I'm really looking forward to hearing all your questions & answering everything that I can.

My latest movie is AFTER THE BALL, which you can see the trailer for here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lx314GLa16Q

And catch AFTER THE BALL on iTunes: http://trailers.apple.com/trailers/independent/aftertheball/

Victoria's assisting me with getting started over the phone.

proof: http://imgur.com/n31rbhB

Edit - thank you all so much for writing in. I'm going to answer a few more questions, but have to run. I hope to do this again sometime, sorry I couldn't get to everyone!

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hak0911167 karma

Just give it to me straight. What are my chances?

LaurenHolly1353 karma

About 1 in a million....

Frajer309 karma

Were there any funny behind the scenes moments in Dumb and Dumber ?

LaurenHolly670 karma

Working out our best kiss.....I think I was fully explored....

ZeroAccess299 karma

Did it hurt when Jeff Daniels shoved your face into the snow? I always thought that scene looked "real" and he had a lot of pressure on the back of your head.

LaurenHolly306 karma

No not at all- but It is awesome that it looked like that!

Vettelaw271 karma

Do you use Samsonite brand luggage when you travel?

LaurenHolly542 karma

It tends to get lost......

fightfordawn200 karma

Hi Lauren,

I fell in love with you when I was in High school and I saw you on Picket Fences. Thanks to you I would be obsessed with redheads for the rest of my life.

Two questions:

  1. Do you remember shooting that scene when you offered the kid a Game Boy, Cake or you? Was it incredibly awkward?

  2. I know we're both married and this is a long shot, but what are the chances of a girl like me and a guy like you ending up together?

LaurenHolly178 karma

1- More for Justin! lol Yes, because all the crew guys were around!! Ha, they were all awesome. David E Kelley loved putting me in those positions. 2- one in a ......;)

ijoinedtosay130 karma

Hey Lauren. How have you managed to stay an absolute goddess all these years?

LaurenHolly182 karma

Wow. Ummm, thanks much.

dayofthedead204122 karma

Hi Lauren,

Thanks for doing this AMA! I have three questions:

What is your fondest memory of being married to Jim Carrey?

During filming of “Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story” did you travel to Hong Kong and if so what are your fondest memories of Hong Kong?

Finally are you a fan of the HBO series, Game of Thrones, and if so who’s your favorite character?

Thanks Lauren!

LaurenHolly181 karma

  1. All of the laughter.
  2. Hong Kong harbor, and my trips across it on the ferry.
  3. Dragon lady- Khaleesi

VargasIsMissing110 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA, Lauren!

What are your thoughts on the Argentinian debt crisis of 2001/2002?

LaurenHolly120 karma

Well there's a surprise one! Debt is never a good thing.

gary171798 karma

Background: I took classes with your mom at University of Rochester. She's an excellent scholar and was a great teacher. You come from a very intellectual background--I know your mom was also good friends with Nancy Armstrong from Duke, and many other scholars.

Can you tell your fans a little about your mom?

LaurenHolly149 karma

Yes! I'm so proud. My Mom was very young when I was born. She worked and continued her education while raising me. She got her PhD when I was in high school, and went on to be a well known art historian. She's written several books and lectures all over the world.

Vettelaw85 karma

What was it like on the set of Down Periscope? Any good stories?

LaurenHolly134 karma

Kelsey Grammar making funny noises before takes followed by.....AND Pardon ME!

mrshatnertoyou76 karma

What was it like doing animation and voicing a character in one of the greatest animated movies, Spirited Away?

LaurenHolly134 karma

Amazing!! What an honor. I want to do more.....you listening, Disney??

robinsky173 karma

What was it like working with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels on "Dumb & Dumber?"

LaurenHolly119 karma

Nothing better. Two pros.

LaurensBrit73 karma

Hi Lauren! Okay this is a cheeky one but I'd love to know if you've ever kissed other woman?

What is your favourite Disney movie?

LaurenHolly150 karma

No. But I'm still young. And FINDING NEMO.

Zijien70 karma


LaurenHolly128 karma


vixxielouwho55 karma

Hiya Lauren, thanks so much for doing this!

I recently discovered Picket Fences by accident and I’m now completely hooked. Such a ballsy show with terrific performances, nice to see it still has such a big following. Was it fun to film and do you have any memories from the set that you can share?

LaurenHolly68 karma

It was my favorite television series that i ever did. And every time a new script would come out, we would all grab them while they were still warm from the printer, we couldn't wait to see what we were gonna do next!

r08shaw51 karma

Are there any movie roles you turned down then regretted it when the film did well at the box office?

LaurenHolly85 karma

Not really.... but I was supposed to be one of the sisters in A League of their Own and when that went on to be such a huge hit.....

LaurenToMyHolly49 karma

OH. I forgot one thing. What is your favourite track on Nirvana's 'Nevermind'?

LaurenHolly66 karma

You guys are gonna get me to pick.....aaaarggh

LaurenToMyHolly43 karma

Hi Lauren! Thanks for doing this AMA for us. We really appericiate it.

  • What TV shows do you actively watch other than the one's you're in?

  • I heard you used to play the violin, what grade did you get to?

  • Do you dance at all, and/or sing?

  • Do you think you'll ever visit England/Europe to greet fans if you get the chance?

  • Do you have any hidden talents?

  • Any hobbies?

  • Anyone you'd really love to work with in the future?

  • When are Betty and Vega gonna kiss already? ;-;

  • Finally, what advice would you give to a young aspiring performing artist such as myself?

Thank you so much for your time! We love you Lauren! :3

LaurenHolly89 karma

Jesus, I love SO many shows. It's great these days. My DVR is always full. My latest obsession is BETTER CALL SAUL.

I got to be a first chair violinist. I was studying in London.

No, but I wish I did.

Yes, I want to visit so much!

I make a mean macaroni & cheese.

I'm a little crafty. More arts & crafts. Whatever needs to get done, I like to do stuff like that.

I get inspired by so many people, it's hard to choose just one!

Yeah, I know, right? Let's just hope it's in season 3!

If you love it, never give up.

Aww! That's so sweet.

phantomliger29 karma

I loved you in NCIS and Scream of the Banshee.

If you could have any super power, what would it be?

Also, what movie franchise or universe would you really want to be a part of? What part would you want to play in it?

LaurenHolly45 karma

Mind reader or fly. Guardians of the Galaxy. So funny.

Not_A_CEO25 karma

Hi Lauren! Thanks for the AMA!

1) How aware were of your characters death on NCIS? We're you told weeks in advance, or did you find out that day? I hear some studios are notorious for secrecy in order to avoid spoilers leaking.

2) What's your favorite meal to cook at home?

LaurenHolly43 karma

  1. I knew for a long time becase we were interrupted by the strike and had to stop filming....
  2. I love to grill.

xosabrina18 karma

Hi Lauren! 💗
When did you have your first boyfriend?

Who inspired you when you were younger? Who's the person you looked up to or still look up to?

What's the most beautiful place you have ever visited?

You spent time traveling in Europe and lived for a year in London, where yoy studied languages, right? Would you visit Europe again?

LaurenHolly24 karma

Senior year of High School. My grandmothers. They did it all, and with humor and grace....then Lucy. Home I loved it! I've gone back several times and travelled all over. Cannot wait for my next trip.

shatonamime14 karma

Got any dirt on Kelsey Grammer from working with him on Down Periscope?

LaurenHolly15 karma

Nah, pretty clean

blackhatlinux13 karma

Hey Lauren,

When you played dumb and dumber, I loved it. I really enjoyed the playful comedy that came with dumb and dumber, especially Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels. What was the environment like on the movie dumb and dumber, like, the cast of dumb and dumber, how was it like?

Also on NCIS, what was it like to get to experience that cool crime drama?

LaurenHolly30 karma

The set was just as fun. We were always trying new bits and cracking ourselves up. We filmed over July 4 and Memorial Day weekend and we all rented houseboats on lake Powell on the days off. A blast. NCIS- cool to be a part if a #1 show and watch Michael Weatherly make us all laugh!

NorbitGorbit12 karma

which roles or projects would you take a significant paycut to land?

LaurenHolly20 karma

For a script that I couldn't live without doing. It is always about the script!!

rbasov12 karma


What's your favorite meal?

LaurenHolly30 karma

Late night snack. Popcorn with peanut butter M&M's.

cobaltcollapse9 karma

How much of your wardrobe from After The Ball are you allowed to keep?

LaurenHolly15 karma

All of it!! Lucky me.

christianfrog9 karma

Hey Lauren!

I have 3 burning questions:

1) What's your favorite Nevermind track? 2) I've noticed in a lot of your work that you wear your watch on your right wrist, even though you're right-handed. Any special reason for that? 3) How much did the Picket Fences/NCIS powers-that-be balk when you needed (or wanted) to change your hair during their respective runs?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

LaurenHolly19 karma

1- Dont make me choose!! 2-When I was young, I wanted to be different....plus when I was writing in class I could see the time without giving away that I was looking. 3.NCIS wanted me too. I balked a bit. PF i had too because I was filming Dragon and the movie went over- so when we were picked up to series I had to wear a wig!

GONDOL1N9 karma

Hi Lauren, Any chance we can grab some coffee?

LaurenHolly22 karma

Are you next door?

insufficient_gold9 karma

How does it feel knowing your work is being watched by people halfway across the world?

I would imagine that making a movie is a rather sheltered/private (experience) and then all of the sudden you are left open for the world to see (if that makes sense)

Do you ever pinch yourself at random moments and say "Whoa, I'm totally in the movie business... This is awesome"

Also what character do you wish you played (from any point in history or any character from fiction not yet in a movie)

LaurenHolly17 karma

So crazy. Yes, it does, especially if you are vulnerable in it. OH YES! Get good at what you love so you can get paid for it- my best advice. I'm so lucky.

And anybody opposite Lucille Ball.

Millerson28 karma

Mark Harmon or Jim Carey, who do you marry and why?

LaurenHolly38 karma

Jim. You'll always laugh.

Spoonsy6 karma

What's it like working on a Lifetime movie?

LaurenHolly10 karma

Lots of drama!! I love the true stories.....

LaurensBrit6 karma

How do you prepare for an interview/audition? Any techniques?

LaurenHolly15 karma

Freak out! I hate the process, but we gotta do it....

Sheridan27095 karma

Hi Lauren, Will you ever visit the UK or Europe at some point because you European fans would love to meet you?? Who was your favourite character to play?? If you had the time to learn something new what would it be?? ❤️

LaurenHolly6 karma

Yes!! Max Ballroom

Somedaddy5 karma

My wife an I love Motive, how's Vancouver?

LaurenHolly8 karma

I'm so glad! What a beautiful city to film in

tuckdmt5 karma

Lauren. You are the awesomest. Have you ever been to Montana? Want to come fly fishing this summer?

LaurenHolly11 karma

That sounds like a blast! Just can't let those waders get filled with water!

HaruMura4 karma

Whats your favourite breakfast?

LaurenHolly15 karma

eggs and bacon!

LaurensBrit3 karma

Hey Lauren! Thanks muchly for doing this! 3 questions: Have you ever kissed another woman in your life? What is your favourite Disney movie? What has been your favourite moment this year so far?

If this comes through twice. I have no idea what I'm doing. Sorry!

LaurenHolly3 karma

1- Not yet 2- Nemo 3.Me neither ;)

filmfreak19863 karma

I saw AFTER THE BALL over the weekend and loved it. What was your favorite moment on set?

LaurenHolly4 karma

The first time I saw Kate as Nate - because I was so shocked and pleased by her transformation.

ThatSuperNerd1 karma

Good Morning Lauren! Thank you for the AMA! I have 3 quick questions for you. First what was it like working on Ford Fairlane with Andrew Dice Clay and the cast? Second, what was it like making Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story? My last question, what can projects can we look forward to in the future? Thank you again, I have been a major fan since you appeared on My Two Dads back in 1990.

LaurenHolly1 karma

1- FF was so exciting because It was my first big Hollywood movie. 2. Dragon was incredible, I loved making it, it was one of my favorite career experiences. 3. Next movie is FEBRUARY with Emma Roberts and James Remar- it's SCARY!

FannaWuck1 karma

What ratio of peanut butter to jelly do you prefer on your PB&J sandwiches?

LaurenHolly2 karma

2 to 1.

chevchelios30 karma

Did you see dumb and dumber too? If so, what are your thoughts? Did they ask you to be in the movie as a cameo? It would have been great if you were. Also, thinking about getting a tattoo saying 'welcome aboard' What do you think of that?

LaurenHolly2 karma

I did. I liked the first one better. It needed a little Mary Swanson. Who's aboard? ;)

MagicManDK-2 karma

Hello Lauren Holly, First thank you for favouring my tweets from last Christmas(Deck the stores with Lauren Holly) Second, my question is why are you so beautiful and sexy?

LaurenHolly1 karma

I give all credit to genetics ;)

Ribelin2000-3 karma

Do you smoke? If not, have you ever smoked?

LaurenHolly2 karma

Nope. But I did.