Hi! I’m Kristen Schaal. I play Carol on THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (an all-new episode airs this Sunday at 9:30/8:30c on Fox!).

You can also hear me as the voice of Louise Belcher on BOB’S BURGERS and you can catch a new episode on Sunday, April 26th at 7:30/6:30c on Fox.

Victoria's helping me get started, Ask Me Anything!

Proof: http://imgur.com/48g4L92

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gaywhispers2074 karma

Is that your real voice? Or you developed it because it gets you more characters?

Kristen_Schaal3045 karma

This voice is the real deal. Trust me.

Ryno36391751 karma

Why are you so goddamn adorable?

Kristen_Schaal3299 karma

It's my only survival skill.

PeBeFri1147 karma

Does your own opinion of stickers more closely align with that of Louise Belcher, or that of Mabel Pines?

Kristen_Schaal1474 karma

Definitely with Mabel!

Owone1030 karma

Why do I find you so attractive?

Kristen_Schaal2280 karma

Why would you question it? It's so obvious.

lenojames942 karma

I absolutely LOVED the "Women's Correspondent" pieces that you did on The Daily Show. With all the turnaround going on, is there any chance we will see you again there? Or if not, is there any chance you might be doing some of those same types of bits?

Kristen_Schaal1018 karma

I'm hoping that I will be back at least a couple more times to talk about all the women issues. They'll probably be piling up!

Kristen_Schaal932 karma

Oh crap, I gotta go! This was SO MUCH FUN! I think some of the new questions I answered already earlier. Thanks for AMAing me! And for watching my shows, you're all the best! Oh! Last Man On Earth, new show this Sunday 9:30 FOX!

dissonancerock907 karma

What's under Louise's bunny ears?

Kristen_Schaal1745 karma

That's something you'll have to wait till the final episode of the series finale to discover.

neogod840 karma

If you were the last woman on earth, who would you like the last man to be? P.s. You can't say your husband.

Kristen_Schaal2135 karma

FINE! Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

lmeaac774 karma

Is Jack McBrayer as optimistic and bubbly in real life as he was as Kenneth on 30 Rock?

Kristen_Schaal1053 karma

He's got a lot of layers. And if you're lucky you'll catch him when his claws are out!

FlyLikeATachyon641 karma

Will Forte seems like a interesting dude. What's it like working with him?

Kristen_Schaal1001 karma

It's a lot of fun. He's very committed and hilarious, and probably my favorite actor. Besides Christian Bale.

Buckit541 karma

Hey Kristen! Huge fan you are amazing. What was it like working with Weird Al on Tacky?

Kristen_Schaal786 karma

It was dreamy! He is over the top nice, and the filming was tightly run and very professional. I had a ball!

FlyLikeATachyon534 karma

Have you heard anything concrete about a Concords movie?

Kristen_Schaal765 karma

I have a lot of concrete movie ideas in my head, but nothing that exists in reality, unfortunately.

gio899510 karma

Is the rumor you accidentally hit George Clooney in the balls so hard he puked true? It can't be

Kristen_Schaal1231 karma

I have never come close enough to Clooney to hurt his balls.

HelveticaBOLD454 karma

Hi Kristen!

I'm a big fan, going way back. What's next up for you? Also, any chance you could talk about the genesis of Kristen Schaal is a Horse? 'Cause that thing is all kinds of awesome.

Kristen_Schaal504 karma

Next up: Season 2 of Last Man! Yay! Kristen Schaal is a horse happened after Kurt Braunohler and I sat through a REALLY boring movie. When we got out I was so excited to be out of there I started dancing down the street. It reminded Kurt of a horse and he made up that song on the spot. LOVE that bit even still.

furiousxgeorge380 karma

What would The Daily Show be like if they hired you to host it?

Kristen_Schaal1207 karma

I need to think about it. Right now I'm seeing a lot of me looking into the camera yelling: "You gotta be kidding me!"

dissonancerock299 karma

Hey, Kristen! I'm a huge fan of your standup comedy (especially that Comedy Central special you did), and I don't think it gets enough love.

I was wondering: who do you consider your main influences as a comedian?

Kristen_Schaal756 karma

Absolutely Andy Kaufman. Number 1! And then Steve Martin. Then the Muppets.

OrbitalBlueprint298 karma

Hey Kristen! I'm a big fan of your voice-acting works, especially in Gravity Falls, and I've been refreshing this site for about half an hour to catch the AMA as soon as possible. So, here are my questions!

1) What's the funniest line you've recorded for Mabel?
2) What's the most Mabel-esque thing you've done in real life?
3) How does Mabel know about Dipper's internet history?

And here's a question I'm asking for a friend, who is sadly offline as the AMA occurs. Was there anything that surprised you while voicing Mabel? Some line or plot that you weren't expecting?

Kristen_Schaal361 karma

1)I Love them all! Maybe Bleventeen? 2)Crushed on some trolls! 3)Twin powers

I was surprised with how far south things went with Gideon!

-Blasko297 karma

Hi Kristen!

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Paley Center last year. I admitted my appreciation (and huge crush) to you, we embraced, tried to take a photo but my phone died. Fortunately, I did get a really nice photo of us!


It was a great moment, but I never got to ask to a question. What do consider to be your best performance?

Either way, keep up the fantastic work! I'll also be sure to see you the next time you do a show in New York. :D

Kristen_Schaal331 karma

I love this pic! You have great taste! Ha ha! I think I have yet to do my BEST performance, still have a lot to learn. But I've been pretty proud of most of it so far. Thanks!

agentcooper2001258 karma

I loved you in Flight of the Conchords! Did you enjoy working with Brett and Jemaine? Any funny anecdotes you'd like to share from that show? I hope you guys team up again sometime in the future!

Kristen_Schaal392 karma

I LOVED working with Bret and Jemaine, and I miss them! If you ever get a chance to go out dancing with them DO IT! They tear up a dance floor!

NearSightedGirl220 karma

Big fan of your comedy and acting career here!

1) Just wanted to know do you ever feel like you're type cast or do you accept roles you find entertaining?

2) Is Jon Stewart as big of a Gravity Falls nerd as I think he is?

3) If you could have any super power which would you want?

Kristen_Schaal433 karma

1)I definitely feel type cast most of the time! But I love Carol! 2)Jon Stewart is a GIANT Gravity Falls fan. This is true. And he is into Last Man on Earth as well. But he was tickled to meet Alex Hirsch, and he has a dog named Dipper. (I've said too much!) 3)The power to stop Violence!

moki_the_logmaker175 karma

Have you ever had any fans like Mel? Any strange tales to tell about them?

Kristen_Schaal239 karma

No, thank goodness! She's sweet, but she needed more than one hobby.

jbrav88168 karma

Hi Kristen! As a huge fan of Bob's Burgers and Gravity Falls, what were your favorite scenes to record from those shows?

Kristen_Schaal331 karma

Hard to pick. But maybe the boy band scenes for both!

MeganHM129 karma

Do you enjoy physically acting like on Last Man or voiceover work, like on Bob's Burgers more?

Kristen_Schaal218 karma

I love them both. I won't pick!!!

Katm234112 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA, I’m so happy you’ll be answering our questions. I love watching your roles in shows like Gravity Falls, which I watch with six of my siblings, and your reports on The Daily Show, as your words in favor of women’s rights have been really inspirational to me. I just wanted to thank you for being both an entertainer and a role model.

My question is, of all of the roles you have played (both regular and voice acting), which has been the most difficult for you?

Kristen_Schaal185 karma

Oh thank you, so much! I think that the most difficult at first would have to have been the Daily Show. It was hard to learn the tone and also to read a teleprompter. But so much fun, and also, very thankful to get to be a part of such an important show.

velcrorex91 karma

What show would you really like to guest on? VA or otherwise.

Kristen_Schaal277 karma

Oh so many! VEEP? Better Call Saul? Game Of Thrones? So many!

ryandangersims87 karma

What was the inspiration for Carol's (awesome) wardrobe in Last Man On Earth?

Kristen_Schaal117 karma

That was coming from the mind of Beth Morgan. I think it was color and a little bitt of kooky and crafty.

zhongzhen9360 karma

O great goddessof destruction,what is your next target to destroy?

Kristen_Schaal217 karma

Your funny bone, friend!

kboyrocks57 karma

hey Kristen! big fan of Gravity Falls! I heard that Alex's sister Ariel is the inspiration for Mabel. Have you used Ariel for inspiration for the character?

Kristen_Schaal110 karma

I have only met her a couple times, and she was delightful. I soaked up as much of her as I could for Mabel!

SkyBS55 karma

Hey, Kristen. Thanks for doing this AMA. I am a massive FotC fan, so Mel has brought me much joy and laughter over the years.

My question is: as a stand-up, has there ever been a bit you couldn't get into your own voice? Or, has there ever been a joke you liked yourself a lot that never worked?

Kristen_Schaal124 karma

Oh so many jokes that I liked that I couldn't sell. One was doing a whole stand-up set for crickets, I tried to put it in my hour special, it's just for me I guess. The most surreal bits at the end of the day might just be for me.

bserum48 karma

Hi Kristen, my girlfriend and I love you! From The Conchords to Bob's Burgers to Last Man on Earth. I even got her the Sexy Book of Sexy Sex!

I haven't seen your recent stand up special that got all that attention. Should I check it out? I'm assuming everything happened as intended as an Andy Kaufman-esque type of experience, right?

Kristen_Schaal100 karma

Thank you, especially for buying the book! That makes you rare and special! Please check out my special. It is super weird and very Andy Kaufman, and not for everybody, and that makes it even better!


Is it weird or awesome to you that you are my celebrity crush?

Kristen_Schaal127 karma

Why would it be weird? Again, people, it's SO OBVIOUSLY awesome!

spiraleyedmaniac44 karma

You voice pretty much my favorite characters from two of my current favorite shows, Mabel on Gravity Falls, and Louise on Bob's Burgers. What I've found so interesting about your playing those characters is just how different they are, Mabel embracing things that are considered to be more "girly" while Louise pushes them away with extreme prejudice. In many ways, Mabel seems like one of the girls that Louise would have wanted to kick out of her house in the slumber party episode of Bob's Burgers. Do you find either role more rewarding, or connect to one better?

Also, preferred fictional boy band, Boyz 4 Now or Several Timez?

Kristen_Schaal63 karma

Boyz 4 Now for obvious reasons. I love both roles, and I do believe that Mabel has too much charisma for Louise to walk away from. I think they'd be buds.

RTranzit44 karma

100 Waddles-sized horses or one horse-sized Waddles?

Kristen_Schaal98 karma

100 Waddle-sized horses! More to enjoy!

Emmygirl5941 karma

Do you ship Phil and Carol on The Last Man On Earth? :)

Kristen_Schaal69 karma

I think I do!

CheckMatingSeason39 karma

Hi Kristen! I love your work!

I have to ask, how often do you get recognized in public and what character do they know you as most commonly?

Also what advice would you give to an aspiring Voice Actor?

Kristen_Schaal115 karma

I do occasionally. Mostly for Flight of the Conchords. I would tell aspiring voice actors to collect a great peer group who like to make cartoons and then you'll probably be in one 15 years later!

neogod37 karma

Hey Kristen, me and my wife (even our just turned 1 year old) have enjoyed The last man on earth more than any other show I can think of. I even had to let her listen to your recent nerdist interview, which we both enjoyed.

How much of your personality do you put into Carol? Is it a lot of improv or is she written to the T on the script?

Thanks for answering questions and we are really happy you guys got picked up for a second season.

Kristen_Schaal59 karma

Thanks! There's some of me in Carol for sure, mainly how much she cares about everything. The script is pretty tight, but they do let me go at it, and it is a lot of fun. Steenburgen is super quick!

GrindageOG36 karma

Any chance at a renewed run for you as Mel in Flight of the Conchords?

Kristen_Schaal60 karma

I would love that, but I would say probably not.

Xeerohour36 karma

Kristen, I became a big fan of yours via The Daily Show.

On that front, have you had a chance to work with Trevor Noah yet? Your thoughts on the future of the show?

Kristen_Schaal98 karma

Haven't worked with him. But had dinner last night with my Irish comedian friend David O'Doherty who plays football (soccer?) with him, and he said he's a straight up LOVELY guy. So I believe it! I think the future show is going to be great.

TheProudBrit35 karma

Hey Kristen, I've been loving your VA stuff lately, especially in Gravity Falls! I've been wondering, how did you end up doing a bit for Mc Frontalot's Solved album?

Kristen_Schaal47 karma

He came to the Hot Tub shows in NYC!

Zamb9734 karma

Hi Kristen, just wondering, of all of Mabel's sweaters, which one would you want to own for yourself?

Kristen_Schaal79 karma

Hard to pick, but maybe the dachshund?

asleeponthecouch33 karma

How often does Pete Holmes talk to you about Mad Men?

Kristen_Schaal54 karma

Zero. Uh-oh. We need to have a friendship check!

lumenLupus32 karma

How well do you think Phil Jupitus and Noel Fielding would transition into the world of Gravity Falls? Also, what's your opinion on either of them?

Kristen_Schaal32 karma

Love them BOTH! Think they'd be perfect!

sararosewheeler31 karma

Kristen, would you befriend Carol? More importantly, marry her if YOU were the last man on Earth??

Kristen_Schaal66 karma

Yes, she would be my friend. And I would SO MARRY HER! Are you kidding? She is the bomb.

MildKid30 karma

Are you allowed to tell us anything about what remains of season two of Gravity Falls?

If so, what?

Kristen_Schaal52 karma


suaveitguy28 karma

I have read conflicting things from voice actors, pretty much split down the middle: keep it natural, just like regular acting vs. it's so much harder - you have to convey a whole performance in just a voice.
What's your take? What's the best way to create a sympathetic/endearing character through voice?

Kristen_Schaal43 karma

If the script is well written then the lines and actions should guide the character's voice. I think the closer the voice is to your own the easier it is to harness emotions. If you're straining your voice to sound more charactery you might not be able to express everything. Some people can though! But not very many.

jonemillard21 karma

Hey Kristen,

You were fantastic on The Last Man On Earth. I also loved you in The Hotwives of Orlando..so funny. I could not stop laughing. Anyway, will you be coming back for the second season of Hotwives? And what was your favorite moment from the show?

Kristen_Schaal27 karma

Thanks! I just spent a day filming with the Hotwives of Las Vegas (Season 2!) yesterday. My favorite moment of the show is anytime that Phe Phe talks. She gets me, big time!

Stan_Fed19 karma

Hello there! I'm foreign fan. I love your play as Carol (and your voice as Mabel too, btw)! So, uh, the question.

I was wondering if that's you have drawn those lovely 'photos' like their marriage w/ Phil? :з Or is it there any SPECIAL ARTIST FOR CAROL'S 'PHOTO' DRAWINGS?

Kristen_Schaal46 karma

I did those drawings! And the one of Melissa by the car. I had so much fun doing them. I hope I get to make more in Season 2. Sheila Waldron, our script supervisor, did all the Carol animal paintings.

PW_IS_obvious18 karma

On behalf of my children and I, you're amazing! My 4 year old loooooves Gravity Falls (Thank you for entertaining him so I can get some work done). Of all the characters you voice, do you have a favorite? Do you have any suggestions for someone who would like to get into writing?

Kristen_Schaal25 karma

I love all the voices. I don't know what type of writing you want to get into, but the biggest tip is to sit down and do it. It's what'll separate you from non-writers! Then you'll have a piece that you can hit the pavement and start submitting to people.

yaypal18 karma

Hello Kristen! What was your first acting class like?

Kristen_Schaal54 karma

I think it was in high school and I just remember doing a lot of stretches for some reason!

ThatReddittor18 karma

What character you portray do you most associate with?

Kristen_Schaal59 karma

I really am a lot like Mabel. But heck, I got Louise in me too. I'm a split of both.

Blinus4213 karma

Hello Kristen! I'm asking one question for my friend Ashe who couldn't be here today due to work. They would like to know, "Which of your characters do you feel you have the most fun with?"

I also have a question, although if you can only answer one, please answer Ashe's. My question is: What was the funniest blooper, or funniest story or experience working on Gravity Falls?

Thank you so much, keep up the great work! <3

Kristen_Schaal29 karma

I had fun with ALL my characters. But right now, playing Carol on Last Man is the most fun. It's the biggest part I've ever played and I get to do SO MANY awesome things!

Alex Hirsch probably has more fun bloopers to share than me! I think just voicing all of Mabel's goofy adventures is my funnest story!

asleeponthecouch12 karma

Hi Kristen! Would you ever want to play the leading lady in a serious drama? You would be fantastic!

Kristen_Schaal21 karma

Thanks! Sure I would do that! Bring on the drama!

Zoidberg1234567 karma

Oh boy! Been waiting ages to ask you this:

What do you think of my works featuring Mabel? 1 2

Kristen_Schaal13 karma

I think they are stuck in my head for awhile now. Very creative, nice job!

Ballacaust30006 karma

Hey K-Schaalz, big fan. I remember your web stuff, where you this girl who got her period. Shit was mad funny, yo. Also, the Nerdist podcast you did was tight. That Jinx thing you did at the end was both hilarious and disturbing. Flight of the Conchords? So dope. And Last Man on Earth? Fugetaboutit. Anyhoo, my question is...

How's your teeth? Can I get a picture of them?

I'll take you and your husband out for a magic show, and chicken wraps if you send it. Holla back.

Kristen_Schaal15 karma

My teeth are better than ever and will outlive me! I don't have a pic of my old teeth to send. And the girl with the period, Penelope Princess of Pets! Great memory!

Ryno36395 karma

What is your favorite alcoholic beverage? Non-alcoholic?

Kristen_Schaal8 karma

My go to is wine. And I also love sparkling water!

doubledutch5 karma

How is it working on the Daily Show? What do you think about John Steward leaving? Thanks for doing this AMA.

Kristen_Schaal11 karma

Working on the Daily Show is rewarding and challenging and I love it. I'm going to miss Stewart a lot. But I'm proud of him for making a move. It takes a lot of guts to leave something you worked on for so long. But it's also so good to move on to the next thing!

Menpachi4 karma

Your @midnight episode was freaking awesome!

Can we checkout anything similar your participated in?

Kristen_Schaal8 karma

Other @midnights? I am in a lot of random things spread out the internet universe. Good luck! They are not in a collected organized place!

Mutt12233 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Kristen_Schaal9 karma

I'm a fen of Peppermint Stick! Yum!