My short bio: The Disco Biscuits are pioneers of live, electronic music. In 1999, the band started their own music festival - Camp Bisco - which, earlier this week, announced that the 13th edition of the festival will take place July 16-18 at Montage Mountain in Scranton, PA. For more information on Camp Bisco, join us for an AMA this Friday, May 1 - the day tickets go on sale for the festival.

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EDIT: Thanks guys, that was a blast! We both have a Bar Mitzvah we are about to leave for, so we have to say goodbye. We appreciate your support so much. The community we have built and the passion and loyalty that you have demonstrated is the reason why we do what we do. None of this works without you, and you and you and you and you and you....cue Breakfast Club music -Aron Magner and Marc Brownstein

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MangoFuccboi39 karma

How do you feel about the contempt that brews between fanbases at Camp Bisco? I know that there are some people who go to Camp Bisco and aren't even really fans of you guys. Biscuts fans can get angry at Bassnectar fans. It seems like with a festival such as your own filled with diversity, you also get clashing between fanbases?

I know you have been working towards making Bisco safer, and I admire you for that, but can you reassure us in anyway that police will not be breathing down our necks? The beauty of Bisco was that it existed very well without an overwhelming sense of authority. People coexisted. Hudson Music Project, the Bisco substitute for last summer, was awful in this sense.

When do you see second phase lineup coming out? Any chance of Porter Robinson?

If you proved yourself this year as running a successful and safe event, would you consider trying to go back to New York or is Scranton the new home for good?

the_disco_biscuits24 karma

We feel that we are all one. One love. Any one person can be moved by any other kind of music at any time if they have a chance to be exposed to it. And that goes in both directions. Bassnectar and The Disco Biscuits are friends and have a lot of fans in common. It's all about keeping it positive and trying to spread the love.

The second part of the line-up will be out in a few weeks.

pimpbluerikki37 karma

Why have I been dropped out of rotation?

the_disco_biscuits41 karma

You will be brought back triumphantly and will reign supreme for many years! - mb

viceral25 karma

Hey guys, huge fan and really happy to see Camp back. Couple questions:

1: With a history that includes 2 rock operas, the Classical Set, and the Akira jam, have you guys considered any more really big creative endeavors like this?

2: Coming off the release of the Classical Set, you put any thought towards pressing HAB or CWB records and selling those?

3: Slightly less serious: Brownie, why do you always lie to us and say it’s going to be a 15 minute set break when it’s usually closer to 50? You are giving me trust issues.

the_disco_biscuits32 karma

1: Yes, there is always the possibility of another huge creative endeavor in this band.

2: Are you reading our minds?

3: Marc: It's been bugging me too lately. If you notice, the last few times that I've said it, I have actually corrected myself and said 25 minutes, even though i know it takes approximately 50 minutes to herd us back to stage.

Aron: We're musicians, not mathematicians.


Is it true that based on this seating chart you are confined to the "lawn" area for the headliners unless you buy $500 VIP tickets?

If so, as someone who has attended the last 6 Camp Biscos that is seriously disappointing.

the_disco_biscuits43 karma

That seating chart is outdated. The whole site is GA with the exception of a small VIP pit. -AM

AJ0nes18 karma

Marc/Aron - I've been a huge fan of yours for over 15 years, and have been to over 160 of your shows in multiple countries. As a fellow musician I’m very interested in your rigs and how they’re setup. I've seen other bands such as Phish and Umphrey's McGee make YouTubes explaining their instruments, pedals, and equipment. I was wondering if you guys could eventually make a video like that explaining your own setups? (P.S. I cant wait for my 12th camp bisco!)

the_disco_biscuits26 karma

Marc: I am defintiely going to do that. I've been getting a ton of requests for that kind of a video and now that my tech Andy Cass has tricked my system out, I'm incredibly excited to show it off.

the_disco_biscuits24 karma

That's a great idea. Who doesn't like to nerd out on other people's gear. -AM

KustyTheKlown17 karma

what's up dudes?

congratulations on 20 years of biscuits! do you have any intentions to ever go on an extended (or even not so extended) multi city tour ever again? the random shows in burlington and portland are much appreciated, but lots of us would like to see you in the cities and markets which haven't been played since ~2010.

the_disco_biscuits17 karma

I don't have a Crystal Ball, Kusty, but I can tell you that right now, things feel awesome, we are all really excited about the shows we've just played, and you never know... it's a possibility for sure!

morphfromdusseldorf16 karma

I actually have a few questions, hope you don't mind:

  1. Does the sun revolve around the earth?
  2. Does reflection make the water blue?
  3. Should I forget the dream I had last night or remember it and follow through?

the_disco_biscuits21 karma

why on this night do we eat unleavened bread?

world_fn_champs15 karma

why is tham so dreamy?

the_disco_biscuits16 karma

Because his pants are so tight? Because he never takes his hat off, even in Bed, I know, from experience... - mb

mettaworldfarzan15 karma

sup magner? how much you bench these days?... looking jacked bro.

the_disco_biscuits11 karma

not jacked, just getting fatter. Well...a little of the gym mixed with fat I guess = jacked. -AM

colforbin42013 karma

What's up, Marc and Aaron?! I live in Los Angeles and am seriously missing the Biscuits… Will y'all ever do a full tour of the West again? California? Anyway, Much Love and Rage on!

the_disco_biscuits6 karma

we are seriously missing you!

M00setafa12 karma

Hey guys!!!

What exactly have you been doing differently (musically speaking) that has made the last few runs so much more successful than that of previous years?

the_disco_biscuits17 karma

I don't know if there's anything that us, as band members can attribute to the passion that is coming out in our playing of recent. We are all at really good places in our lives. We are happy. We are proud of our careers thus far and we look forward to whatever the future has to do offer us. We are having fun both onstage and off. All of those things are probably the biggest factors. Oh....and also Allen got a new crash cymbal. -AM

Olto12 karma

I’m incredibly excited for my third Camp, especially after having an amazing time in CO two weeks ago.

  1. Anything special about Montage Mountain that made you guys pick this venue instead of anything else out there that the fans might not necessarily know about yet? Food, layout, stage setup, acoustics, etc.

  2. Probably too early to announce, but can we expect one/two/three sets Thursday/Friday/Saturday, respectively? Understood if you don’t know or can’t say.

  3. Magner, I hear a little more of this in the ’14 and ’15 shows, but do you/does the band ever consider reintroducing the heavier electronic sound from ‘09--for example 4/17/09 Dribble > Shem Rah > Dribble or 4/18/09 jam out of 42? (If you haven’t relistened to those in a while, please do; you’re on fire).

THANK YOU! See you in a few weeks.

the_disco_biscuits12 karma

The site has had a really good run with Peach Fest, it has a WATER PARK!!! There are hotels really close by, which was very attractive to us, and it's closer to our home in Pennsylvania.

As it stands, it looks like its gonna be 1,2, and 3 sets layed out that way.



I'll check them out!

KustyTheKlown10 karma

have you chilled briefly lately?

the_disco_biscuits5 karma

-Aron Magner

headfullofmangos10 karma

Hello and thanks for doing this. I'm a huge fan.

My question is regarding influences. Not who influenced you, but rather, who do you think you have influenced. Do you see yourselves coming through in any current artists music?

Again thanks for doing this!

the_disco_biscuits10 karma

MB: I think that there is something to be said about the collective unconscious. Music sort of moves in a direction and people take cues from pop culture and underground culture and build off of the foundation of what came before them, and then tweak and mash until it's something new. That's what we did, and that's what all young musicians do, so it would be hard to take credit for anyone doing anything artistic.

valley_pete10 karma

Hey fellas!

Two quick questions, both relating to the Grateful Dead/your experiences playing with Billy and Mickey over the past year.

1) What are your favorite songs (Dead)/were you happy with the range of songs you got to play in DC/Vibes/CO? A couple of repeats there; maybe you'd like to play more in any potential shows in the future?

2) How was it playing with them? Magner, I saw you with Billy and the Kids at the Capital with my uncle, who's been a Dead fan since like '71, and he kept turning to me going "goddamn, goddamn, this Magner's good!" So how was that adjustment for you to their style of music, and how did they handle playing songs like MEMPHIS, Caterpillar and stuff?

Hope to see you guys on a Road to Camp?! Either way, I'll be back at my first Camp since 2011, so let's bring the heat.

Love you lads.


the_disco_biscuits12 karma

I got into the Dead at a very early age and never lost the extreme passion I have for the band and the catalogue. Playing with the drummers is magical experience, musically, existentially, and personally. I think after that last magical show we are all open to doing more. -AM

Guyutee9 karma

6/28/09, Church Of Universal Love & Music. You used the pastors sermon as a sample during the opening RLH...

Do you still have the pastors sermon saved somewhere? I'd love to hear it again in it's entirety.

the_disco_biscuits3 karma

Magner? - MB

Dabstronaut429 karma

@Magner ... angel choir or gates of hell?

the_disco_biscuits17 karma


magners_deep_V9 karma

Is Allen really a part of the band?

the_disco_biscuits16 karma

the driving force!

lolomgkthxdie8 karma

Very excited to see you guys doing an AMA. Long time fan!

Are the days of touring completely over? I can't do it like i used to in my younger days, but I still miss seeing you guys in a dark and dirty club in middle america.

Aron, what is it going to take to bring back the mullet and keytar?

Thanks guys!

the_disco_biscuits11 karma

I can't do it like my younger days either, and my family is super super excited that I have chosen to take this year off from touring, as last year we played almost every weekend between Conspirator, the biscuits, and Electron. My fam is super happy and that's sort of makig me happy right now. But the future is long and I would never rule anything out. - MB

ShaoLinPocketLint8 karma

Hello and thank for you for doing this AMA!

The crowd in Portland was great and the especially loud during the flight section of HAB. Is there any show that sticks out in your mind that had the loudest ovation?

Are there any plans for a Boston/Massachusetts show?

It has been 5 years since tDB last performed in Boston. You guys still have a great fanbase here and could easily do a 3 night run. Some thing like 2 nights HOB or the Orpheum then the 3rd night at the Bank of America Pavilion.

Again thanks for doing an AMA!

the_disco_biscuits13 karma

that may have been the loudest crowd in our history. There was a show at the Troc that had a similar thing happen, and one at Toads Place, but that has never really happened like that in the middle of a set.

BOSTON?!?! Maaaaaaaaybe - we do really want to get up there.

ElDoctor8 karma

Hey guys, thanks for doing the AMA!

Have a couple questions:

  1. This is going back a LONG time, but December 9th, 1998 you guys played a show at my college, Denison University in Granville Ohio, which is cool enough in itself, because who the hell has heard of Denison University? But it was the first time you ever played "The Very Moon", which ended up becoming my favorite Bisco tune, and the first recording of you guys I ever heard. Then, when I finally got to see you guys for the first time at Aura this year, you guys played it again, it felt like you guys played it just for me haha, awesome show! Any memories jump out at you from that '98 show? I've played shows on that small-ass stage before and from the tape it sounds like you guys just tore the roof off the place.

  2. I notice that both Aron and Allen are running Ableton rigs. What kind of interplay/sync is there between the two? Do you guys use them for any looping during jams? Hosting VSTs/soft synths? Sample/Loop playback? You guys get such a huge sound between the four of you, I'd love to know how you get all that gear to play nice with each other and implement the Ableton stuff in your jams!

  3. How'd you guys get involved with Simon Posford? And how did the collab on the most recent Younger Brother album come about? Any plans for any YB live shows?

  4. How'd you discover KJ Sawka? I remember YEARS ago, maybe around like 2005 I was starting to learn drums and I found a video on youtube of him playing these absurd jungle beats on his kit and it blew my mind, then at All Good (2012 I think?) I caught Conspirator's afternoon set and was like "Holy shit it's that guy!" when you introduced yourselves, guy is a beast.

Really excited Camp Bisco is back! I work in concert/festival production so I'm trying hard to nail down a gig so I don't miss it. Can't wait for my next Biscuits show!

the_disco_biscuits12 karma

Ha - At Denison, Andy Gadiel was leaning against the table, and he was kind of famous back then, and a random fan was in the room and heard us say something about it and said "ANDY GADIEL IS LEANING AGAINST THE WHAT?!?!?!?" and that has sort of become a lifelong inside joke. I clearly remember that night.

We got involved with Simon through a close friend of Benji Vaughns who we went to college. Eventually, before the first camp that they played, I literally just emailed them over and over and over and over, slightly increasing my offer every time, without authorization from the promoters of course, and when we hit their number, they answered. The rest is history.

Cookies4brkfst7 karma

After the release of the Classical Set on vinyl have you guys ever considered releasing TrancFusion Radio Broadcast 1-4 or any of the other albums on vinyl?

the_disco_biscuits4 karma

yes yes yes!

fungiside7 karma

I'm an older fan, can you name a show from the last 5 years that you think I should listen to to best understand where your sound is these days?

the_disco_biscuits13 karma

the best place to start would be the last 7 shows. Lots of great segments, lots of clear and cohesive jams... I loved the second set of the Portland show, it reminded me of 2001-2002. - mb

astralcars047 karma

Hey guys!

How late can shows go at Montage Mtn? I see that past Peach fest shows there don't have sets that start later than 12. If this is the case for Bisco will there be an all night Silent Disco?

the_disco_biscuits18 karma

sets end at 3am, but we can have a 24 hour Silent Disco

sdere6 karma

when you making a new album?

the_disco_biscuits10 karma

soon i hope. I have a ton of new songs. MB

MrSpliffington6 karma

Hey guys! big fan, super pumped to be attending my 4th bisco this summer. 2 questions: 1. how many more acts can we expect? I've heard rumors that a second wave of just bands is coming... please confirm this rumor. 2. who is one artist that you'd love to bring to camp but haven't been able to get?

the_disco_biscuits5 karma

1: There are a lot of bands to be announced in the next wave.

2: billy joel

986squares5 karma

Hey guys. I've always been a huge fan but never had the chance to see you guys lives. I have two questions?

Any chance for a west coast run?

What are your thoughts on STS9 with their new bass player?

the_disco_biscuits14 karma

We have definitely been discussing a potential West coast run. There I said it. I would love too. And when that time comes, and it will, it will be awesome in all its glory. Love that Alana Rocklin and the way that band has evolved to another monumental part of their careers. I am proud to have them on our festival and to call them friends. I have been a fan of theirs since the beginning (What's up Moonsocket!) -AM

fungiside5 karma

Have you considered going on tour with the robot from the On Time video? Seems like a good dancer, could probably boost ticket sales.

the_disco_biscuits7 karma

yes yes yes! and he's apparently really good with the ladies.

KustyTheKlown5 karma

in light of the difficulties with ILCC and mariaville, and the unfortunate negative reputation surrounding the "camp bisco" name, why was "camp bisco" retained as the name for the event at the new venue? seemed like a ripe opportunity for a fresh start.

the_disco_biscuits10 karma

This is our legacy, this is who we are. I am proud of Camp Bisco and what we have built both as a band and as a community. We should stand behind it and give Camp its "fresh start" by infusing our collective and beloved festival with positivity as we begin to write our next chapter. -AM

GoodLt5 karma

Do you guys ever chat w Sammy? Is it too personal to share?

Glad to see you guys chugging along all these years!

the_disco_biscuits11 karma

was just chatting with him last week in fact! Sammy has been and will always be one of my closest friends. -AM

the_disco_biscuits3 karma

just talked to him a few days ago. Still really close. he comes to a lot of shows!

PonderingPandas4 karma

Why no late night sets for VIP this year?

the_disco_biscuits11 karma

we are still determining if that is a possibility. We may be able to pull something like that off! MB

reddan3 karma

omg there's alotta questions so fast! please answer my super important one:

Will the montage mountain waterpark facilities be available to GA camp ticketers?

the_disco_biscuits10 karma

YES OF COARSE!!! Thats kind of the point. And its an amazing one. And I'll be going daily. -AM

i2occo2 karma

Why do you have to play some "tractorbeam" shows and not headline under the Biscuits brand name? Is it an issue with the label?

the_disco_biscuits4 karma

it started as a way to get around what is called a radius clause in a contract. You can't play too many shows in one area. So we would change our name to get around it. But then it turned into TRACTORBEAM and we love it so much, so now we just do it for the love of it.

fungiside2 karma

Why are you going to play a full version of the CWB at camp, and how awesome is that going to be?

the_disco_biscuits4 karma

because we are the best.

the_disco_biscuits3 karma

Yes. Damn you auto correct, I meant No. -AM