What's up? I'm Jeremy. I'm 1/2 the creative team behind CinemaSins, a YouTube channel with over 4 million subscribers. I'm also the narrator.

Obligtory "thing to promote that you shouldn't feel obligated to care about" is my book, The Ables, which releases worldwide today. It's about a group of young disabled superhero kids learning to break free of their "special ed" classification to find ways to work together to use their powers. You can learn more if you want here.

Proof in Twitter form

Proof in photo form Sorry so blurry, blame the cat.

Stealth edit: We do have a subreddit, where I do these AMA things more regularly. Check it out at /r/cinemasins.

I'll be here for at least a few hours, then probably back again later tonight. Questions about YouTube stuff, movie theater employment, The Ables, movie opinions, why Nashville is an awesome city, or even about being a nitpicking asshole for a living, whatever you want... all are welcome. Let's do this.

Oh, sh*t! Annnnd I already can't keep up. Ha ha ha. I'm going to be typing for a while.

Edit: Okay, slowing back down now. Apparently I'm no match for the popularity of a Matt Forte chat that lasted 55 minutes. :) I'll still be here all afternoon if you have questions.

Edit 2: Going to step away a few hours for dinner with friends, but I'll be back later to answer any questions that remain, so keep them coming.

Edit 3: I'm back.

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captainrothigans182 karma

Can I apply to the School of Finding Movie Sins once I've graduated from the Prometheus School of Running Away from Things?

cinemasins117 karma

Applications are always welcome.

Pooky-Almighty175 karma

Have you ever received a lap dance?

cinemasins218 karma

Yep. One time. It was... awkward.

jusmar163 karma


cinemasins222 karma

Yes, ding.

jortbru129998 karma

Hi everyone! What's your favorite thing about being a youtuber?

P.S I am a mod over at /r/cinemasins. Feel free to stop by, visitors to this AMA. Jeremy visits and comments frequently.

cinemasins167 karma

That I get to sit at home in my pajamas watching movies for a living.

bliteman94 karma

Hey Jeremy, love the channel! What's your educational background? How did you end up doing CinemaSins for a living?

cinemasins117 karma

I have a BA in Speech Communications, did radio in college, then managed movie theaters until I met Chris and we started down this path.

Bear_Taco14 karma

Well, I would consider you pretty BA at communicating. ;)

cinemasins19 karma

I see what you did there. And that's the first time my degree has ever seemed valuable. :)

Pooky-Almighty84 karma

What's your opinion on the star wars prequels?

Do you ever plan on sinning any mission impossible movies?

cinemasins120 karma

They suck. And yes. For sure.

WalrusTeam678 karma

If The Ables is ever made into a movie, will you do a sins video for it?

cinemasins220 karma

Immediately and without hesitation.

MettaMatt97 karma

Just remember the books don't matter

cinemasins14 karma

Not to the movies they don't. :)

Spongey44469 karma

Will Liam Neeson kill anyone in this AMA?

cinemasins97 karma

I don't think he'll even show.

ruhbuhjuh68 karma

Has making cinemasins ruined being able to watch a movie without judgement? As in, you're constantly on the look out for sins?

cinemasins125 karma

Nope. It's like flipping a switch for me. I still enjoy movies normally... then put on the sin hat for the job.

OneTreeAtaTime52 karma

Ever since I started watching your channel (long time ago) I always nitpick the hell out of every movie. Which for some movies makes it better.

Like "Absolute zero". Funniest movie I've ever seen

Highly recommend

cinemasins64 karma

Glad to spread our "disease."

pretty-in-pink38 karma

"Roll Credits" has become a popular catchphrase of mine when I watch movies.

cinemasins31 karma

That's good to hear. It's something my buddy Josh and I started saying to each other in college, which I then carried over into CinemaSins.

LordGouda60 karma

Is there a movie that you love so much that you would never do a Sins video on?

cinemasins140 karma

Nope. Already did my favorite, the Matrix.

dylc59 karma

Have you ever thought about doing cinema sins about youtube videos? I've got a few that could use commentary. https://youtu.be/hNJO63KOTfg

cinemasins77 karma

Yes. We're going to start doing this, I believe, over on our BrandSins channel.

Corabal57 karma

Will this AMA contain a lap dance?

cinemasins136 karma

Got a cat in the lap right now. Not sure that counts.

Emperor64954 karma

Are you guys aware that most of your secondary channel videos in Germany are flagged by GEMA?

cinemasins131 karma

Yes. GEMA is a festering sore of an organization.

HowieGaming52 karma

Worst movie ever sinned?

Also best?

cinemasins90 karma

Birdemic. And I'll say The Matrix, my favorite movie, as "best."

qwertyman23479 karma

What are your feelings regarding the Matrix sequels?

cinemasins40 karma

They're not good, but not as bad as their reputation.

DanielOnFilm50 karma

What do you think is the #1 thing that needs to change about Hollywood filmmaking?

cinemasins200 karma

Reboot-itis. More originality is desperately needed.

cinemasins131 karma

Reboot-itis. More originality is desperately needed.

Canesjags4life49 karma

Are you looking forward to your movie fights episode with the screen junkies team?

cinemasins47 karma


realryanmoorman48 karma

What is the hardest part of making a CinemaSins video?

cinemasins107 karma

Time. They are time-consuming as hell.

trevdordurden41 karma

What's the biggest bottleneck?

cinemasins71 karma

The writing. 8-10 hours per video for both Chris and I.

Autobot24842 karma

What is your name?

What is your quest?

What is your favourite colour?

What is the capital of Syria?

What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

cinemasins51 karma

If I even try to answer back with actual lines I'm going to embarrass myself. I love this movie, but Chris is the real Holy Grail nut on our team.

Gen_Hazard21 karma

You could just answer honestly.

cinemasins49 karma

To fix Hollywood.
No idea.

elencus23 karma

Considering Syria is barely a country anymore I would say you are not far off the mark. :p

cinemasins41 karma


keewa39 karma

You've said you'll never revisit an old movie from your early days, but is there one Sins video that you really wish you could re-do in the longer format/more detail?

cinemasins109 karma

Maybe Avengers... just to have more fun driving the fanboys crazy.

Keica38 karma

We all know that no movie is without sin, but was is the least sinful movie that you have seen in the last year?

cinemasins89 karma

Least sinful? Probably Her... I saw it late and it rocked me. My favorite movie last year was The Raid 2.

2891ps37 karma

Which sin do you use most in real life?

cinemasins105 karma

"This guy drives like a jackass."

Qwintro33 karma

How is your book doing, in terms of both sales and critics? Is it doing better than expected, or worse?

cinemasins61 karma

Haven't seen any professional reviews yet, but the sales are going better than expected.

Gran230 karma

Would TV Sins be something ever likely to happen?

cinemasins59 karma

Yes. I would say so.

unclefuz28 karma

Have you always had such a golden voice for narration? Or did it come with practice?

cinemasins57 karma

Um. I did radio in college... that might have helped. :)

cheekboys28 karma

Do you honestly like or dislike the Hobbit movies?

cinemasins107 karma

We honestly dislike those movies. Sorry.

m00tles25 karma

If you had to choose three movies to watch for the rest of your life what would they be and why?

cinemasins66 karma

The Matrix, The Dark Knight, & The Incredibles. Because they all compete every time I want to watch something amazing.

JoeFalchetto17 karma

Are you going to sin the Incredibles?

Perhaps as the Incredibles 2 comes out?

cinemasins25 karma


Autobot24825 karma

Are you ever planning on sinning Miyazaki movies? Or are they too sinless?

cinemasins49 karma

Maybe. That would upset half the planet.

FootyCobra1119 karma

What was your favorite sins video to do, and why?

cinemasins45 karma

Cinderella (the animated one) was a blast, and I think it's just because I hadn't seen it in so long, and they just made movies completely differently back then.

Nextfoot18 karma

Whats the difference between you and me?

cinemasins63 karma


orhansaral18 karma

Are there any movies you wouldn't dare to make sin videos about?

cinemasins55 karma

We joke about avoiding Passion of the Christ, but the truth is we'd probably even still do that one.

camethcameth18 karma

What up, Jezza? Big fan. Most/least favourite actor/actress?

cinemasins37 karma

Right now I'm a huge Fassbender fan. I'll watch anything Denzel makes.

tampers_w_evidence36 karma

Ah yes, I too am a fan of Denzel Fassbender...

cinemasins23 karma

Ha ha ha. He was great in... that thing.

sociologize17 karma

Jeremy! I know you have a hatred of reboots/remakes, since you always go off about them on Twitter. But what's movie you want to see get a reboot/remake and why?

cinemasins39 karma

Can we just go ahead and stop and reboot Batman right now?

srproff17 karma


What was your take on the whole "The Interview." Spiel that went on. Also, any plans for a "Black Hawk Down" sins video?

cinemasins26 karma

Eh. That movie looked terrible from the get go, so I didn't pay tons of attention. The Sony hack is MUCH more interesting to me. :)

NotSaturn16 karma

Whats your favorite film sequel Jeremy and why?

cinemasins49 karma

The Dark Knight. Because it is amazing!!

ironboy3914 karma

What is the worst movie you ever watched?

cinemasins32 karma

Birdemic. I think it's worse than The Room.

herotomany13 karma

Favourite TV show? And would you be able to find sins in it?

cinemasins38 karma

All time? The Wire. Right now? Better Call Saul or Fargo.

Claptrapmakesmefap12 karma

What am do, and if so why?

cinemasins23 karma

We are thy, for because.

orhansaral11 karma

Do you have any plans for making sin videos about games?

cinemasins19 karma

Yes, we're talking about it.

masterjmp10 karma

Hey man! Big fan of the channel!

What made you want to start doing these sort of videos?

cinemasins22 karma

We tried several others first that failed, all dealing with movies and comedy. This is just the idea we had that really seemed to hit.

VanillaChief10 karma

Are you have plans for TV-Show Sin-Videos?

cinemasins11 karma

Indeed there are.

Stowcenter939 karma

Hi Jeremy! Big fan of the channel and love your work. Being a "youtuber" do you have any plans to help get your channel(s) out there and reach a larger number of people? Be it advertising, new shows, more content or more collabs?

Also do you have any thoughts about Vessel? Any plans on putting content on there?

Keep up the great work!

cinemasins10 karma

Lots of plans to boost the new channels and keep growing new ones. For now, YouTube is our jam.

impossiblefan9 karma

What's your earliest movie memory? Is that now a life long favourite, or do you think less of it?

Love te show, FYI, and I've also bought the book :)

cinemasins17 karma

The Black Cauldron. Still love it more than I should.


What inspired the story of "The Ables"? It's a really interesting story and I have no idea how you could think of that.

By the way, big fan of your channel, mom and I sit down and watch them when you upload them. Thanks for the laughs and making me think of sins in the theater.

cinemasins21 karma

It was a creative writing exercise for me. I wrote a short story about a senior citizen judge who was disabled but had superpowers... and then I got obsessed.

donegallite8 karma

I feel terrible, I preordered The Ables and had to cancel it because of budget issues/being a poor college student...I will buy it as soon as I have the money, but I must know, what are the super secret sins videos that came with the pre order?

cinemasins7 karma

Take your time. The book will still be there. :)

StaticSaiyan8 karma

I'm sure like everyone else, once we watch your videos we begin to notice sins on future movies or movies you haven't done yet. Was this yalls intention to make people more aware of plot holes? How does it make you feel that now everyone who goes to a movie, they're now pointing out the sins the directors and writers didn't cover because of yalls influence? Btw yalls videos are awesome and I forced myself to watch one or two of them because I didn't want to acknowledge plot holes lol

cinemasins27 karma

We have only one intention... to make people laugh. If people become more aware of tropes and plotholes, and thereby force Hollywood to write better shit... all the better.

bulbsy1178 karma

What made you start CinemaSins? Was it a random idea? Or something you had thought of doing?

cinemasins24 karma

Got mad about another channel that had copyright strikes and wanted to do something with movie footage that would be covered by fair use.

blither7 karma

When will Flash Gordon be sinned?

cinemasins26 karma

I guess when they make that fucking new one.

genericname12315 karma

Why don't you Sin classics?

Like.. everything mentioned in Science Fiction/Double Feature?

cinemasins8 karma

We will eventually. We want to. We'll get there.

imdaily9237 karma

Why have you never sinned a Scorsesse movie?

cinemasins15 karma

Have we not? I guess just weird coincidence. We'll have to fix that.

frankkemp37 karma

What would you say was the hardest part of writing The Ables? Reading now with aspirations of writing an adapted screenplay from it.

cinemasins12 karma

The rewrites and edits. Next book I'm starting with an outline of the story... won't have so many changes to make.

blither7 karma

Do you feel that the rise of 10+ screen megaplexes led to a decline in the American movie going culture and expirence? Or do you feel that more, smaller screens had better appeal to the general public? Growing up, we had large, single screen theaters that could accommodate 70mm film stock. Comparatively, most cinema theaters feel small with poor seating placement which limit my ability to be engrossed in a film, so I rarely see films in theaters anymore.

cinemasins10 karma

I will always love a good big-ass movie screen. There's nothing like it. But yes, home theaters are becoming a completely acceptable way to view a film and still get immersed, and it's a trend that will continue.

BraxForAll7 karma

I have multiple questions, so I'll just list them. Please choose which ones (if any) you like to answer.

  • What was your favorite Sins-video to work on?
  • What can you tell us about your Screen Junkies Movie Fight?
  • Star Wars, Star Trek, or Star Gate? (You could include Battlestar Galactica in the list but it doesn't have the same ring to it)
  • Are there any movies/series that you think should get a reboot?
  • How has the success of Cinema Sins changed your daily life?
  • Which fandom have you received the most hate from?
  • At what age did you most enjoy going to the movies?
  • Are there any games that you think get a movie adaptation?
  • Would you consider starting your own drunk gaming channel?
  • Will you do a EWW of this AMA?
  • Could you say "hello" to Chris?
  • Did I ask too many questions?

Thanks for doing this AMA. I love Cinema Sins, so please keep up the great work even though it consumes most of your time.

I remember that in a Q&A or something along those lines that you were trying to figure out a good length for a video. If it helps, I really like the newer timings. Basically, I can eat a decent size meal during the vid and have a bit of time left, so I don't have to put down my food mid meal and look for a new vid to watch. Just right.

cinemasins9 karma

Just going to answer them down the line...
The Matrix, because it's my favorite movie and that was a weird, fun experience.
Nothing. I know nothing except the filming date. :)
Wars & Trek. Gate not so much for me.
Not right now. Let's get original for a while.
I can afford more iced coffees. My day to day life was already pretty lazy and movie-filled.
Probably the MCU fans.
18. It was 1993. Enough said.
I don't play enough games to really know. But I'm surprised there isn't already some bullshit Call of Duty movie.
I will tell him hello.
Yes. But it's okay.

patocalles6 karma

Will Nic Cage make a comeback?

cinemasins20 karma

Again? Probably.

Castriff6 karma

How long did it take to write The Ables, and who was your inspiration for the main character?

cinemasins10 karma

About 8 months on the first draft... then years of rewrites.

hey3336 karma

Will you eventually make a sins video for Jonah Hex?

cinemasins13 karma

Maybe. That's definitely a terrible film.

ConnorFin226 karma

Do you think the new Star Wars films are going to be good?

cinemasins15 karma

I do. I choose to be optimistic.

cinemasins6 karma

I kind of want to go over to Matt Forte's AMA and ask him something.

MrAbortion6 karma

What is a video you've always wanted to do, but can't bring yourself to do?

cinemasins21 karma

I want to rap something. I think I'd be awesome at it... but I'm scared I'd be terrible... maybe one day I'll rap one of the sins.

DraculalucarD5 karma

How do you decide the videos you sin each week?

cinemasins20 karma

A mix of fan request, our own desires, and tentpoling to whatever new films are coming out.

MohammedRady5 karma

How old are you, Jeremy?

cinemasins22 karma

Sigh, 39. Please don't hate me now that you know I'm one of the olds.

blacktiebartender5 karma

Is there a video that you did that will never see the light of day if so how bad was it?

cinemasins6 karma

I don't think so. We had an old movie review channel with fake reviews full of lies... those were not good so we deleted it. :)

CumuloNimbus105 karma

What movies are you looking forward to seeing when they are released in the next year or two? Is there one in particular that you look forward to making a Sins video for?

cinemasins15 karma

Force Awakens, Tomorrowland, Mad Max. Probably looking forward to sinning Ultron or Batman v. Superman the most.

Shuff2645 karma

Whats your favourite "terrible film"?

Mine 'Grabbers'

cinemasins17 karma

Demolition Man.

externalyflamey5 karma

Whats the deal with Cracked? Is your channel affiliated with it now?

cinemasins14 karma

No. We're just buddies with those guys.

VanillaChief4 karma

Do you say some of your sin-phrases in real life?

cinemasins15 karma

Sometimes, yes. It's kind of inevitable I guess.

Lollsa014 karma

Hey Jeremy! What's your favourite sin that you've given so far? Also, dream casting for the Ables film? :3

cinemasins10 karma

Favorite sin is that one Chris wrote in the second Resident Evil movie about the literal Deus Ex Machina when she rides in on the motorcycle.

trevdordurden4 karma

What are some of the challenges in becoming a professional YouTuber?

What advice would you give to someone who wants to start?

What YouTube channels do you watch/reccomend?

How awesome was Avengers: Age of Ultron?

cinemasins5 karma

Exposure is the biggest challenge. You just can't grow a channel without people writing about it and sharing the videos.

I watch a lot of Improv Everywhere, and I love 1A4studio (https://www.youtube.com/user/1A4STUDIO)

Bentumbo4 karma

pancakes or waffles?

cinemasins10 karma


Bentumbo4 karma

but what do you top it with? you a blueberry guy? or just an old fashion maple syrup waffle drowner?

cinemasins4 karma

The topping changes based on the mood.

Bentumbo4 karma

how are you feeling now? i can have a plate of waffles delivered to your house by the time you finish your reply

cinemasins4 karma

I'm feeling... strawberries.

Gran24 karma

What's your opinion on the last 16 or so seasons of The Simpsons? And the movie? Please sin the movie.

cinemasins17 karma

I stopped watching around season 10. So I can't really comment.

MrTattyBojangles4 karma

If The Ables ever gets made into a movie, who would you want to direct it?

cinemasins15 karma

Brad Bird. No question.

screenpoet4 karma

Where did the running gags originate from? What inspired them? "Scene does not contain a lap dance (ding)", "New Line Cinema (ding)", "X is a dick to Y (ding). Those are hilarious, even more so when they appear out of the blue.

Thanks for Everything Wrong With Never Say Never. That's one of my favourite YouTube videos of all time. I can't imagine having to sit through that movie long enough to make the Sins video. How hard was it?

cinemasins5 karma

They almost all start out as just normal sins we write, but then enjoy so much we come back to them and they slowly become recurring sins.

evan4664 karma

You talk about Hollywood a lot, mainly stuff you don't like.

What are the worse things Hollywood is doing right now that you think there should be more backlash over?

cinemasins11 karma

Either reboot-itis or the slow death of the horror genre.

arcsector3 karma

Hi Jeremy! Love your twitter and your channel, first off. Second, what had been the most challenging movie to sin snd why (one that took way too much time, or one that was not racking up enough sins so you had to cut it, etc...)?

cinemasins7 karma

Les Mis. It's all in song, and it took MANY viewings to get my head around what I was writing.

Corabal3 karma

Do you earn your pay checks?

cinemasins6 karma

With every single ding. :)

TheClassyDog3 karma

If you had an opportunity of making a movie how manny times would you rewatch it for sins? Also thanks for the AmA.

cinemasins7 karma

An obsessive amount of times, I'm sure.

evan4663 karma

Do you think you'll start sinning some older movies soon? You've done a few, but I'd love to see The Good the Bad and the Ugly sinned.

Also thanks for being a cool dude and interacting with your fans so much. As well as putting your ads at the end of your videos, not begging for likes and favorites, not taking yourself too seriously.

Hopefully your YouTube success can help you get into other areas of interest like your book. Everyone remember to vote Jeremy for President of Hollywood.

cinemasins2 karma

Hopefully. We have a huge list we want to get to.

VanillaChief3 karma

For what sin did you got the most critic?

cinemasins7 karma

Any of the mistakes or misphrasings we've done... probably "no gravity in space," ha ha.

the_master_blaster3 karma

so my brother really wanted this AMA to hapen but he's at school right now, so i'll post his questions instead What inspired you to write The Ables? Which Sins video are you most proud of? What got you into making Sins videos? Do you plan on writing more books after The Ables? What's your plan for the future? aside from my brothers questions I wanna know, what do you think of ex machina? (sorry for the terrible formatting)

cinemasins7 karma

Tell your brother I'll be back on here tonight again as well.

I was inspired by the idea of a superhero whose super abilities were limited in some way, putting them in between both worlds.

Sinister is my favorite sins video to watch because it just makes me giggle a ton.

I have ideas for other Ables stories, as well as other book ideas.

I haven't seen Ex Machina yet, but the buzz is excellent.

Rammy253 karma

when will you go on Movie Fights ?

cinemasins6 karma

We go out to tape in a couple weeks I think.

tweakzznation2 karma

What would you say is the best worst movie you have ever seen? Like a movie so bad it was good.

cinemasins4 karma

Demolition Man is my go-to answer for this. It's awful and I adore it.

Jamiec9622 karma

I'm at least 90% sure you're a Colts fan, if so, what did you think of the Colts pick last night?

cinemasins3 karma

I am. I wish they'd gotten a lineman to protect Luck.

FacialLaFleur2 karma

Two part question: What is the movie you were the most disappointed in - whether you found it boring/didn't live up to the hype? And, if you could change any one aspect of a movie (a scene, a plot twist etc) what would it be and why? Ps - Love the work you guys do! It's been helping me relax a tonne during my exams.

cinemasins2 karma

Phantom Menace.

Change any one aspect... hmm... I'd end Return of the King about 10 minutes earlier for sure.

Rammy252 karma


cinemasins3 karma

I'm pretty ambivalent about it all at this point. We'll see how long I stay in that place.

jamestporter2 karma

Is there any movie that you refuse to sin because you like it too much and don't want it ruined?

cinemasins3 karma

Nope. We have to stand firm on our motto.

KnightRedeemed2 karma

Would you eat a poop for $20?

cinemasins6 karma


KrishaCZ2 karma

So, why haven't we seen Chris anywhere? Is he so shy?

cinemasins4 karma

He was with me all last weekend at C2E2. :)