I'm Dan Fogler and I've loved doing AMA's in the past. You might remember me from Fanboys, Balls of Fury, Take Me Home Tonight, Good Luck Chuck, etc. I can currently be seen on ABC's Secrets and Lies and I have a Kickstarter for my latest comic project Brooklyn Gladiator: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/218080050/brooklyn-gladiator

My Proof: http://imgur.com/Puyw1wL

So go on kiddies... ASK ME ANYTHING!

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Ybgur23 karma

Fanboys is one of the most criminally underrated comedies of the last 10 years! Any chance at a sequel?

Thanks for doing this AMA!

misterdanfogler14 karma

sorry guys im back! had a crazy interview! ok yes I actually have stated on the kickstarter that if folks pledge 1k And we get fully funded then I will personably help get fanboys2 made and or a fanboys tv show within the next 2-3 years!

misterdanfogler12 karma

as a matter of fact I'm pledging to help make that happen! either a fanboys2 or a tv show in the next 2-3 years!! IF my kickstarter reaches it's goal!!!

pinata_penis_pump210 karma

What was it like shooting Take Me Home Tonight? Seemed like that movie would have been a riot to shoot. Was there a lot of real coke being snorted?

misterdanfogler7 karma

the coke was powdered milk- the partying was very real! what a blast! hope we make a sequel

misterdanfogler7 karma

hey guys be right back gonna shmoke a big ass Bowl!

LameocalypseThen1 karma

I like your style, Fogler.

misterdanfogler3 karma

I like your fogler style

muppetmaker6 karma

Hello Dan!

I remember seeing your final performance in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. You were hilarious and helped cement that show as one of my favorites. Any good stories from the off Broadway / Broadway days?

When will you return to the musical stage?

misterdanfogler5 karma

I'd love to do another musical. I wrote a play called little exodus that should see the light of day soon. broadway was amazing can't believe I got there by creating a character based on my childhood & allergies and now people are performing magic foot around the globe!

Not_a_twinkie5 karma

First off, I just wanted to say that your performance in The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was inspired! What was it like to work with James Lapine and William Finn?

misterdanfogler4 karma

it was a dream come true. into the woods was one of the 1st plays I saw. I was familiar with Finn's work in college that whole experience was surreal how it all came together.. both men are incredible characters and they're both. masters. best case scenerio. I'm working with Lapine again on his film custody!

bdizzzzzle5 karma

Has "You want to take your shirt off" ever worked in real life?

misterdanfogler7 karma

several times.

stratdog253 karma

Ah. A man who likes sweater yams.

misterdanfogler2 karma

I like sweater sweat potatoes myself

AssEatingSlasher5 karma

Dan, Take Me Home Tonight is one of my favorite movies. What was it like making it?

misterdanfogler8 karma

total blast 24/7 party

misterdanfogler5 karma

keep the questions coming I'll be answering through Sunday

misterdanfogler5 karma

Hey guys! Hectic Day i'll be running around the city today doing interviews but please keep the questions coming i'll be answering for the next couple DAYS. word. so if i don't get back to you right away don't worry, i'll get to everybody eventually!

Finicky135 karma

You and Ryan seem to have such great chemistry on Secrets and Lies as Ben and Dave. Love the Bromance. Would be so great to see you two in other projects. Any chance of that happening and are you friends in real life?

misterdanfogler5 karma

yes we are pals and we're planning to work on something in the near future yes! thanks for watching!

TheEhhhGatsby4 karma

What was it like working on the set of Hannibal? Did you know going into it what would happen to your character?

misterdanfogler5 karma

I loved it! got to play a weirdo! fun! mads was a hoot. yeah I kinda knew what was gonna happen but it was awesome just to b part of the history of lechter

dresseme4 karma

How was working on Hannibal? Also, I feel like Hannibal had some affinity for your character and almost didn't want him to die (even though he killed him). How do you feel Hannibal felt about Franklin?

misterdanfogler7 karma

it was really cool. fan of the whole silence of the lambs universe! mads is fun! franklyn was so annoying and delightful to play. I don't think franklyn was more than a shrimp cocktail to the good doctor.

GodDanIt4 karma

What song do you wish you had written and how would you sing it differently?

misterdanfogler4 karma

can't always get what u want... instead of the "who-who's" I'd go "hey-hey!" or I'd do a hard rock version of fly me to the moon

jcoles014 karma

What ever happened to "Man Up"? That show was hilarious and Imdb says (2011- ). will it be back?

misterdanfogler5 karma

interesting... it's on hulu baby!

techandweary4 karma

How do you get your hair in such amazing luxuriously beautiful locks? Whats your secret to being slightly larger actor in Hollywood when everyone is all about looking like brad pit or some shit?

misterdanfogler5 karma

there's a lot of furry funny Fat guys in Hollywood! I don't know I guess that's why I'm such a character. Hollywood always needs character. be yourself love yourself. my hair is part DNA part herbal essences...

KorranHalcyon4 karma

the statues with the huge boners (for those of you who might've never noticed-the trek vs star-wars battle)...tell me about the statues, was that something planned or something the sculptor threw in as an unexpected gift from the cinema gods? i love how it's never pointed out but the perceptive fans get that "rewind that shit a second bro." moment.

misterdanfogler5 karma

well 1st Weinstein was like Kirk needs a huge cock bulge. and then Kyle was like ok but then Kahn needs a huge cock bulge too to even it all out in the frame. then they were gonna take the cock bulge out of the film completely but then the fans fought for it to stay in...the rest was history

kristopherw284 karma

When ever I see you on something I get excited like you in the Goldbergs because you make things fun and take made home tonight is a great movie and you made it even better. can we be friends?

misterdanfogler4 karma

I mean sure lets take it slow... tweet at me 1st

thehubbymademedoit4 karma

I love Secrets and Lies. How many seasons till we find out whodunit?

misterdanfogler4 karma

you find out who killed tom... this season !! mwahahahahahaha!!!

thehubbymademedoit3 karma

OMG! then where will the story go next season? There will be a next season, right?

misterdanfogler2 karma

story follows detective cornell on another case

Igotthewrongguy3 karma

I love your writing for the series Galavant. I've heard rumours that the show is being cancelled, though - is that true?

misterdanfogler6 karma

oh yeah that show has way to many cooks and bakers and candle stick shakers. thanks for watching. now go watch secrets & lies and support Brooklyn Gladiator!!

ultraoptms4 karma

Maybe I'm not getting a joke here but don't you mean Dan Fogelman? No relation to Dan Fogler.

Edit: damn novelty accounts!

misterdanfogler6 karma

or dan fogelberg or the coffee people...

misterdanfogler3 karma

aaaaaaaand I'm back!

SailorWookiee3 karma

How come we didn't see you at SWCA? Did you want to go but couldn't because of other commitments? Do you actually like RUSH?

misterdanfogler6 karma

rush is ok I'm more of a journey fan. I wish I could be there! I'll be at sdcc though selling Brooklyn Gladiator!

SailorWookiee5 karma

PS. Just backed your Kickstarter. Sorry it's not much!

misterdanfogler5 karma

thanks so much!

magickalart3 karma

Hello Dan, I'm sure I read somewhere that you are a sculptor, are photos of (and information about) your work available online ? Also, Balls Of Fury is a film my family enjoy, it always makes us laugh, thank you for that.

misterdanfogler4 karma

I have one sculpture that survived my sculpting days. tweet @mrdanfogler and I'll get u a pic if u wish. I miss it. not enough time. thanks for watching!

bustedface3 karma

Dan I don't know if it was mentioned but your appearance in Type O Negative's "I Don't Wanna Be Me" was pants shitting hilarious and the impressions were spot on. Any chance you knew the guys before the video being you're from Brooklyn?? Otherwise, any cool stories about the late and great Peter Steele??

misterdanfogler2 karma

I did not know them before although we were all brooklyn guys - a couple guys grew up around Bensonhurst which is where my gramma lived. they were really nice chill guys- they didn't wanna kill me and eat my soul or anything.

Frajer3 karma

how did you come up with the idea for Brooklyn Gladiator?

misterdanfogler7 karma

good question, ever since 9/11 I've been obsessed with conspiracy theories and who's really running things. the book comes from my fascination of real science like nanites & Tesla tech and the nightmare it might become if let run amok. it's also an homage to akira the matrix & starwars

xayoz3063 karma

What's it like taking a role like in Secrets and Lies? I had to do a double take when your character made his first appearance, and proceed to explain to my wife who you were.

misterdanfogler5 karma

it's like taking any other role. I know it's hard to believe but tell yer wife I've done Shakespeare

misterdanfogler3 karma

who's ready for Secrets & Lies Tonight?!

Bear_Taco3 karma

Don't know if you're still taking questions, but I loved your performance in Balls of Fury and Fan Boys.

I gotta ask, of all the people you've made movies with, who would you consider the best to have worked with? Could be another actor/actress or a director.

misterdanfogler4 karma

Christopher walken hands down.

Bear_Taco3 karma

You know, I have always thought of Walken as a wise sage, but with humour.

I love every movie he is in because he adds a level of genuinity (is that a word?) to it.

misterdanfogler2 karma

genuine ingenuity. yes. agreed.

sassiersue2 karma

Love your character Dave in Secrets and Lies. Did you watch the Aussie version before you took on the role of Dave in the US version?

misterdanfogler5 karma

no I never saw the Aussie version I heard it's brilliant- I didn't want to know who did it! thanks for watching!

ccjrpic2 karma

Hi, Mr. Fogler! I love your role in "Hellbenders" Could you tell me your memory about that one? Thank you :)

misterdanfogler3 karma

I have no recollection. we were soo debaucherous! humping & murdering & drinking & sucking! it was great to work with Clancy what a lunatic! jt petty is a misunderstood genius.

WWBlondieDo2 karma

Hey man! Loved you in TMHT and I am currently obsessed with Secrets and Lies (who did it?! Aagh!!)! Thanks so much for doing this!

Now for a question...

Are Topher Grace and Chris Pratt as nice in real life as they seem?

Thanks again!

misterdanfogler4 karma

thanks for watching! it's one of my faves! topher and chris are super nice and charming dudes.

tpot192 karma

Wow, this is awesome. Fanboys is one of my all time favorite movies. I've watched it so many times. When I first realized that Seth Rogen was ALSO that alien at the Trekkie convention my mind was blown! Star Wars is so rad, are you excited for Episode VII?!

P.S. I read that you are going to try to make Fanboys 2 and I would sell my left nut to be a part of making that film. And I've only got the one nut. So you see how serious I am?

misterdanfogler1 karma

my inner hutch is crapping his pants for the new films. I pledged on the brooklyn gladiator kickstarter that if we make our goal then I would help in getting fanboys2 & or a tv show in the next 2-3 years! so kick in!!! spread the word! incentivize the fuck out of me!

Finicky132 karma

You mentioned Tribecca Film Festival screening. Why was it "so rad?"

misterdanfogler2 karma

I'm a huge goodfellas fan and a big john Stewert fan seeing them mixed together was like delicious iconicCRACK

misterdanfogler2 karma

bitch pleeeeeeease just got back from TriBeCa fest screening of goodfellas HOLY SHIT priceless!!!! what a night! I'll be answering stuff all through till secrets & lies tomorrow 9EST then I'll be live freakin tweeting!!! wooooord

misterdanfogler2 karma

goooooooood morning my little asky-waskers! man that goodfellas screening was RAD!

ianmalcm2 karma

Many Star Wars fans believe your character in Fanboys is based on Jason "Grimlock" Thomas, the guy who refused $10,000 from Rick Dees to leave his spot in line after camping out 6 weeks for the prequels. This is a video of his bedroom http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4lhYvmOAa1Y Did you do any research for that character?

misterdanfogler1 karma

amazing! my research was going back a watching and endorsing myself 24/7 in all the things I loved already! what a pleasure! this is hysterical! "grimlock" was a favorite toy growing up.

hawaiianshirts2 karma

What was your favorite audience interaction during the run of Spelling Bee?

misterdanfogler3 karma

david hassellhoff got up and started improvising and we couldn't get him off stage added 10 minutes to the show... that was rather memorable. there was an actual spelling champ kid we couldn't get off stage that was cool

limbomaniac2 karma

Which song do you enjoy performing live more - 'Leader of the Band' or 'Longer'?

misterdanfogler3 karma

longer gives me a boner that I can't get down. it's weird. so I try not to play it often but it's my favorite.

ocularnervosa2 karma

Will there every be a Balls Of Fury II?

misterdanfogler6 karma

I'd bet my left nut. and I've only got 1. so u know I'm serious.

nm10432 karma

Oh man oh man... Fanboys was hilarious! Loved that movie... Did you guys have to do a lot of research for your roles, or was most of the stuff already known?

What's your favorite story about that movie, or about any movie really?

misterdanfogler3 karma

I loved that movie no research necessary I was actually coaching some of the guys- there wasn't allot to do were we filmed so we went out- all us boys & girls and found high powers machine BB guns and made cardboard body armor and ran around shooting each other cops came one night thought we were terrorists. we were stuuuuuupid

nm10432 karma

I love how you can just tell when a group of guys had fun making a movie together, and fucked around on-set all the time...

misterdanfogler2 karma

yeah. good times

funnymann32 karma

Do you still love a good game of ping pong from time to time?

misterdanfogler4 karma

fuck YEAH!!

misterdanfogler1 karma

OK GUYS I'm gonna get ready for secrets & LiES BUT I'll b back later to finish answering questions! YAY!!

Dickdude90001 karma

What was your fave role you did ?

misterdanfogler2 karma

uncle Vanya.

Finicky131 karma

Dan do you have any new tv stuff or film projects in the works?

misterdanfogler2 karma

secrets & lies, Billions, Barely lethal, Custody, evil nature, Brooklyn gladiator Moonlake vol3

bitteralex1 karma

Hello Mr Folger. I've been a big fan of yours since balls of fury, which was such a funny movie. I always look forward to you're upcoming projects. Since BofF is one of favourite comedies, I was wondering if you have any memorable stories from filming?

misterdanfogler1 karma

one of my favorite lines of walken's that I don't think made it into the film was to his minions when they're fleeing his compound, "hey, Guys... listen up! grab the guns the drugs the DVDs, you know.... THE DRILL!" not " you know the drill" he walkenized it so everyone was imagining these poor henchmen having to grab all this shit plus a giant Fucking DRILL!! still makes me piss my pants...

Stubbula1 karma

  • What was it like working with Dane Cook? I hope you're still married to triple boob woman.

  • Did you get to interact much with Jim Carrey and/or Steve Carell during Horton Hears a Who?

  • Do people ever come up to you on the street and call you a Gweilo?

**One of my questions was asking about his favorite SNL skit, but I edited it out. That's why he said little chocolate donuts.

misterdanfogler2 karma

Dane was silly and very nice to me. my wife has two beautiful titties and I'm not ashamed to say it. little chocolate donuts...

misterdanfogler1 karma

dude I met jim at snL40 and he was super cool. sure people call me g-lo sometimes... in Chinatown. and frat parties. and poker games. and orgies.

SRPayne1 karma

OK Congrats on everything by the way. What's your favorite thing to do to past the time? Is acting a hard profession? If you could do anything what would you do?

misterdanfogler1 karma

are u asking me my favorite thing to do in the past? that's a toughie. gotta go with humping cleopatra. :) thanks! my favorite hobby is smoking pot. acting is VERY hard and very rewarding. u just have to want to do it with most of your heart. I'd like to have jack white's job

SRPayne1 karma

Lol if we knew each other irl I think we would be great friends. What's the best weed you've smoked? And why humping Cleopatra, lol? Why not hump someone else?

misterdanfogler1 karma

I think her skin would be super silky. best weed recently has been Girl Scout cookies

CarlaWasThePromQueen1 karma

Hey man. I tended bar at the SoHo playhouse when you did the voyage of the carcass nearly 10 years ago. You were nice. Just wanted to say congrats on your success. And what does Aaron Eckert smell like?

misterdanfogler2 karma

HEY! u in NYC still? aaron smells like endorphins, and old spice and a hint of lion mane.

Chumpsquatch1 karma

Govenor Bradford!!! You were the tits in FreeBirds, how was it working on that film?

misterdanfogler1 karma

thanks man! I loved working on freeBirds and any animated movie. Mel blanc is one of my idols

GodDanIt1 karma

What band should i know about that I probably don't?

misterdanfogler2 karma

make sure you listen to every black crowes and tom waites song.

JermanGew1 karma

How did you get your character in S&l to be so creepy?

misterdanfogler2 karma

just my natural charm I guess. that and unlimited fields of chest hair.

CowboyColin1 karma

Loved Balls of Fury!

How was Maggie??

misterdanfogler2 karma

flexible. and a doll. she is a ninja princess and is now crashing through my window with katana blades YAAAARRGH!!!

Skakiddru1 karma

What should I whisper into my girlfriends ear?

misterdanfogler1 karma

tell her "darling, every time u spontaneously blow me, a part of the ozone layer is replenished"

b0bo1 karma

What was it like working with Christopher Walken?

misterdanfogler1 karma

a pure delight he was very nice to me. he carries a large hunting knife with him everywhere. I once saw him gut a shark at the chateu mormont then cook it with the same knife. tasted like jerky.

Aristophan1 karma

Your role in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee was my favorite part of the show.

What was it like prepping for that? Were you like Barfee as a kid?

misterdanfogler2 karma

I created the character back when it was just an improvised show off off broadway. so yes I gave the character many of my growing pains and turned the dial up on my allergies

harry2303151 karma


How was working with George Lopez and Christopher Walken in B.O.F?

misterdanfogler1 karma

yes it Duuuuzzzz!!! george is a sick twisted lovable guy and so is chris! every day with george was just fun we made each other laugh consistently - and the last 1/2 of the movie is me and walken and that was so COOL!!!! he's one of my heroes. and a great teacher

skerrigan6121 karma

What was it like working on the set of fanboys? And did you keep anything from the set?

misterdanfogler3 karma

fuck yeah I've got some pieces of the van. an action figure or 3. it was like being a kid again. got to reference everything I love. and meet many heroes

sparetimepro1 karma

I want to say from the first time I saw the video, I thought you were the absolute perfect person for the Sam Kinison bio. What ever happened to with that? Here's some Rush for you to listen to while shmokin' another big ass bowl. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jr7llQ6gNQ

misterdanfogler1 karma

it's floating in the ether just like brother Sam and maybe someday his sparks will float back down to earth and then we'll see who shall tell the tale

long_black_road1 karma

I love "Leader of the Band." It's a great song! How long did it take you to write it?

misterdanfogler1 karma

I wrote it in one night on an acid binge. it was really good liquid stuff that I got from a shammon pal he dripped that shit into my eyes next thing I knew a portal oppenned up in my bathroom a gremlin jumped out and gave me the BEST head ever... next morning I woke up and the song was written on my wall in cheese wiz

duhamelicious1 karma

1) what's your fav project you've ever worked on? 2) whats the funniest thing that has happened to you during filming? 3) really stupid question but if, hypothetically, i've written a screenplay - and i'm pretty much of a nobody, do you have any advice on what to do so this might actually become a movie someday?

misterdanfogler1 karma

favorite project was toss up between fanboys & take me home tonight & taking Woodstock...funniest thing has got to be working with chris walken. here's an example: on the rope bridge in Balls of furry - between takes walken would whisper, " you know Randy... when I catch ya... I'm gonna fuck ya... Mwahahahaha" I think he was serious...is your script good ? does it have a part for me? tweet @mrdanfogler

Sp00kie1 karma

I only know you from secrets & lies. You are about the only thing I like about that show! Must seek out everything else you have done! What's your favorite project? I love you! Thanks for being awesome!

misterdanfogler2 karma

start with scenic route and work backwards to Mars needs Moms then end with balls of fury, fanboys & take me home tonight in that order. that's what I usually do.

Sp00kie1 karma

Thanks for the suggestions! Why won't you love me back?!

misterdanfogler2 karma

I was going to but now I'm self conscious!

Nevurlose1 karma

Is secrets and lies going to take a new turn in season 2? Like with new characters, plot, and all of those things? If we find out who killed Tom, what is the point of a new season?

btw, i love all of your work, when i saw you in secrets for the first time, my eyes went wide with excitement. I was like "NO WAY!!! YESSSS!!!" Keep it going man<3

misterdanfogler1 karma

thanks!! season 2 would follow det. cornell on another wild case!!

AgentPeggyCarter1 karma

I'm loving Secrets and Lies and honestly, I loved the shit out of Love Happens! Do you have any fun stories from filming that movie? And do you have any advice for an aspiring actor?

misterdanfogler2 karma

I'm standing on set the 1st day wordrobe tests I'm wearing a suit smoking a cigarette out side -aniston walks up with her entourage buzzing around her like a pit team- she's stunning. she stopped and shook my hand hand and said "mmm men in their suits.very nice mr fogler" she's got a friend for life now. aaron not so charming by Christ what an actor! and Martin sheen man the legend. I got to chill with him and that was classic.... NEVER GIVE UP! yell loud enough shine bright enough they will hear u. let anger lead to light. always light...

Finicky131 karma

What are the chances of you staying on as a consultant to Cornell in Secrets and Lies since Dave is a secret genius ? You two would be a riot working together.

misterdanfogler1 karma

that would b rad. the chances are slim but not impossible.

systematicallycaught1 karma

So this probably wont get answered, but I'll ask anyway. Hi Dan. I'm a big fan. Do you have any advice on how someone might get into the film industry? Not in acting like you but like a production assistant or something. I live in Colorado right now (Which I know isn't the greatest filming location), but I could move. Sorry if this is an uninteresting or silly question, but I figured I would ask someone who is in the business. Either way, you keep being awesome.

misterdanfogler2 karma

I'd move to where the action is. but that could be like Atlanta nowadays or even Vancouver. u can find a great place to grow your skills. if u come to NYC tweet @mrdanfogler

misterdanfogler1 karma

ok answering the last of them now sweet dreams! another fun AMA! thanks again folks!

lovexkate1 karma

Hi Dan! I hope I'm not too late! What was it like during the creative process of Spelling Bee? I know there was a fair amount of improvisation that ended up going into the script, and I was wondering what it was like to be such a huge part of that creative process. I just finished playing Schwarzy at my university last night; I absolutely adore the show!!!

misterdanfogler1 karma

it was a surreal dream come true to help create something that goes the distance that was made with friends and is a part of me. and to have folks like u continue to play the parts around the globe...it's why we do this stuff

thegeekist1 karma

Anyone who is a fanboy of Fanboys was looking forward to the movie for years before it came out. When we got word that the studio was trying to change the cancer story line so it wouldn't be as sad, what was that situation like for you guys (the people making the movie)?

Also according to Wikipedia: Roger Ebert gave the film 1½ out of 4 stars, calling it "an amiable but disjointed film that identifies too closely with its heroes. Poking a little more fun at them would have been a great idea. What do you think about that?

misterdanfogler2 karma

I always liked siskle better. he was the Ernie to roger's eBERT. the process of removing the heart from the film then eventually replacing it years later was much like botched surgery: painful,disorienting, and invasive. and in the end the soreness leaves u wondering if it was worth the fuss in the 1st place.

thegeekist1 karma

I am sorry that you guys had to go through that. Fanboys is one of my favorite movies. I think in the end while it may not have been the original vision is does justice to Fanboys/girls everywhere and you guys did an amazing job.

misterdanfogler2 karma

thanks so much!

ScubaNoname6431 karma

Hey Dan! Just want to say I loved Fanboys, Balls of Fury, Take Me Home Tonight, and Good Luck Chuck. I have got a question for you. How good are you at ping pong or as the Chinese say....ping pong?

misterdanfogler2 karma

during the film I could have killed a blue jay with my serve. now I'd be lucky to give a pidgin a concussion.

Finicky131 karma

Your response gets D for spelling--It's pigeon but A+ for comedic brilliance

misterdanfogler3 karma

story of my life. I rely on spell check and modern technology to be my safety net and it always pulls the football away like Lucy, and I land on my ass like Charlie Brown

Ben_Franklin691 karma

What is it like to suck major ass farts?

misterdanfogler1 karma

it's like holding a stinky ass bong hit that u know is bad for u but you do it anyway because otherwise yer pals will think yer a big puss.

Ben_Franklin691 karma

LMAO Hey man your alright in my book. You were great in Fanboys, no bullshit.

misterdanfogler1 karma

and u were great when u discovered lightning and harnessed the power of sarcasm

NaugahydeWindpipe1 karma

For some reason I'm always confusing you with actor Josh Gad and I don't know why. You guys don't even look alike. My question is: do people confuse you two often or is this just happening to me?

misterdanfogler2 karma

no idea I mean I'm like clearly a brad Pitt type and he's more of a dan Fogler type.

wasabi3241 karma

Can i call you Foggy?

misterdanfogler1 karma

absolutely although I prefer Fogey. like bogey.

wasabi3241 karma

Fogey then, what was it like working with Christopher Walken on Balls of Fury? And more so, what was he like? (admittedly just posted that cause your last name was like foggy's from daredevil. I just saw your picture and realised you were from one of my fav movies Balls of Fury!'

misterdanfogler1 karma

yeah I could play foggy Nelson. maybe they'll bring me on as the Beyonder later. walken was a pleasure. I'd ask him anything just to hear him talk. he'd blow my mind with science & history facts. we had a great time

AnonymousCrime1 karma

What ever happened with the Sam Kinison movie/project you were gonna do? Seeing that clip on YouTube I thought you did great!

misterdanfogler2 karma

yeah man there are a lot of fans of that screen test. gotten me a lot of work. the movie got reworked it's getting passed around to some other poor shmeckles who will lose Their voices trying to b Sam or maybe it'll come around my way again who knows

falcon42871 karma

Wait- are you still answering questions?

If so, I wanted to say that I really enjoyed "Man Up!". On to my question, do you try to make a lot of rounds to conventions? I know you'll be at SDCC, but do you ever go to Dragon Con or other similar conventions?

misterdanfogler2 karma

if I could id tour them all put it that way pal

misterdanfogler1 karma

I'm still answering questions folks up until 9pm est and then I'll b live tweeting secrets & Lies!!!

misterdanfogler1 karma

hey I'm back and I'll b answering anything for another hour thanks for all your awesome questions! love u guys well most of u! I'll be live tweeting secrets & lies directly after! support #brooklynGladiator! pledge 1k & u can win a chill day hanging with ME!

IVthatShit-3 karma

Hey buddy. What do you think about obesity in the US?

misterdanfogler2 karma

it fuckin sucks. it's an epidemic. I'm trying to lay off sugar & carbs myself.

IVthatShit0 karma

You need the Myfitnesspal app.

misterdanfogler2 karma

u need to invest in my kickstarter before I throw an Oreo cheese cake at u