Hi, I am Todd Gurley former University of Georgia Bulldog, chasing my dream to play in the NFL. I'm at the Old Spice Fresher Collection Styling Den at the NFL Draft in Chicago, AMAA. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ay9nT7UnfKo

Proof 1: https://twitter.com/TG3II/status/593491350663917568 Proof 2: https://twitter.com/TG3II/status/593822824944377856

Hey, everyone. Thanks for hanging out. This was fun. Gotta run.

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Son_Of_A_Plumber1061 karma

Hey Todd, what's your favorite downtown athens bar?

Todd_GurleyII3565 karma

haha ... i'm only 20.

Willie_Mays_Hayes819 karma

Hi Todd, my family are big Bulldog fans. I've passed the love of the Dawgs on to my 8 year old daughter, Meghan, and she absolutely loves you. I once went in her room to find her watching this year's Clemson game on dvr just so she could see you play again. She has announced that she will be a fan of whichever team drafts you. My question is: could you say "hi" to her? It would mean the world to her. Here is her pic with a #3 jersey on http://imgur.com/z0hXMTr

Todd_GurleyII1254 karma

Hi Meghan ... thanks for being a fan and loving the Dawgs.

FinsFan63719 karma

Todd, what were your thoughts on the Tud Girly Twitter parody during your suspension?

Todd_GurleyII1518 karma

definitely the best thing that came out of the suspension. whoever made that up is a legend.

bumpy_johnson598 karma

Do you think having the name Gurley throughout your childhood turned you into the savage monster that you are today?

Todd_GurleyII1737 karma

I've always been a savage despite the name.

YourNewStepDad69549 karma

Do you think Nick Chubb will be a first round selection in 2 years?

Todd_GurleyII1385 karma

yep ... after he wins the Heisman.

-Jim-Lahey511 karma

What team was the toughest team you've played in your career?

Todd_GurleyII1834 karma

Freshman year ... South Carolina. That damn Clowney.

Jokerang399 karma

What was your favorite NFL team growing up? From a Baylor fan, here's hoping you do well in the NFL!

Todd_GurleyII963 karma

Ravens nation baby.

DodgerBlueNLakerGold384 karma

Todd, what are you eating before the draft today?

Todd_GurleyII1051 karma

nothing yet ... i'm starved. someone send me a pizza.

Rossbury376 karma

How do you feel about the inevitable hug with Roger Goodell tonight? Do you have your move planned? Handshake first or straight to hugging it out?

Todd_GurleyII526 karma

I don't know ... give me some ideas.

ml_watson286 karma

Hey Todd, I'm a student at Georgia and first off I just wanted to thank you for all you've done for this team over the last 3 years. Really a Damn Good Dawg.

So do you have a particular moment in your career at Georgia that stands out as your favorite? And who was your favorite team to beat?

Todd_GurleyII324 karma

The Buffalo game for sure ... Florida and South Carolina are always top on the list.

ahortman278 karma

Hey Todd! Lifetime UGA fan here. I will never forget the day I saw you run back the kickoff against Buffalo for 100 yards because I feel that was the play that you showed the world that as a young player out of high school, you were the future of Georgia. I just want to say that it was an honor to watch you, being a once in a lifetime player, play football for the University of Georgia and you will always go down as the greatest in my book. As far as a my Question goes, I have a little brother that is on the road to high school to play varsity football. His goal is to play college ball, hoping to land a spot on the UGA roster one day. As a guy who has gone down that road, do you have any advice for the guy? What was your work ethic like? Thanks for doing this AMA Todd! Best of luck in the draft and your future in the NFL, you have my support to the end!

Todd_GurleyII470 karma

Pick and choose your friends, stay focused on your goals and as far as work-ethic wise always do little bit extra. Thanks for the the luck and good luck to your brother. BTW Buffalo was the best game of my life.

oscarveli252 karma

Who would you say are the top five running backs in the league?

Todd_GurleyII620 karma

AP, Beast Mode, Leveon Bell, Shady McCoy, Forte (since we're here in Chicago). no order.

Clamwizard240 karma

Who is your idol at RB?

Todd_GurleyII938 karma

Sweetness. You know who that is, right?

Clamwizard214 karma

Whose the hardest tackler you've faced in your career?

Todd_GurleyII560 karma

DJ Swearinger from South Carolina and John Bostick, the same dude who hit Bridgewater.

courtiebabe420212 karma

What has been your favorite food to eat in Chicago so far? Have you tried legit deep dish pizza yet?

Todd_GurleyII608 karma

What's goin' on everyone ... getting started. Easy question ... had some pizza here in Chicago. Lou Malnati's ... it was good as hell.

f4vre179 karma

Have you given any thought as to what you'd like to do after your NFL career is over years down the road?

Todd_GurleyII542 karma

Yeah, I have to go back to school and finish up. Would like to get in the real estate business.

cmdrcaboose2174 karma

Todd, UGA grad of 2011 here. What's your favorite restaurant around town?

Todd_GurleyII296 karma

Longhorn ... cowboy porkchops all day.

NewTown_BurnOut169 karma

Hey Todd, in which city would you most like to live in if you had the choice?

Todd_GurleyII417 karma

LA ... no team there, though.

FalconsFan33153 karma

Hey todd! What was it like playing for Mark Richt?

Todd_GurleyII290 karma

He's a players coach ... it was great.

PAWWWWL143 karma

Todd, what was the strangest recruiting tactic that a college ever tried on you?

Todd_GurleyII626 karma

Yeah, Maryland. "We're the East Coast Oregon." jersey-wise.

BaldEagle88139 karma

Todd, thanks for making UGA Football thrilling to watch.

I think the real question we all want to know: Which is your favorite Simpsons episode?

you were also the inspiration for my sign at the Belk Bowl

Todd_GurleyII261 karma

That's a tough one ... probably the Michael Jackson episode "Stark Raving Dad"

man_mayo126 karma

Todd, we've all heard and read stories about pro athletes getting huge contracts but winding up broke. What steps are you taking to make sure that doesn't happen to you?

I'm a huge UGA fan living in Nebraska and loved watching you play for the Dawgs.

Todd_GurleyII206 karma

just gotta watch my money. be smart.

Clamwizard121 karma

Funniest teammate you've had?

Todd_GurleyII216 karma

Where do I begin? Blake Tibbs, Shaq Wiggins ... funny all the time.

joshbergman1988121 karma

Why is everyone saying Melvin is better than you?

Todd_GurleyII648 karma

Well, he was second to Barry Sanders for single season rushing.

HookEmTexx110 karma

Don't want any I'll be happy with whoever takes me nonsense. What is your ideal draft day scenario? Also, how is the knee doing? Reports of your timely recovery are amazing.

Todd_GurleyII251 karma

LOL. I want to be the number 1 pick. that's probably not going to happen. at the end of the day, i'll still be happy

my knee is good. aiming for camp.

rhcpfanbp93101 karma

Hey, Todd. I'm really excited for you. You were very fun to watch in college. Unfortunately I can't think of a good question so I guess I'll ask if you prefer pancakes or waffles?

Todd_GurleyII249 karma

Pancakes ... chocolate chips. I love waffles, though.

Zockman17584 karma

Hey Todd! Good luck with the Draft! What was your favorite football team when you were growing up?

Todd_GurleyII152 karma


AssViolator79 karma

What is your favorite movie?

Todd_GurleyII318 karma

Super Bad

greymatterhorn71 karma

Most analysts are projecting you to be the best player from this draft in the next 5 years...how has that impacted your mindset for your future in the league?

Also, remember to work hard and play hard only sometimes and in a safe environment. There are cameras everywhere brodie, best of luck!

Todd_GurleyII177 karma

Where I'm picked or projected doesn't really matter ... I'm jut looking forward to playing in the league.

billyK_62 karma

Hey Todd!

Was great seeing you play at UGA, thanks for all the work you put in, even if your college career was cut short by injury :/

Question as a fellow UGA student: if there's one place on campus that you could hang out, where would it be?

Edited for grammar

Todd_GurleyII122 karma

Tate student center.

oscarveli60 karma

I know that your career in the NFL is barely about to begin but if you had to choose between winning a Super Bowl or making the Hall of Fame, which would you choose and why?

Todd_GurleyII176 karma

Good question. Probably Super Bowl. Hall of Famers don't always win the Super Bowl.

stimulation59 karma

Todd, I'm a UGA student and your biggest fan over the past three years. What was your favorite thing about the University of Georgia football program?

Todd_GurleyII157 karma

loved playing between the hedges on saturdays. there's nothing like it.

TheWingedPig56 karma

The real question everyone is wondering is what type of Barbecue sauce do you prefer? Vinegar based, Mustard based, Tomato based?

Also, which meat do you prefer for barbecue, chicken or pork?

Todd_GurleyII181 karma

vinegar based and pork.

bleedrednblack54 karma

While traveling cities in the NFL, do you think you'll ever find a town as great as Athens, GA(or a town with as much ahem, "talent")?


Todd_GurleyII80 karma

probably not, but we'll see

pancakes32447 karma

What does having a torn ACL feel like? How are you coming along?

Todd_GurleyII114 karma

It's fixed now. It didn't really hurt. Just after surgery it really ached.

ClysmiC41 karma

Thoughts on Nick Chubb?

Todd_GurleyII140 karma

He's gonna win the Heisman.

thabooshka39 karma

Hey Todd, lifelong UGA fan here, and along with the rest of Bulldog nation I just want to say thank you for everything you did for us and this program. It was truly an incredible experience to see you play first hand. As for my question...

What was your most memorable off the field moment as a Bulldog? Whether it's a funny prank or a bowl trip, I'm curious about the behind the scenes stuff none of us see!

Todd_GurleyII93 karma

So many memories. Shower cap ... it's like a frat party that happens every year.

OnBreakFromPorn19 karma

Hey Todd, we all know just making it onto an NFL roster is a huge accomplishment, and i want to congratulate you on making your dreams a reality. but we also know not all NFL teams are created equal.... If you could choose a few teams that you'd love to play for who would they be? and on the other side, what teams would you absolutely hate to have to show up to camp for?

Todd_GurleyII44 karma

I'm just excited to get back on the field and will be happy wherever I'm lucky enough to end up.

trixxtherabbit12 karma

Big Fan Todd!!

Who do you compare yourself with who is currently in the league, or retired? Or do you have a player as a kid you wanted to be like?

Todd_GurleyII36 karma

I don't compare myself to people. I liked everyone growing up.

chadman3507 karma

Hey, Todd. Long time UGA fan here. Thanks for doing this. What would you say is the main reason that UGA has top talent year in and year out but can never seem to put it together to compete for a title? I realize we were a few yards away in the SEC champ game against Bama (when they went on to murder ND), but other than that, we've barely had a chance. Best of luck to you in the NFL!

Todd_GurleyII15 karma

Only God knows. Things don't always don't work out the way you want them to. Thanks for the support.

epmatsw4 karma

Who was your favorite player you played with at Georgia?

Do you have a favorite play and win from your college career?

What do you (and the other players) think about fans who criticize Mark Richt for not winning championships?

Todd_GurleyII10 karma

Gotta give credit to our OL and my fullbacks.

Favorite play .... touchdowns (all of them LOL)