Absolutely.

Then what better reason for not playing it? Hehehehe.

thefatronaldo175 karma

Should City sack Pellegrini this summer and if so who would you like to see in charge next?

Noel-Gallagher258 karma

Should they sack 'im, I don't know.

Who should they get? I don't know that either.

pottersground165 karma

Hi Noel, fan since the Definitely Maybe days here. Thanks for doing this AMA. My three questions are:

1) If there had been one more Oasis album after Dig Out Your Soul, what do you think it would've been like? Which songs of yours or the other three would you have put on it?

2) What's your maddest Oasis story?

3) What lead to Lock All the Doors being dug up and rerecorded for Chasing Yesterday? And,while we're on the subject, are there any odds in any other old and unreleased songs being redone for future releases? I would love to hear a finished version of Gotta Have Fun from the '89 tape.

Cheers Noel!

(Edit: Obligatory plug for /r/Oasis)

Noel-Gallagher256 karma

1.) Okay. It would've been half of my first solo record, so "Record Machine" would've probably been on it... "Stop the Clocks" would've probably been on it, and "Dream On" and maybe "Stranded on the Wrong Beach" and then the rest of the guys would've put on some of their own songs.

2.) Hah. Wow. Maddest Oasis story. Just the fact that we existed AT ALL and became the biggest band in the world is bizarre enough. I'm not going to share any Oasis stories with anybody online for fear of litigation and libel.

Although needless to say - there were oiled midgets involved. grins

There, I've said too much.

3.) "Gotta Have Fun?" What led to "Lock All the Doors" being resurrected was just the fact that I kept the chorus in my head all those years... and I just happened to be comin' out of the local supermarket, on a Sunday evening... and snaps fingers it fell out of the sky.

That's it.

There are no more hidden gems to be regurgitated.

Good word. Regurgitated.

"Gotta Have Fun?" Don't remember that one.

Frankm95130 karma

Noel, do you consider a hotdog to be put under the category of a saddwich?

Noel-Gallagher211 karma




I frequently consider the hotdog a sandwich.

FootballDropout115 karma

Wow... I can't believe you're finally doing an AMA!

I've been a huge fan of your work for years, and Live Forever is my all-time favorite song. I love the new album, and I can't describe how happy I am that you finished Lock all the Doors. Your music, especially the Masterplan album and your first solo album has been the amazing soundtrack to my teenage years and helped me through some really rough times.

Do you have any plans to release songs such as "Bye Bye My Family/Don't Stop Being Happy," "She Must Be One of Us" or "Just Let it Come Down Over Me"?

The Mustique Demos are something of a "Holy Grail" among Oasis fans. Will they be released with the Be Here Now reissue?

To get a response from you would be incredible, and again thank you for all the incredible music.

Noel-Gallagher133 karma


There will be a "Be Here Now" reissue.

The Mustique Demos will be on it.


The 3 songs that you mentioned - "Bye Bye My Family" is called "Don't Stop..." - the other two will definitely be released at some point - not sure when.

DannyBoi1Derz115 karma

I know your son Donovan and you are pretty big WWE fans. Who's your favorite Wrassler??

Noel-Gallagher382 karma


At the moment - Donovan's favourite wrestler is Brock Lesner. Because he's mean, and evil.

My favourite wrestler at the moment is Bray Wyatt. Because we met him when they did a show in London, and he was a really fucking nice guy. And we met Hulk Hogan, and he was a REALLY fucking nice guy. He asked if I was one of his Hulkamaniacs, and I had to say "yes, of course!" He came into this room, and I was going "Look Donovan, it's Hulk Hogan" and he goes "Look BROTHER, are you one of my Hulkamaniacs?!" and I said "Yes, of course!"

fagdrew4l112 karma

hey noel, can you give me your favorite smiths song or songs?

Noel-Gallagher210 karma


"Rusholme Ruffians." "The Queen is Dead." "There is a light that never goes out." "These Things Take Time." "Rubber Ring." And "Asleep."

Amongst others.

Lizzibarnes111 karma

Also, forgot to ask! The ring with the red stone that you've always worn, what is the significance of it? I've always wondered! Thank you for being a rock-god.

Noel-Gallagher547 karma

gestures with ring

Thank you very much.

I bought this ring in a pawn shop in Tokyo in the 90's. It's a US college ring that I believe people get when they graduate from college in America. It was given to somebody. I'm assuming a G.I. stationed in Tokyo, from Ruston High School in Mississippi (I've looked it up).

It has started many a boring conversation with some of the American armed forces in airport lounges across the world, when they'll say to me "Where'd you go to school buddy?"


"I see you got a ring there. Where'd you go to school?"

"I went to Ruston High School in Mississippi, as you can tell by my accent."

Venomousvillainy98 karma

Hi. My Dad reckons he tested your eyes as a kid, do you remember going to an Opticians in Gorton?

Noel-Gallagher202 karma


Yeah...kind of. Well, I know where Gorton is, and I know where my eyes are, and would I have had them tested in Gorton? I don't know.

Gorton is like, an area of Manchester near where I used to live.

rpm95997 karma

What do you think it will take for guitar music to make a comeback?

Noel-Gallagher345 karma

Somebody to write some fucking great songs.

That's all it'll ever take.

That's all it takes. People can talk about "attitude," and "spirit" and fucking good-looking guys in bands, and vibe, and fucking blah-blah-blah. I dare ANYBODY from the next generation to write one decent chorus.


Just one.

David_J_Huggins91 karma

Hi Noel.

Do you remember where the chant in the demo of Columbia was sampled from?

Sounds like a Hare Krishna-type chant to me, but would love to know where it was actually from. Thanks!

Noel-Gallagher194 karma

None of us know. It was just - we switched on the radio - it was recorded in the middle of the night, about 3 or 4 AM, and we just... it was something that was on the BBC World Service I think or some fucking radio station. None of us know what it is. No idea.

keepit_creepy90 karma

Hi Noel, I have always wondered what your vocal warm-up consists of pre-gig?. Since your vocals are always on point!.

Noel-Gallagher424 karma

Eh... I sing "The Macarena." I do some yodelin'. And then I finish with "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce.


ericms86 karma

Hey Noel, did the Japanese fan obsessed with your pants actually get to meet you in the end?

Noel-Gallagher161 karma


thefeb8379 karma

Hi Noel! Do you like classical music? Any favourite composers?

Noel-Gallagher322 karma


Ennio Morricone is the only one that springs to mind. I've seen 'im twice in the last five years. And his music does bring a tear to my eye. I think he's a genius. Like me.

Aman50k75 karma

I'll be attending one of your gigs for the first time this summer? Any advice, aside from not shouting out "LIAM!"?

Also could you please play an acoustic version of Go Let it Out sometime soon? It's one of my favourite tunes of yours!

Noel-Gallagher268 karma

Eh - do I have any advice for you attendin'?

If you could find the time to buy some merchandise, that'd be great. A t-shirt preferably, maybe a poster, ideally a t-shirt AND a poster would be GREAT.

Other than that, just clap in all the right places, and you know, don't shout out stupid fucking song titles.

riceomatic6974 karma

Hey Noel, always wanted to ask this....back in the 90's you worked with Epiphone on your signature model "Supernova" guitar.

However it didn't have any of the details of the custom shop Union Jack Epiphone you were most famous for at the time & have never seen any footage of you playing one.

Did you have much involvement in the design or was it just a nice big bag of cash handed over for the use of your signature? :)

Noel-Gallagher192 karma


Okay, FIRSTLY, there was no big bag of fucking cash.

Secondly, I was involved in the design.

Thirdly, I can't fucking remember what my involvement was.

Fourthly, I do have one, somewhere. But... I shouldn't have made them sonic blue color.

It's disgustin'.

Tell her I was high on the time, on drugs.

kyuzwafu71 karma

Hi Noel, quick question. What is your guilty pleasure when it comes to music?

Noel-Gallagher283 karma

Tears for Fears.

NoelyGFan70 karma

Hiya Noel. Tayto or Walkers? Curlywurly or Double Decker? And a thank you to your wife for being such an inspiration for me to get fit. (Hence I don't eat any of those much anymore! :) )

Noel-Gallagher157 karma


Curlywurly. From the fridge.

Oh wow! Well, I would high-five you back on 'er behalf. She's a fitness fanatic my wife. She's fucking gorgeous.

Gusrodlopez67 karma

How was life before Oasis? did you had any life goal or something?

Noel-Gallagher238 karma

No, where I came from, and the times that I grew up in, it was best not to have any ambitions. It was quite a bleak time.

I never had a life goal until I wrote "Live Forever." And then when I wrote "Live Forever," I wanted to be in the biggest band in the world.

ZeppelinYanks63 karma

Hey Noel! I'm a huge fan of Oasis and your solo work.

A lot of what made Oasis great was the rock and roll attitude of "Fuck you, we're the greatest band in the world." What do you think about the current state of rock and roll? Is it alive, dead, or dying?

Noel-Gallagher125 karma


I think that rock n' roll has turned into - or been turned into - a thing that is now referred to as "modern rock." Which is an awful title to give any kind of music. I think - I just think that the attitude, and the spirit, that we had is definitely disappearing.

look_who_it_isnt57 karma

Hi Noel! I'm a huge fan. Your music has brought me so much enjoyment over the years - I can't even put it into words. I have major respect and love for you and wish you all the happiness in the world! I have two questions for you:

1) I love your sense of humor. You always make me laugh :) What's your favorite comedy, either from TV or movies?

2) A lot of us ladies think you're just the hottest thing ever. Does it bother you to be considered a veritable sex god? ;)

Noel-Gallagher199 karma

1.) SEINFELD. The greatest thing that's ever been on television.

2.) It's a cross I have to bear. And unfortunately... you know, it's a long road that I will have to carry this cross down. But I could think of worse things to be. I.E... a French person in Montreal.

bonojour56 karma

Will there ever be a song featuring Boots? I think the meows would be a great harmony.

Noel-Gallagher270 karma


Eh...Boots is an arrogant little shit.


That's my cat. He's been ignoring me for the last fucking five years.

Me and Boots could never work together. There would be too many "artistic differences."

SuperT1553 karma

Hey Noel, been a huge fan for years.

What do you think is the most underrated Oasis song? Listen Up would be my choice.

Noel-Gallagher136 karma

"She is Love."

"Idler's Dream."

"Let's All Make Believe."

And... and... "Part of the Queue."

sterlingavenueband51 karma

Hi Noel. First of all- thank you for the many years of great music and leading me to my first guitar 18 years ago. Forever indebted to you for this.

What are your thoughts on the songs 'Let's All Make Believe' and 'Roll It Over' and what are the chances of ever hearing them live? They're amongst two of my favourites of many which have never been done live before. Thanks in advance.

Noel-Gallagher98 karma

Eh - "Roll It Over" probably will never be performed live. But on the other hand, "Let's All Make Believe" I was messing around with it before this tour started, so I wouldn't be surprised if I play it in the very far distant future.

jyhwkm48 karma

Noel, you’ve always seemed dismissive of Oasis' Be Here Now - Heathen Chemistry years. Why is that? It was the ascots, wasn’t it?

Noel-Gallagher149 karma

I dismiss "Be Here Now" because it's shit. And I'm allowed to say that because I fucking wrote it. "Heathen Chemistry" on the other hand, has its moments... "Force of Nature," "She is Love," "Little By Little," "Stop Crying Your Heart Out," etcetera.

But yeah - "Be Here Now." Hmmm.

govt_cheeze46 karma

Hello Noel

How does it feel to be one of the last true rockstars?


What do you think of the new Blur album?

Noel-Gallagher134 karma

It feels good to be one of the last rockstars.

If in fact, that's what I am.

And from what I've heard of the new Blur album, it sounds pretty good.

ruben12245 karma

Hi Noel. Huge fan from Montevideo, Uruguay here. Any plans on coming to South America? Thank you!

Noel-Gallagher78 karma

Yes. I believe... it's pencilled in... although don't quote me on this... for March 2016.

riceomatic6940 karma

You have always spoken very highly of Ryan Adams & his version of Wonderwall, have you ever encountered anybody else that covered one of your tracks & thought it was as good as your version or maybe even better?

Noel-Gallagher113 karma


Supersonic540 karma

Hey Chief! Never in a million years thought I’d see you do an AMA.

You mentioned that you regret the name ‘Chasing Yesterday’, would you change it if you could, and what would you change it to?

Noel-Gallagher195 karma

"Regret" is too strong a word. I don't think it's the greatest title I ever came up with. But then again, neither was "What's the Story, Morning Glory." If I could change it now, I'd probably change it to... eh... "Dark Side of the Room"

OR "Wheat is Murder." Hahahaha!

justsomepersononredd40 karma

Hi Noel, huge fan of most of your work

1) Do you ever get tired of people asking you all kinds of questions about Oasis? I've watched a few interviews with you post-Oasis and pretty much everyone's asked you a question or two about Oasis, I suppose I'm really not being different but do you ever feel like people should just move on?

2) How has touring and your creative process changed over the years? I mean, the music you put out now is quite different from the start of your career and I'm guessing there isn't as much partying behind the scenes as when you started.

3) Which modern-day bands do you listen to nowadays? I discovered Kasabian by watching an interview of you and I think they're amazing, so thanks for that too.

4) Any musicians you'd like to collaborate with?

5) I read that you had another brother, Paul, but I've never actually heard anything about him. What's he like?

6) What do you think of all these new forms of music distribution? Itunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc.

Thanks for your time, hope you enjoy your AMA, and keep being an awesome musician

Noel-Gallagher165 karma

1.) Yes. I do feel like they should move on. But I don't mind answerin' the questions if they're from fans, because i know how much that band meant, and continues to mean to people. So in my head, and my heart, I've moved on. So it's cool.

2.) There's certainly not as much partying in front of the scenes, that's for sure. Everything changes as you get older in life. You know, you don't attempt as much as you did when you're 47 as you did when you were 27 - whether that be length of time on the road, or partying, or amount of songs that you write, or the places you're willing to go to write those songs. The life of a musician in regards to gettin' older is just the same as everybody else's life as they get older. Your fucking shit changes. Not literally.

3.) Eh - yes, Kasabian would be one of my favourites. There's a band called Neon Waltz that you should check out. I'm not sure... there's a band called Jungle. Fucking hell, they are amazin'. Other than that, I'm still discovering old stuff from the 60's, I'm afraid.

4.) Dave Gillmore, Jeff Beck, Davie Bowie would be - fucking hell, that would blow my mind if he would even shake a maraca for one tune, that'd be great. Yeah.

5.) Heh. He's a fucking idiot - I'm only jokin' - haha! He's a dj. He - when I'm on tour in the UK - he does my official after show parties. And he's a funny, funny dude.

6.) I don't agree with streamin'. I certainly don't agree with the lack of royalties that I receive from streamin'. I realize that the world is changin', and the way that people receive music - and even the fact that I use the phrase "receive music" is a fucking disgrace. I would rather that people own it. But I'm not sure where it's all going to end, if I'm being honest.

I'll try.

super2goten38 karma

Hey! Whose names were written on that napkin, Noel?

Thanks for being a legend! Think The Dying Of The Light/The Right Stuff/While The Song Remains The Same may be your best work yet, so thanks for that too! CTID!

Noel-Gallagher51 karma

The names on the napkin was yours and your family's.

Noel-Gallagher74 karma

And I agree with those songs being my best work, and I admire your taste.

LordSifter36 karma

You're still great mates with Gem - what's next for him? Will we see the 2 of you play together in the near future?

Noel-Gallagher70 karma

I was with Gem about 4 weeks ago. Didn't get a chance to talk about anything really. It was at a party I was having in my dressing room, and there were too many people there. But if I needed on a track or a gig that thing that Gem offers, then I wouldn't hesitate to call him because I'd still like to think we're good friends and musical partners.

As for what he's going to do in the future... I have no idea.

Jamesh13435 karma

Hi Noel, what ever happened to the Oasis version of "The Roller"?

Also, I wanted to say thanks for all the music over the years. Been a source of inspiration all my life!

Noel-Gallagher76 karma

Oh, thank you very much.

The Oasis version of "The Roller" is... in somebody's... demo CD collection CD, somewhere. Not mine, I might add.

Somebody will have it. Gem will probably have a copy of it. As has Liam, no doubt.

laurakd735 karma

Do you get up to Manchester much these days and do you prefer London now?

Noel-Gallagher93 karma

Eh - I go to Manchester to see my football team, Manchester City. When I go there, I love it. I usually spend about 2 or 3 nights there, at a time, and it's great, but London has become my home. And it's where I will probably stay from now on.

Chenredditdude35 karma

Hey Noel, I've noticed that in many songs you play E MINOR... Is it a heavenly chord?

Noel-Gallagher58 karma


I guess it must be.

GiovaniGuizzo34 karma

Hello Mr. Gallagher. Thanks for doing this AmA. I am a huge Oasis's and NGHFB's fan and I actually have several questions, but I will contain myself and ask just 3:

  1. Which music is this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5mYMKfuUYc ? It sounds pretty amazing. Would you consider recording it eventually? Can you give us the name of this tune at least?
  2. Have you met the girl of "Talk Tonight" after you wrote the song? If you have, how was the meeting?
  3. I loved your new album, specially the "Lock All the Doors" track (what a blast from the past). Can we expect other reworked songs from the past in your future albums?

PS: You would like to take a look at /r/oasis. There are some interesting and insightful posts there from some mad fans.

Noel-Gallagher49 karma

1.) That song is called "Don't stop..." I've already recorded it. The reason it didn't make it onto "Chasing Yesterday" was because it didn't fit the vibe of the album. Needless to say, when I finally get 'round to releasing it, I think it will be one of my best ever releases. The sound of it is more akin to the first album, and I felt like "Chasing Yesterday" had moved on a little bit. But it's a great song, and I love it, and when I finally release it, you're going to love it (fans, that is).

2.) Eh - no, I haven't. I struggle to remember her name, to be honest.

3.) No. That's it now, I'm afraid. The cupboards are bare.

Rodoalo34 karma

Hi Noel, it's Rod from URUGUAY.

My question has always been this:

Do you have any knowledge of music theory or did you learn songwriting by ear?

Cheers, your new record is amazing.

Noel-Gallagher108 karma

I learnt song-writin' by ear and instinct. I've never studied musical theory. I would never allow myself or any of my children to study musical theory. Because if you study musical theory, you will eventually end up soundin' like...shit.


DannyBoi1Derz31 karma

What's your favorite thing to eat in the states?

Noel-Gallagher138 karma



Burgers. Mexican food, 'cuz we don't get good Mexican food in England, and there's great Mexican food in America.

And hot dogs.

Noel-Gallagher196 karma

The hot dog sandwich.

PraetorianGuard1430 karma

Have you seen the new documentary on Kurt Cobain?

Noel-Gallagher57 karma


madferitNYC30 karma

Do you think a rock band in 2015 can reach the level of popularity that Oasis reached? Or do you think that the music industry is too dead for there ever to be a rock band that reaches those heights again?

Noel-Gallagher96 karma

I think that the days of a rock band explodin' out of a council estate in the north of England and going on to connect with so many people in so many countries around the world... I think the chances of that happenin' again are very, very slim.

But we live in hope.

rak86t27 karma

You're a great story teller and have such a way with words. Would you ever consider writing a book?

Noel-Gallagher86 karma

looks around room


Karmarghh25 karma

Hey Noel, been a huge fan of yours almost all 20 years of my life. I have been lucky enough to see NGHFB twice recently and just want to tell you the new album is f***ing incredible! You, among the likes of Bacharach and Macca, are my absolute inspiration for pursuing a life in Music, so thanks for that. Anyway - couple questions for you:


1) As a songwriter, could you let me in on your approach to melody? I listen to yours and ask myself "why the bloody hell didn't I think of that?!". Do they really just pop into your head or do you find there is a lot of trial and error?


2) Reckon you can give me a kick-start and replace Mike Rowe with me on keys? He's a cool guy, but I'll do it for nothing. That gives me the edge right? Oh and I won't f*ck it up - I promise!!


Take it easy Noel, and keep doing what you're doing. Riverman blows my mind.

Noel-Gallagher53 karma

1.) Eh - it depends. The great ones usually just pop into your head. And seem to just fall out of the sky. And then some of them you have to work at. There is no golden rule or any rule set in stone for songwritin'. No matter what anybody might tell you, it seems to change from song to song for me. But I guess... I always, always, ALWAYS let the melody dictate the rest. I don't worry about the chords. I just let the melody dictate where the song's going to go and sometimes they're great and sometimes they're not.

2.) Well, you're in! Cheap labor is my forte, haha.

sally_cinnamon_23 karma

Hi Noel! First of all, thanks for giving us so much great music. You truly are a godlike genius.

My question for you is: where did your sense of humor and talent for storytelling come from? Because I think you are genuinely one of the funniest people in the world seemingly without even trying.

Also, do you still think dogs in hats and sunglasses are hilarious?

Noel-Gallagher67 karma

Well - dogs in hats and sunglasses - there is NOTHING funnier than a dog in a hat.

Ehm - I don't know. My sense of humor, I don't know. It's Irish, it must've been passed down to me from somebody in Ireland.

Loulou9621 karma

Hi Noel

I heard on radio 1 you perform shows wearing no underwear, can you confirm?

Noel-Gallagher59 karma

Yeah, well, clearly that was a joke.

Pheelip20 karma

Hey Noel, huge fan. What do you think has been your greatest musical achievement?

Noel-Gallagher81 karma


I couldn't say with any great sense of certainty, because it changes every day for me, but I'm going to say the song "Rock & Roll Star" because it sums up everything about bein' young, and bein' in a band, and the hopes and dreams of, you know, a young land from Manchester.

And it's a fucking great song.

JamJam2117 karma

Hi Noel! will you be adding anymore dates in the uk to your tour?

Noel-Gallagher30 karma

I think there will be more dates, but not 'til 2016.

Jeavo15 karma

Hi Noel, thanks for doing this AMA

If at all any, what video games do you play?

Noel-Gallagher93 karma

I don't play video games.

I have a life. And that life is too short for video games.

Some of my band play video games on tour. It drives me up the fucking wall. And it's one of the main reasons why I'll probably fire the fucking lot of them on this tour.

shivan2111 karma

Hi Noel! I've always wondered about the meaning of D'you know what I mean video, and especially the fact that there is Be Here Now and D'you know what I mean written in czech language. The video has very 60's atmosphere for me and they are also alluded by Beatles references. Considering the military choppers, could be the video understood as refering to the Prague Spring in 1968?

Noel-Gallagher51 karma

No. Okay. The video for "D'You know what I mean" was shot on the deserted set of FULL METAL JACKET, which is still - you can still visit it in London - so it's an old, disused gasworks in London. The Czech writing, I'm not sure what that's all about, I thought it was Vietnamese writin'. The choppers was a reference to Vietnam. What any of that has to do with the fucking song is beyond me. I don't even know what the song's about, never mind the video!

MidnightPizza11 karma

Hello Mr. Gallagher! I'd like to thank you for all the music you wrote. I hope to see one of your show soon and maybe pay you a beer. Here are my questions:

1) Are you still thinking about doing an album with Damon Albarn? What do you think about The Magic Whip, Blur's latest album?

2) What's your opinion about Dave Sardy's input on your work? Some people think that your latest work (especially your first solo album) could've been better without him and that producing Chasing Yesterday yourself was refreshing. I personally enjoy the Dave Sardy produced albums as much as any other album you wrote.

Anyway, congratulation on Chasing Yesterday. It really is a great album.

Noel-Gallagher18 karma

1.) Ehm - the thing with Damon was a flippant comment as casually thrown around as "We should go for a drink." As for makin' an album, I would be amazed if either of us ever had the time to make that work. As for "The Magic Whip," I like the tracks "Lonesome Street" and "Ong Ong" - I haven't heard any of the rest of it, but if those two tracks are anything to go by, sounds like it's going to be good.

2.) Ehm - his input was fantastic. And at the time, invaluable. And I couldn't have got my solo career off the ground without him. All that being said - you know, my record, this record, "Chasing Yesterday," sounds that good. With any producer, it's all about the relationship, as opposed to the skills that they can bring. But me and Dave, you know, still to this day we remain good friends, and maybe we'll work together again in the future.

nathanoasis11 karma

Hello Noel! Your music is incredible, all 20 years of it, and it has changed my life. Thank you for that and thank you for doing this AMA. I have a question about the song that is going around the Internet under the name "Bye Bye My Family" (and "Don't Stop the Happenin'" and "Hold Back the Night"). From what we've heard, the song sounds amazing. Will this song ever be recorded and released? Thank you again and keep on being an absolute fucking legend!

Noel-Gallagher20 karma


I pretty much just answered that question about 20 minutes ago. It's a song called "Don't Stop..."

I've already recorded it. It didn't make it onto "Chasing Yesterday" because it sounded a bit too much like what was already on the first High Flying Birds album.

But it will be released, in, you know... soon!

SnakeArms10 karma

Hi Noel! In ALL of your interviews you've said that the original verses to 'Lock All The Doors' went to The Chemical Brother's 'Setting Sun’, which is weird, because the 1993 demos we have suggest that the songs original verses were instead used in 'My Sister Lover' and the verses that went to 'Setting Sun' came from a different demoed song 'Coming on Strong'. Have we missed something or does any of this sound true at all??

Oh, and what happened to 'Slow' and 'The Red, White & Blue'?!

Noel-Gallagher30 karma

You should bear in mind that my memory's not the best.

If you're telling me it's from a different song, then I would probably agree.

I'd like to think that the Chemical Brothers story is a better STORY though.

So let's keep that between us.


WHY TORONTO AND NOT MONTREAL? we've got a better hockey club and our football team is getting better every year.

Noel-Gallagher107 karma

Because I went to a fucking donut shop once in Montreal, and all the staff spoke French! And last time I looked - France was on the other side of the fucking world.

So I say to the people of Montreal - au revoir.


Brutalful8 karma

Hi Noel,

I am curious what (if anything) is still on your bucket list?

If you have done it all, what are your top 5 moments in life, and is playing with Johnny Marr on that list?


Noel-Gallagher40 karma

Okay. First of all - a bucket list is the most fucking ludicrous fucking term I've ever heard, in my life.


I would like someday to record an album in New York. I would also like to have Dave Gilmore play on a track for me. And Jeff Beck. I think that's about it.

Oh, actually, I also still think that one day I'm going to write the greatest song in the world.